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KIllzone 3 - Operations

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Alrighty, this was a video i captured from the first day i got the Killzone 3 public beta, Ive played the private beta before it and Honestly this game is fantastic, Its the best FPS ive ever played and quite literally blows the whole CoD series out of the water. I think i was using the engineer class at first because its what i use on BFBC2 with a ump45, so i figured id use the same to start off with, I have recently started using the marksman class though, Cloaking is fantastic. Anyway, hit me up if you wanna play This footage was raw, and remained unedited.
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Wildfire (8 years ago)
@staszek314 Yeah since i started playing the game i use marksman pretty much all the time now, This video was from the beta, now im experienced in the game i average 30 kills a game with marksman, using the machine gun and the silenced weapon while cloaked next to an ammo box.
Quinnen (8 years ago)
Yeah- my name is Edekstazek314. i love marksman class, i've played all of the classes befor putting any points in, and although i sucked at marksman, i was ain a lobb with alot of them, and they looked so cool! so thats what i am, 100% marksman. i have all but the jammer, because i believe that it gives away your position. i use silent footsteps, prox. mine, sniper, and silenced weapon. Edekstaszek314, i love operations, i usually have a 8(kill) 6(death) ratio, around that or somthing. ty 4 vid!
Rastab97 (8 years ago)
you bellend

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