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GTA Online: Insuring the buzzard

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Hey guys, here is the video for insuring the buzzard following on from getting it inside your garage. FYI: you might as well mute the video, YT shitty copyright prevented the audio i had in place and made me replace it with trash. The steps are as follows: 1. Once your buzzard is in the garage, get a random vehicle, go to LSC & insure it. 2. Drive your car into your garage, and drive back out again. 3. Blow the car up and go back into your garage. 4. Select Mors Mutual insurance and call them as you get into the buzzard, IMPORTANT: Do not press X (PS3) on the car from Mors Mutual, just leave the menu open and press R2 to exit the garage. 5. In the cutscene the menu will pop up, now you can press X straight away & wait for your heli to teleport outside. 6. Park your buzzard as i do in the video, get out & make sure you tap X to leave the door open! 7. Leave your garage and go to the heli, Use a gun to walk backwards and get in your heli and you now have an insured buzzard! Credit to: Tidoman for his post in http://gtaforums.com/topic/634134-cop-cars-in-garage/page-16 on how to insure vehicles As well as others from that same thread on GTAForums Heres the link to the first video: How to get a buzzard in your garage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDos1ugiO9Q
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Text Comments (45)
Daniel Davis (4 years ago)
He stole your buzzard near the end thats why the video ended
Fresh Koolaid (4 years ago)
This is dumb
CfJr14 (5 years ago)
I insured it, but you can't call your mechanic to deliver it to you.
That nigga Broly (5 years ago)
After literally 80 trys to get it in now you want me to bring it back out and risk having it destroyed?! ARE YOU MAD?!
aPPLe (2 years ago)
lol 3 years ago... Its 2016
aPPLe (2 years ago)
well, from what I heard the glitch has been fixed.
J tet (5 years ago)
call your mechanic, you there should be two buzzards if insured. blow them both up to get rid of the duplicate
Nick Nagels (5 years ago)
From when i have the buzzer in my garage i always spauwn alone in a lobby.... Every time:-( iTS binne 2 days now... Some off you have same problem? Don't know what to do...
Nick Nagels (5 years ago)
If Ist done you don't need to get in in again. Just go in, take a car out, drive back in and there is your buzzer.....
Tyster360 (5 years ago)
How do you know if it worked insuring it???? Someone please respond
Martin Refseth "HDR" (5 years ago)
when i try to get in the heli, it kicks me out and takes me to the garage
taintedtechnique (5 years ago)
Noooo destroyed when i wad trying to get it back in
Martin Refseth "HDR" (5 years ago)
no need for such language young child
rippinsolo (5 years ago)
If u ha a mic it wuld be so much easier for us to understand
Martin Refseth "HDR" (5 years ago)
buzzard broke in garage -.-
TheLegendOfGeo (5 years ago)
My buzzard is insured now but I can't put in back in my garage. Is that good? Will the heli spawn back in if I take out another car
Noth (5 years ago)
Which is why you take out your sniper rifle and pop him
Noth (5 years ago)
Okay so I was having trouble actually getting the buzzard back out of the garage... but it worked! My Buzzard was insured. Here's what I did differently: I followed all the way up to step 5, I pressed X to make an insurance claim AFTER the cutscene loaded. My Buzzard got stuck, the tail fell off and I couldn't leave the garage. So I quit out to single player. I started a new session when I got in I was standing next to my Buzzard and lo and behold it was insured. Maybe this will work for you :)
Anthony (5 years ago)
@robins137 It works for me. The mechanic and the just taking it out of the garage. So fuck off
Erwin Sauce (5 years ago)
i dont think it worked for me ::( i didnt get in to the garage after the first time, i walked in and out to retry, how to check if it did work? my helicopter wasnt destroyed :l
RobinS137 (5 years ago)
You're retarded! The mechanic flies to the top of the map 9 out of 10 times when you tell him to deliver the Buzzard. It works for the Lazer and perhaps the tank, but not for the Buzzard.
Anthony (5 years ago)
People who are saying it destroys. You're retarded. You're supposed to call your mechanic. He'll deliver the buzzard to you. Yes lazer and tank too
Grande Gigi Buffon (5 years ago)
Nvm it works :) Just tried it
Grande Gigi Buffon (5 years ago)
Would this work with the riot van ?
Billphish (5 years ago)
same here.
Humbers (5 years ago)
Does this work with the lazer jet? And can the mechanic deliver the Buzzard/Lazer jet to you?
GOD Tutu (5 years ago)
Is it useless??
Lucas ROULET (5 years ago)
Ty man i finally done this. You should say more information on the way to put in in the garage: to not put the buzzard in front of the garage, but a bit on the right, to make the door near to the garage!
Ascend Maq (5 years ago)
@all who cant get the chopper out, deliver him by mechanic
Solo Wing Pixy (5 years ago)
Hahhaaha it works :) damn happy subbed.
sosvocaloid (5 years ago)
My helicopter always breaks whenever I try to exit the garage!!
DevilDestiny (5 years ago)
actually he's right, my heli got destroyed after it got out but when i got back into my garage there was a heli in the place that it used to be and i called mors insurance to make sure and glitch this heli again only to see that i can pay 25k to get my buzzard
ACanadianDude (5 years ago)
No, you have to get it back in the garage in order to REPLACE the insured vehicle that it glitches with. So be careful what cars you use and lose.
ACanadianDude (5 years ago)
Fucking... I can never actually get the helicopter OUT of the garage in the first place. It either sits there spinning, breaks the rotors, or blows up. It never, ever teleports out.
sebsword (5 years ago)
Is there any way to check if your vehicle is insured
SPKoleK72 (5 years ago)
Ok it works but the insurance name is Peyote.
SPKoleK72 (5 years ago)
So.... I'm stuck on step 6. I can get in the vehicle but then it throws me out and I walk in. Help Raptor?
Danny H (5 years ago)
I've tried to store the Laser jet in my garage.. didn't work right now. Did you succeed already dude? PS thanks for the vid, very helpfull!
Alex M (5 years ago)
Awesome vid man. Thank you. Does the mechanic eventually land so you can into it ?
Abdel arch (5 years ago)
Check the registration on the dashboard- does it read "Michael Bay"?
Dick Johnson (5 years ago)
sooo...it's completely worthless then... Seeing as the mechanic takes off in it and never lands.
jim lu (5 years ago)
when i take my helicopter out, it just explodes :(. what am I doing wrong?
Schmidt McGready (5 years ago)
I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong or I did it right, but when I go to garage and click down my vehicle says not insured. It it insured anyway?
Wildfire (5 years ago)
No the 25K payout is only if you blow up your own helicopter... But if other people blow it up, they will pay 25K, Good trolling vehicle :P.
o0PsyMonk3y0o (5 years ago)
25k insurance payout I guess its not worth it unless you've glitched millions but thanks all the same. :)

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