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2017 Kawasaki SX-R On The Water

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Featuring the release of the 2017 Kawasaki SX-R Jet Ski with riding footage and comments from designers and professional riders.
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13antoanto (20 days ago)
yea lets make a stand up boat ... lol lol lol lol lol
Powersport Dude (1 month ago)
I like it I am looking for a left over one at a dealer right now
Gardum (1 month ago)
The four strokes definitely sound way better than the noisy Two Strokes :). I ride my Yamaha FX-SHO at the beach near home and people are always surprised how quiet it is compared to the Pole Skis. They say quite surprised is that a four stroke engine when they see me take off for the first time as you can hear straight away the difference between the two engines. My SHO is Supercharged as well so miles more HP and so little noise it's a win for everyone. Same as the Kawasaki Supercharged Skis very quite stock and with minor mods. It's not till the rear exhaust mods that they get a little louder. I think this new Kawasaki Pole Ski is way to powerful for me these days, 60mph standing is at 62 years of age a possibility of pain :) I got my old 550sx to 55mph and boy did it feel like walking on ice so unstable, but was also 30 years younger at the time :) Sit downs for me these days at a nice leisurely 80 mph tops :)
Cale Phillips (3 months ago)
A 1500cc four stroke in a stand up. A brick on water... no thanks
WANNA GET LUCKY (4 months ago)
WANNA GET LUCKY (4 months ago)
WANNA GET LUCKY (4 months ago)
MoralConflict (4 months ago)
What did he say? Who fucking knows.
Celestia T. (8 months ago)
Amazing. Unfortunately it's really expensive to import in France...
Peter Hartman (1 year ago)
370 pounds dry. How does that even float? That is going to be over 400 pounds once it has fuel, oil and cooling it.
SAM T (1 year ago)
This is not the same stand up, it's basically an ultra Jetske without the seat. Seriously a four-cylinder 1.5 L engine? LOL, The original standups we're almost 2 feet shorter than this thing and came with a light for 440or 550cc engine. The best example of this was the SXR 800 which the EPA killed... The same EPA that forced Ford to produce those eco-boost i.e. turbo charged gas engines which are garbage. If they wanted to stick to that same cheat theme then Kawasaki could've came out with a lightweight two cylinder 4 stroke turbo or supercharged engine and a shorter hull... at least something like that the enthusiast of the original standups could get behind. Just my opinion anyway, still looks like a fun machine but nothing close to the original standups.
Anthony G (7 months ago)
SAM T Theyre just isnt a big enough market for Stand Up's anymore, and Kawasaki knew this. They kinda did what they had to do, just to keep the SXR alive.. Everyone has their own preference and obviously this jet ski isnt for you or even me, but i KNOW even after having a Yamaha SJ for years, that i would still lovee to have this new SXR and i would enjoy it...
Josh Domoslai (1 year ago)
bad ass...whats the gas milage like on these things. Like if you take one to the river and cruise around how long an you ride for?
saxarra43 (1 year ago)
I work at a kawasaki dealership, this thing is a pig. If you want a boat, buy it, or be a real stand up rider and get a superjet.
Twast Twoncingham (1 year ago)
The new SX-R is awesome. Perhaps it's not the best freestyle/freeride ski but for racing, it's phenomenal! My buddies and I encountered one at the river a few weeks ago and it smoked all of ours... not to mention that all of our skis push almost 60mph. It might be heavy, but certainly fassst!
Tanasi Tim (1 year ago)
No Brap ??
Sillo Zakakanivskie (1 year ago)
Ill take two of these thanks.
Jiany Star Massa vich (1 year ago)
Anyone interested in selling his stand up? Please let me know. Thanks
Jiany Star Massa vich (1 year ago)
I bought my last stand up this way. No need for the insult.
Sackmatters (1 year ago)
Bye bye two stroke.
TED Schmitt (1 year ago)
Thanks EPA. Maybe Trump will make the EPA go bye bye.
Ethan B (1 year ago)
I'm more of a Superjet guy, but I'm glad that they are trying to bring them back. Unfortunately, the reality is that 2 strokes are dieing because of liberals who have no idea of how fun they are. Making a pig like this isn't what most of us want, but hopefully stand ups survive because of it.
Andrew W (20 days ago)
Yeah politics don't belong here. However 2 strokes are very simple to understand and something I can diagnose, repair & upgrade in my garage. 4 strokes are indeed more efficient and powerful but also WAY more complex, basically a miniature car engine. I'd not want to mess with that considering that boats and jet skis are not notoriously reliable
albie dam (4 months ago)
dont bring damn politics into this. The benefits of a 4-stroke outweigh the benefits of a two stroke.
Mick T (1 year ago)
Nice stand up but to big.
david sherwood (1 year ago)
So i think Kawasaki should make a 3 cylinder smaller ski for beginners maybe 1000cc 3/2 cylinder ski (LITE) not (HEAVY) class as i wouldn't let any beginner ride my stand-up if it could do 60mph for any beginner! they need to introduce people to the sport not hurt em. But that said this ski (HEAVY) should be great for racing
Eric B (1 year ago)
This is amazing! Props to Kawasaki for re-introducing the sx-r. Sure it's bigger and heavier but the fact is, it had to be 4-stroke and with low projected sales they had to make it work with what they already had. That said, this is also the fastest out of box ski the US has ever seen. If tricking is what your into the old sx-r wasn't a good option anyway so, who cares if this one is that much heavier. There is a huge aftermarket for freestyle, this is your best bet for flips anyway. This thing will be great in the ocean and rough water conditions. Oh yeah - and states where you cant have a 2-stroke! Its also a fair price. Fingers crossed Yamaha's next machine will be a little closer to the Benelli B3S.
Jason Silvers (1 year ago)
2017 kaw jetski look fun
Jose Luiz Rispoli (1 year ago)
One more thing: It is clearly sure that kawasaki does not put money into jetski sport, the new stand up ski all the others from kawasaki have all the same 1500 cc engine, only 1 engine for all watercraft!... while in motorcross, ATV ´s, every year, we see new tech parts and models. I think Mr Kanamori did a very good job trying to keep up with the sport, and having no budget to do a new real SX-R with 4 stroke! I am green blood for ever ..but have to be honest, we are sooo disapointed ....
albie dam (4 months ago)
Im not disapointed
jeffrey fischer (1 year ago)
Jose Luiz Rispoli they use that motor because of its proven performance and yuggge aftermarket
TED Schmitt (1 year ago)
Do you have any idea what it costs to develop new engines? How many engines do you think Sea Doo has? Some of us are not disappointed.
Jose Luiz Rispoli (1 year ago)
We down here in Brazil are soooo disapointed with the new SX-R. Performance wise, we know Kawasaki hardly miss it,as we know it is agil inside the water eventhough is huge and heavy outside, but myself and friends who rides every weekend in our SX-R down here, were expecting something like HydroSpace did 10 years ago: come with a 4 stroke small engine, not more than stock90~100 Hp that would fit in the SX-R more than tested hull (same old one)..light ski, ski that the rider stays in the water all time, that is the fun of the sport, can easy move the ski from one side to other, price affordable, new tech little engine ...and so! From now on , if someone wants to have a real stand up ski, better stick with the new aftermarket hulls that are better and still the same size and weight. Bottom line: Kawasaki established a new class of ski, but defenetly not the same stand up class ski!
Felipe Catellani (1 year ago)
bom dia Jose. andou nele? qual aftermarket hulls do we have here? ai monta com qual motor? tenho um 1100 da kawa sera q cabe?
fred b (1 year ago)
how heavy is that thing?
oscar7771 (1 year ago)
I hear a 550 pounds
Ура!!!!!!!!! Возвращение легенды!
ClubMayview (1 year ago)
can't imagine all that weight doing freestyle
TED Schmitt (1 year ago)
Some of us don't do freestyle anyway.
Dave M (1 year ago)
Won't be a freestyle ski of course
NismoFury (1 year ago)
What happened? They get rid of it bc of the 2stroke BS then yamaha only skipped a year or 2 & brings back the same superjet. Now kawi brings the sxr back with a bigger engine... I quit riding a few years ago. I might have to get back into it if the price is right. If its over $6k forget it.
TED Schmitt (1 year ago)
The SJ never went away - it just illegal to register in many states, and Yamaha did away with the warranty.
Dave M lmao right who does this guy think he is hahaha.
Dave M (1 year ago)
6k??? LMAO it's a 4 stroke. And this is 2016. It will be priced around 10,500
RedTurboMr2 (2 years ago)
That thing is way too big. Even the older model sxr felt like a boat. Superjet > sxr
TED Schmitt (2 years ago)
My deposit has been paid and mine has been pre-ordered.
Clint Troutman (1 year ago)
Dusting off my 2 old 650SX as we speak... I've got the fever again too. Enjoy the new ski!
oasotam (2 years ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)👍
P Dawg (2 years ago)
I think if you are racing ,this new sxr might be for you. If you are that guy who puts big triples into your sxr, this might be for you. I think if you freestyle, this thing is for sure not for you. I personally own a Supertet and a STX-15f. I rode my brothers SXR and thought it was too big, so I already know I don't want the new SXR. I feel that the bigness will take away everything I love about my Superjet and stand ups. So when you watch this video, you see pros ripping it. And I bet it is way easier to learn to ride than a Superjet. But when u wanna start carving turns I think it is going to tire you out faster. Like when you go from leaning it over one way to the other, it will take more effort. But if you are going for a destination ride, and it is rough, well then I think the SXR is better. But at that point I will just take my STX. I wish they could of had the money in there budget to develop a new marine 2 cyl 4 stroke. Maybe twin 600 cc with 80 to 100 hp.
Homefront (2 years ago)
Is it legal
No Way (1 year ago)
I'm gonna put that motor in my. my old. 550 hull. along with that nice pump that would be more like it
Dave M (1 year ago)
Of course it's a 4-stroke
Cold Liquid HD (2 years ago)
Great Jet !!!
J Findling (2 years ago)
So Kawasaki says 'Come and Ride It'...well you better make that happen near me. I'm in Charlotte, and irregardless I feel like dealers won't have them available for test rides...
TED Schmitt (1 year ago)
I took delivery of mine last week.
TED Schmitt (1 year ago)
I didn't know that. My local lakes might be a touch cold in January.
Scott Shepherd (1 year ago)
TED Schmitt dealers will have some in January
TED Schmitt (2 years ago)
Dealers won't have them until at least April.
Peter Laskiewicz (2 years ago)
Agreed. The first year is going to be order and hope you like it. I think I will.
jorbedo (1 year ago)
13 years in the making? wow that's an eternity for todays industrial design standards, that means that can we expect a new ultra's design by 2027?
Eric B (1 year ago)
Very well said, more people need to read this comment.
Watercraft Rider (1 year ago)
In a word: money. They have said that the cost for tooling to make a new engine is "several million per engine model," even with borrowing parts from their motorcycle engines. And with the prospect that they would only be selling 1500-2000 units a year the math simply didn't add up in the short term. They said that they would have liked to have made it a bit smaller but that this hull actually handles the weight better than you would think on paper and that it really didn't FEEL that heavy while riding it. Remember, we're looking at a completely STOCK ski here. Think about the difference between an old-style stock SXR and one built for performance/racing - LOTS of changes/parts. Bill Chapin, the key designer for R&D Racing said that he has some parts already in the works that will make this handle unbelievably well, with all of the power that you would ever want. Yamaha's build is projected for 2018 and it will no doubt have the new 3-cylinder 4-stroke, but that date may be optimistic unless they go with an aftermarket hull like Polaris did with the Octane (K1 ?), and I frankly don't see them actually going that way - it's not their style. The K1/Yamaha triple combo is a truly great ski, but I think people will find that the new SXR will handle less-than-perfect water conditions better than a smaller hull, like the old SXR with a 1100 triple was better than one with a light 2-cylinder engine or even the smaller SJ hull. Bottom line: if jumps, flips or freeride in the surf are your priority, go aftermarket. For pretty much anything else, this deserves a serious look.
mbrickner87 (2 years ago)
Thanks for the info! Why did they not use a lighter 3 cylinder 4 stroke marine engine and instead choose the older 15F?
Watercraft Rider (2 years ago)
Frankly, other articles that state that 'it was pulled together in less than a year' are incorrect. Kanamori explained to me that he put a 15F engiine in the old SX-R hull back around the time of it's release circa 2003 and had been experimenting with it ever since. A lot of people (including myself) were aware of that build for years. As he stated in his interview, he had to put the project on the back burner to work on "other projects," as he was a major factor in the development of the 2007-current Ultra 250-310. He and others at Kawasaki basically did this in their spare time as a labor of love. It is true that Kawasaki Japan made it a major priority a little over a year ago, but to elude that it was started from scratch a year ago is incorrect.
mbrickner87 (2 years ago)
kyle pape (2 years ago)
handle pole looks like my 550
TED Schmitt (2 years ago)
The handlepole is lifted from the 800.
Jeff Bryner (2 years ago)
its ugly in my opinon. should of just kept the old body and put a hydro space motor in it lol jk
Jeff Bryner (1 year ago)
TED Schmitt lol!!!!!😂
TED Schmitt (1 year ago)
but the ZXI triple is a two stroke. Blame the EPA for eliminating two strokes. Maybe Trump will eliminate the EPA (fingers crossed).
Jeff Bryner (1 year ago)
TED Schmitt no it wouldnt lol its not a sxr when they put the zxi tripple in the hydro lol
TED Schmitt (1 year ago)
But then it would be a Hydrospace - not a Kawasaki. Duh!!
Jeff Bryner (2 years ago)
yeah i will stick with the hydrospace or k1! even a oem sxr hull will be fine. (pre 2011) the thing is a foot longer and 550 pounds lol my blaster with a 1100 weighs less hahaha
What a disgrace to call a stand up. 550 pounds, over a foot longer than the 800 SX-R, with an old ass engine nothing will compare to the the older skis.
Brendan Anderson (6 months ago)
+krunkingen not sure what communist place you live, but every lake in my state 2 strokes are allowed
krunkingen (1 year ago)
Sure its heavy but at least its legal. Your 800cc 2 stroke wont be any good when it gets impounded.
TED Schmitt (1 year ago)
I wish I could downvote your comment more.
Garrett Nicholas (1 year ago)
I am going to buy one. I like the changes
JIGA BACHI (2 years ago)
+Innovative Auto Just that 4cyl itself it's a heavy beast.

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