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7 Things That Make a Guy Look HOT Even if He's NOT!

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Text Comments (2839)
David A (3 days ago)
Good ideas but don't go for the sponsor watch...For a watch go Patek or Breguet. You won't be upset. Also go persol for sunglasses
Lawrence Tyler (5 days ago)
A chain from justjewelz.jimdo.com
MilesAllgood (6 days ago)
Who wears flannel shirts 3 buttons undone and rolled up sleeves in the winter?
dhananjay dhadwal (7 days ago)
What about a high neck
Sean Hunter (12 days ago)
You people who say, this site or that site is for entertainment need to back the hell off. It is none of your business if some guys are resourceful & happen to apply the tips they learn in videos. I repeat, it is NONE OF YOUR F*CKING business....so be quiet, keep your comments to yourself & do your OWN THING. To people like don wilson: WHY are you on here anyways? So you can bully other men or so you can get attention?
Andrews flipping out (12 days ago)
Kristian Bohr (12 days ago)
Also, not being cocky makes you hotter.
don wilson (13 days ago)
Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, whatever the hell your name is get some professional help. Saying that another man looks "amazing" because he is wearing a black polo shirt is fucking crazy. And the whole unbuttoned shirt thing. What the hell is that? Man cleavage? Being 5' 7" has really fucked you up hasn't it Papa Smurf. Thank God I'm 6'3". You've got issues Zulu Alpha Charlie. But, you're making money so what the hell right?
Mc Baba (14 days ago)
It mom gay
Dylan Hampton (15 days ago)
When he says girls like seeing forearms I look at my tiny wrists
Yy Gg (15 days ago)
omg, the tight polo shirt and henley look so douchey. ewww. and please, men, stop with the big wrist watch - it makes you look like you're overcompensating for other physical shortcomings.
Mehdi Becker (18 days ago)
Your Name,your Nationality,your Money,your skin colour are more important than your clothes ör body
Dylan Johnson (19 days ago)
What If your not in shape and you have a weird face
Greg Cain (21 days ago)
Wear a good voice and flirtation
James Francisco (23 days ago)
Wheres the denim shirt from please
M. Polen (23 days ago)
34k likes vs 1k dislikes you can’t argue with those results
TheDeadlyMedley (24 days ago)
Smell is super important. A girl can be super hot, but if she smells like trash I’ll steer clear of her
TheDeadlyMedley (24 days ago)
Except I’m not swole so the shirt stuff doesn’t matter
and when will you use us muscle markers?
Mayra Morales (27 days ago)
Love your videos!👌
lilgucci rolex (27 days ago)
i wear round glasses and i think i look nerdy
John Gill (27 days ago)
First video I've watched by you, amazing! Love this vid!
joschua hutchinson (27 days ago)
3 day length of facel hair but neat .an having a laugh with a mate .becouse it makes you more approachable for a conversation
Francisco Rodriguez (30 days ago)
hey man, gotta update that movement link, its not working.
yisak ketma (1 month ago)
My forearm are skinny asf thought
Jared Hummel (1 month ago)
tiege hanley makes any man hotter
Mario de Araujo (1 month ago)
I need the self esteem of this guy 😂
sky walker (1 month ago)
Summary: 1. Black Fitted Polo 2. 3 button henley shirt 3. buttons undone 4. sexy watch 5. sun glasses 6. sleeves should be rolled up 7. leather jacket
YOYO CBD (1 month ago)
You are 🔥
Nozar (1 month ago)
with those glasses you looked more like a collage nerd than a hotty.
joe shmoe (1 month ago)
I usually wear a flannel, sleeves rolled up, all buttons undone, regular shirt underneath, glasses, pants (I'm a more bulkier guy so I wear pants that are loose not tight) and shoes that go with the color scheme and of course I clean em bad boys up good, whatcha y'all think yaah or nay
Chris Lungstrum (1 month ago)
Quit selling gay add fake sss watched the suck
JScaggs21 (1 month ago)
Sam T. (1 month ago)
They all have no beer bellies for those shirts though. 🤔
LaidLthr (1 month ago)
S. L. (1 month ago)
choose to style, love it , accept and assume it. Don't give shit to what other people say. U know who you are and go along with it. Simply. I like his style but frankly, wearing glasses when you no eyes issues.. I mean .. why ? why the fuck would you annoy urself with such shit if u don't need that. And Yes, don't smoke, don't do drug, get clean, don't over drink, work hard, make money, be smart and responsive. Avoid fight when you can. And u'll bet hot.
Sentongo Daniel (1 month ago)
i fuckin love this dude
dashwig (1 month ago)
Love your videos,' cause all is really easy & simple advices. Many guys actually know these things, but –I'm guilty of this, too – it's good to be reminded once in a while. I'd only disagree in 2 things: a) flanell shirts: I love 'em,too. But a lot of women really can't stand them. No matter how good they fit or even if they become trendy (again) always once in a while, for some ladies it's just too much of a redneck/lumberjack- thing.The situation where you wear'em really matters. b) Leather jackets: chances are high ,you look cooler. But the right fit is esential! If its too loose you look old, like a mafioso or a pimp. Plus, the rest of your outfit, the hair & beard has to really match with it. If you look too clean shaven etc. it makes you look like a Wall Street broker in his midlife crisis trying to be cool while going to a rock concert of a band he propably has never heard of. :-) Anyway, you rock! Peace!
MANIKH BHASHA (1 month ago)
😂 👍
Richard Trujillo (1 month ago)
great tips on what to wear to look sexy, but don't take this the wrong way, but you have to understand that there are a lot of people that don't use animal skin (leather) for obvious ethical reasons. So It would be better to recommend synthetic leather for watches or jackets, a good vegan product, that's what I use. Other than that, great tips, good video man.
Trump supporter (1 month ago)
Closet homo
Donna Drabble (1 month ago)
I saw a video of yours last year on giving up drinking and I must say Thank You your words inspired me and helped me .I feel like a new person
Donna Drabble (1 month ago)
Mc Dunn (1 month ago)
awsome dude, thanks for the tips
Jim English (1 month ago)
Is this Jersey Shore? Seriously? Obviously, a guy who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, as my mom would say. :(
Muhammad Karim (2 months ago)
DonknDave (2 months ago)
Jerry Morales (2 months ago)
The only diffrence between us and women on looking Hotter are just not smoking n binge eating n drinking....Now women on the other hand they use so many make up items that it will make ur head spin on how much radioactive smudge they use to look better ....which in reality it should not matter but those are the same average looking women that will look at a decent Man n cast him off like he's not worthy.....so Men look your best n never make yourself feel hot for anyone but you.....Cheers everyone 😃👍
kaizen (2 months ago)
awesome is you, great energy.
thomas walsh (2 months ago)
This clown is 100% homo
maworeb (2 months ago)
Oh wow, let's look like a Hipster douchebag wheeee
Hassan Saadi (2 months ago)
oh man i love u and your videos
j0seph791 (2 months ago)
half way tru this video turns into a couple of ads watch ads n also wait now ill add in 1 more ad for u right now just for u here are some sunglasses ads also just for u to make it more convenient u can buy both from the same store god damn man
IlllIlllI Barcode (2 months ago)
Dang alpha im already hot By wearing glasses
Ethan Rakell (2 months ago)
I like to add a nice rope around the opposite wrist from the watch. Suddle n sexy. Black n double rope.
defAngel (2 months ago)
What brand was that matte black metal watch?
naman mishra (2 months ago)
Aaron you look more glowing and charming in this video
You look more hotter in underwear
Mandar Vast (2 months ago)
Dexter Morgan♥️
VD III (2 months ago)
2018 Girls type of sexy Thick wallet.
niko parnetti (2 months ago)
My jacket is made from testicle skin and i love to watch gay porn all day every day. I also like to suck my dogs small cock!
Frostbite _Z28 (2 months ago)
Mvmt watches are trasshhh
anfearspuinse (2 months ago)
I feel bad for all these straight guys who are never gonna lose their virginity cos they're taking your advice lmao tortoiseshell glasses and a flannel shirts? what are you, a 60 year old lesbian?
Sabah Taha (2 months ago)
Flanel shirt yeuk makes u look like a truck driver
Abhishek Yadav (2 months ago)
How about a skinny guy is he look hot in this .
Nobody Knows (2 months ago)
you are a funny happy dude, super positive :D thanks for all the content
N. Wilson (2 months ago)
I agree a good watch, good sunglasses and leather jacket are always flattering. The second button is low enough. Show the collarbone but not the man tits, unless you're at a gay nightclub or trying to join the Jersey Shore cast. Black polo and flannel are kind of generic. Fabric, color (of the flannel) and fit may or may not be flattering. I do find henleys to be naturally flattering however. Somehow my two favorite shirts that I think make me look my best are $5 henleys from Target. Glasses...if you already look good you will still look good with glasses. If you look dweeby you will just look dweebier. Definitely not a tip that makes "all guys" look hotter. Two tips: turtlenecks. Also, if you really want to look more attractive and manly, find more occasions to wear full suits. I feel like suits became kind of a "special occasions only" thing in much of the West as businesses have gotten increasingly more casual over the years. But you can't deny the Mad Men manliness.
Amourabellydance Miller (2 months ago)
Exercise no belly , fresh haircut or nice hair, hygiene, white teeth and not missing any , cologne not too strong :)
snemmorcire (2 months ago)
Cologne bro, get a good cologne, talk to a girl, smelling great can do wonders.
Jomain asdf (2 months ago)
i thought alpha was finally going to talk about the facial make up products that men can wear but no :(
BE CREATIVE (2 months ago)
I really like your talking style..
FynnMeister (2 months ago)
You know u can only be an alfa male when your dickck is atleast 3 inches so chhange ur channelname
Karan Pandey (2 months ago)
Style mayr no mtr wht u wear but how to take that dress with yoir style thats the point..and yea by the way u are nothing but just a salesman of those cheap brands..lol
Champion Mendoza (2 months ago)
Wrong i don't give faaakkkkkk what you wear if you dont have a good looking body forget it . so shuttt your face up alpha muttttt
L andy (2 months ago)
thumbs up for the watch
Marc Marques (2 months ago)
Nice. Unless you are at a club, gotta wear an undershirt. Depends on venue. Wifebeater. V-neck. Crewneck. White. Black. Coloured to match shirt. Feel me? LOL. Appreciate your vids.
Robert Rutger (2 months ago)
The one item that ALWAYS makes people appear hotter than they actually are is distance. The problem lies in closing the gap.
Verbesserte Rezeptur (2 months ago)
I'm feeling cool and I'm looking cool. Of course it would be interesting to try out what it feels and looks like to be hot. But I'm a little too scared that I'd simply melt and disappear if I tried.
Niklaus Ali (2 months ago)
Where did you get such hot jacket from???
Tony Nguyen (2 months ago)
This guy is gayer and more conceited than real gay guys and drag queens
Tony Nguyen (2 months ago)
This is stupid there's a lot of hot body str8 men at the gym and they don't need to wear custom clothes or tight clothes to show off... There are plenty of hot str8 men muscluar and lean with 6 pack and yet they wear very loose clothing and they cover up their body... This guy is beyond stupid
Carlos Rivera (2 months ago)
Cleavage only works if you have something good to show.
Jace Lansing (2 months ago)
I wonder if girls are attracted to guys in long sleeves and leather jackets because it is a sign that winter is coming and they better find a mate. Just a thought.
Cristian A (2 months ago)
what leather jacket is that?
حارث يزن hareth (2 months ago)
A simple necklace make a guy hotter
Av3rage Joe (2 months ago)
after watching this video i think there's a lot i need to manage more to my style.. thanks buddy! 👌
reneedooma (3 months ago)
Srsly, show us your man cleavage!!!!
True Indian (3 months ago)
I Never Got a Heart From You!!!!😭😭
JustLookAtIt8899 (3 months ago)
im not hot and I never will be
Rommel Matias (3 months ago)
I did the unbutton thing myself before I actually see this video and yeah I find myself a little hotter because I caught some girls trying to sneak peek at my chest maybe they wanna see if I have a chest hair on there. Haha.
Te Toka (3 months ago)
Man Cleavage = Meavage
Abhijit Dev (3 months ago)
Wow You Look Actually Hot Bro, And Really Thanx For The Warm And Humble Words In Climax
Jesse Jackson (3 months ago)
Good video over all on this one.
Great quote Liam Pratt (3 months ago)
Not that blue T-shirt bad on you !
Amma b (3 months ago)
so i try to suggest my boyfriend to roll up his sleeves but then he complains about having cold forearms, then he puts on his ugly black and blue adidas sweatshirt and ruin everything!!! any advice?
day light (3 months ago)
Not sexy if the watch strap is real leather. Faux leather is the way to go
joeresio (3 months ago)
You can tell this guy used to be bullied or picked on a lot when growing up. He spent a lot of his life trying to become what he is now. The loud talking and everything gives it away. I knew somebody that is almost identical to this guy... it’s strange.
Matt Drummond (3 months ago)
*Gentlemen I could use your opinion.* I'm 384 pounds and a 4-5 xl shirt. I've recently started eating healthier and plan to exercise. At my current weight can I pull off a flannel shirt? I'm saying no to 3 buttons for now but flannel?
Ashish Gaur (3 months ago)
what is the brand of that black jacket?
jamey smith (3 months ago)

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