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George Lucas Speech at Mark Hamill’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Unveiling

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Subscribe! http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Broll footage: George Lucas Speech at the Mark Hamill’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star unveiling ceremony held in front of the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles, California USA on March 8, 2018 "This video is available for editorial licensing, broadcast tv, all media and worldwide use" Contact: http://www.maximotv.com ©MaximoTV | MaximoFootage | Ricomix Productions
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Text Comments (274)
Michael Warholak (28 days ago)
Get back in the game!!! Please do a modern day American Graffiti (not a part 3) but a brand new AG for the teenagers of today- they need it more than we did! If you don't do it George- I'll just have to do it!
Mr. SEA (1 month ago)
George Lucas's white, yet non receeding hair has and always will be the envy of William Shatner. One would also never believe George is literally 70.
Richard Depaola jr (1 month ago)
George is out of the game because of the fans. Disney is the horror we deserve for not defending Lucas from the stupid things prequel haters said...and look at those same people now...angry like you would not believe over how horrible the Disney Star Wars movies are. This mess is your fault.
Richard Depaola jr (1 month ago)
@the other skywalker yoda talked about ending with an ellipsis after that statement dictates a disagreement as there is no clear indication of either agreement or disagreement in the statement itself. Learn2English
Richard Depaola jr (1 month ago)
@the other skywalker yoda talked about Where did I imply they were not?
TopBadge (1 month ago)
Mark Hamill is the key to all of this, he a funnier character then we've had before...
Daniel Benington (1 month ago)
Yeah when your fortune is over 4 billion you can do just about anything you want.
DylanG0125 (1 month ago)
My god that was an awefull speech. I could do better and I dont even know Mark Hamill.
jockejocke1 (1 month ago)
satrsmndri (2 months ago)
It's too bad these events are open to the public. Listen to all the morons shouting out over everyone's speeches.
Ansgar Messmer (2 months ago)
George Lucas looks like he could play a mouse-grandfather of Feivel from An American Tail
Vanessa Pucca (2 months ago)
Is it me or George was kind of being a jerk?
Firth Laist (1 month ago)
Most definitely something didn’t feel right... Possibly, hopefully, all accidental due to not being the best public speaker.
Steven Gardner (2 months ago)
Wayne (2 months ago)
George still has amazing hair!
Daniel McDowell (2 months ago)
George looks so annoyed when Mark adjusts his mic for him. Saying "Thank you, Mark" and then giving that look makes his statement so insincere.
zdevos (2 months ago)
The type of people cheering in the crowd over every other word and taking pictures every 2 seconds are the same type of people who talked shit to Lucus and the prequels for no reason whatsoever...The are cheering at a trend to make them look better than to respect and honor true genius's like Mark and George. You can just tell on both there faces every time people cheer. The Hollywood Walk of fame in Hollywood is a great achievement, just cant trust the people who live there...
iamlsusam (2 months ago)
Hamill was the focal point of the greatest movie trilogy of all time. No matter how you slice it, that’s a hell of an achievement!!
SuperLubot (2 months ago)
What you get when you combine Col. Sanders and Santa Clause = George Lucas.
TheLeatheryman (2 months ago)
George Lucas is a funny bastard
Wise Guy4U (2 months ago)
LOL Lucas says it like it is.
robert4you (2 months ago)
Lucas reminds me of Chewbacca...
Aurang (3 months ago)
So Proud of what he created, yet too Modest to realize how great he, himself, really is. Legendary.
Aurang (3 months ago)
George shoulda done the sequels and its so sad he didn't get to. Love you George, and thank you... always......
Mark played Luke perfect!)
juresaiyan (5 months ago)
You can see the sadness in George's eyes...
Supercoollink (6 months ago)
I'm happy hes still kicking I wish he made episode 7 and 8
Paul Weaver (9 months ago)
I wish they would live as long as possible :)
Tyson Williams (9 months ago)
Why whenever he says something kinda amusing the crowd laughs really hard but when he actually says a joke it’s silence
William (10 months ago)
I dont get how people can bash on george so hard. what he created and continued even into the prequels is infinitely better than the hot garbage rian johnson and jj abrams pushed out. at least jar jar wasn't a rose
Liam Breen (10 months ago)
Chocobo Linh (10 months ago)
thank you for total 6 films and Clone Wars series Mr Lucas!
Blake Von Sanden (10 months ago)
I want George back it won’t happen but I wish it would!!!
zdevos (10 months ago)
All the two faced people who now 'love' George....where were you guys when people like me were defending him years ago and getting shit for liking the prequel trilogy?!....
BOSNIAN_Bloke1111 (10 months ago)
what a shite crowd
Canal Fechado (10 months ago)
"I was looking for someone young" CROWD LAUGHS "A character that can't be written" CROWD LAUGHS "A few little movies in between" CROWD LAUGHS man these are not even jokes lol
John G (11 months ago)
George lucas could've just said "So yesterday" *audience bursts into forced laughter "I was sitting down" *Audience erupts again Jesus Christ they laugh at every other word here
Tw1s7 (11 months ago)
I miss you, George...
Jagger M (11 months ago)
Mark should have turned down Last Jedi... forced a re-write :(
John Bones (11 months ago)
You sold Star Wars to parasites you grey haired old bell-end!!
Clayton Ikler (11 months ago)
Disney pitched us the traditional passing of the torch, but all that happened was a hostile takeover and a complete gutting of everyone's childhood memories. Han, Luke, and Leia all passed, not as stars falling from the heavens burning hot in their death throes, but as trash tossed aside like hotdog wrappers, and they wonder why so many hate their movies.
Nintality (11 months ago)
Mark is a character that can't be written (he did not like the directors vision and script-writing for Luke in ep8), he is extremely enthusiastic (not in ep8). Growing up on a farm out in the middle of nowhere (island from ep8 reference) ??? 🤔👍 might be wrong about these, still like it like that. Imo there are 6 movies as 1 complete story made by Lucas. Don't care much for the new ones, just my opinion tho
Jace Carsonne (1 year ago)
Why the hell didn’t they have Kevin Conroy speak 😦
Diederick Koekkoek (1 year ago)
Thank you mr Lucas, just watched the endless rants of Mark Hamill and got little annoyed... like in mmm these rants do leave some kind of a sour taste. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. This guy would not have been granted a star on the walk of fame without mr Lucas, or rant about it decades later in front of audiences without a role in Star Wars back in the 70's. It is a sign of respect that mr Lucas takes the time and effort to show up at this event and in a very decent manner with factual remarks gives feedback on those distasteful events by actors (like Harrison Ford) who should show gratitude yet chose to stab in the back the master to whom they owe so much. Thank you mr Lucas for this subtle and righteous show of true Jedi Power :)
imouto4hire (1 year ago)
Star Wars needs you to come back George. Please save it from Kathleen.
Star Wars MoneyMaker (1 year ago)
The greatest Director ever!
J MJ (1 year ago)
I want George to direct my movie ...got a screenplay work in progress..👉👌
-Most Hated- (1 year ago)
Star Wars is just one of many things we've gotten from Goerge. The great CGI in films you see today was from what George and Mr. Spielberg started and funded the research for the first software. His sets and the way Star Wars was shot had never been done. Like the speeder scenes on Endor. How I wish Goerge had done the new trilogy. Im sure he learned from his mistakes in the prequels. Disney killed the Skywalker story.
reklaw198 (1 year ago)
Mark will always be the Luke of the original trilogy to me and the books. ‘Always ‘class’ and great!”
Ruffneck Matt (1 year ago)
1 way hasn't mark hamill got a star years earlier. 2 is this to shut mark hamill up on how disney has fucked stars wars royally!
Armz73 (1 year ago)
True legend!
PIEPIE (1 year ago)
Thanks guys!
Mark Brigante (1 year ago)
Release the original trilogy and regain my respect fat man.
KugleeKuglee (1 year ago)
This was very sad to see. These gentlemen would have been much better treated by Disney - Lucasfilm!
Javier Cabañas (1 year ago)
That last "you too" from Hamill sounded like "Please get me the fk outta the mess SW is" to me.
Tobey Starburst (1 year ago)
Whats with all the laughing?
Why does this ignorant, stupid crowd keep laughing at moments when the speaker is not really joking about anything? This is an emotional moment, all these gifted people, Ford, Lucas, Hamill have grown old (-er), you can tell by the way they talk and look at each other that they share something that we will never understand, they've been there, they created this, we just watch the movies!
xxSpike1989xx (1 year ago)
i kinda hope George isn't out of the game
bianchi1885 (1 year ago)
The Last Jedi SUCKED.
Mr. Charmander (9 months ago)
bianchi1885 what about The Force Awakens or the original trilogy
Putins Cat (1 year ago)
He is like Santa Claus and an Ewok in one package.
Gur Isler (1 year ago)
Aaahh Lucas, you should not have leave us alone with Disney. You should have done the last trilogy and sell the franchise later.. At least for your millions of fans! Hamill I believe share those feelings by telling you "you too"
April Prohl (1 year ago)
And why did Mark hamill not get it sooner??
Tom Lewis (1 year ago)
"you too." "No, I'm out of the game." :(
Dylan Rance (1 year ago)
i wish George Lucas would have created the sequels instead of disney
Rtf Livs (1 month ago)
stephan gerding May be a beautiful movie but not a beautiful Star Wars movie
Recently, it was confirmed that JJ and George had a chat about a few ideas for episode 9. Preferably, Palpatines return.
Derek McCumber (2 months ago)
The Disney films are SOOOOO much better than the horrendous prequels. The scripts are far from perfect (a bit too derivative and unfocused), but they are competent, and the acting, direction, and editing are light years better than the prequels'.
Ster (2 months ago)
No way. Worst idea ever. He gave us three painful lessons why he shouldn't be doing them anymore. he realized it and handed the franchise to more capable people.
F. L. Hamel (2 months ago)
Tomte, then there is no saving him. He has turned to the dark side.
MrFlyingaddict (1 year ago)
My hero since 1977
Gonçalo Cardoso (1 year ago)
please go back to star wars movies , we forgive u for the prequels. dont let disney ruin what u created.
Major Marketing (2 months ago)
Those movies were good. No forgiveness needed. You were the reason he sold
Mister Pinchy (1 year ago)
Lucas The Hutt
Marcus Tube (1 year ago)
Strange speeches...jesus...Lucas and Ford and so strange and dark and dreaful...its like a funeral. These people should act more positive toward life and obviously Mark Hamill.
Strat Strat (1 month ago)
Actually I was thinking the exact same thing. Like why can't they just be happy and congratulate the guy! No need for all this downer talk.
Kevin Meyers (2 months ago)
Marcus Tube ...But they are men in their mid-70's. They are old. You have to realize they are living and looking at life through that perspective. They are old men....not teenagers. Think.
Marcus Tube (1 year ago)
Lucas is aging very well. God bless the master.
Derek McCumber (2 months ago)
If he would just get rid of that neck goiter.
Roby Marshall (1 year ago)
He may have "only made three movies", but is greatly responsible for the movies/effects we have today. Most movies today are heavy on effects, light on substance, and wouldn't be possible without the effects lineage that ILM originated. Let's not forget helping Kurosawa get his movies made too! If you want to see the origins of "jidai", or C3PO and R2 go check out/research the samurai films of Akira Kurosawa
Roby Marshall (1 year ago)
Just responding to others who claimed he only made three movies, and wanted to show Star Wars is what most people only know him for
Barbara Winsor (1 year ago)
Not to mention his first, THX-1138, which was way ahead of its time in the 60s.
Barbara Winsor (1 year ago)
"only made three movies"?? American Graffiti, Indiana Jones, Labyrinth.....and more.
Valelacerte (1 year ago)
Oh no, George Lucas says he's out of the game! George Lucas: _"It is too late for me, son. Kathleen Kennedy will show you the true nature of the Farce. S/he is your master now."_ Mark Hamill: _"Then my character is truly dead."_
jmgmarcus (1 month ago)
Valelacerte Nailed.......it.
@Ster Plus, you can’t say “He nearly wrecked his own franchise”, since Star Wars is ONLY the way he wants it to be. Maybe you can say “He nearly wrecked MY VISION of his own franchise”.
Ster (2 months ago)
Thank god he's out. He nearly wrecked his own franchise. Hand it off, dude. You can't do it anymore.
ULFHEDNARMILSIM (2 months ago)
funny because its true
Barbara Winsor (1 year ago)
Best comment here!!
LateNiteTeeVee (1 year ago)
George turns away, to go back into hiding...well done, old chap!
Morgan le Fay (1 year ago)
Thank God, Lucas cast Mark as Luke! He wouldn't have been the same had it been another actor. I'm glad they remember the good old days and thank God, George Lucas will remain in films. Can't wait for Solo: A Star Wars Story to come out on Memorial Day. Mark, your family is wonderful. Can't say enough good things about ya'll!
“You too” Mark was definitely waiting for George to come back and direct Episode IX... heck. We all want Lucas to come back...
Is Luke Skywalker, Superman??? 😂
Leah Ryan (9 months ago)
Sebastian Manassevitz Bardasz: No, Luke Skywalker is the Joker.
Jack Daniels (1 year ago)
I thank George for Star Wars! without him I would have never got the chance to play the KOTOR games or be able to list my films created by the Man & The Myth. Ep. 3 & Ep. 5 my most favourite of all time! I generally miss him at the helm and I honestly wish he never did sell it even at the expense of no more Star Wars films because this new trilogy just made ROTJ meaningless.
Fabien MORGAN (1 year ago)
lol nothing to say about the last jedi ... it says everything about the movie...
BaptainBalcon (1 year ago)
Wow, George Lucas barely ages any more. Good on him :)
Ragimund VonWallat (1 year ago)
take Lucas of the 90's and dye his hair white and and youve got present days Lucas...its true that he dont age at all. now i know im not crazy, im not the only one who noticed!
BatSTUD (1 year ago)
"Mark Hamill is a character that can't be written," yeah because YOU can't write, George.
CroutonsRawk (1 year ago)
Need him back in star wars 😭😭😭
xxaspelxx (1 year ago)
A god among people
What a God
Danimation (1 year ago)
George Lucas is the greatest of all time
reklaw198 (1 year ago)
Greatest producer yes. Like Jim Cameron, invented some technologies. But not the greatest ‘director’ by far.
Ragimund VonWallat (1 year ago)
Jack Middleton (1 year ago)
Makes me really sad to see such a great artist talk about how being at the end of the road.
Brian Winter (1 year ago)
OMG, when he said "you too" he sounded just like Luke Skywalker... whatever other voice he's been using doesn't. Weird.
ExtremePlayGames (7 months ago)
Lol i also heard that its strange because i though that his voice was changed during years
TheNeilBernardShow (1 year ago)
"no I'm out of the game" said George Lucas after he only made 3 movies in his entire life and spent the rest of it selling merchandise for one of those movies
TheNeilBernardShow he did THX-1138, American Graffitti, then he made Star Wars, in between he made Indiana Jones, Labirynth, and Howard the Duck (his first stinker), then he did the Prequels, the internet came over and took a sh*t all over him to the point of claiming his wife should take all the credit on the original trilogy. He walks away from the sequels and makes movies like Red Tails (bombed), and an animated movie, sort of forgetable and didn't break even. Then Disney came, offered him billions and he just let them have it. Now the same people that dumped on him want him back.
Daniel Powell (1 year ago)
It made me sad the way George went on about being at the end of the road. Even the, “No, I’m out of the game.” Seems like he regrets selling Star Wars and feels like he has nothing left to give in the time he has left.
Dante Barcenas (1 year ago)
Unpopular oppinion: the sequel trilogy(so far) is way to safe in comparassion to the prquel trilogy. I know they both rely in nostalgia for the original movies but in terms of the art design the prquels knocked it out of the park, from the creatures and aliens to the costumes and ships and planets, they all feel so unique and so different from the art design from the originals because that's what George wanted! And then with the new trilogy Disney is all like: LOOK! X-wings! TIE fighters! You remember those right?? You love those! Here are MORE storm troopers (for the third time), because that's star wars right? and once again the villains are nazi-esque looking british folks. I know that the new movies did a lot of things right but now that Georges vision is clearly not present in them I kind of miss it, everything feels WAY TOO SAFE.
JJ (2 months ago)
The prequels were awful. The Last Jedi was pretty bad as well. IMO the best movie was Empire Strikes Back.
swamisalami3000 (2 months ago)
It's sad but the prequels are actually better
Hosoi Archives (2 months ago)
The prequels and sequels totally sucked
Anthony Nunez (5 months ago)
The Midi-Chlorians are still bull$&%#.
Caleb McFarland (6 months ago)
Dante Barcenas Wait a minute? Are you allowed to say good things about those movies? Isn’t that illegal on the internet? There’s very strict rules about what you’re allowed to like I’m pretty sure. And you’re definitely not allowed to like anything about stuff the mass public says is totally bad.
keefriff99 (1 year ago)
That man has quite a head of hair.
Jacob Hogan (1 month ago)
But the Samoa needs it's arms to function, it’s a carnivore, it can’t hunt without them, so Luke probably killed it in the long run.
@Matthew-E Purnell He didn't kill it. He just cut its arm off. (I can't believe some obsessed fanboy didn't beat this 48-year-old to that observation). 😃
Matthew-E Purnell (2 months ago)
He got it from the wampa that Luke killed in Empire Strikes Back.
AZI THE MLG PRO (1 year ago)
That kept me written
Denzel O' Riley (1 year ago)
"No, I'm out of the game..." *Leaves* Very sad indeed. I wish George had made more movies as successful as Star Wars. He really is a visionary film maker. Think about it: how do even you make a story of fantasy set in space work??? The filmmaking industry owes a lot to this man. This man who was critized for expanding the universe of his OWN work with his vision as an author. No matter how many questionable sequels the saga gets, Star Wars will always be his, along with the talented artists who helped him create that wonderful world.
Joshua Davis (1 month ago)
I think “Willow” would have had a better chance of extreme success had it not come out against other bigger budget films.
smurfetryne (2 months ago)
@DamageIncM lucas is the creator of star wars he did of course get ideas and help from others but he star wars is still his creation if you build a house and buy the wood and nails from others its still you who built the house. and the prequels are awsome the fit perfectly in with the saga. the only problem with the prequels is that it wasnt what the butt hurt fanboys imagined i personaly love all star wars movies 1-6 + ewok 1-2 even the clone wars cartoon is fantastic btw the clone wars cartoon movie actually sucked
Hosoi Archives (2 months ago)
His last good movie was in the 80's
Doorhenge (10 months ago)
George should be an idea man, but he worked best with others as part of the creative process.
DamageIncM (10 months ago)
Except it wasn't exactly his own work. - If he had to do it himself... Well, then you get the prequels. - It simply demonstrated that he isn't what made the originals. - Yes, he had this idea and vision for a universe, but it was expanded upon by other writers and creators (speaking of the first three movies). - He might have been hailed as the master of the Star Wars universe, but it's not entirely his, he was just the seed. - He should've been open to collaborate with other writers and directors once again for the prequels, because that's how it tends to work; Input from different peers. - Let's not pretend that the "Alien"-universe was made by just Dan O'Bannon or Ridley Scott; One planted the seed, the other grew it into a reality, James Cameron took it and expanded it into much more. - None of these franchises are by one person. As soon as it becomes a hit, it becomes a work of a collective, including the imagination of the fans. This is why fans become angry over what the "original creator" adds to it, because he wasn't really the one and only source in the first place. And, by the way, this is not to discredit his contributions at all; But he's not alone in what he started.
CC (1 year ago)
Great talent! ... thanks for casting Mark Hamil !
nawfal effendi (1 year ago)
CC yes
dodopoopinpoop (1 year ago)
God I FEEL the love and respect on that stage!
FlownXp (1 year ago)
Why the people laughing?
ateb3 (1 year ago)
Because they are the same stupid and vane people that show up to late night shows a block or two from there
Thomas Smart (1 year ago)
chock it down to mirth
Bossman (1 year ago)
Just a bunch of drunk ho's
John G (1 year ago)
Poor dubbing
Sam Conduct (1 year ago)
FlownXp it's a sign of the times we are living in.
Bradley J (1 year ago)
why is there a constant laugh throughout? he wasn't even being funny most of it
Tobey Starburst (1 year ago)
Kev Shearer (1 year ago)
Bradley J - i think your mum was there
AZI THE MLG PRO (1 year ago)
Laugh track to lighten the mood
nawfal effendi (1 year ago)
Bradley J idk
Don Sharma (1 year ago)
jeepers it's like a geezer convention...
Skip 2 My Lou (1 year ago)
george lucas you are a legend!
Ben Richards (1 year ago)
fat necked overrated bore.
ArnoldFTW97 (1 year ago)
Bubo 25 Excuse me, but he laid an idea that is Star Wars, if that's not being a genius then I don't know what is.And of course he was surrounded by very talented people, you cannot create a great movie by yourself, you need people with great vision and a plan. Hes obviously a great director, not so good in dialogues but he is a genius to me.
ArnoldFTW97 (1 year ago)
Bubo 25 what are you talking about?
ArnoldFTW97 (1 year ago)
he's a genius and you are a waste of skin
Stan Lyman (1 year ago)
George Lucas is a legend
Spider- Man (1 year ago)
All them people laughing when he was talking about Luke being optimistic and wise. But the Last Jedi wasn't about that.
Spider- Man (1 year ago)
*George Lucas walks to mic* ... "Jar Jar was a good idea!" *Runs away* *Trips over*
Kyp Durron (1 year ago)
another George Lucas Trilogy or atleast a movie is all I want from Star Wars anymore
Dylan Lewis (1 year ago)
Lucas had ideas for a sequel trilogy. Disney threw them out to make what we have now. Regardless of how you feel about the Disney Wars, Lucas’s ideas would have been very different. I’d like to see Marvel make comic adaptations of George’s versions of the sequels, like what Dark Horse did with the original draft of Star Wars.
Actually, JJ went to see Lucas about episode 9 and got the idea for Palpatines return.
Anthony Nunez (6 months ago)
George Lucas:"...very naive about what was going on in the world..." Audience member #1:"Hey George! Where's the unaltered edition? When's it coming?" Audience member #2:"Yeah, come on! We want Han to shoot first again" Audience member #3:"And Lapti Nek instead of that crappy baby talk song!" Audience member #4:"And Yub Nub!" Any comments?
Geralt of Trivia (9 months ago)
The Last Jedi was what Lucas' original idea was for Episode 7 which would explain why he liked The Last Jedi (look it up)
unicornonthecob (1 year ago)
Dylan Lewis Just read the Expanded Universe.
unicornonthecob (1 year ago)
zingodoom You have got to be kidding. It's amazing how wrong you are.
Tr0nzoid (1 year ago)
He wanted to do the sequel trilogy but decided to sell. It might have worked out well, if it would have been produced in the same way he was working on the "The Clone Wars" show with other people writing and directing.
Gabriel Payne (2 months ago)
@Stup ID I'll always love Jar Jar. Most people are just cruel and sad inside
Deadshot 500 (5 months ago)
People would have still hated him. And he said it in an interview that he would make something like force ghost that are watching the skywaker saga and thought that the fans would have hated it just like the midichlorians
Stup ID (1 year ago)
Agreed. Though I don't think anybody who developed the Prequels deserves hate... (For example even George Lucas realized Jarjar was a mistake and regreded it, but that's just him. He takes risks and we love him for that, even if we don't love Jarjar.)
lwaves (1 year ago)
+Tr0nzoid That's also how the OT worked as well. He only wrote and directed ANH. ESB and ROTJ were both co-written with someone else and directed by others. One of the big problems I've always stated about the PT was that he had too much control with writing and directing all three, having not directed anything since ANH. That's a huge gap. He came in from the cold to direct three huge movies instead of allowing someone else to take the reins whilst he controlled the overall story. He also surrounded himself with pussy 'yes men' (i.e. Rick MacCallum) who didn't do their job by telling him when things didn't work. They are as much to blame for any 'hate' the PT gets, at least as much as Lucas is responsible.
Stup ID (1 year ago)
Tr0nzoid He left Kennedy a ton stories and a draft for 7, 8 and 9 they could use and rework, he had trust in them I'm sure but in the end none of his Ideas were used and the only thing we now have is the Team he worked with in Clone Wars. (Rebels was in my opinion a really good show even if Disney pushed it to be for kids.)

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