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Should a Man Do His Eyebrows?

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Tim Huff (5 days ago)
It's 2019 who cares any more. Cut your hair how ever you want, dye your hair what ever color. look at all these rappers it's call free expression of who you are people are getting tattoos all over there bodies and girls are getting ass shots does it matter what people think about you? as long you taking care of yourself that's all that matters.
Josh L (1 month ago)
My nikka josay skinny back then
I almost had a funky looking unibrow in middle school. It wasn't until high school when I finally took care of that.
Dimitri G (2 months ago)
I have no eyebrows
Midnite Rushers (2 months ago)
My eyebrows are like so messed up and like I got thin eyebrows it grows weird like should I thread or use the blade ?
Sopranoyaro (4 months ago)
yeah you shud...if your a beta or omega male go for it !. people from 150 years ago would laugh at how'' men'' look today
James Spencer (8 months ago)
Lmao thinks that looks “gay or metrosexual”
Ligal Nirwan (9 months ago)
2018 anyone ??
ThoseGoodVibes (10 months ago)
Pluking hurts
referral madness (10 months ago)
I get what jose is saying but I still don't see the point as he even said in the video it barely makes a difference anyway
Kafeel Ahamd (10 months ago)
People are just mean, They dont care how you look I was being called 'gay' because I dont had much friends and I use to stay most of the time at home reading and studying people just do that to rid of their own insecurities.
Joel Fana (10 months ago)
I want to get mine done but I think there to thin
쌔씨 여왕~ (11 months ago)
Im like "trim them brows daddy" when my boyfriend does it lol i dont find it bad or homo
쌔씨 여왕~ (11 months ago)
Martin Petrov maybe idk?
Martin Petrov (11 months ago)
쌔씨 여왕~ pardon me.. For some reason I understood you wrong in the first place. Maybe Im dumb :l
쌔씨 여왕~ (11 months ago)
Martin Petrov im not gay im a woman
Martin Petrov (11 months ago)
but aren't you gay anyway? it doesn't make any sense
alfred DLC (1 year ago)
2018 anyone??
2019 now!
referral madness (10 months ago)
Me , his style has changed so much since then
B. Troffen (1 year ago)
Seeing an "old" video of you for the first time and wondering you're speaking so nicely. In your new videos you're shouting all the time and I never understood why you're doing this. In this video you're much more likable. Please go on like that
It's the beard lol
Adobo-sama (1 year ago)
3 years later... *has 2M subs*
TripEL OG Darkness (1 year ago)
Plucking?? Idk about that... What about threading ?? Can you please remake this video 🙏with more on threading and different styles.
junaidkhan504 (1 year ago)
@teachingmensfashion the old days lol
Jonny V. (1 year ago)
I don't do my eyebrows but I don't think it's gay.
elsa3dany1 (1 year ago)
I mean look; I have a hair between my eyebrows and I fucken don't care to be honest. Damn you jose .. you changed a lot 😂
Kapzarr (1 year ago)
Well obviously ur gonna say yes otherwise ur gaf
KingYordle (1 year ago)
Vintage TMF <3
quack 1 (1 year ago)
tenzin lhagyal (1 year ago)
Ahh the times where u gave men simple advices and solved problems ... Now a days u all about promoting/advertising...
Petros Kouklotheatros (1 year ago)
The only thing is,that one day mens foreheads,tend to get bigger.And then you just miss your old eyebrows.
Vulcanoz 2020 (1 year ago)
I'm sorry but it does look gay shaping your eyebrows
AbsoluteZ3R0 (1 year ago)
Vulcanoz 2020 no i did them and my girls loves it in my high school
72chandan (1 year ago)
did anyone notice it said gentemen at the end instead of gentlemen?
Francisco (1 year ago)
yeah I noticed xD
Mad Cat Sphere (1 year ago)
Men can pluck thier eye brows, but I think alot of people would not care any ways. I mean plucking the eye brows doesn't do anything. Ive been around alot of men who pluck eye brows and I didnt notice it the first few times meeting them. When your a man nobody cares or takes notice of what you do. Thats REAL talk OK. Why is this? Well maybe because people are living their lives and they have thier own problems. The last thing on their mind is a males appearance. If men wanna get reactions their gonna have to reconstruct their face to be more softer.. because whether men like to admit it or not the world is in love with female soft features not masculine square features. Male grooming is the equivalent of dusting dirt off a piece of shit... does it make a difference?..no. Sorry but its the truth guys and you always knew it. No matter how big you ego is the truth is the truth. I speak the truth because Im a man my self.
Jacob (8 months ago)
Mad Cat Sphere! ! Um wrong if you’re attractive due to grooming you will get tons of girls. Therefore male grooming is worth it!
Zekiah Scott (1 year ago)
Sooooo..... people judge men for doing there eyebrows?!?? Tf?!😪🙄
Sopranoyaro (4 months ago)
you act as if it's a normal thing to do? ''beta male''
Kapzarr (1 year ago)
Zekiah Scott we're have u been at the last 20yrs
Doev (1 year ago)
its so stupid how i cant even accept or say how good guys look without being called gay, i myself am not gay i have no interest in men at all only women. I wanted to see what type of guys girls like so i searched up "attractive light skinned guys" on google and was constantly being called gay when i was never gay in the first place, and when i try to look attractive and appealing to other women im called gay, like wtf if i cant look good for a girl im like im gay ?????? society is hela stupid these days
My eyebrows are stick together how can I fix them
Aditya Bhat (1 year ago)
Mz7aMoOdYt T Pluck the unibrow, but don't remove too much in the middle
you can pluck them at home
Derek Tang (1 year ago)
my mum says plucking your eye brows is gay
Connor Regan (11 months ago)
maybe don't obsess over what mommy says so much. be your own person. think for yourself. don't get bogged down by stereotypes -- they hurt you and everyone else
AbsoluteZ3R0 (1 year ago)
Derek Tang 3. It makes you more clean
1 it's not 2 even if it is then it's not a bad thing being gay
Nori S. (2 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHA if u think u have thick eyebrows I should send you a pic of myself u are gonna go fucking nuts LMAAO. Listening to guys with thin and normal eyebrows complaining that they need to get em' fixed I just laugh at them roflmao sorry man this is sometimes ridicoulos in my book ahahahahha, take care yo
Jonathan Begay (2 years ago)
I have thin eyebrows and the ladies always point it out like wtf do I have to do my eyebrows now?...haha
PokieBear Mirande (2 years ago)
Jonathan Begay I used to have a white boyfriend who had thin eyebrows and light eyebrows too. He used to say he hated them so.I also did his brow to make them thick and dark.I plugged some baby hairs from his upper eyebrows to male is eyebrows look straight from the top,and also bottem. I trim them too not to exaggerating he trusted me he didn't really like it though. But then his eyebrows later grew thicker now he look normal. he also would shave the middle only.which that it okay.Shaving and trimming it will make hair thinker if you have it light
Sexy Kryptoňan (2 years ago)
and Cristiano ronaldo eyebrows ? :O
Sun Wu (2 years ago)
I use a razor sharp katana to shave my eyebrow. Manly enough?
PokieBear Mirande (2 years ago)
Nikola Tesla Okay I suggest you ask your women if it is manly, her answer would be better if you want to be sexy for her. Plus it depend how much you shave. Too exaggerated is not good,thy girls would probably think you are not into women.So just be careful not to mess up.The Twisters are saver and better to make it unnoticed that you did your eyebrows if they to Hairy you can even trim them a little if they're to thick,through there is girls out that that Love hairy men.So don't worry to much!
Yeabnj O (2 years ago)
People are so insecure to be called gay or metro sexual lmao i been called that plenty of times but at the end of the day i have the girl they wish they had so it doesn't bother me
XdaniX __ (9 months ago)
Yeabnj O ikr
A_vokadas (9 months ago)
God Of Dislikes WHAT?! Look at me, do i look bisexual?
Grejsi Mojs (9 months ago)
It should not brother anyone in the year of 2018 omg
A_vokadas (9 months ago)
He is like *you wont look gay* how do gay people look?
Rockstar Bro (11 months ago)
Yeabnj O bruh same! They hate on me but I can get at girls easy
Ronnie (2 years ago)
tweezing or grooming men's eyebrows will make you look clean and give you a well groomed look.   there is nothing worse than having unruly eyebrows or a uni-brow.  it looks gross.  You don't want to look like a caveman.    Just don't over do it,    you don't want to look like a drag queen either.   LOL.
Nori S. (2 years ago)
lol drag queen and caveman comparison, I love it lmao
PokieBear Mirande (2 years ago)
Ronnie Just wanted to share I hope I didn't bother you") Girlfriends can groom their men to!")
PokieBear Mirande (2 years ago)
Ronnie People can rock they're looks with confidence:)
Ronnie (2 years ago)
yeah,  it is just personal preference.   Eyebrows frame the eyes and face.  They also protect the eyes from things going into your eyes.  If you prefer more of a thicker brow that is fine.   or a groomed look is nice too!
PokieBear Mirande (2 years ago)
Ronnie I have a boyfriend that has a uni-brow and I pug it a little bit.Because he looks cuter without the hairs in the way.Although I do love him hairy to me that makes him look sexy to me.So I don't want his eyebrows to be perfect that would look exaggerated. I even pug the little baby eyebrow hairs around unevenly so he still look manly.Because hairy is sexy to me.I even tell him not to shave his armpits ,chest and tell him to take long showers.No 15 min.He takes a 40 mins. so he crubs every hair.lol He smells so manly with the good smelling body gel:P He uses Irish Spring gear advanced performance. His fav is Old Spice Lasting Legend.For deodorant he wears Old Spice Swagger.Though his fav is Men Degree Motion sense Everest that one smells so good. Especially his fav lotion White Water Rush by Bath and body works.
Halim Madrid (2 years ago)
aaa shit it's not worth it, once when I was .. like 10 I tried it at home and get messed up then I had to wait like a year to grow again and since I had so weird nicknames that still hunts me till this days
I Tak3 DubbZ (11 months ago)
Halim Madrid feels bad...
Halim Madrid (1 year ago)
Hmmm too bad :/ try to ask for help from beauty specialist, they could help you
Halim Madrid (1 year ago)
Thanks buddy appreciated
Streaming Games (1 year ago)
Halim Madrid I litterly mest iT upp 10 seconde ago😭
PokieBear Mirande (2 years ago)
Halim Madrid aww so that happens to all everyone messes up.Then people be picking on every little thing to make them feel happy.So it is not worth living stick with a past memory.Give to God just go tell him you want to move on from that memory hunting you making you feel bad for something so little. I'm sure your not the only one that been through that.Love the way you are,Bold that you did something to experience,not everyone that is guy would think about.We all fail at things through you either get up and do your best to fix things or you just let it overcome you. Live your life happy knowing that God has a new day for you,life is a gift to enjoy and love as you can it makes the world a big difference:)God bless next time you do better as you learn.
Outkast Lion (2 years ago)
My issue is at the end of my eyebrows are extremely patchy and I have an odd shape. How can I fix this?
SpeedVibe Gaming (1 year ago)
It’s okay but if you want it gone take any razor a store and start trimming it little by little if you mean like think then take a comb and put it on the eyebrow then hold it and take a scissor and trim as low as you want.
PokieBear Mirande (2 years ago)
Outkast Lion It is okay extremely hairy is sexy,it doesn't have to perfect.
Joe Foster (2 years ago)
so gay
A_vokadas (9 months ago)
Chipotle Obsessed (2 years ago)
Your gay. Fuck off
TRollArt (2 years ago)
Bryan Lorenzo (2 years ago)
You look better shaved, and with this hair style than your current one imo
Manny Bedolla (1 year ago)
Yea no he looks super young way to young
RISUS (1 year ago)
Train Wreck , Joseph Galvez You're*
Sebizzar (2 years ago)
He's one of those lucky guys who look great clean shaved or with scruff lol.
Nomo 4u (2 years ago)
+Train Wreck Nahh your wrong lol
Train Wreck (2 years ago)
IMO your wrong
Addison Sipes (3 years ago)
It's sad that you have to say "you won't look gay or metrosexual" so many times. It just shows how thats such a big insecurity for guys
Filtrations (1 year ago)
Just like the stereotype that a lot of black people strive to be uncivilized or "ghetto", so that means saying ghetto and black would be basically the same thing, right? That's not degrading at all. It's completely fair to be associated with other groups of people because we look the same, just like how, in your case, it's fair to be associated with other groups of people because they sound the same. Bullshit.
Ronnie (2 years ago)
I know what you mean,  it is a stereo type.   It is just that people like to associate certain people with certain features.   that is how they can identify someone.   It makes it easier for them.   and also there is a large majority of gay men are a bit on the feminine side.  it is because  they don't agree with the masculine role that is set by society's standards.  and some of them like the attention and they act girly for fun, or for a fad. and you know what  they say,  the majority rules.     same applies to lesbians that look and act butch and manly.    Someday things will change,  and I think it has started.
supererik man (2 years ago)
isengate this is the most stupid thing i have ever heard. No, not all gay men are feminine, i know a few that are very masculine. And not all feminine men are gay. I know for a fact that I am straight as an arrow and am only attracted to women but some people say I am slightly feminine , I also know a few guys that are very feminine but are only attracted to women, these stereotypes are bullshit
Sebizzar (2 years ago)
+isengate They don't "strive" to be fem, that's just some people's natural personality. Just like some girls are more fem than tomboys. But yeah, just because you _can_ paint all gays as the same doesn't mean you're right. I'm sure you'll continue saying it though since it doesn't affect your hetero life.
isengate (2 years ago)
@Sebizzar Stereotypes are there for a reason. A lot of gays strive to be effeminate so it has its merit. Most of the time, effeminate men are gay. You can definitely say feminine, but people can also say gay. I'm not even degrading a person for being gay.
E. J. (3 years ago)
Ugh you're fine as hell
BBB (3 years ago)
where'd you get that henley bro?
KingInfected (3 years ago)
You have thick eyebrows? You have not seen thick eyebrows, my friend.
Ahh yes the nostalgia is kicking right in, back before Mr. Jose zuniga right here had any facial hair, miss those days.
M C (2 years ago)
KingInfected He is like that pretty girl who says she is ugly.
KingInfected (3 years ago)
No, I've done my eyebrows. They still look thick, they look clean, but they're still naturally thick. Unless he changed the overall apperance of his eyebrows, ofcourse.
Osama Binladen (3 years ago)
That's because he's done them
Bclorox TV (3 years ago)
I dont use a thread or wax my eyebrows I use a blade to clean up
And you wonder why they grow back all prickly
Clorox bleach good one
manolete 46 (1 year ago)
Loud Paw (1 year ago)
Clorox bleach lmfaoo bleach . is that you?
Fabian Pacheco (3 years ago)
if you go to get them waxed or threaded. stick with one person or theyll get messed up
Cristian Guerra (3 years ago)
Men are becoming more like women.
Aditya Bhat (1 year ago)
Cristian Guerra Yeah with these body waxing shit
PokieBear Mirande (2 years ago)
Ronnie Yes men can groom there is nothing wrong with that,Especially if you want to attract the one girl you love:)Although there is girls that love man natural eyebrows.She would be more concern if her eyebrows are perfect.
Ronnie (2 years ago)
No,   how can you compare tweezing your eyebrows to getting a full sex change operation.    wake up!
Ronnie (2 years ago)
no,  men just want to look good    women are always primping in the mirror,  why cant men look good too!
Nomo 4u (2 years ago)
Not all men are becoming cleaner nothing closer to a woman get that in your head
yz o2 (3 years ago)
TMF what if those flyhairs are on my eyelid and it's too sensitive to pluck using tweezers?
Pratik Jadhav (2 years ago)
Leave it as is. And if you pick them up, apply a skin cream immediately.
Tom McGrigg (3 years ago)
Love the hair
Will R (3 years ago)
Lol it's 2015 I don't think anybody cares if they look gay or metro...that is if gay had a look. I cringed when you said don't look gay TWICE. Come on...what is this channel, NO HOMO FASHION
Sebizzar (1 year ago)
Ryan - I can't tell if you're attempting to crack a joke or really just dumb...
Aaryan Arora (1 year ago)
Sebizzar don't judge heterosexuals cause your gay
Sebizzar (2 years ago)
+Desi Preme - You are simply ignorant. Explain how a sexuality is a "look". You are indeed homophobic if you're worried about such a trivial thing. Oh and "makes everyone hate gay people", that just proves you're using any excuse to remain closed minded, anti-gay, and stereotype further. If I used your logic, I should group every heterosexual male as stupid based off of your comment.
Desi Preme (3 years ago)
I don't wanna look like gay so he said nothing wrong. Most of the men here are like me, it's not homophobic but it's just I'm straight and I don't want myself to be assumed as a gay. Simple as that. People like you brag about these things which makes everyone hate gay people.
Отличные видео.Привет из России.
+Josip braicic mi zaxvatim mir i vse budut znat russkii)
Josip braicic (3 years ago)
+Андрей Товаченков v hrvatskoj svi znaju engleski, i molodi i stari, ja ruskii razumem 85-90 procentno
+Josip braicic mnogo druzei znaut)))No lutshe pust mir uchit russkii  =D
Josip braicic (3 years ago)
dali vi rusi izucite englenski v skoli?
+Josip braicic mogu,no ploho.Privet.
DOMINIC (4 years ago)
you talk fast.  I would not suggest you to change that but if you want your message get across to many, then maybe you can consider just a little slow.  just a suggestion.  actually, I like the way you present.  OR MAYBE AM JUST ENGROSSED TO YOUR GOOD PRESENTATION THAT I MISS SOME OF YOUR MESSAGE. HEHEHE.
Nomo 4u (2 years ago)
To fast? I think you interpret the words to quickly I can hear every word he is saying just fine
Parnell Baker (4 years ago)
This was your best presentation.. Your speaking skills have improve.. I love your videos thanks
Anthony Garcia (4 years ago)
Make video for brown chinos
theWord Citizen (4 years ago)
What about manscaping....
palmer3977 (4 years ago)
YES set the trimmer at 3mm sorted
00coelho (4 years ago)
where2cop your shirt?
jeppep95 (4 years ago)
Do scissors if you wanna trim them shorter, electric trimmers are risky
UncleBully (3 years ago)
+jeppep95 thats why you use a small comb for your eyebrows so you can trim it properly with the electric trimmers
TheShelbyify (4 years ago)
no hate but can you please speak slower and more articulated? :)
Emman (1 year ago)
TheShelbyify what's the problem
Nomo 4u (2 years ago)
He talks just fine y'all are trippin if u can't understand him
Asad Naqvi (4 years ago)
I have thick. Eyebrows and I've been taking care of them for past 5 years... 😁
okniceguy (4 years ago)
Plucking eyebrows? I'm glad this is something I don't have to worry about.
CreepyC95 (4 years ago)
do a video about how to remove/prevent ring around the collar on dress shirts! 
Scary Name (4 years ago)
What kind of top is that? Looks great
dat1ndnguy (4 years ago)
looks like a "Henley" to me....I think I spelled that right. 
LJ Productions (4 years ago)
maybe you can do a video on how to dress up and dress down chinos or trousers

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