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7 Things That Make a Guy Look HOT Even if He's NOT!

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Text Comments (3223)
Fluffy Bunny (7 hours ago)
Ok, now that I've watched the whole video, I wanna point out that I was actually doing damn near everything on this list except the leather jacket and I wasn't getting any action until I dropped all of these things (except the glasses because I need them). I think that's because while i was wearing all these other accessories, I was being fake.
Fluffy Bunny (7 hours ago)
I can save everyone a lot of time. Ignore this video. I haven't even watched it yet, and I'll tell you exactly what you can wear to make you hot as fuck to any woman. Here it is, for real: A Big Fat Wallet ...you're welcome.
Gönül Teli (19 hours ago)
I think, the most important "item" that a gentleman can wear to look hotter, is "self-confidence" which you definitely have, my friend. :)
Escape Pod (1 day ago)
this guy tries to hard
The BigBangBoss (1 day ago)
mans not hot, man can never be hot
Drazy Drain (2 days ago)
Now this is the problem we men need to workout to do this but like. We dont workout. Thats a fact.
Harish Kumar (3 days ago)
That's why I wear 👓 + I'm blind...damn😂😂🤣
Dean Kipping-Ward (3 days ago)
dude you blue top was horrible
Tony Witkowski (5 days ago)
What kind of a swimsuit would look sexy in his late 40’s?
lam nguyen (6 days ago)
Good style for indian
lam nguyen (6 days ago)
Wtf did i just watch ?
Khawaja Ahmed (6 days ago)
Aidan Keast (7 days ago)
You dont really wear it. But in my opinion a well placed well designed and well thought out TATTOO makes guys look hotter. Plus it is a really interesting starting point and I have three tattoos on my forearms which firstly highlight the forearm well and secondly are a great talking point which in turn draws more attention to the forearm
petesasauce (6 days ago)
Glasses and Flannel shirts?! No way! Why?...Eye contact. Women want to look deep into our eyes. Glasses detract from that. They take that element away. They close the window on her visibility into our soul. Flannel shirts...are not in. Know so many women - 7s-10s who don't like 'em. Just say'n is,all...
matthew trott (8 days ago)
second video... and youre selling watches ....lol
blacklegoatcats (8 days ago)
what if you pop down 7 buttons ╚═( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)═╝
Pa Bo (9 days ago)
He could calm down a bit. He sounds like he's losing control. We don't need another Billy Mays.
Gorakh Raj Giri (9 days ago)
Gentleman, how much do you speak... don't you get tired especially your mouth.
Paul Cooley (10 days ago)
If you have enough chest and a fair fit, v necks. They're only extremely douchey if you wear them like a douchebag.
Abhishek Sathe (10 days ago)
Rub tiege and hanly on your clothes and boom
Rod Schermerhorn (12 days ago)
Movmt I don't know
mexitli sanchez (12 days ago)
Charles Hoff (13 days ago)
Beanies also add a level of badass that women love!
christarxxi (13 days ago)
Philip Young (13 days ago)
Guys can wear make up too...might have made a 7 point list down to just 1.
addictfull1999 (13 days ago)
I don’t like this person
ian azari (14 days ago)
Who say u r looking hut ??? U have ugly style lolllll
Zed King (14 days ago)
Nice tips but confidence tops everything.
Zeek M (14 days ago)
You button that shirt up or I'll do it for you punk. You won't like the way I do it. All the videos like this are bullshit. Wimmin don't give a shit about men.
CAR ADDICTS (14 days ago)
4:54 bang 3 😂😂 I just lov your videos they fuck'in cool
stylist62 (15 days ago)
Nice cologne
stylist62 (15 days ago)
❤️💕💜💙💓🧡💛💗👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻good job❤️💕💙💓😂😂
Gus en (15 days ago)
Nice advice...the open shirt I dont agree but...oh well.... for another item, id say leather boots ( doesnt have 2 be cowboy)....✌
Sweeptheleg ! (16 days ago)
You wear a leather jacket here in Florida you'll look like a douchebag, (smell like one too) kinda like sunglasses at night guy, you've seen 'em.
Menno Van de Wal (16 days ago)
And where did you buy the leather jacket?
Rob Hall (16 days ago)
I can’t here what you’re saying mate!!!
Velile Junior Tom (16 days ago)
Leather jackets...really... (Elvis Presley lookin ass)
Armand Foumane (18 days ago)
Wear a good perfume!!
Brandon Spadaro (21 days ago)
Stephen Turman (21 days ago)
Those watches are horrendous! You aren't impressing anyone with crap on your arm.
YzfR6 (21 days ago)
How to be hotter to women? Have money flowing out of your pockets
Darrell McKnight (21 days ago)
Mark W (23 days ago)
Don't sell me a watch. Don't need tips on watches. Women find a guy irresistible with a $100M lottery ticket between his teeth.
Daniel Garza (23 days ago)
Around my age and rocking matching earrings like 17 yrs old. Wow, looks ridiculous. I definitely agree about the watch accenting forearm plus shows a care for time &/or fashion. Though I love my leather jacket. I retired it last year. I have a slightly long jacket with removeble liner like you would see a lawyer wear. I do think the look works for you but would look terrible on a tall skinny man like myself. Great job on the video, goofy at the end but who cares. Not everyone can get something out of someone's video so always ignore hate speech but the yelling and the earrings should go, but I don't know if you or your wife attached to the earrings but looks so old trying to look young, like trying too hard. Overall a thumbs up
J C D (23 days ago)
shit .. I wish I had his energy!!! He looks really alive..that already worth watching this stuff
Andrew Werner (25 days ago)
That's a great motorcycle leather jacket. It's simple (not too much going on), and fitted (really important). Who makes it?
gbthrylos (25 days ago)
Stop trying so hard
Jeffrey Spragg (26 days ago)
BTW, what brand/type of leather jacket is that? Never seen one quite like it...
Chris Glowacki (26 days ago)
he's also my trainer on body builder app.
arbaaz khan (26 days ago)
Can a guy look hotter in casual t-shirts?
Arif Siddiqi (26 days ago)
You are Hot
Melinda de los Santos (26 days ago)
Those ARE really handsome watches!
MsLouisV (27 days ago)
why Are YOU YELLING???!!!!!!
soso shuster (27 days ago)
Dummy tricks for a dummy audience...
Rahul Musicals (28 days ago)
Like for INDIA🇮🇳
Divava Ricardo (28 days ago)
Owesome owesome... Nice vídeo, amazing.
Miguel Sedek (28 days ago)
a bank account with a million dollars would beat any of those items on looking hotter :)
Angry Hothead (29 days ago)
I don't get why women find men attractive. I mean all men are ugly and dirty and smelly, while most women are beautiful and clean and smell pretty.
SuperMich66 (29 days ago)
hands....mens hands......strong, clean, trimmed nails.....sexy hands .........
Siddhant (29 days ago)
what about money ? that is the most hottest thing any girl would look for
Stephen Langton (30 days ago)
It all depends on your body type...tight shirt and a belly looks silly...think of body type/age, then dress appropriately..
Mark Walker (1 month ago)
A not hot guy telling others how to look hot....something is wrong with this picture.
Phillip Songboy (1 month ago)
And how about thin sexy man.. that have no muscular?
Phillip Songboy (1 month ago)
I agree with Number 5...
Clifford Driver (1 month ago)
Do they come in Rolex!
Clifford Driver (1 month ago)
Sagging in skinny jeans, that's the girly males special, don't fool yourself!
Raj Yoga (1 month ago)
I am sold for leather jacket idea 💡 and ofc the watch. Let the haters hate 😅 but you rock 👊🏼
Nite Owl (1 month ago)
Everything he says...YES. One other thing I love on a guy is a nice gold or silver chain, ...and that he smells good. Not overpowering, just a hint of a nice scent.
Neil Aiken (1 month ago)
If u look LIKE that prick u fkd anyway
Jo Segers (1 month ago)
Can you PLEASE stop shouting!
WildStarvingWolf (1 month ago)
Why do you keep yelling in your videos?.
Maciej Nowak (1 month ago)
Holy shit this is nuts
tweetie pie (1 month ago)
None of these make men loom more attractive,however they seem to get the presenter hot when he sees them on guys.
cygnusstarscream (1 month ago)
You can't look hot if born ugly. Impossible to polish a turd 🤔
Mr Right (1 month ago)
I hate the commercial parts
emad tabadkani (1 month ago)
MrDigit420 (1 month ago)
Number 5 starts at 4:02
Song Sabai (1 month ago)
Watches are Sooo OUT!.....flannel shirts?....this petroleum product sinks! But, the leather jacket All-ways works!!
Daniel Garza (23 days ago)
Watches will never go out of style, it's the same as the leather jacket and so many successful people wear watches; faster than reaching for your phone (unless one of the goofy types that never let's the phone leave their hand), it shows others that you care about time (not a layabout type), and a good stylish watch does accent forearm muscle.
HD DAV (1 month ago)
Relax now calm down u look hot
Ashley Aycocho (1 month ago)
Hi! New sub here. Been rockin the three button shirt thing, really is hot. Love the watches that you’ve shown. Whats the decription of the watches?
Corey W (1 month ago)
I'm right there with you bro. I rock the black polo, the henly, the flannel, and I specifically work on my forearms so I can roll up my sleeves......AND IT WORKS !!!!
prashant shakya (1 month ago)
what if guy are skinny 😅
Ahsan Khan (14 days ago)
+prashant shakya bruh this is YouTube! You can search anything here.
prashant shakya (15 days ago)
Suggests me some workout
Ahsan Khan (15 days ago)
Skinny or not, exercise and get in shape!
Shahriarist (1 month ago)
I think the black polo with the leather jacket looks ALOT better than pairing the leather with flannel, no offense. Also, I prefer a smart watch over those watches, sorry. Otherwise, Great Advice, Master Alpha M
yahweh1979 (1 month ago)
Its Not about the looks, Its about the heart and “voice”...I recommend you a logopedist
Clyde Andrews (1 month ago)
Hi, where can I buy the black polo fitted shirt?
Amir mgh (1 month ago)
Mithil Chokhani (1 month ago)
More vids like this
Nunya .Bidness (1 month ago)
The way this guy carries himself is the way to get your ass kicked. A gentleman doesn't need to act like a douchebag. His work, simplicity and the way he treats people around him will make more valuable and respected more than anything.
maldives-joshua joseph (1 month ago)
You are my hero. So full of life and humour. I wish all Youtubers talk as fast as you do. Excellent presentation skills. Excellent facts. 5.23 made me laugh so much that i dropped onto the floor. Soooo funny, positively holarious. Made my day! 0094772503617 whattsapp
Dawo Sida (1 month ago)
Shit I used to love Dexter OMG I miss that show
Steve Broker (1 month ago)
Abset freaken lootley"
You Too (1 month ago)
I do agree about the 3 button rule. EVERY woman is drawn to it like guys are to women's breasts/cleavage. I have women purposefully ignore me so hey wont be tempted to look so I won't catch them taking a quick look. I know many of them and they are married or engaged or whatever and they're trying to be good girls. That's ok, I understand, but seeing them fight the temptation can be quite a turn on
Žarko Čubrinoski (1 month ago)
I'm hot enough.
abbsy663 (1 month ago)
Morvoice ASMR (1 month ago)
You dont need a trained body. You dont need the nicest clothes and coolest styles. You dont even need to have charisma. All you need is money folks. Thats it.
SuperKiller PM (1 month ago)
You are doing business only Like if you understand.
HansNature (1 month ago)
Yeah you look hot with that leather jacket! Great video!
Dacos (1 month ago)
Watches were used to watch the time...who need a watch anymore? what are the cell phones for then?
MD (1 month ago)
I think you would look hotter without all those clothes hhh 😍
Agent Cooper (1 month ago)
You forget mentioning you also need “a body”😄. In no way you look hot in a black polo with a skinny body to keep it honest!

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