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Story Time: My Beach HORROR STORY

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What happens when you go to the beach alone and can barely swim? A horror story!! A few years back, my friend and I went to California for a week and this is what happened.... I N S T A G R A M: @Luhhsettyxo T W I T T E R: @Luhhsettyxo -------------------------------------------------------- D I S C O U N T S: Vitagoods Spin Brush: Spin for Perfect Skin www.vanityplanet.com Coupon code: Spin2L 70% discount off $99.99. Final cost - $30 + free U.S. shipping. http://goo.gl/Y7aVcG -------------------------------------------------------- S O N G S: pond5.com instrumental -------------------------------------------------------- V I D E O I N F O: Canon 70D 50mm/18-135mm lens Studio Lights Final Cut Pro X -------------------------------------------------------- F A Q: Name- Lisette (Luh-set) Race- Black & White Location- USA, FL Age- 19 -------------------------------------------------------- Not sponsored. -------------------------------------------------------- -xo
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Bayleigh Smith (18 hours ago)
I was 1 in 2008😂😂😂😂😂and I'm 5;9
Requiem Sky flip girl (4 days ago)
It came to twenty feet and I almost drowned
Requiem Sky flip girl (4 days ago)
So..... I went to Florida at five years old and I was in the ocean at one foot deep and o
Ffion Watkins (13 days ago)
you look exactly like Zoe from Free rain♡
tomtordlover xoxoxoxo (16 days ago)
but the question is was it fun????????
Jayda Jones (17 days ago)
I live there in the waves aren’t that bad now
JIMMIE PASSON (18 days ago)
I low key hate your friends wtf 😭
JIMMIE PASSON (18 days ago)
No ma’am, I felt the panic when you said you couldn’t feel it. “What about my life?”, girl right!
Isla’s Life (25 days ago)
Omg this is stupid
Gabrielle Small (1 month ago)
Horror story
Leah_ Kerzner (2 months ago)
By listening to this story, it looks like you were caught in a rip current and an undertoe at the same time. That's happened to me before! I almost drowned. But the rip current pulls you out to sea, you can't swim back to the shore because that's where the current is pulling you. You gotta swim sideways to get out of the current. I was 10 when this happened and I was weak, but my older 17-year-old muscular cousin Sam actually had to pull me out of the current. 5 minutes later I was forced into an undertoe. It's when intense waves crash on you and push you down to the floor. It was terrifying. I almost drowned again but Sam saw me and saved me again. I feel you Lissette, I know how scary that was for you
Faith Phillips (2 months ago)
Story time
Sara Rm (2 months ago)
I have gotten knocked under the water before too it's scary
Sara Rm (2 months ago)
You gotta watch out for the RIP tide
The Slime Squad (2 months ago)
I like Horror Story’s better!! Because is different. Be you boo.
Vienna Anderson (2 months ago)
I went tubing on a river with my mom and her friends and my friend and we decided it would be a great idea to jump off the tubes when them current was very strong and fast and we almost drowned😐 so yeah
Peyton Attenborough (3 months ago)
Actually the same kinda thing happened to me when I was in Florida a huge wave knocked me down good thing my dad got me out byte I did faint
Akeni (3 months ago)
That happened to me but wours
Princess Ella (3 months ago)
Girl call it horror because it’s your horror you could of called it horror
As Basic (3 months ago)
That’s why I saw padding in Huntington Beach 😂🤣
taralara (3 months ago)
6:17 Ariana grande
Solena Molina (3 months ago)
Btw i was born in 2008 and Storytimes are mostly stories about YOU im not sure if im right but whatever.
Emme Hope (3 months ago)
Is it just me or do you hate when there is happy music in the background
•soupie• j (3 months ago)
Holy shirt u thought u were gonna be eaten by a shark I'm scared to get the water above my face lol ilysm
Babygirl Reeree (4 months ago)
Wow ur a great storyteller 😍
katie (4 months ago)
You look like Ariana grande- zendaya- liza koshy mix———— in a really pretty way
Morgyn Young (4 months ago)
I went to that same beach and that same thing happened to me but I couldn’t get air at all and it pushed me to the part of the shore where there were rocks so I got scraped up on my knees and stuff and while I was under water I literally thought I was going to die. I also didn’t get to have anybody save which was also just great
max morrison (4 months ago)
somewhere in the ocean is a random peice of padding
Kpop for life (4 months ago)
Ohhh you went off a drop off. That's really scary.
Its_ Afi_gameryt (4 months ago)
Same here my hair sometimes looks like a triangle
Lilmissy 115 (4 months ago)
You were in a rip current no matter how hard you swam you will always get pushed back further in a rip current your supposed to swim diagonal to the shore I would recommend you know this before swimming in the ocean
Hayden Giles (4 months ago)
Clinton beach is awesome I use I went there when I was 10 and found 23 San dollars plus when I was four I got tangled by the waves so many times
Jovana Sretenovic (4 months ago)
I have a horror story and it isent what you whode Think
Kittymarinna (4 months ago)
4:41 you look like Ariana Grande
Nicole Ann (4 months ago)
You are soo beautiful omg😍
Cam Beast Bro Gaming (4 months ago)
I go to Huntington Beach all the time
AsiahArmani (4 months ago)
Omg this gave me so much anxiety same thing happened to me in a wave pool and the lifeguard wasn’t even paying attention a random stranger helped me 😭
Emme (4 months ago)
Is it just me or dose her face remind me of Ariana grande
Sandria Gutierrez (4 months ago)
Omg I was scared for you that happened to me last time I went to the beach but my dad saved me
ItsSumaya (4 months ago)
this exact thing happened to me besides the padding mine was my grandmas/moms necklace that i was suppose to give to my daughter if I have one (i'm twelve) and the same thing happen to me but a lifeguard was looking at me and didn't even care, they thought i was joking. (never found the necklace) it was very expensive :(
Harley Dawn (4 months ago)
2019 anyone??
Shanyiah Moore (4 months ago)
U were probably stuck in a ocean current those are really dangerous that's why I don't really like the beach some ppl drown bc of those
Trevor Terrell (5 months ago)
Its because the curent is at the lower part of the ocean and when its high tide then the curent gets stronger and stronger to where it will go up on the shore but when it comes back down where all the water is thats when the layers of water go underneath the surface of the water and but the curent the opisit derection of the shore. ( Sorry for the bad Grammer).
Opal Wheeler (5 months ago)
I think I found your pading
Maria Gutierrez (5 months ago)
i was born in 2008
Eliza Lane (5 months ago)
No hate but this is called a rip. Love this video and I can totally get what's happening but your in a rip and if you are in one you should swim diagonally or horizontally to the shore
Angie_ Frost21 (5 months ago)
Ok YouTube three years later on my recommendation wow... But I’ll watch it anyway
rat (5 months ago)
The friend might have known.
lps sprinklez (5 months ago)
I go to Huntington Beach! I found a padding when I was in the water I think it was yours omg XD
Poppy Burger (5 months ago)
I had the same experience u had except i was in the carabean and i was above a rlly deep reef and a siren went off, and my dad was screaming at me to come back to the shore but I couldn’t because of the waves!!! And I didn’t know if this siren was a tsunami or swarms of jellyfish of something so i got so scared! The water there is so clear so i could see beneath me. I looked below me..nothing.....i looked at the floor behind me....and omg i have NEVER been more scared in my life! There were SHARKS! Not even one there were like 5! The life guard swam out and dragged me to the shore but I was so scared!!!!!!!!!!
Cyndi P (5 months ago)
If you cover up just below her eyebrows and her nose, her eyes look just like Arianna Grande... 🤔
William Fraser (5 months ago)
u look like u 14
BIG FELLA (5 months ago)
2019 anyone 🥰
xX El Xx (5 months ago)
I can go to around double sometimes even triple (if there are other people around) my height when I am body boarding and only a bit higher than my height when I am surfing. For some reason I love going underwater in the sea and love huge waves...
Emoji Girl Singer's (5 months ago)
2019? Anyone? No, Okay...
Hi (3 months ago)
Emoji Girl Singer's I am in 2019 🦄🦄🦄
Leyla (5 months ago)
I go to Huntington Beach all the time
Sammie Torres (5 months ago)
I always go to Huntington Beach
Angela Gregory (5 months ago)
I can’t get over how cute your hair style is in each video
Liv the Best (5 months ago)
Not trying to be rude but it would of helped if you swam diavnely
fUziOn Girl (5 months ago)
NO JOKE I was in Washington at one of the beaches at I saw a little black padding washing up on the shore, might have been a coincidence but still
Gächä Ømën (5 months ago)
Lauren Toll (4 months ago)
Yeeted Demi (5 months ago)
I was born in 2008 omg lol
rain Aronsky (5 months ago)
When I was 3 years old I loved to swimm (I still do) I was swimming in the ocean one time and I saw a fish I asked my mom why fish were in the water and she told me all sorts of animals live in the water. I was so freaked out that I didn't go into the ocean for a week😂😂😋
khristian bell (5 months ago)
i cant swim at all like at all so i will be soooo scared because what is the eave just grabs me while im just playing with me friends.
Gacha Shadow (5 months ago)
Ok I have a story time: The sun was setting, the waves were high, We went swimming my fam and I, Playing the bongos that good man said Shark he yelled it’s feeding time! We swam as there was no tomorrow That’s it!
Avery George (5 months ago)
everyone is saying she looks like Liza, but I think she looks like the Perkin sisters
Eloni Townsend (5 months ago)
Girl thats a whole horror story🙊
Star And Me (5 months ago)
I was once at the beach, I was up to my stomach in the water then a big wave came up behind me and dragged me down underneath the water.
Mary-Kathryn McIntyre (5 months ago)
you should call it my life blah blah
My Unicorn Squad (5 months ago)
This story sounds really creepy and I don't even go to swimming lessons but I still can swim really amazingly..... Who else knows how to swim!!!????? 😐😐😯😶
It scared me just hearing this story! Xd
And Peggy (5 months ago)
My family went to the cabin my friends family had rented, and it was on the shore of a little tiny lake and there is a speedboat and a tubing tube, so my brother and I are tubing on the lake, and in the middle of the lake, I fall out of the tube. I couldn't feel the bottom and freaked out. Luckily, If I needed to I could've swum back to shore because the lake was small, but I had such a hard time getting back in the tube and freaked out again because my brother almost fell out trying to help me get back in. We ended up fine though.
Sadie XOX (5 months ago)
Tina Cennami (5 months ago)
When i went to Florida the waves were so big and I was in the water with my sister and she is 13 years older than me and the wave made her fall on me and I couldn’t breath than she got up and I fell on top of her😂🤢😂😂
Lucy (5 months ago)
Omg I drown every single time I go to beach pretty much Everytime but at least I can swim to the shore, or the waves push me.
Lauren Krouse (5 months ago)
Itz demi Leigh (5 months ago)
I was born in 2008 😟☹️
Chaunce Sampson (5 months ago)
This happened to me
Julianna Victoria (5 months ago)
That's why I only swim in pools, lakes, and rivers
Lilli Hamilton O'Hara (5 months ago)
2019 anyone
Amy Gable (5 months ago)
me: goes into the water at beach and goes up to my head My aunt: Hey do you wnat me to come out there with you so you can go out farther/ me: umm sure. Aunt: swims out Me:swims out farther Me: looks up and sees huge wave. me: "oh im going under.. -dives under water and does a few flips and comes back up just fien Aunt: hey Bella are you okay you looked like you were being attacked? me: nope just something normal i can swim XD Lol That actually happened
miss awesome (5 months ago)
Omg this happened to me and my friend but her dad saved us
Emma Veazey (5 months ago)
This happened to me as well in Florida! All that is vary normal.
Emma Olmedo (6 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Lauren Jennison (6 months ago)
You could’ve just taken the other piece of padding out
burnt (6 months ago)
same happened to me but except i was not at the beach, anyway i was at swimming classes and we all had to go to the deep end, i tried to swim with these swimming objects (i had a noddle to help because i can't swim in the deep end) anyway i was using those so i don't fall into the deep water, NOW here's the part when it gets cray cray... i was swimming perfectly fine until my legs got tried and i could N0T swim to the other side so i needed a break now after that few seconds i slipped then i got scared i couldn't think about anything else but dying, i saw how deep it was...(because i can open my eyes in the water a little) after that i N0 saved me and yes i mean N0 0NE!!! helped me out a little i had to save my self, i finally got out by holding on to one of my classmates (btw good thing i was on the side where i can get my self out too) my swimming teacher saw me drowning but as i said i got out by myself then when i got out she said "maybe you should just not go in for now ok? now that's the part when i was SH00K SIS!!! she did N0T say something like OH MY GOSH ARE YOU OK! she was like...whatever so that's when i got mad but i did not show that after that i just watched all of my other classmates swim and i'm sitting there crying. And that's my story about how i almost drowned :(
Wrën Gacha (6 months ago)
I was born in 2008
Bailey McNeal (6 months ago)
i was born in 2008
Jessica Sandell (6 months ago)
story time
rania momari (6 months ago)
Girl 👧 you can do whatever you want it's your videos and channel don't listen 🎶 to the haters they are losers
It's_meh_your_girl 213 (6 months ago)
I prefer storytime but idrc
Laurel Vandermark (6 months ago)
You went under and that happened to me three different times and it SUCKS
alyssa june (6 months ago)
oof I got stung by a jellyfish twice AND I got stung by a stingray
Lydia José (6 months ago)
Ohh Gooood .. I feel you so bad ... I was in the same situation when I was 6 or 7 and I got so less oxygen that I thought I saw an octopus ... ughh
RohanBoogss (6 months ago)
as an australian surfer, this is weak
Scarlett Serenity (6 months ago)
Call them horror stories
Scarlett Serenity (6 months ago)
Horror stories
Gianna P (6 months ago)
Girl if you want to see violent waves go to Cape May NJ.
Lawerence Swanguarim (6 months ago)
I saw you at Florida
Natalie Galvan (6 months ago)
That's the year my little brother was born 2008

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