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Launching a pwc (waverunner/jetski) solo

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How I launch my Sea-Doo spark by myself.
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rydz trebz (1 month ago)
Beware of alligator! Hahaha
Man Stuff Channel (1 month ago)
I know right.. I made sure to get that sign in the shot... sad thing is that river is so polluted I've not seen a single gator yet.
Blue_Gaming Monster (4 months ago)
I just got a spark today so exited bro
Joel Rheault (5 months ago)
Should buy a rubber wheel chock. The back tires may slip on some ramps, so chock the front wheels so you're not going anywhere
faze_red red (6 months ago)
That's not a wave runner that's a seadoo
Man Stuff Channel (6 months ago)
videogamesfor life oh shit.. forreal..ive been duped
rj jr (9 months ago)
What type of truck is that?
Man Stuff Channel (9 months ago)
rj jr chevrolet camaro
Xavier Bachop (9 months ago)
Nice bloody sea doo wave runner
Man Stuff Channel (9 months ago)
Xavier Bachop fanks guv'na 😂
Andrew Munroe (10 months ago)
Sure looks alot easier to see with the top down.
Man Stuff Channel (10 months ago)
Andrew Munroe I've honestly never tried it in hard mode (top up)
Man Stuff Channel (10 months ago)
Andrew Munroe a lot easier
supra (10 months ago)
coulda roped it to the dock before you put it in and not got wet. Hook rope to jet ski hook rope to dock back in get out and pull jet ski to dock and tie off Drive vehicle out of water.
supra (10 months ago)
Ye but its helpful if its colder outside and you want to ride but not get wet. Ive got a GTX limited and can stay pretty dry on it if I want to in the winter.
Man Stuff Channel (10 months ago)
d allen didn't consider that.. not really a big deal as if get wet on the ski anywho.
Xavier Bachop (10 months ago)
It’s a sea doo spark
gaspa _mgasp_am (9 months ago)
no its not, its a chevy camaro convertible :)
Peter Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Dude what boat ramp is that?
Peter Rodriguez (10 months ago)
lol Thats why its so empty.....
Man Stuff Channel (10 months ago)
Peter Rodriguez you wouldn't want to use it anyways bro. It's to the river and the river is nasty af
Peter Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Man Stuff Channel thanks brother, great ramp unfortunately too far for us, were in Ft. Lauderdale
Man Stuff Channel (10 months ago)
Peter Rodriguez port st lucie at veterans memorial pkwy near publix
Rj Rj (11 months ago)
PSL hahaha
RXJ33 * (11 months ago)
Why would u reverse with that car?, it could get engine clogged
Man Stuff Channel (11 months ago)
Roccoxjbian 33 nah not even close.. I have a backup camera and I know the ramp well
King Youtube Inc. (1 year ago)
That’s not a wave runner it’s a seadoo spark
gaspa _mgasp_am (9 months ago)
are there even any functioning wave runners still around? lol everyone knows what he means... its like saying trailing a ski and you replying that is not a ski!
River JetSki (11 months ago)
Man Stuff Channel hahahahah so true
Man Stuff Channel (1 year ago)
King Youtube Inc. You're right... launching a seadoo pwc is completely different than launching a Yamaha or a kawasaki... It's a good job you're around so I don't dupe the unsuspecting 😂😂😂
ObamaBinLaden (1 year ago)
just got an f150 a few months ago.. been lookin at getting a jetski too I like the seadoo sparks. how is yours holding up?
Man Stuff Channel (1 year ago)
Papakap22 I've not had any issues with it.. haven't ridden much this year.. 54 hours total.. it's been a good ski.
richard mount (1 year ago)
You're lucky to have uncrowded conditions, a steep enough ramp and a long enough trailer tongue. By now, I'm always ready to disconnect the trailer if need be to succeed in the launch and have a block and tackle, though as I gain experience I've learned not to freak out if my van's exhaust pipe goes a under water just a little. I can usually leave the trailer connected for the retrieval.
Jonathan Johnson (4 months ago)
It's fine if the exhaust pipe is completely submerged as long as you DON'T turn off the engine. The air pressure from the exhaust will keep water out of the engine. Of course on a ramp so will gravity. Granted, if you live near saltwater if you submerge anything metal then you'll need to thoroughly rinse off with fresh water.
Mon S (1 year ago)
Lol, saw a porsch boxster towing a boat once. This camero is 2nd.
Chaos Zombie999 (1 year ago)
My wife always comes with me to the boat launch so one of us gets the trailer into the water while the other person is on the Jet ski!
Man Stuff Channel (1 year ago)
Chaos Zombie999 thats awesome bro.
Hey thanks for the upload I always wonder how it was done thanks a lot
Man Stuff Channel (10 months ago)
Np bro. That's why I made it
Colby Cowan (1 year ago)
Nice jet ski
Man Stuff Channel (1 year ago)
Colby Cowan thanks bro
noctanol (1 year ago)
Cool stuff man
DrewEmc2 (1 year ago)
Where is this park, seems like a alright place to launch from
DrewEmc2 (1 year ago)
Rad, it's close! that's not more than 20 minutes from me
Man Stuff Channel (1 year ago)
DrewEmc2 port st lucie, fl, veterans memorial parkway and port st lucie blvd.
Andii Ramii (1 year ago)
Sick maro and spark bro !
Man Stuff Channel (1 year ago)
Andy PB thanks bro.
BlaZe VLOGS (1 year ago)
01silver auto (1 year ago)
Putting jet ski on my 2wd silverado can't wait
Tim Doss (1 year ago)
Well now people watching this to learn how to launch will think they should block the ramp while getting their pwc ready to launch. Awesome
Dr Draw (7 months ago)
Busy or not... bad etiquette... practice how you play
Shane Needham (1 year ago)
Agreed... Nice video but, at a busy boat ramp you would have had problems... The first several steps should be done before going into the boat ramp. If there were other boats waiting or jet skiers it could end up in a not so nice rep! Not trying to be too critical but it is proper ramp etiquette.....
chrisandshazza01 (1 year ago)
Man Stuff Channel Exactly - the ramp had no one there.
Man Stuff Channel (1 year ago)
Tim Doss as you can see the ramp was not busy, I also took 6 minutes.. calm down bro.
kpcarfreak94 (1 year ago)
How long is that rope? Im in the same boat as you i pull my spark with an altima se-r lol
Man Stuff Channel (1 year ago)
kpcarfreak94 not sure, maybe 10 or 12 feet.. picked it up from west marine after I got the ski... and no shame in your game bro.. as long as it gets the job done.
David Holly (1 year ago)
I just wish guys could back up in straight line , instead of working that steering wheel...
Man Stuff Channel (1 year ago)
Man Stuff Channel (1 year ago)
David Holly hahaha
Bert Esty (1 year ago)
Rollz 100 (1 year ago)
2ss owner & Im considering a hitch for a ski also. What kind of hitch ? Want one that is not really visable when not towing
Rollz 100 (1 year ago)
Man Stuff Channel Thanks. That's the exact ski also. Seadoo spark!
Man Stuff Channel (1 year ago)
royce washington as far as I can remember there is only 1 hitch on the market... I remove the ball when not in use so it doesn't stand out too bad...
TED Schmitt (1 year ago)
Must be a weekday - the ramp is empty.
Joe G (1 year ago)
I drive a Bmw 3 series wonder if I could launch with that and not get the back brakes wet?
Dylan#12 (1 year ago)
joe g depends how long you trailer is
Man Stuff Channel (1 year ago)
joe g shouldn't be an issue, I've yet to get my tires wet.
Brian Topel (2 years ago)
where in florida is that? looks nice.
Ant Neee (1 year ago)
Yep i live there
Man Stuff Channel (2 years ago)
Brian Topel port st lucie
Sam Battige (2 years ago)
wow youtube is mean
Just Some Guy (2 years ago)
Dis nigga got a trailer on the back of a damn Camaro 💀😂🤔
TKTL Gaming (2 years ago)
Dont wanna be that guy but that is a sea-doo spark not a fucking wave runner
Peter Rodriguez (10 months ago)
There always has to be an ass in the crowd...
J Bakes (11 months ago)
Dipshit, people arent watching this video for the specific jetski. Im watching it to see a pwc is dropped. I could give 2 shits on what type of jetski it is
lashk (1 year ago)
Waverunner is soooooo much better then a cheap Spark...
TKTL Gaming (2 years ago)
Sea-doo has 90% of the PWC market so seadoo spark would get you just as much if not more views
Man Stuff Channel (2 years ago)
I named it that way for search purposes.. more people type waverunner than pwc.. I'm well aware what it is I bought it.
KHonz_Vlogs (2 years ago)
I personally would have taken the time to secure it a little better.
Man Stuff Channel (2 years ago)
I can't argue with that. you're right.
Ben baiden (2 years ago)
thats a spark you dido
Just Some Guy (2 years ago)
Ben baiden captain obvious
Ohtenwillys (2 years ago)
that dont look like no yamaha

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