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Style Advice For Man Over 50 - 5 Tips On How Older Men Should Build A Wardrobe

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http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/older-man-wardrobe/ - Click here to read the article Style Advice For Man Over 50 - How Older Men Should Plan A Wardrobe http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/free-ebook/ Click to receive my FREE 47 page eBook on Men's Style and Fashion. https://www.facebook.com/groups/rmrscommunity/ - Click HERE To Join our Facebook Community Are you ready to up your style? Click here for the BEST style course on the planet! https://thestylesystem.com/youtube
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Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
How should an older man dress? https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/older-man-wardrobe/ - Click here to read the article How Older Men Should Plan A Wardrobe Are you ready to up your style? Click here for the BEST style course on the planet! https://thestylesystem.com/youtube https://www.facebook.com/groups/rmrscommunity/ - Click HERE To Join our Facebook Community
Julian Sirkin (7 months ago)
I'm not going to read it, and here is why. I watched your video to get ideas because my dad asked me to take him shopping to update his wardrobe. However. there were zero specific examples......Seriously, show this video to someone, and ask them to put together an outfit. I bet they can't. So given that, why should I be motivated to read what you wrote?
Tommy Marx (12 days ago)
This was pretty useless. I will avoid ripped jeans, which I never wore in my life, but I'm not going to buy some device to make other people think I'm hip with all the younguns. Goddamn, this video was useless.
Andy Andie (15 days ago)
I'm 6'8". All my life trousers were too short. And now that I'm in my 50s and too short trousers are modern you tell me not to dress like a teenager?
Andy Andie (15 days ago)
Forget the latest technology. A 5 year old second hand phone is nice as long as it does the trick. Don't forget: all those people who invented those phones and technology are now old. That 50 year old geezer besides you in the pub or subway might have written the software on your iPad. That 60 year old lady across the aisle might have designed some of the processors in your PC or watch.
Buffy Alten (26 days ago)
I would never take fashion advice from this dude...
robert mccaig (28 days ago)
you suck
Joe Stallings (1 month ago)
I saw REO Speedwagon in '78. Not '88. And no, I don't still have the shirt.
Earl Powell (1 month ago)
Exceptional. I wear loose fit pants, like guayaberas, linen, hats, meet your clothes to who you are.
Sangfroid (1 month ago)
If a sixty year old man hasn't figured out how to dress yet don't rattle the old bear's cage, he's at home in Walmart. Better advice is to find your style not fashion, fashion is ephemeral, next season is being worked on while this season is being shown. It is true that a 40 to 80 year old will look silly dressing like he's 25 but that doesn't mean you can't add an element of the unexpected flash. All this depends on you body configuration, if you're 5'10" and weigh 290lbs. a crop top or low rise ,just don't unless you've just graduated from clown college, but if you're still hitting the gym and you six pack ,though still there is less defined you can go from muscle puppy to alpha wolf. Burly can be hot, it also insures that any conversation with you isn't going to be all about his two loves, his body and his gym,an older man in good shape can rock black skinny jeans with a gray cashmere pullover and white Carpezios or leopard print loafers. The shoes are that bit of surprise zing. You were pretty glib about hair and not shaving your head, you have a full head of hair for now, but many men are genetically disposed to balding and I can think of little as ridiculous making as a comb over, hair flocking, or the remaining hair with more product than Colombia torturing it into shape. Being reasonably adept with technology is sensible but another thing that can make an older man look silly is being glued to his phone playing a game that's older than his kids or watching Avatar on a two inch screen, unless you're babysitting, otherwise use the tech. tools the situation requires. Better to impress with your words or writing than a new unnecessary e-toy. I'm reminded, by all this of an old saying; Never try to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.
Paul Beyer (1 month ago)
Aw man...just bought a new Scorpions world tour t shirt!!
Zoran Marusic (1 month ago)
What about golden tooter if you are more then sixty.Bet you gonna score many young ladies.
Zoran Marusic (1 month ago)
Can you dressed like a young man if your lifestyle is the same and if you are not conventional
sfat fuxia (1 month ago)
Great video. The thing is that quality of clothing has dropped dramatically. Even higher end suits are made in Vietnam or China. The quality is not the same. Even Valentino's are made in China now. Valentino is still great quality, but let me give you a tip that will save you lots of money. If you buy Valentino suits...buy them from the aftermarket brands with the "VALENTINO STILE" Label. It's the same exact suit out of the same container from China. They come out of the containers without the label in a place in New Jersey where they then label them with the different store brands. Valentino stores may get let's say fifty of them and it will cost you $1000. $2000 or even $6000. The same suit "Valentino stile" .... You could probably get fo $200 if you know how to shop for them. If you ever owned a Valentino suit you will know just by feeling the fabric. Believe me no one will know the difference and in fact the only difference is the label. Remember that rich people get rich knowing these tricks. Fool's get tricked!
Jonathan Lynch (1 month ago)
Not going to stop wearing Rush shirts - you cannot make me!!!!
Ismael Tomás (1 month ago)
A younger person recently showed me how to take a screenshot with a smartphone. I’m now doing it with my tablet as well. I appreciate people showing me how to use technology to my advantage, and what I mean is that when walking with a smartphone I should know as much about it as possible. I’m no old man: but if my phone starts making sounds and I don’t know why or what to do, but everyone else does, how embarrassing is that? Or if I’m standing at a cashier and I’ve forgotten my wallet and someone suggests, “Just use ApplePay” to make a purchase, and I have no idea what that means, 😬again, very embarrassing. If you carry a phone or tablet, learn everything about it. 👍
David Norman (1 month ago)
I always leave my mobile at home because I drop it or lose it!
Mark Timothy (1 month ago)
Have you looked in a mirror lately? What’s with the 1970’s shirt that looks like it has never seen an iron.
Lorri Miller (1 month ago)
Don’t drink beer it’s loaded with estrogen
steevo62 (1 month ago)
What a load of rubbish. I am 57 and have no desire to dress like a teenager OR MY FATHER. Grey flannels and a panama hat ! I do not want to look 97 ! I wear jeans that are slim fit and not ripped. I wear slim fitting chinos in various bright colours and comfortable tee shirts and polos. I buy form fitting on trend underwear and never wear trainers. My hair is going grey and I have a modern quiff. I always get compliments from people and most of them think I am in my 40's. Every guy has the right to dress as they want without advice. We are only here once so live your life how you want to guys and ignore anyone who tells you to dress as though you are just waiting to step into the coffin !
D K (2 months ago)
38 yr old trying to tell 60 year olds how to dress, hmmm
hector ortega (2 months ago)
not enough information
Karren Renner (2 months ago)
I am at the point where I don't care what other people think and if they want to judge me, go for it. I am old enough and ornery enough, I couldn't care less. I wear skirts that are very neutral and they are SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE THAN ANYTHING ELSE EVER INVENTED TO PUT ON YOUR BODY!!!!! They are totally redistricting like wearing nothing, but legal.
Phillip Cohenour (2 months ago)
Ridiculous idea that someone has to tell you what to wear. Wear what you want and if other people don't like it, it is their problem.
Mark (2 months ago)
Great advice Antonio, and don't think we don't need it. Today's 60 year olds were teenagers during Disco, and in college during the stonewashed, blow-dried 80's. What the hell do we know from fashion. LOL
Mata Man (2 months ago)
This says it all... go to a Ralph Lauren store. Seek advice. Their designs are fabulous
THE ARTFUL CODGER (2 months ago)
GREY FLANNEL.. . DUDE.... you Do know what you"re talking about!👍 Panama hat... Well... I live in ATLANTA....soooo.......Ok....(my bias is showing). 56 and not ready to concead to the..."Whipper Snappers"..! THANKS for the heads up on the RAGS, .... I will keep an ear out for update 😎
Ron Thompson (2 months ago)
Antonio, this is why you are #1 in this industry and have the large number of subscribers that you do. Bravo Zulu my friend. Well said and completely honest and correct. Your Sr. SNCO's taught you well lol. Every one out there should watch and subscribe to your channel and those who are in the industry should take note and learn from you. What more can I say except, outstanding. Semper Fi.
jeb brook (2 months ago)
I knew it A sugar daddy 😘😘
Mahmud Hasan (2 months ago)
Ultimately no advice. just bla bla
tom deininger (2 months ago)
Thanks for showing pictures of older men. So many video clips talk about how to dress when you're older, then they show pictures of guys would look like Nate Burkus and Jeremiah Brent. They are gorgeous men, but not old.
Jerry Cooper (3 months ago)
Simple advice for older people. Dress classic, that is all you need to know.
Mickel colins (3 months ago)
What do you think of get laid by hot women using Troplusfix Dating Secrets? I see many people keep on talking about Troplusfix Dating Secrets.
blankchck (3 months ago)
"That was supposed to be funny." It was funny. Semper Fi!
R R (3 months ago)
If you're in your 60s, you can wear whatever the hell you want!
Dave Beecher (3 months ago)
sorry tricked me with Kirby, goodbye
Scandal Trunk (4 months ago)
Panama hats and grey flannel trousers? Jesus christ! It's 2019 not 1952.
Ranjit Monga (4 months ago)
Good recommendations. As a guy over 50, I have learnt not to try too hard and to keep it simple. Look forward to few more episodes. Thank you 🙏
Met Simon (4 months ago)
talking too much, no substance
William Hicks (4 months ago)
I thought the double breast went out of style years ago.
Seán - Essex75 Essex (4 months ago)
This is utter garbage.
Steve Langland (4 months ago)
There are times it is hard to find a happy medium in clothes when you reach 60, esp in the big and tall selections. I enjoy looking nice when I go out. The biggest thing is to watch your colors. The yellow you wore years ago might not look so great when your hair turns grey and your skin tone changes. My biggest pet peeve is why do all sweaters stripes horizontal instead of vertical.
Ray Ford (4 months ago)
I feel this video is useless for anyone listening to it. I am in my 50's and I dress however I feel that makes me comfortable. Society does not dictate my style. I agree dressing in your 20's is not a good idea though. On days that are mine I prefer to where sneaks, slim jeans and a t-shirt. If it's a bit cool through on a nice light jacket.
druizZ (4 months ago)
If you’re 60yrs.old and still don’t know how to dress you got a problem
F D (4 months ago)
what a waste of 6 minutes of my time watching this video.
JUAN Barraza (5 months ago)
GUSTAVO LOPEZ (5 months ago)
Thanks but no thanks this guy has no confidence in relation to the subject matter. He needs to drive the message home it never happened here I became bored.
Victor Peachy (5 months ago)
Really not informative , more like an advertisement for hangers and other companies .
William Maxwell (5 months ago)
I disagree, Wear what you like,wear what makes you happy .
Are Dee (5 months ago)
Worst style choices in your 50's: Hair color, tattoos and piercings, with the last 2 choices bordering on creepy. The movie , Rosemay's Baby introduced a character, in their late 50's with an ear piercing. You just knew something was sinister about that guy by that detail. Unfortunately, actor Harrison Ford has never seen the film. Unless, you are a famous rock star or eccentric artist, those details - I think- age a man.
J C (5 months ago)
Alpha-males do not wear beta-male attire.
DavesNotHome (5 months ago)
I came for the over 50's look, and all I got was a over 60's ideas. Is it time to rename your channel?
Samantha Egor (1 month ago)
Dave is not Home?. then where are you?
Pete Pimpernel (5 months ago)
With the physical ageing changes after 40ish, generally speaking unless very fit for one's age, expect to have a slightly jutted head/neck, with eventually some loss of neck length; shoulders that are stiff(er); less powerful limbs, so not show off with T-shirts, muscle shirts or singlets (vests), or with short shorts (short trousers/pants); flabby chest and belly, so not tight top clothes; weaker back muscles, so again not too tight; wider waist, so wear higher waisted trousers (pants) that also have front pleats and either a belt or neatly self-supporting; outer tops and jackets that are no shorter than the 'buttock curve'; footwear being of a reasonably high heel (or with a modest lift/elevator) to counter the gradual shortening in overall height and even old men bandy legs; and leave sandals for indoors at home or just at the pool or beach. That's my advice!
Pete Pimpernel (5 months ago)
With the physical ageing changes after 40ish, generally speaking unless very fit for one's age, expect to have a slightly jutted head/neck, with eventually some loss of neck length; shoulders that are stiff(er); less powerful limbs, so not show off with T-shirts, muscle shirts or singlets (vests), or with short shorts (short trousers/pants); flabby chest and belly, so not tight top clothes; weaker back muscles, so again not too tight; wider waist, so wear higher waisted trousers (pants) that also have front pleats and either a belt or neatly self-supporting; outer tops and jackets that are no shorter than the 'buttock curve'; footwear being of a reasonably high heel (or with a modest lift/elevator) to counter the gradual shortening in overall height and even old men bandy legs; and leave sandals for indoors at home or just at the pool or beach. That's my advice!
Louie Chester Ching (5 months ago)
Im a 47 yrs old dude, i always wear polo shirt(plain white/blk) & denim jeans & my fave Rolex jubilee blk face.
Samantha Egor (1 month ago)
those are my favorites. how are you
fly bobbie (5 months ago)
Over 60, only one good pair of pyjamas, the care home is not fussy how you dress.
Gentile O’Goyim (5 months ago)
That Canadian tuxedo 🤵
John Leitaker (5 months ago)
omg, I did not realize this is an older video. I thought is he having a stroke? You are so much better now. BTW you responded to me with answers that got me two jobs, thanks
Samantha Egor (1 month ago)
stroke?. damn funny. how are you
Troy David Walrod Sr. (5 months ago)
I want to see the clothes we guys 57 and older will look good and stylish in.
Samantha Egor (1 month ago)
are you 57+?. you look younger in the photo
ShowBizJunkie (5 months ago)
People should buy gadgets because they want to but not because some jackass think that older men can't use facebook (this young jackass needs to broaden his worldview and stop assuming things).
45 Auto (5 months ago)
This is what I never understood too. What the hell is there to using technology? Its all intuitive and if you can count to 10 you will be able to use it all.
ShowBizJunkie (5 months ago)
No that is a very wrong advice you have given. You are only confirming the stereo types. As people age, their taste change. That change must be biological/organic and not based on what society expects. Ofcourse you can't dress up like a teenager but there are things about you which don't change as you grow up. You must factor those in. I love colors. Although, I will never wear a pink suit but I do prefer a bright colored tie. I like warm colors but faded one. Also realize that throughout the world, people have different sensibilities. In some countries Men and Women and children wear very shockingly bright colors. So don't stop people from being themselves.
Michshnly (5 months ago)
f your super concerned about fashion after 50 years old. This means your either single, no kids, rich, wealthy, gay, work inside a clothing store, work in a office no choice but wear a suit, wall street guy who's successful or just way to much time on your hands. I can't see the 45-65 year old regular guy out there who's married, works 40 hours a week, makes a regular income and be concerned about his fashion wardrobe. Once you hit 50 you are tired and went through 30 years of fashion change. You would never wear what you wore 30 years ago right? And in 30 years from now you would be laughing at your current fashion. It gets boring trying to keep up. LOW-Testosterone is taking a toll on the joints, sex drive sux and grey hair. 45-70 year olds weight gain is an issue even while on great diet. In other words. Your not hot anymore like you once where at 25-40 year old. Your washed up and some guys can't deal or accept that. The good old days are long gone dude. Look in the mirror and accept the old guy looking back at you. Look inward instead of what looks good on the outside. Do things you never did as a young guy but now you have the time. Read some good books late at night with nobody around. Travel alone. And for the guys who won't take my advice. Take it easy with the Botox face. These guys look like trannies with makeup.
corporalnim (5 months ago)
Thanks for stating the fecking obvious.and as for the Panama **** that.
Kevin Perez (5 months ago)
I total disagree!!! I am 56 fit dress excellent and use LV a lot and drive a Infiniti coupe.. So I will answer the questions .Dress how you feel. I still have the young ladies looking and giving me compliments. I am going to start a blog!!
Samantha Egor (1 month ago)
i give you compliment from the one you are putting on now.
kris tatwho (6 months ago)
Fuck society and what people think ,Do what makes you happy not what makes every fucker else happy,,The sheeple of the world.
Seán - Essex75 Essex (6 months ago)
So superficial, I'd not adhere to a word of this and I certainly wouldn't dress as my grandfather did.
Thomas Heffner (6 months ago)
OMG that shirt lol
Samantha Egor (1 month ago)
how are you
Toby Ix (6 months ago)
Normally, I would agree 100% on the rule "don't dress like a teenager when over 40" ( I personally know more than one guy who might well benefit from the advise)..but I also know a 58 Y O pal who looks amazing wearing rather modern clothes, and indeed looks weird when dressing "his age". And I have a problem with the notion about "society expectations". Apart from a business context, I don't see any reason to comply with them. Just wear what fits you, the people who would criticize your unruly behavior won't feed you when you'll be hungry...
mikeymikebw (7 months ago)
You talk as if we are all executives. I’m almost 51 and I am a bartender.
Greg Mccarter (7 months ago)
I'm 56 and I'm in pretty good shape, I wear jeans and boots tee shirts..i work out ,working on a six pack abs..i act the same way iv always acted..i make everybody lol,,I'm my self..love me or hate me..i don't give a hoot
Samantha Egor (1 month ago)
perfect dress mode i like. i like you
Goodtimes (7 months ago)
Expected more modelling on this one but thank you anyway sir.
Tanner Herzman (7 months ago)
dress the way you like. Be you don't be some generic old man!
Steve Fleeker (8 months ago)
Keeping in mind that guys in their mid 50's and 60's were into punk rock, I don't see most of us dressing like our grandpas did.
Samantha Egor (1 month ago)
things have changed. how are you?
James Eddy (8 months ago)
Antonio, I am sure there is good information in there some where, but If I wast to be preached to I will go to church. I am 75 years old and I have no problem finding nice, well tailored suits and jackets. I prefer Brooks Brothers, Hickey Freeman and Hart Schaffner Marx, but I do have a jacket from Kohl's. A polyester gold summer garb. My tastes cost a little more but never go out of style. They are much much cheaper in the not so long run. It is out of print now, but picked up a copy of Dress for Success and learn something. This is the second video I tried to watch. I doubt if I will try a third.
Samantha Egor (1 month ago)
love that style. how are you
Dan Nelson (8 months ago)
Suits suck! wear plaid shirt with turtle neck or sweater if you live in Montana, be confident and stay in reasonably good shape,trim your ear hairs . Wear plaid shirt or sweater with turtle neck. A blazer is okay, keep in reasonable good shape,keep your ear hairs trimmed, Rely on women .....If they greet you or smile at you..you probably look okay but, if they do not notice you then perhaps you need to dress better or something figure it out, Be confident, Don't obsess about getting laid,just be yourself.
Andreas Christodoulou (9 months ago)
Useless video ....no examples, not so many photos to show how to dress as an older in and out of the house, casual or in special occasions.
Eastern Cowboy (9 months ago)
I just turned sixty and what I say to the younger guys is to get all you can while you can. The only thing good abt getting older is retirement. That's it!
Samantha Egor (1 month ago)
Happy 60 years!. thanks for the comment.
45 Auto (5 months ago)
Yeah but if you have money and excellent health retirement can be the best part of ones life. No more rat race.
mal hound (9 months ago)
WOW!!!!! You look so good in that casual shirt.
Geoff Johnston (9 months ago)
Looking forward to seeing Kirbys products.
Samantha Egor (1 month ago)
i love Kirbys product too. how are you
Thomas Margolis (9 months ago)
WHo the hell are you? What makes you an authority to comment on anything?
Heidi Giselle Bode (9 months ago)
my dad is 50 something and wears ripped jeans and a white v neck everyday 🙄😬
Danny (9 months ago)
As a 54 year old male can remember my Grandfather who never wore a Panama hat, tweed jackets or grey trousers. You need to do your homework as well as reworking this video for the modern era of 2018. "Panama hat." Get real.
kenny klein (9 months ago)
You need confidence to wear a nice Panama hat. It adds cool and confidence
Ewk VLOGS (9 months ago)
This guys voice makes me feel old
carrol meeks (9 months ago)
It goes back to being true to yourself. The visual ques to that, are in your style. When you dress in a way that is not expected then you are seen as trying to be something you're not. That smacks of disingenuousness in every aspect of your life.
Zzyzx Zee (10 months ago)
Dont wear a ball cap or any hat most of the time,wear muted colors in good quality fabrics, no shirts without a collar, thinner belt, not always wear a tie, dont wear anything that advertises anything. Black or brown polishable shoes or boots, no white socks, no socks with sandals, solid color walking shorts if its hot out. Dont buy the most expensive iphone but no cheepie either. Wear no jewelrt except a watch, a good one but no fashion watches, nothing battery powered. Use quality wallet pref exotic natural materials, no velcro and dont fill it too full. No more than 4 keys on your key ring, you re not a janitor.
Tom B (6 months ago)
Well done, Audrey. Thanks.
Charles Jensen (10 months ago)
I'm 78 and I LOVE "Spezzaturo." 'Nuff Said. Big Smiles. CMJ
Samantha Egor (1 month ago)
i love guys wearing that too
Alvin Fuller (10 months ago)
Still waiting for the advice, and yes I own the latest tech.
acorn sucks (10 months ago)
Upgrade from REO to Guns and Roses...LOL........kidding aside, good suggestions.
hector medrano (10 months ago)
I'm in my sixties and i really dont understand that a guy at that age dont have a clue of style Anyway if they live in usa they can go for a wardrobe to brooks brothers and shoes maybe to allen edmonds or johnston & murphy usually i dress up with that brands.
Samantha Egor (1 month ago)
nice brands they are. how are you
Brent Dallyn (10 months ago)
I'm drowning and he describing the water,thanks for nothing,that 6 minutes i will never get back
mdunawaym (10 months ago)
I have found a brand of short sleeve casual shirts that I really love. They are called Vintage Silk Circa 1969. Very reasonably priced at Stein mart, a discount store for more fashionable clothing.
Samantha Egor (1 month ago)
i checked that out and it's nice. how are you
Karl Brundage (10 months ago)
Anecdote: I was a senior Sergeant when I was assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division- presumably to get the old guy off the street. I arrived at the squad wearing a grey pinstripe suit, blazing red tie, starched white shirt, black cowboy boots with pronounced-tuck heel, a grey London-Fog trenchcoat and a grey felt fedora. For weeks the squad fielded calls asking who the detective in the trenchcoat and fedora was. I'll admit it boosted my morale a bit....................................
Kirk Ryan (10 months ago)
Over 2 minutes and still no tips. Stopped watching
William Snyder (11 months ago)
In other words, old farts, know your place. How disgusting. I'll be honest. I'm 70. I used to be really heavy, so I know that not only did skinny jeans lack reality, it didn't look good on me in the first place. But I've lost a lot of weight over the years and now, I ENJOY wearing things which make me feel youthful and add a touch of positive feeling to my life. And don't worry, Antonio. You're safe. I don't go after snobs and bigots.
Samantha Egor (1 month ago)
you love feeling youthful?
Mitch D (11 months ago)
Very little advice given here about "how to dress." Look for another video on the subject.
KangChi (11 months ago)
So many talk.
chicuco n (11 months ago)
Antonio your jean shirt im sorry bro but it has to go.
E. G. Flores (11 months ago)
I don’t know if I should take your advice, just look at that shitty shirt you’re wearing. My mechanic dresses better than that while he works on my car.
john doe (11 months ago)
Ha! I'm over 50. I will wear what I want, how I want, when I want. Who's name is on my paycheck?
THIS IS #MAGA COUNTRY (5 months ago)
Your Boss's, see, it's right there on the signature line.
Jay W (11 months ago)
The Rainbow Boys are Upset .....
Ed F (11 months ago)
There are at least 820 “likes” of this video, yet many of the public comments are quite harsh. I’m a believer that constructive criticism is far more effective than some of the comments which come across as a personal attack of Ricardo. Perhaps, room for improvement with the content, but I appreciate the time and effort Ricardo put into this video. I believe Ricardo is highly regarded by his peers, in the You Tube Fashion Commentary Community. Looking forward to seeing more of your work, Ricardo.

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