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Girls Try Peeing In Urinals For The First Time

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Text Comments (7004)
killer keem___blox (17 days ago)
Yeah we men pull down our pants to out knees
Rusty Nail (22 days ago)
Lol.... I peed with a girl in the men's bathroom before because she was cleaning the bathroom and wouldn't leave and I had to go bad. I told her I don't mind if she don't mind and she said ... I have boys so go ahead. Yep normally I don't talk to other dudes when I'm trying to take a pee but I guess if there's a chick in the bathroom it's okay to talk to her while taking a pee
Bean Boi (23 days ago)
What the actual [email protected]$%
Stud Muffin (24 days ago)
The women don’t get it we men are troopers
Bear James (1 month ago)
No one looks
Noah McDowell7 (1 month ago)
Anurag Gautam (1 month ago)
I am seeing much comment saying that we do not talk while peeing but mr and my freinds do group discussion while peeing !!!!!!!
The Wild Within (1 month ago)
We have rules ya know ladies...
The Wild Within (1 month ago)
And this is why women don’t use urinals...
Peter North (2 months ago)
Wow these girls are overly dramatic, incredibly annoying
I Kinda Farted (2 months ago)
I dunno why but I get so pissed off that we cant have doors like the girls do..
Denise Mapendo (2 months ago)
you don't pull ur whole pants down
Thomas Best (2 months ago)
Dont use the middle one
Little Bit (2 months ago)
This was made on my birthday
Kyle Webber (2 months ago)
If you use the middle one than you broke the rules
Derpy XD (2 months ago)
I hate buzzfeed so much
Wtf sooo weird iuu 😕
Lynn Perez (3 months ago)
I tried this I made my own urinal I want to try the product I totally missed and all the pee went all over the floor
Polar (3 months ago)
1985 : I bet there will be huge technical advance in the futur 2018 :
Xotic King (3 months ago)
Guys dont bring there pants down😂😂😂😂
CocoNUTing (3 months ago)
what is that tube for
Blake Romero (3 months ago)
Or go in the normal torlites but if you do go in the urinal than you should be following the unwritten rules
Some Body Else (3 months ago)
Wtf am I doing in my life
Thomas Knapp (3 months ago)
Unwritten social rule: men don’t use a urinal next to one already being used
TheMadGamerYT (3 months ago)
The girl with the black hair looks like Loki Thor's brother
Analisse Gonzalez (3 months ago)
Why does this even exist
Tecnovlog (4 months ago)
isn't the woman on the right part of the video a transgender?
Amairani Guevara (4 months ago)
Are they the powerpuff girls or something? 😂
I'm Just Petty (4 months ago)
They must've thought they were men for real cuz they ain't even wipe
Original Content (4 months ago)
I look at peoples.... pennies
Sans (2 months ago)
You gay asf
adkinsj29 (4 months ago)
The only reason that I watched this is because it's not normal
Natalie St. Clair (4 months ago)
Guys pee everywhere!!!!!! AIMMMMM!!!!!!! |:(
Cullen Andrews (4 months ago)
For all the boys out there like me always stay 1 urnial away
bradley (4 months ago)
0:10 levee a gap no one uses the middle always one space away
Harrison Chesters (4 months ago)
This made me uncomfortable
Carmelita Fuentes (4 months ago)
this is disgustang
Carmelita Fuentes (4 months ago)
this is weird
Kinda gross
joshua hernandez (4 months ago)
We dont look because we arent gay
Kryptenyte (4 months ago)
Rules: The urinal next to a guy you cannot take Everybody has to face straight If someone looks at your urinal *their gay*
Ziglle YT (4 months ago)
It's Pretty Much Very Gay If You Look At The Other Guys....Cucumber..
Ziglle YT (4 months ago)
I'm Gonna Tell You This Story. One Time When I Went To The Bathroom Other Guy Went Too (It Was At School) But HE PULLED HIS PANTS AND UNDERWEAR ALL THE WAY FREAKIN DOWN. And He Was In The Middle. I Was Like.. ''Why.. Why I Just Didn't Left The Water For Later''
murph murph (4 months ago)
Now lets see you spell your name in the snow
ChrisTheCool1221 (4 months ago)
TheReaverOfDarkness (5 months ago)
Guy here, I look. I don't care what people think. I'm straight, but sometimes I just want to look at a man's penis.
Living_yeti75395 (5 months ago)
YOU Don't ever talk to the other person
EliteGamer 97 (5 months ago)
i feel so sorry for boys
Dinolover (5 months ago)
Do not talk to each other at the urinal. Do not look over at someone or else you are a pervert Do not pull pants down all the way. There are zippers for a reason
Areeb'skk (5 months ago)
I didn't even use Urinals in public washrooms I find them disgusting, I just use the toilets.
Themes13 B (5 months ago)
We dont there is a bro code dont conversate,keep one empty urinal between each other,and dont look
Jamie's face in the middle of it hahah just chillin
Brian 4 Life (5 months ago)
There are "rules" while using the urinal...
Tristan Awesome H (5 months ago)
I mean now I mean now no
Tristan Awesome H (5 months ago)
Hey you guys should make a video where you can actually see your pee okay do it now
Charlie b (5 months ago)
I'm a boy and I don't design the toilets
Alex Bergmann (5 months ago)
Wait for one apart
Alex Bergmann (5 months ago)
Don’t use the middle one
Alex Bergmann (5 months ago)
Us guys just look at the wall...
2 Sockbros (5 months ago)
Is it bad that I’m a guy and I don’t use urinal (Cause it’s awkward)
cute happy emma Logan (5 months ago)
XD like these girl might be gay or the guy that made dis
Chipchap (5 months ago)
You dont pull entire pants
JazzyHands (5 months ago)
0:12 we all agree (without words) to look straight ahead
Doctor Tahir (5 months ago)
Why the pants are droped...🤔🤔🤔
NMfilmarts (5 months ago)
Feminism is taking over.
darren corbit (5 months ago)
No guy pulls their pants all the way down unless you are under the age of 6 and over the age of 80
Carol Bobiwash (5 months ago)
Why did you swear🤬
Joeseph Austin (5 months ago)
Fuzzy_FoxAndFuzzy_Dog (5 months ago)
Your not supposed to put your pants that low
TheLastNation (5 months ago)
most urinals i have used in my life didnt have dividers plus try peeing with your dad next to you...
Vanish YT (5 months ago)
Vigania penis
Vanish YT (5 months ago)
This video is fucked up
Becky Smeilus (5 months ago)
OMG ahh boys so so gross
Payton Dubree (5 months ago)
Men don't pull their pants all the way down girls will never understand
Ice Flame (5 months ago)
0:40 The girl on the far right is literally Tom Hiddleston’s Loki.
LeanneLeanna (5 months ago)
I. dare you. To. Do. This again
katie leigh (5 months ago)
I wanna do that where do u get dem thingys?
ComedyProfessional (5 months ago)
“Pee Shy” I’m dying
Luke Bailey (5 months ago)
I have a willy to
Ok, to make it less awkward: 1. Do not talk to the people next to you. (specially if you're strangers) 2. Do not go to the urinal right next to someone. 3. Do not pull your pants and underwear all the way to the ground. 4 Anything else...
MicxiaThat GachaTuber (5 months ago)
1:29 she looks like loki from thor
Feyzor (5 months ago)
Can I talk to the person who made these weird videos
Caitlin Hartley (5 months ago)
I literally wanna try this
haha none (5 months ago)
I can only pee sitting
Peter Diaz (5 months ago)
Most you can ever say is hey. No one looks, and if you can space it out.
Waltz Official (5 months ago)
Don't pull your pants all the way down HAHA
In my school there are 4 urinals in each bathroom and yes in Michigan it is still caller a bath room and my class only is 1 and 4 to make sure No one will see and No WE DO NOT WANT TO MAKE ANY EYE CONTACT AND WE LOOK UP DOWN OR STRAIGHT if you do not obey bathroom rules you are deemed gay
Debra Abbondola (5 months ago)
brunet is a dic
Caitlin Hartley (5 months ago)
Everytime I think off this my back feels weird idk why it's really weird but it's been happening ever since I watched this
Caitlin Hartley (5 months ago)
This is so weird "*gasp* I'm peeing!!!!!" Literally so weird😂 Makes me wanna try
HilariousCat21 JEEFF (5 months ago)
they are overthinking this
Wolf Zun (5 months ago)
And here I am watching videos alone in my bed watching videos about pee
Paul Dun (5 months ago)
“Don’t have zippers” Simple. Just slide the front of your pants and underwear down, then only your penis hangs out
dead memes (5 months ago)
Us men, we must have our space in urinals. Otherwise it's just awkward and shake it up, and get outta there. If a guy looks at you while peeing, you have the right to call him a perv.
Ghost- Yt (5 months ago)
Wouldn't they will pee on the floor?
I'm not a Nazi Mmk? (5 months ago)
*I'm on the wrong side of YouTube again*
Helllo Therrre (5 months ago)
This is why I pee outside in the bushes
Bored Girl (5 months ago)
Did the blonde girl leave???
Revamped_ Vlogs (5 months ago)
It's an unspoken rule not to look at one another while pissing ..😅
MeGaming HD (5 months ago)
“I wanna look” What a pervert lol
Ed Emerson (5 months ago)
I wonder how they would handle one of the older ballparks, where they just have one, long trough instead of seperate urinals.

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