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7 Things That Make a Guy Look HOT Even if He's NOT!

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Text Comments (2948)
Kori Hoornstra (11 hours ago)
If your Elvis have no buttons done up
thegiant555 (22 hours ago)
No woman like this with the 3 buttons! It’s totally unsexy
Grae Barr (1 day ago)
...and no.8 would be ..not to shout so loud at the camera! 😨 😂😂
jose villagomez (1 day ago)
This ugly ass dude thinks his hot shit shut the fuck up guy
Nishu Choudhary (1 day ago)
Francois Coetzee (2 days ago)
I love you man!
Boy Vega (2 days ago)
I am very introverted at age 40 and live at my parents home with no job or title... still could get better pussy than them lol
Boy Vega (2 days ago)
black polo= bouncer
I am a fat ugly fella but ladies are really into me. Not sure why. It makes my wife very angry sometimes. I think it is my man tits and my neck beard that really does it for the ladies. Pretty sure thats why my wife hasnt left me. Everytime she gets packed up to go she sees that little bit of hair on my neck rolls and just cant leave.
FansSports (3 days ago)
Well fitting booty jeans ;)
DJ Transaction (3 days ago)
Waving around stacks of hundred dollar bills totally makes a dude super hot.
Jonny Gunia (3 days ago)
Jonny Gunia (3 days ago)
you look like you're smelling shit in the thumbnail.
Narinder Kaur (4 days ago)
nice video... super
Cobb83 (4 days ago)
mvmt watches are legit!
g hough (5 days ago)
Y do these tards shout so much?
MrShowtym (5 days ago)
Alpha m. what about wearing a wedding ring, women love men whome are relationships, do you agree?
Andrew Lederhouse (5 days ago)
A Kilt with Hot Rod Rowdy Piper Shirt and Leather Jacket
phonologic (6 days ago)
Switch to decaf dude
metalmancw (6 days ago)
No guy should wear rose gold brother
Rare Breed (7 days ago)
A whole video just to huckster a fuckin watch. Just wear a snowsuit in July if you want to look really hot.........
Guys, it is a true story, yesterday night, i just watched this video. This morning, i thought "I will wear my glasses today and put a leather jacket" and the girl i like complimented me on my style at school..
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Metal Faced Gamer (8 days ago)
I bet this guy types in all caps
Metal Faced Gamer (8 days ago)
Imagine him trying to whisper a secret to you.
Metal Faced Gamer (8 days ago)
Imagine if this guy talk like this in his regular life.
jason parmelee (8 days ago)
Sleeve tattoos with a Ron Jeremy motif
Marc Rouhana (9 days ago)
why r u screaming
Isaias Padilla (9 days ago)
Denim jacket
Robin Thompson (9 days ago)
Where can I get that leather jacket you are wearing?
Gardner Eastland (9 days ago)
Where is the leather jacket from?
Cliff Brown (9 days ago)
A cuff bracelet. Silver...
Ivolo89 (9 days ago)
Polo, NO (not in 2019)... third button undone, HELL NO (looks like a douche)
Navin Shringi (10 days ago)
I belief the less you wear the more girls tear
E Gill (10 days ago)
This guy is a goof but he seems like a nice dude
Shitman nbg (10 days ago)
A puppy
Georgie Rolinmud (11 days ago)
A billfold stuffed with hundreds. Im not even joking either. I was recently going to pay for my truck registration with cash. I was only plating it for 3 months for hunting and winter and i just cashed a paycheck & had 1100 bucks all 100s and 50s and this tall slim young hot girl of 18-20 with pink hair[incidently pink hair is a turnoff] was almost drooling over me as she served me at the insurance place despite me being 2x her age something im sure she knew with info in her computer...
Keith Gaines (11 days ago)
Flannel makes you look like a lesbian.
Ryan Syed (11 days ago)
Can anyone give me thoughts on this watch plz? heres the link https://www.connor.com.au/au/tan-jack-watch-c18wt301
Herbert Noelke (11 days ago)
Mclovin 2018 (11 days ago)
lmfao at getting hard over the under achiever at "star bucks". Plus you sound incredible gay bro.
Diego Garcia (12 days ago)
A great personality 🤣
Ermilo Martin (12 days ago)
Congrats on your videos they are very good and not too long either, I start watching one and end up watching 4-5 each time.
Cole OLS (12 days ago)
4:33 I don’t thing his flannel is fitted 😮
MARU Alayon (13 days ago)
I need a leather jacket! 😎
MARU Alayon (13 days ago)
Thanks bro. Ive tried not only 3rd button undone but 4th hahahahaha i feel hotter than bfore
Winter Marx (15 days ago)
I like you, bro. You have such great advice. Thanks, man.
Anthony Davis (15 days ago)
that's what's up!!
Scarcasm (16 days ago)
mans not hot
Lemysaurus Rex (16 days ago)
Had to give him the thumbs he was rocking in 😂🔥
ben proud (16 days ago)
Anyone know how old this guy is?
steven chan (19 days ago)
good idea ! LIKE !
Justin Kiers (19 days ago)
1:52 sorry but that looks gay
Raging Fury (19 days ago)
Lets be honest, any thing a dude wears would look hot unless he has the perfect body, u can't have a beer belly wearing glasses and wear a black polo shirt and expect women to fall for you.
Hypnotized81 (21 days ago)
The glasses thing was a fail. Sunglasses sure but perscription glasses? I don't think so.
James Johnson (21 days ago)
Black shirts look good on white or light skinned people. Black or dark skinned people look better in bright colored shirts.
Toy Sentao (22 days ago)
difficult to pull off for a slim/ skinny dude with a flat chest........i reckon...?
sushil kumar (22 days ago)
U r awesome
mike hodkinson (22 days ago)
Too much self confidence.
Syed Shezzudd (22 days ago)
Keep a beard
Dan G (23 days ago)
Glasses disagree
Roberto Javier Monroy (23 days ago)
A fresh cut of course !
Shivan Anirudhra (25 days ago)
This is just clothes tips lol
Kelly Miller (26 days ago)
3 button Henley brand you're rock'n?
Roger Aronson (27 days ago)
So.......he has a man crush on Daniel Craig
winfeildblues (1 month ago)
Put a banana down your pants ..!!!!! Just like women put shit in there bras ...!!!! This happened to me a couple of time where I took a chick home w what I thought were like d cup boobies and when she took off the bra it looked like I was with a 12 year old ..!!! Not cool ladies ..!!!!!😳😳😳
TheLionWisperer2.0 (1 month ago)
The black polo dont look good at all, but i still wear it cuz girls hating it means theyll be taking it off faster😉😎
Jesse (1 month ago)
are you gay?
ItsCailey 334 (1 month ago)
He does realize that foundation is a base for your makeup not something to make u look hot right??
Fadioli Fadioli (1 month ago)
Good Cologne might a really good one to add. Thanks for the awesome vid Alpha. As well as all the other ones! Was watching this to get ready for a party. Im totally subbing now. Click! Thanks
shigsho (1 month ago)
Earrings are not hot on guys. TABLE MANNERS: learn how to hold a FORK. Don't curse in public.
twilight angel (1 month ago)
Yo you can't be hot by act it is just Gene and you look weird in trying to be hot🤣😂😄
thank u sir
Abdealii (1 month ago)
Alpha 😎
Kidnova928 (2 months ago)
My suggestion, find a really good tattoo artist and get a black and grey sleeve. A high quality tattoo sleeve is classic and stands out without being too in your face. Also a great conversation starter (of its initiated by her. Dont bring up your tattoos to a stranger like a douche)
alonzo calvillo (2 months ago)
I need to get one of those tiege henleys.
David A (2 months ago)
Good ideas but don't go for the sponsor watch...For a watch go Patek or Breguet. You won't be upset. Also go persol for sunglasses
Lawrence Tyler (2 months ago)
A chain from justjewelz.jimdo.com
MilesAllgood (2 months ago)
Who wears flannel shirts 3 buttons undone and rolled up sleeves in the winter?
dhananjay dhadwal (2 months ago)
What about a high neck
Sean Hunter (2 months ago)
You people who say, this site or that site is for entertainment need to back the hell off. It is none of your business if some guys are resourceful & happen to apply the tips they learn in videos. I repeat, it is NONE OF YOUR F*CKING business....so be quiet, keep your comments to yourself & do your OWN THING. To people like don wilson: WHY are you on here anyways? So you can bully other men or so you can get attention?
Andrews flipping out (2 months ago)
Kristian Bohr (2 months ago)
Also, not being cocky makes you hotter.
Mc Baba (2 months ago)
It mom gay
Dylan Hampton (2 months ago)
When he says girls like seeing forearms I look at my tiny wrists
Yy Gg (2 months ago)
omg, the tight polo shirt and henley look so douchey. ewww. and please, men, stop with the big wrist watch - it makes you look like you're overcompensating for other physical shortcomings.
Mehdi Becker (2 months ago)
Your Name,your Nationality,your Money,your skin colour are more important than your clothes ör body
Dylan Johnson (2 months ago)
What If your not in shape and you have a weird face
Greg Cain (2 months ago)
Wear a good voice and flirtation
James Francisco (2 months ago)
Wheres the denim shirt from please
M. Polen (2 months ago)
34k likes vs 1k dislikes you can’t argue with those results
LimpossibleProductionz (2 months ago)
Smell is super important. A girl can be super hot, but if she smells like trash I’ll steer clear of her
LimpossibleProductionz (2 months ago)
Except I’m not swole so the shirt stuff doesn’t matter
and when will you use us muscle markers?
Mayra Morales (2 months ago)
Love your videos!👌
lilgucci rolex (2 months ago)
i wear round glasses and i think i look nerdy
John Gill (3 months ago)
First video I've watched by you, amazing! Love this vid!
happy hutchinson (3 months ago)
3 day length of facel hair but neat .an having a laugh with a mate .becouse it makes you more approachable for a conversation
Francisco Rodriguez (3 months ago)
hey man, gotta update that movement link, its not working.
yisak ketma (3 months ago)
My forearm are skinny asf thought

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