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Pencil Full Of Lead (Quick Step) - Jasmine and Aaron

127 ratings | 32985 views
Season 10 - So you think you can dance
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preeti patel (10 months ago)
I have seen this video like 142672 times.. and every time i try to focus on the dance i just stare at her legs. It's like this costume was just made for her
trinibwoy27 (4 years ago)
I love Jasmine & Aaron #TeamTall Not the best quickstep I've ever seen on the show but Man did they not look like they were having the best time with it. Goes to show sometimes having a great personality can overshadow ur weaknesses
trinibwoy27 (3 years ago)
+Adam Efimoff It depends on who does it. Have you seen some of the Quicksteps on DWTS with celebrities that can't dance??
Adam Efimoff (3 years ago)
+trinibwoy27 isn't quick step supposed to well quick
Fadhly Sukawidjaja (5 years ago)
great…yet the clothes don't fit the song

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