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Teaching our Toddler to Ski with Lucky Bums Ski Trainer Harness

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Footage of how the Lucky Bums Ski Trainer Harness helps guide our 3 year old while learning to ski at Whistler Blackcomb. I highly recommend this for anyone teaching young ones to ski. It's a real easy way to keep them safely in front of you. They are able to ski on their own, without your support. I purchased mine here: https://amzn.to/2VfsESz
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Rob Tomlinson (1 year ago)
Did you teach like this from start or have some lessons first before hitting slopes? Lovely to watch
Harold Ian (1 year ago)
How cute, and skill full! The next Shaun White. Dad, where were you when I was this small?
Asiya Iliyasova (2 years ago)
классно я тоже выучиться желаю
Dusk Flower (2 years ago)
melissa poneka (2 years ago)
wow this toddler has more courage then me
Chaoz OfDestiny (3 years ago)
You Lucky Little Cute Baby
jacob spair (5 years ago)
Wow! I wish I was taught to snowboard that early
gerardo2011ification (4 years ago)
She's not snowboarding she skiing....read the title.
alexis bbac (5 years ago)
This si futur champion
Kris Van Melle (5 years ago)
Ok thanks
Kris Van Melle (5 years ago)
Ok thanks
Surf and Sunshine (5 years ago)
With the number of diapers I have changed and money I've spent raising this kid, I assure you he is real :)
Surf and Sunshine (5 years ago)
Its on Whistler Mountain near Vancouver, BC, Canada
xxOzzie63xx (5 years ago)
That kid is fake
Kris Van Melle (5 years ago)
Weer is that?

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