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TV Show Bargain Hunt Biggest Best Profit Ever In The Shows History. Huge Profit, Sheep Vase/Pot

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I Think The Estimate Was Only £150 to £200
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Vantheman 12 (9 days ago)
Tim Wonnacott should still be hosting Bargain Hunt. However, the BBC sacked him. TW upset some of the shows production team. It’s pathetic. Surely it could have been sorted out. The BBC do this unfortunately.
Alex Munro (1 month ago)
and they still can,t keep their mouths shut when bidding is going on
hurchgoer (2 months ago)
WPG S (3 months ago)
The died when Tim wonnacot left
chris white (4 months ago)
recorded through a fish bowl
dogs aren't dangerous (4 months ago)
Your thumb was over the washing machine.
zoe banks (7 months ago)
Sorry but untrue. When David Dickinson hosted the show Michael Hogburn (not sure about the spelling) found a very pretty box for under 100 pounds and it sold for around 900 pounds.
mizofan (9 months ago)
very often the teams make a loss.
Baskerville22 (9 months ago)
Philip Serrell looks positively svelte
Andy DUNNE (1 year ago)
Terrible picture
mrnaughtycat (1 year ago)
I cant stand Anita . bald headed git the fat mollusk serial Tom the beep plant I'd rather have Tim he's annoying but less annoying than these lot
Minniebell (2 years ago)
Don't get to see the show much over here anymore. I did get sick and tired of people buying cheap and nasty items and expecting them to make huge profits. It seemed to cheapen the show over all.
Derek Tweedie (1 year ago)
Lol Snob...
philip Brailey (2 years ago)
Such a shame that this show has been stopped with Tim.
mrnaughtycat (1 year ago)
Are you sure I'm sure he still in BBC 2 every day at five
Remzi Suleyman (3 years ago)
I remember watching years ago, someone bought a broach for £50 and it sold for £700
GFSTaylor (4 months ago)
Remzi Suleyman The item of jewellery is a brooch. A broach is is a break, where something has been broached or breached.
LieutenantShweinHund (4 years ago)
1:34   Now, not a word to the blue team; this might be a winning score.
Pooledogg (4 years ago)
Can you tell me where you bought your HD camera?
TimothyJohnCabrera (4 years ago)
Best potato ever
Sat (4 years ago)
this was recorded with a potato
Bat Fink (1 year ago)
Sat a rotten moldy potato...
+Sat iPototo
Canashea (5 years ago)
i wanna go on bargain hunt just so I can meet the lovley Tim
Derek Tweedie (1 year ago)
They sacked him..so you cant!
Spectator (5 years ago)
Dont kiss me or anything,probably his son is gay
jed l (5 years ago)
what was there overall at the end
RsNese (5 years ago)
Imagine if they rejected xD
markieveeYT (5 years ago)
I believe there was an item that made a much bigger profit, I recall it was back in the David Dickinson era, it was a large brass railway embossed coal bunker bought for under £100 and sold for well into the thousands of pounds. :)
Jay Lockie (6 years ago)
Expert must be thinking why didnt i bloody take it myself...
Hilary Hawkins (6 years ago)
Thats right it is my opinion..hey to each his own right? just a matter of preferance
Damien Le Maistre (6 years ago)
that's your opinion, I'm entitled to mine, don't dislike Tim Wonacott seen him on other shows and ok
Hilary Hawkins (6 years ago)
Oh no he is`nt cant stand him but like Tim Wonnacott...a lot ;)
Hilary Hawkins (6 years ago)
Maybe, not sure lol..
Damien Le Maistre (6 years ago)
David Dickinson made me laugh a bit and David must has some knowledge he's been in the buisness and still has his own antiques shop
smudger671 (1 year ago)
He has never made an appearance on the Antiques Roadshow as an expert. Wonder why?
jrb1802uk (6 years ago)
David Dickinson reads from an autocue. He knows nothing. Tim Wonacott used to be a Antiques Dealer. He knows what he's talking about.
Damien Le Maistre (6 years ago)
David Dickinson still better host I think
georgina cat (4 months ago)
Better than tim wants a cock??
Ian James (8 months ago)
Damien Le Maistre deluded
LouisNeinDochOhh (6 years ago)
yes yes
sub53r0 (6 years ago)
ObiWanShinobi85 (6 years ago)
Boss first time I've seen a major profit
YayForSlime (6 years ago)
YayForSlime (6 years ago)
For some reason, this isn't loading for me. Can someone tell me the profit?
YayForSlime (6 years ago)
birdandthe (6 years ago)
a moronic programme made by tories for veiwing by the senile and tightwad middle class
Kay Petry (4 months ago)
birdandthe Jealousy is so ugly. Buy yourself a spell checker, or a dictionary. " VIEWING " is I before E.
birdandthe (6 years ago)
bargain hunt, how to become a jew or a gippo for one day
bunny2180 (5 months ago)
birdandthe What an old misery you are !
zzmatt299 (6 years ago)
no it's just called a mediocre camera
JAFFO (6 years ago)
They filmed their television. Get thee to Dealextreme or similar, drop 10 quid on a USB DTV stick, record in HD. No more potatoes.
lukema (6 years ago)
This was recorded with a potato
jeff nev (6 years ago)
thats gold jerry!
SewellyTV (7 years ago)
Haha the expert looks gutted he didn't keep it for himself.
George Chiverton (7 years ago)
I love being english.

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