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Britney Spears "The Smurfs 2" Los Angeles Premiere Blue Carpet Arrivals

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Click to Subscribe! http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Britney Spears "The Smurfs 2" Premiere Blue Carpet Arrivals at Westwood Village in Los Angeles, Ca USA July 28, 2013 ©Ricomix Productions - - All Rights Reserved.
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Katrina Corables (13 days ago)
Ofcourse her kids want to watch the movie its for kids...
Thrina Gynae Condez (8 months ago)
Britney is the Queen. Her being a mom is such a natural thing, she's great!
Livvy Mae (10 months ago)
She is such a good mum and loves her kids so much, I hate when people say she's a bad mum, u can tell the only reason she was abit awkward and nervous here was because she was scared for her kids. Britney is genuinely happy these days and it's because of her kids 😁❤️
Ramon Padilha (7 months ago)
Livvy Mae Agreed. 👍
NobodyTrustsMe13 (1 year ago)
To people saying this is bad for Britney to be "exposing" her kids to the spotlight um have you seen how much exposion Kim K does with North? Stop judging Britney. She isn't trying to force her kids into stardom like Kim K is doing. She isn't Kim K. Britney even asked her boys both if they wanted to stay cuz she had the common sense to know that maybe the people shouting at them would scare or bother them to which Preston wanted no more of it. So stop acting like Britney is forcing them to do things they don't want to do. She's an excellent mother.
M. Hfm. (1 year ago)
My god look at her heels, her toes must be sooooooo sweaty in them!!!!!!
Ivan Arguello (3 years ago)
Thats a superstar !
Chris Eberlein (3 years ago)
I'm gonna kill that woman screaming "on the right"...
Ian Fifer (4 years ago)
Her kid makes me laughed when he was smiling at the cammra keep up the good work
Hopeless LegMan (4 years ago)
joe jo (4 years ago)
why is she exposing her kids to this? that being said, does anyone else on earth (maybe besides Madonna) elicit this much chaos when she has been so long into her career? this woman is destined to be exactly who she is. She IS celebrity.
TheJuanseMont (3 years ago)
What if they wanted to go with hert? When Sean felt awkard she make sure he wasn't there anymore, and then she make sure that Jayden was ok with it. And it's a kids movie premiere why woulnd't she bring them.
Jo Sheppard (5 years ago)
Love you Britney ! You are Queen of Pop !
Gustavo Gondim (5 years ago)
bixa linda da porra, com o mesmo rosto lindo de 2003
YouTube Hollywood (5 years ago)
Just replay and replay .. and see the pop princess walking..
kd217able (5 years ago)
She is super hot
spyros m. (5 years ago)
Amazing ass She is the God...I kiss her feet...
amoon4u1 (5 years ago)
Geezzz (mute) ahhhh better :)
wowmama83 (5 years ago)
Someone needed to shut that bitch up.
EliteDarkMage (5 years ago)
Her kid is so cute, he loves the exposure!
Judith N (5 years ago)
Britney ma zjawiskowy uśmiech :)
zmemesz (5 years ago)
I love you babe come with me
Leo Nard (5 years ago)
they're all....screaming o.o.... why they're..... screaming o.o britney is there, posing 4 all ya, stop screaming please -.- paparazzis are really weird...
joshdax2 (5 years ago)
Everyone's like to your right! to your left Britney! She's a bitch! lmao it's not her job to pose for you. If anything, they should feel honored Britney graced them in her presence. It's Britney Bitch! lol
lighting light (5 years ago)
people are crzy ...poor boys.......
Juan Rodriguez (5 years ago)
Im confussed, was her son laughing or crying? anyway she looks amazing
savoir68 (5 years ago)
boobs 2
Maickol Conley (5 years ago)
missSaywhat00 (5 years ago)
Oh my gosh...if someone were screaming my name that obnoxious..I would beat the crap outta her
Heidy Asmarani (5 years ago)
she looks super tired
Iwona (5 years ago)
I laughed so hard watching her son smiling and posing for camera...He is so ADORABLE!!!
Luar L (5 years ago)
she is humble not tha paris hilton aguilera ///
Luar L (5 years ago)
she looks extra old!!!!
Gabe Reptar (5 years ago)
She has ass, thighs, & a beautiful face! She's hotter than ever
MrOnyx30 (5 years ago)
Could the paparazzi shut the fuck up! I can shoot that screaming lady, she should be ashamed!
Robbie90266 (5 years ago)
i would still be in a breakdown if this was my life. such a God sent that she had her kids before everything happened. im sure things would have got a lot worse if she didn't have them there.
Robbie90266 (5 years ago)
especially the one that was pulling the face to the camera after her other son left. i think it's jayden :)
Robbie90266 (5 years ago)
i can just imagine her whispering into jaydens ear after sean left 'don't look int the lens baby' :P he seems like a right laff
mime1926 (5 years ago)
I don't know how she maintains her head with all those screaming idiots. She must have ear plugs or something...or she's going deaf. She looks really healthy n trim n happy with her kids.
elbones1982 (5 years ago)
0:35 .. should i have brought my kids? can you guys shut the fuck up please
elbones1982 (5 years ago)
click on the video, then close your eyes..... pathetic
Francesco Jackson (5 years ago)
HOTNEY!!!! :-D
Josephs1012 (5 years ago)
She is still Miss American Dream
britney jean (5 years ago)
Davy Claes (5 years ago)
My queen
Matthew James (5 years ago)
John lohan (5 years ago)
just britney ;)
kw ngkdo (5 years ago)
even the little girl wearing in pink cant take it 2:13
Adriane D (5 years ago)
It's not a life, omg do you hear how people scream ?! She's really strong, I don't think I could handle that !
chitsaegvjide (5 years ago)
anne smith (5 years ago)
gotta love brit
Kevin Plested (5 years ago)
nice short dress MILF showing her good ass and nice legs. i like those very high shoes too-hot!
Kika Pereira (5 years ago)
She looks amazing *-* love her ♥
Natália Puchalski (5 years ago)
GyDaBi (5 years ago)
i love the way she moves with all her people around her! her bodyguards her manager Larry, its sweet to see there r people around her who care for the Queen & her fantastic lovely boys <3
shady fareed (5 years ago)
i love her dress
Valeshka Escalona (5 years ago)
JJ Is such a bad ass he didn't care the papz he just want to have a good time he looks so much like B. Sean is more his daddy.
Davy Claes (5 years ago)
Tawatchai Salvatore (5 years ago)
Yeah! She eats. She gains weight cuz she's HUMAN !!
Zzzannie (5 years ago)
so sad that one of het kids couldnt handle all the screaming.
Elliott (5 years ago)
she looks so uncomfortable it must be horrible having people shouting at you like that everyday
AdrianBSpears (5 years ago)
Britney looks so beautiful :D
Joshua Hager (5 years ago)
oh im sry the correct way to spell it is V-I-R-U-S
Michael Košut (5 years ago)
she´s so hot. love her since 2003.
Thomas D'Ovidio (5 years ago)
Beautiful flawless !!
Ana Cunha (5 years ago)
I feel bad for Sean :(
BSB (5 years ago)
O menino nao agüentou de tanto barulho
Kaycee G (5 years ago)
she looks so uncomfortable, how fucking annoying. ON THE RIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT ON THE RIGHT. god damn
shane lenez (5 years ago)
i only like this cuz it said like if you love britney spears
Rajat Gupta (5 years ago)
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Gabrielillo Mares (5 years ago)
roger91 (5 years ago)
she looks great but scared and nervous
Gustavo Camilo (5 years ago)
she's so cute, and when she cames everybody get grazy.....
Tally Larkin (5 years ago)
I love the way she see's if her son is ok
Davy Claes (5 years ago)
Waar she looks so good
WhiteRaven696 (5 years ago)
Wow, I'm not really a Britney fan but she's so pretty and she's so good with her sons. Plus I really liked that "Ooh La La" song and the vid is precious! Maybe I'll check her out! ^_^
Mizi Moxie (5 years ago)
She's so lovely
JonzeyGears (5 years ago)
1:07 Dat ass!! ...Sorry. I had to :/
john dylan (5 years ago)
Britney you fUkEn rock girl
Sol (5 years ago)
her eyes show she was so scared. poor thing :(
chrisdamask2 (5 years ago)
flawless Queen!
Miguel Alvarez (5 years ago)
Dat ass
True Colors (5 years ago)
ooh my baby <3
Radhika Singhal (5 years ago)
Rath Ganesh (5 years ago)
She looks amazing as usual, and she really does care for Sean Preston and Jayden...she is a great mother. Her new album is going to be FANTASTIC.
Miguel Alvarez (5 years ago)
Vulgar? Quién es el que está hablando acá con pocos modales? Prostituta? El lenguaje que tu estás usando deja cosas peores que pensar de ti, saludos.
Incubus Izcariote (5 years ago)
britney es una vieja vulgar y corriente es toda una prostituta es como la gloria trevi
Incubus Izcariote (5 years ago)
she is a prostitute
Incubus Izcariote (5 years ago)
britney spears is a common and fucking
Nicole (5 years ago)
Your an idiot
Nicole (5 years ago)
This is to much. Omg how annoying that must be. The look on her face is like Omg This is why i didn't do this for a while. She is such a wonderful mother now people will see that. She asked his her sons were okay. She's gorgeous and raidiant. I loveee seeing her like this.
chad gonzalez (5 years ago)
Wow she looks gorgeous!
gonzalete15 (5 years ago)
Odaine Brown (5 years ago)
Britney Spears has the perfect female body ever!
Odaine Brown (5 years ago)
We love you Britney Spears; Miss American Dream since you were 17 and still is today!
Godo Wine (5 years ago)
Now we see there's only one Britney's son ready for the fame haha They're so cute :3
Lluvias De Ideas (5 years ago)
es una buena madre
Esteban cardona (5 years ago)
britney te amo luces radiante hermosa sexy feliz y contenta con tus hermosos hijos te adoro princesa ♥♥♥
Thaynãnn Silva (5 years ago)
Britney Spears perfect
TheTruthHurts (5 years ago)
OCVrm7 (5 years ago)
All people: Britneyyyyy Britneyyyyyyy OMG poor Brit

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