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Ladies- How to Pee & Poo in the Woods

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Here's just a little tutorial for women on how to pee and poo in the woods if you're needing some ideas... maybe it's your first time! Maybe you're ready to go wild camping where there will be no outhouses or pit toilets. Well, here I give you some ideas on what to expect and how to pull it off. You can do it! Find PStyle in my Amazon store, plus other recommended gear and gift ideas: https://www.amazon.com/shop/girlinthewoods By shopping at my store you are helping to support my channel! This is my Amazon affiliate store. Thank you! Thank you for your views, comments, and support! My Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/girlinthewoodsgoods?ref=shop_sugg Winter: Brooke Whipple PO Box 281 Reed City, MI 49677 My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/girlinthewoodz/ Skylar Willow: A perfume inspired by nature! Click here- https://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1156790&u=1773211&m=78588 Looking for a gift for someone to spark adventure in their life? Check out The Nomadik Adventure Subscription boxes: https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=916831&u=1773211&m=65276&urllink=&afftrack= My husband Dave Whipple's YouTube channel, Bushradical: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo698VL13Dip93yh0f4Rc5Q
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Text Comments (473)
Girl in the Woods (5 months ago)
OH- and i forgot to mention that pinecones make great TP too.... not joking!
Antonio L (13 days ago)
I had to watch your video and I'm a guy. A small little toilet seat doesn't weigh much. You dig a hole you set the seat on the ground you cross your legs & do your business. And for God's sake take a few rolls of Scott's Tissue paper. Take 2or3 roll's with you. Laugh if you want but you won't get splattered. You know... You ate something that didn't agree with you... Diarrhea!!!!😫😫😫😉😂😂😂😂👋😎
dsmancia (1 month ago)
dsmancia (1 month ago)
Wow i always need to go pee an poo🤤🤤
marie landry (1 month ago)
GeoMac Granddad thank you so much for correctly naming parts of the female anatomy even most females just call it the vagina which it is NOT
Karen Lee (2 months ago)
+GeoMac Granddad airflow will dry you out. I like that one in the wintertime that would be very cold LOL just make sure you have a pocket full of napkins that's what I do if I'm out in those woods I make sure I have a lot of napkins in my pocket or kleenexes.
Aname Aname (3 days ago)
2 things missing: 1) Must Must locate water and be 100feet, 100 paces from any water. (We all live down stream )... 2) How to properly dig a Shitter... **i like your video♡** thank you♡
Carly Fournier (4 days ago)
It's nice when you're travelling on the road and you have to pull over to the side when you have an emergency too. I saw in someone else's video where they were talking about specialty bags that you can use to go poo.
Mark Maggott (10 days ago)
Great information. Thanks.
Kevin Rollman (10 days ago)
Most likely the same way you do it at home, except do not use poison ivy leaves, baby copperheads, or vines loaded with thorns!! I have heard by the experts that very dry and very opened pine cones are good for removing external hemorrhoids!! Seriously " girl in the woods " thanks much for this most essential info people do need to know about when in the woods!!
Sarah High (8 days ago)
Kevin Rollman :😆
Jonty (12 days ago)
‘And you shall have a stick with your weapons; and it shall be, when you will relieve yourself outside, you shall dig with it, and shall turn back and cover your refuse.’ Deuteronomy 23:13 Good sanitation habits are crucial in preventing infection and disease, important enough for God to instruct ancient Israel as to how to dispose of bodily waste. Which was to go outside of camp, dig a hole, and then bury their dung. Because of this and other scriptural hygiene, Israel was spared from many of the diseases which plagued other unclean nations.
Sarah Strong (13 days ago)
Could you use a handfull of snow to wipe yourself with?
Girl in the Woods (10 days ago)
Mike Nettles (13 days ago)
I just wanted to mention another option. Take ONE Imodium Anti Diarrhea tablet each morning. It does not stop you from pooping, but it suppresses the desire to go. If today is not convenient to poop, the Imodium allows you to wait until tomorrow.
Girl in the Woods (13 days ago)
no thanks!
P.Q. Row (18 days ago)
I'm a guy. I use a pooping-log... I just flop the junk over the trunk and proceed... I'm hoping my "big-city" girlfriend sees this and feels more comfy joining me on my forest/ nature adventures~
Steven Quintero (19 days ago)
Hello From South Texas ☀️😎👋!!! I just love your videos,..✨👍💫😊🏕🐶🦴 Well at least Daisy doesn’t have to find a poo log.. lol ✨👍🐶😀 Me Gone ..
Girl in the Woods (19 days ago)
lol thanks
Donald Applewhite (21 days ago)
Oh. yes
BLACK HOLE ENTRY (26 days ago)
Girl in the Woods......Just like you go anywhere else! Both my car and motorcycle have a range exceeding well over 300 miles, but I don't. Because I dislike having to fill up well before it's time, I often find myself needing to go, so find some brushy spot with sufficient concealment and do my thing. Not hard at all, and the longer I'm forced to wait, the less choosy I become. People driving by? Well, I'm hidden from view and it's not like I'm unique!
Eddie Achtem (26 days ago)
Good one. I've been thinking for a long long time about making a video for men to teach themselves how to NOT piss on the toilet seat or rim and the floor. Too many men need to apply some self polish, and if I go into the men's room and I'm waiting for a toilet stall and the fellow who come out before I go to use it. Then I am the first to bark. Yeah men do NOT want to meet me in that particular type situation that requires them to NOT leave their crap or piss. No body needs it.
autumnwear (29 days ago)
Love it! I was chanting pstyle before you pulled it out,hoping you got that one. Ha ha! I actually bought several different products a few yrs ago?thinking it would be the worst but it turned out to b the best (I tried them in the shower as hubby laughed at me outside) . I found the funnel types back flow and spill over if there's too much urine at once. Pstyle worked perfect.
Girl in the Woods (29 days ago)
jose marques (1 month ago)
how come preppers are still using toilet paper? baby wipes occupy less volume, they clean better and keep skin hydrated...you don't really need to wipe with anything else if you have snow or water (rain), use the washable diapers mothers used back in the day. also, while you're pooing, if you're able to keep your butt cheeks apart with your hands, you will get less dirty, and save paper/wipes. you can also place your back against a tree to help squatting, though maybe you shouldn't bend so much so you won't slip and fall. I also carry small dog poo bags.
Donald Scheibener (1 month ago)
Ok I got the cure for going wild. I call it B pillar. Driving in your care you got to go NOW. Pull over and get out of your vehicle with the driver door open drop trou. Grab the b pillar and lean back and do the deed. If you have tp fine if not oh well wait to get home. It's a lot better then driving with a pant full. It takes all under 30 seconds and you're back on your way. Same applies in the woods. Grab a tree and lean back and everything will clear. Glad to help
Melissa Skillens (1 month ago)
you have to learn how to squat, drop your pants to the ankles to avoid runoff and let it run...
Burn your used toilet paper, it prevents animals digging it up.
nolobede (1 month ago)
Women have been pooping in the outdoors or a million years without soiling them selves... is this really a topic that needs to be in a training video?
Melissa Skillens (1 month ago)
but we usually sit on a seat... we don't know always know how to do it out in wild unfortunately.
Yes it does. If you are raised without learning to talk, you don't know how. If no one leads by example, we don't learn to hunt, fish, walk, use manners or poop in the woods.
Girl in the Woods (1 month ago)
Some women really don't know where to start with this and need encouragement.
Julie Baker (1 month ago)
Just don't forget to check your pooping log for poison ivy vines first, that's NOT a good place to get a rash! 😱
lcoleman45 (1 month ago)
I know of people who have made the mistake of dropping their pants to their ankles don't do it. Don't drop your pants any further than your knees otherwise you'll have a surprise to deal with.
Steve Hammond (1 month ago)
Arn't you on Gold Rush ?
Henrietta Lazo (1 month ago)
Thank you!
Karen Lee (1 month ago)
Fertilize the forest what just saying I used to do it all the time fertilize that Forest 💩💩💩🌲🌳🌲🌳 LOL
Jeff Medlock (1 month ago)
You’re a girlie Bear Grylls!☺️
Girl in the Woods (1 month ago)
Grant Keller (1 month ago)
Just like anything else, practice practice practice. If you currently have a backyard, grab a old pot and a poncho and get through the learning curve... Take video for critical review... Lol
Kimberly G. (1 month ago)
Buy / carry Wysi Wipes. Compressed tablet cellulose towelettes. Just add about a palmful of water to re-expand. One towelette is worth about 3 sheets of TP. Fit 5 or 6 tablets in a typical prescription bottle. Completely biodegradable. And the moistness helps wipe away urine, feces or blood (if you happen to be on your period). Useful for tinder in a pinch too.
Girl in the Woods (1 month ago)
thanks for the tip!
Fake News (1 month ago)
In the summer there is a magic plant the leaves have a shiny side facing the sun and the leaves are spade-shaped and they come in groups of three you will find them all over the woods and work great for wiping
Girl in the Woods (1 month ago)
yes of course. those are the best.................
Right Brained (1 month ago)
6:57 lmao... pooping logs are awesome
Shannon Nava (1 month ago)
My favorite video so far ♥️♥️ Just loved and appreciated the honesty. If only the majority of society had it as well.
Brian Clarke (2 months ago)
oh come on people this is taking the piss ! lol great invention , in the UK its called a shewee.
Spirit CrossWind (2 months ago)
She rocks her world when she does not have toilet paper
Spirit CrossWind (2 months ago)
If you don't dig deep enough to bury it attracts bears
Karen Lee (2 months ago)
I leaned up against a tree grab your pants make sure you don't do anything on them I have done it that way and I also have done the log sitting on the log with your button private parts hanging past the log a little bit do your business and then bury it. I have been camping since the age of 10
greg harstone (2 months ago)
Ok goodstuff everybody needs to know! stop being so shy about life! never knew about the rock trick! hehe living in thailand often the old toilets require a squat= no fun.But all new shopping mall and gasstations have the modern style but not with toilet paper only the bum gun .no need for papper etc... good job girl! never any snow in Thailand but the forests are thick not like dear old Vancouver Isl.
Carly Fournier (4 days ago)
I didn't know about the rock thing either.
Michele M (2 months ago)
Love the silence to looking to camp it is going to be the first withput husband but seems a must . Thanks for all the travel
Robin Glover (2 months ago)
Woo hoo i get to pee standing up!i love getting out and camping but can't squat anymore!!thanks for sharing
Julie Baker (1 month ago)
I can't squat anymore ether. Praise God logs aren't just for pooping.
CricketMcCrickets (2 months ago)
wha...? Have some women lost this innate ability that they need a tutioral?
Girl in the Woods (2 months ago)
yes if you're new to all this ... you really don't know
Marty McGill (2 months ago)
No worries, the dog will eat the evidence.
fritha grimmsdottir (2 months ago)
rather than a plain squat, i hold a small tree and lean downhill, backwards. runs down and away.
Liam Oboyle (2 months ago)
Not a different subject everyone is on the same band wagon not unique now bit boring with people getting excited by taking about peeorotherbtoiletbuisness toilet paper can be slow in degrad naturral moss Orleans even handful of snow would help ladies with the pooing logs
Ingrid S27EC (2 months ago)
I liked your video :) and had a giggle. Very practical and thank you for the info.
Girl in the Woods (2 months ago)
it's a natural process... just because you're outdoors doesn't make it ewwwww.
Pironick (2 months ago)
Step 1: Pee Step 2: Poo
Scott Jenkins (2 months ago)
In a camping situation, you should have some type of digging tool in the group. A stick, a shovel, a knife, hatchet...something. Dig a trench, squat, bury it. If you're solo, there should be no problem with privacy, only tactics.
Ellen Richardson (2 months ago)
Gee and I wondered what in life I was missing out on. Now I know....gross!!!!
Girl in the Woods (2 months ago)
it's not gross. it's doing your biz outside.
Man Hater (2 months ago)
I can't believe you took the time to make a video like this.
Girl in the Woods (2 months ago)
it's actually relevant to people who travel in the outdoors
Kevin McElroy (2 months ago)
I would lean forward against a tree or log.
Doug Rogillio (2 months ago)
Silence is medicinal
Izzy Lovesunicorns (2 months ago)
This was very helpful
Mrs Bojangles (2 months ago)
If you are caught short on the trail, just make sure you are well off the trail. I always find a slightly sloping incline by a tree ( which I lean my hand on for balance), pull down my drawers and squat holding my clothes as far away from the "stream" as possible. I don't use toilet paper for the little jobs as I always wear a panty liner when hiking. For the larger jobs, I dig that cat hole with the heel of my boot if the soil isn't frozen, and repeat the process for my little jobs. I don't always remember to carry toilet paper with me, but I always have tissues in my pocket.
karen holman (2 months ago)
pooing log works but i have another method. squat holding onto a narrow small tree that stands vertically. pulling onto the tree helps u push that poo out. it keeps u off the ground and ur not sitting on a frozen log. im a 64 yr old toimboy.. trust me it works.
J. Mark Lane (2 months ago)
Well, um... if you ask me (not that you did)... a) she's totally smashed b) how can you possibly spend 45 days on Vancouver Island? (I spent three. And that included a night with a chick I met there. It's a fairly small island.) c) bury toilet paper? Seriously. This used to be the standard...30 years ago. Now? PACK IT OUT. As gross as it may sound, I've gotten used to it. Any AT, Muir or PC hikers will know what I mean. d) I'm sure that Sheltie is a big wilderness dog. (Not.) e) Yeah, thanks for pooping on the edge of the Yukon (assuming that's even true). (Go at least 100 feet off any waterway, PLEASE.) f) Uh... that canvas backpack. Really? (I'm not a gear snob, really, but that backpack...?) I guess I could go on. I mean, this is cute and all, but not serious. Sorry.
Girl in the Woods (2 months ago)
a) i'm high on life. b) ALONE season 4 on the History channel. c) Yes. You can bury it. d) my dog is a full size standard collie. e) COMPLETE WILDERNESS and i'm not talking about the edge of the water you dope, just within view. f) OH! you're a gear snob. you're not going to like this channel. I like vintage. Old. Handmade. I could go on. But I don't rip apart people I don't even know.
Teresa Blair (2 months ago)
Where are you in Ak? I’m in Wasilla. If you’re close let’s hook up.
Girl in the Woods (2 months ago)
north of fairbanks
Carolyn Sparks (3 months ago)
You squat drop your drawers and let it fly..
Ellen Richardson (2 months ago)
Patrica Dyson (3 months ago)
Go behind a Tree.
Triatic Nomadics (3 months ago)
I would need the pstyle because my knees do not like to squat! It would definitely help with those of us who are on the heavy side.
Ellen Richardson (2 months ago)
Ya mean 2 tons a fun?!
Tara Miller (3 months ago)
I like the pooping log, looks very comfortable. I've also noticed, if you squat to poop and hold your butt cheeks apart far enough, the poop doesn't touch your skin and no need for toilet paper. However, don't try this with explosive poop!
Leon Kane (3 months ago)
As a zero status man, before I clicked on you video, I hesitated. As a man, It never occurred to me an instructional video on peeing & pooing for women would be a needed thing. I thought, here is something I wont be able to unwatch!... ...Then I clicked & watched you video. Of course it is funny, perhaps more from a man's perspective, given our external equipment, we are not encumber by the added broad array of difficulties that women face both physically & socially, whether it be wilderness or city slicker pee & poo politics. It is another area this sensitive zero status man can be of zero assistance to "modern woman", but I did enjoy your video. I did not think I would. When us men pee & pooh on our selves it is usually because we are undisipline careless dumb arses. A word warning to men that have not made this mistake. Do NOT go into the woods with a "modern city slicker woman". You pain will likely start long before she need to pee or pooh, but you do not want to wait around for that long. Leaver her there & run! I suspect I have had little to no exposure to a true wilderness woman, I am guessing they/your kind may be rare, so I don't know maybe there is less pain involved in association :0) "Girl in the Woods", not sure what your real name is, Brooke I thought someone commented. One thing that blew me away about you & this seemed a little surreal to me was that you reminded me of the last woman I was close (Not opening to my hitting on you, just relating, because the cat does not care) to/with, but you, minus the negatives. You look so like her & the mannerisms are so similar. It has been 10 years or more. For all her flaws, I really did loved her, she was a an exceptionally difficult woman to get along with, have not thought of her for a while now. She had chronic health issues so I guess it should never of come as a surprise, the bitch banshee from hell that she was. :8) I do not know, perhaps in person you are just as unpleasant, youtube does not reveal everything & I guess nor should it. But with you gentler & seemingly kinder disposition it was nice to remember her more like you & less like her for almost 13 minutes. Thank you Brooke, if that is your name :0)
Leon Kane (2 months ago)
I don't talk to any one for 8 to 12 months @ a time, there is bound to be a bit of boiler leakage from time to time. Sorry Though you do not occur as a delicate damsel, I was not trying to make you feel uncomfortable or be creepy. In hindsight we probably could of both done with out me sharing any of that. :8*
Girl in the Woods (3 months ago)
wow quite the reply! glad yo enjoyed the vid :)
Gary Mack (3 months ago)
Thanks, this was very informative. I will make sure my wife watches too.
Michael Rutledge (3 months ago)
How to poo in the woods??? Ask a bear!!!
Arthur Amazons (3 months ago)
your great I like to call it potty too
Arthur Amazons (3 months ago)
I think pooping logs are great and would work for me
Arthur Amazons (3 months ago)
this really helpful
Sonny Dey (3 months ago)
Bears like human scat....
Taylor Williams (3 months ago)
Where is the wipe 's.
Taylor Williams (3 months ago)
Just do it"
Lawton Murrey (3 months ago)
very very funny. REALLY enjoyed this video !
Robert Copeland (3 months ago)
When you pinch a loaf in the woods girls you'll be a true Outdoors woman
Onethatknows (3 months ago)
thank you ,,, now my life is complete !!
david jones (3 months ago)
the video "how to pee standing up" is better
Hugh Forsyth (3 months ago)
john m (3 months ago)
Seventh Generation makes a unbleached toilet paper that is light brown in color. It's at least a little bit more camouflaged than white toilet paper and it's more natural for the environment.
matsranch (3 months ago)
I was a boy who worked in the Yukon for a summer wrangling and a poo log was great. Congrats ladies on your pee catcher!
Bert Kelly (3 months ago)
Ha ha, looking for a log to leave a log while wiping with a log......
Patrick O'Donovan (3 months ago)
We love your videos. You are a great instructor and very informative. Thank you for being you!
buck rowley (3 months ago)
girl in the woods nope its too long you wont be able to make it maybe girl in I read the pinecones and asked my dog how they do it with no paper but he wasn't talking so...
Adriana Vaca (3 months ago)
Loved your video specially the poopy log. I always said men have it easy when "they have to go" I will check out device your friend gave you so you could "go" standing up.
Susan Story (3 months ago)
For peeing, for a woman, buy a half size large can of tomato juice or a can of beans, empty it, then squeeze it so the top is an oval shape. Then you can stick that in your crotch, pee, and nobody can see anything. For pooing, for myself, I left a pail and used a rag for TP. I hung the rag on a tree branch and a squirrel took it and chewed it up. I need to use a pail because I find it hard to stand up if I squat. Squatting is only for younger people. The can gets holes in it from the acid in the pee, and then it leaks so you need to get a new can from time to time unless you can find something made from glass. One guy was saying to use an empty jar of Cheez Whix. I don't know how to use the Go Girl.
Joseph Winkler (3 months ago)
I can think of one thing worse than having Pee all over you Also a tip that I don’t see in the comments is find a nice flexible sapling and grab it when you lean back it’s not as hard on your legs The pinecones must be a lot softer where you are I would probably just walk back to camp with one sock missing Lmao
Victoria Love (3 months ago)
thank you!
Pilgrim Carolee (3 months ago)
Thanks Brooke! Big help. May legs are not strong enough any more so this really helps. 😉
Yvonne Camacho (3 months ago)
Poor 3rd world women don’t wear pants too often or carry t.p.. so they just pull their panties down if they wear any, and squat to pee. In a privatish place of course. To poop, find a log , pull your pants or panties down, sit on the log with your butt hanging over and go to your pleasure then get some dry leaves to wipe. Make sure no snakes or other wild animals are around or they will eat or drink what’s coming out from you as it is coming out of you. These are things I’ve seen and done myself on trips to the Caribbean when i was very very young. Pee and poop comes on you uninvited anywhere anytime and poor people don’t carry t.p. so most times its just do your deed and pull your pants up. Our behinds are trained to stay clean post pooping unless it is watery diarrhea or very soft. Toilet paper or t.p is unaffordable to the very poor so bush, leaves or old newspaper, magazine or pulled apart cardboard works for them in the latrine (outhouse). My take on how the very poor poop at home or away in Third world countries where people grow up using the woods most of the time without any of your luxuries or preps.
blu (3 months ago)
Use water or snow with a little piece of cloth for clean & wipe. Or leaves. 😃
Susan Johnson (3 months ago)
You are hilarious
roger davis (3 months ago)
My rock won't flush.
Girl in the Woods (3 months ago)
Blanca Beltran (3 months ago)
I love all your 💡
Michael F (3 months ago)
Be careful of where yo go,I know someone who tried to go poo and damm near got bit by a rattlesnake needless to say she doesn't go camping anymore!!!
Girl in the Woods (3 months ago)
Ralph Johnson (3 months ago)
I've had to cut the bottoms of my pant legs off before :/ 40 years ago. I have never been without a couple of paper towels in my pocket since. Thank you for addressing this issue!
Julie Bronson (3 months ago)
Kids can learn how to lookup porn in school but have little to save their lives with when shit hits the fan. These videos can be VERY important to those taught to be dumber than dirt itself.
TheGearhead222 (3 months ago)
Yew are just too funny sometimes!;)-John in Texas
randy beard (3 months ago)
Doing #2 should be the same for Both Sexes--wearing coveralls creates a little more difficulty for man or woman...
Mike Nettles (3 months ago)
No, No, No. You are doing it all wrong. What you need to pee or poop in the woods is a "Cheek Spreader". What a Cheek Spreader is; is two branches about 5+ feet long. You put those two branches parallel, about 4 inches apart. Stick one end on the ground and the other end is propped up on a log or large rock. The two parallel branches form about a 30-40 degree angle from the ground to the top of the log. Now you sit comfortably on the two branches as a seat, back to the log, and facing towards the lower end of the branches. You poop in between the two branches. It is called a cheek spreader because, when you sit on the parallel branches, your weight causes your cheeks to spread out. That's mountain engineering.
Mike Nettles (3 months ago)
+Girl in the Woods You should try it and repost this video. I think your viewers would benefit greatly from this method. There are always fallen branches in the woods and I quickly assemble a cheek spreader whenever I need one. It is comfortable, no pressure on your legs (like when squatting), and you don't have to worry about getting poop on your clothes.
Girl in the Woods (3 months ago)
very technical!
Walter Gottschalk (3 months ago)
Hallo Mrs. Whipple, lean back with your Back on to an Tree go a little bit down, like you sitting on a chair and do your buissiness . Specially your Hands being free and you got no frozen legs. The rest covered or diggit . GfG Walter
Peaceful Warrior (3 months ago)
I would overflow that thing that porta thing won't work for me ,I bet you can cut one from a plastic bottle
Lori Oliver (3 months ago)
“If you’re out in the woods peeing...you’re having a pretty good day.” 😄
Coaching With Kelly (3 months ago)
"You just gotta make do" LOL and you almost squatted on the dog 😂
Yiṣḥāq David (3 months ago)
What did I type in to find this video? " wood piss ninja time"
sue mcfarlane (3 months ago)
Rocks worked for the Roman only they shared them in communal toilets
Coaching With Kelly (3 months ago)
sue mcfarlane ewwwww!
sue mcfarlane (3 months ago)
You also need to be 100 metres from a water sorce

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