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Grey’s Anatomy Actress Bridget Regan To Be Replaced by Abigail Spencer

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The return of Grey’s Anatomy Dr. Owen Hunt’s believed to be dead sister, Megan, has hit a bump as original actress Bridget Regan is replaced by Abigail Spender due to scheduling conflicts. http://www.celebified.com - Get the hottest scoop on your favorite stars, TV shows, movies, and more! http://www.facebook.com/Celebified - 'Like' us and join in on the gossip fest! http://www.twitter.com/Celebified - Follow us for regular entertainment buzz and behind-the-scenes snaps from our red carpet visits, exclusive interviews, and more! One Grey’s Anatomy character is getting a bit of a face change for her Season 14 return. Entertainment Weekly reports that Bridget Regan, who plays Owen Hunt’s sister Megan, is unable to return to the show due to her packed schedule on TNT’s The Last Ship, and will be replaced by Timeless star Abigail Spencer. Megan’s return ought to stir up plenty of drama — not just for Owen, but for Meredith as well, given Megan’s history with Nathan. Her return has also left the door open for the return of Kim Raver and her character Dr. Teddy Altman, who had been treating Megan at a military hospital in Germany as of the season 13 finale. What do you think about this casting shake-up? Sound off in the comments, and as always stick with us at Celebified for the latest TV scoop. I’m Katie, see you next time!
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Janaisia&Amiyah Squad (1 year ago)
It’s not RAY gen it’s REE gen spelled Regan

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