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Reviewed: Combatant Gentlemen

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Suit: https://www.combatgent.com/suits/charcoal-slim-fit-windowpane-suit Red Shirt: https://www.combatgent.com/shirts/red-and-navy-cubed-gingham-button-down-collar Blue Shirt: https://www.combatgent.com/shirts/light-blue-windowpane-wide-spread-collar Red Tie: https://www.combatgent.com/ties/red-red-wine-slim-tie Website: http://teachingmensfashion.com/ Instagram: @teachingmensfashion Email: [email protected] Facebook: teaching men's fashion
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Text Comments (66)
Louis Liu (1 year ago)
DO NOT BUY FROM Them!!! I ordered a suit and waited for 6 months and never gets it. So they agreed to give me refund 2 months ago, and I still haven't received it. Now they completely ignore my email. I called my bank and turns out they never issued the refund.
starbury64 (1 year ago)
Is it possible that you could do a suit review on Institchu, Moderation, or Ownonly? I would like to know.
Alyssa Tippens Stacks (1 year ago)
Combatant Gentlemen needs to ship. My. Suits. Before it's too late and I truly flip.
Double39L (1 year ago)
what do you think about Banana Republic suits? I like their clothes... why theirs products not mentions
sabretechv2 (2 years ago)
"A little bit more different" nice English.
P. Ohlhausen (2 years ago)
Beware. I ordered an item almost three months ago. They charged my credit card right away, and they have told me over and over that it will ship in about a week. But it has not been shipped. I do not recommend doing business with Combatant Gentlemen.
Dictator Caesar (2 years ago)
Does anyone else like his face like this versus with a beard?
Jonathan van Dalen (2 years ago)
How did this suit hold up in the long term?
shaved fashion (3 years ago)
save up some cash and get a suit from suit supply you get what you pay foruyoull get a half or quarter canvas and btw is the suit glued or does it have a bit of canavas
fausto412 (3 years ago)
so...what do call it when the drop is narrow shoulders but big belly....or equal waist?
Arturo De Leon (3 years ago)
I need help! What type of suit did you buy? Slim or modern fit? I want to buy one but I can't decide... I am 6'1, 179 lbs, and I have a thick torso but skinny (not a lot) arms. Not sure wether to buy a slim fit or a modern fit!
Charlie Wilson (3 years ago)
Got a blue and green shirt called Blue and black micro gingham slim fit button down. Price was great CS was outstanding. Got them in Collar 16 and they fit perfectly, after one wash they shrunk buy 30% I could not wear them any more. TO be fair the directions say do not put in dryer which I did. I did not ask CS to refund me any thing but they gave me store credit to get another shirt, so I have no complains with CG. Short story is must read how they recommend taking care of the shirt, which makes it a little difficult in a large house hold where my wife does all the laundry.
jose ortiz (3 years ago)
can you do like a follow up on this suit or any suit from combatant gentlemen since its been almost a year since you did this video wonder how it hold up after a year
Quan Nguyen (3 years ago)
I wonder how the trouser fit? I prefer a slim fit suit trouser from Zara and I need to know how this and the Zara compared in term of fitment ? Thank You
areef akbar (3 years ago)
Are you malay ?
Nathan Hejnicki (3 years ago)
Man if only I could find more reviewers like you. Honest, fair, verbose where you need to be, yet succinct. Subbed for sure.
Kevin Michael (3 years ago)
Take off your pants and jacket
shani sigwazi (3 years ago)
u talk too much and we want to see a suit?
Jason Cloud (3 years ago)
Aw man, I'm hooked, but they don't ship to Europe
Adam Elbahouty (3 years ago)
Could you do a follow-up review on these items? I would love to see how they've held up.
Mandeep Baweja (3 years ago)
Dobell is excellent company! They have starting from 100 to 400$ suits and tuxedos and every suit is of excellent quality!
Tricia Neill (3 years ago)
Bought a suit for wedding. They didn't send shirt or any reason for it not being included. Had to contact them and stay on the phone for over an hour to finally talk to someone. Then AT THE WEDDING, come to find out the suit was blue(could be seen next to a black one) when I ordered BLACK. Maybe a decent suit, BAD SERVICE!!!
jeremy jenkins (4 years ago)
Not to be too nosey, but what equipment are you filming with?
Hernando Arce (4 years ago)
1st time on this channel. great critic. short, direct and gave his honest opinion !  im a subscriber now.
Benfica é o Melhor (4 years ago)
i usually love your video man.. but i have to share my thoughts to the public. I just bought a peacoat from combatantgent. not great at all... I can see that the fabric itself is definitely higher quality compared to Zara / H&M... but the stitching, omg.. I'm not even kidding, front buttons are all over the place, they're not even aligned. and then 1 week later.. Every single one of them came off... like seriously every single button came off. wth.. I'm so disappointed.
Adrian Mitchell (4 years ago)
Good review
Brian Perucki (4 years ago)
hi jose thanks for the review quick question you briefly mentioned that they used "fake buttons" as opposed to real buttons I'm not quite sure what that means. could you please elloborate the difference . thanks !
Donald Donahue III (4 years ago)
Hi Jose, great review. Were you wearing the slim fit or modern fit? I'm 5'6 160 and as much as I love slim fit clothing the modern fit sounds more appropriate. Thoughts?
omnibulb (4 years ago)
from the video the slim fit doesnt look that appealing. Would it be better just to buy the modern fit and get it tailored?
Reel Issues (4 years ago)
How do these campare to topman's suits?
sh0rtaznant (4 years ago)
i was such a fan just based on all the reviews bloggers/youtubers were giving them.  they also run a really good online marketing campaign.  i convinced my cousin to order a suit from them and it was really bad.  it was poorly fitted even though they got slim fit in the right size and length.  it was also really thin and felt cheap.  i was more disappointed than them because i was a big fan and had high hopes for them :\ even in your video, the jacket looks way too wide on you
Chris R (4 years ago)
+sh0rtaznant Ive now bought 2 pair of chinos, 4 or 5 ties, 3 shirts, a pea coat and a suit from combat gent. After all that, i cant say enough good things about them, everything except the ties are amazing quality for the price. As far as the suit goes, maybe your cousin got a bad one? it happens from time to time. My suit is an amazing quality, of course the fit isnt perfect but a suit should be tailored regardless. Sorry to hear bout your cousin but defiantly give them a try. Jose is doing them a disservice by comparing them to H&M. Combat gent is honestly on the same level as every one else, at much better price point.
sh0rtaznant (4 years ago)
+Teachingmensfashion i was trying to add something to my comment but youtube wouldnt let me save it.  i was going to add that my cousin bought a cheap $90 suit from a warehouse store as a backup and it was better in quality and fit.   combatantgent's other stuff might be ok though.  people seem to really like their chinos, and the shirts look like they fit you well.  i'll probably still buy something from them in the future. 
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Definitely and that's why  mentioned it in the video. In life you always get what you paid for (and that's why I compared to HM and Zara) to give you some sort of reference.
Charles G (4 years ago)
how is the wool? they sell seperates, and I was considering buying the pants to wear as trousers.
jdw1148 (4 years ago)
Can you give a website that sells the wide (classic) lapel for a pretty inexpensive price? Thanks!
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
+jdw1148 That'll be very hard since wide lapels are usually accompanied by a quality garment. I'd recommend Estuniga ;)
David Castillo (4 years ago)
Do one on BLACK LAPEL, please. Great vid
Dadee3 (4 years ago)
I've had clothes from H&M from 3 years ago and it's still new. Clothes don't fall apart unless you're careless. 6 months is an exaggeration, as if the clothes are made from paper. With $300 I can buy me 5 different outfits at H&M.
Dadee3 (4 years ago)
+Teachingmensfashion I see I see
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
+Dadee3 lol no way it last 3 years. I used to buy at HM all the time and at most it would last me a year. and when i say "last me" I dont mean they start tearing up and falling apart but they lose their appearance. It's color starts quickly fading and it starts to feel almost like cardboard after 6 months of use
GalvatronTypeR (4 years ago)
Rule of thumb is that if a suit costs under $300, it uses a lot of fusibles and will not last long. I get my suits bespoke but if you don't want to spend that much, go for made to measure.
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
+GalvatronTypeR Yeah I know what bespoke is. I have had the experience to make a couple of them myself. Our line will be MTO using fabrics 120s and up!
icantfindmyphone (4 years ago)
But interestingly enough, their suits are half canvassed. 
GalvatronTypeR (4 years ago)
Maybe but I no longer trust off the peg suits. My suits are bespoke and while not cheap, they fit me like a glove and I get to customize everything about it, both fit and details.
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
I think you'll love our upcoming collection! ;)
wolf (4 years ago)
Make a vid on fits like tailored tappered slim skinny loose and standard fit becuase this is a cofusing topic for men. Wich one do you go for ?
Jorge Rodriguez (4 years ago)
What is the difference between fake and real buttons?
Buttons that actually work, active buttons, which can be buttoned and unbottoned unlike those only sawn in of the rack suits as ornament
justin bookout (4 years ago)
Talking so fast😱😗😗
Shung (10 months ago)
Teachingmensfashion jeez 3 yrs agi
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Chino's Corner (4 years ago)
Congrats! passive speech ;)..btw, that suit does leave you room on waistline
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Thanks man! And yeah, I hate that but like I said in the video it's mostly bc of my heavy drop. Almost every off the rack suit I buy looks like this and I have to tailor
Giupetto Ventelucci (4 years ago)
Hey Jose you should slick your hair back man it looked pretty good like that! Good video though, please do a review of an iTailor shirt or suit, thanka
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Really? Everyone kept telling me I look better with a side part lol. And thanks! I will try to make this happen. I've tried their shirts and I'm very happy with them. Especially bc of the price.
marvens paul (4 years ago)
I went on your web site and I can't find the shoes are they available to buy?
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Thank you for the interest! The online sho will be open next month, stay tuned!
Luke M (4 years ago)
Out of curiosity, how big exactly is your drop?
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
It's about a 10 inch drop. Roughly 40 chest and 30 waist.
JeBron Lames (4 years ago)
"... Compared to Zara, and j crew, I think the fit is. EXCEPTIONAL!" lol ultimate edit
Vision Motion (1 year ago)
lmao 😂😂😂💀 dead
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Lol I had said it weird and I had to re start from that spot😂😂
JorgeP (4 years ago)
I actually bought some cardigans, a pair of pants and some accessories from them. I'll tell you, the quality is great, and so is the fit. I plan on purchasing some suits in the next few weeks. So far, nothing but positive experience with Combatant Gentlemen. Plus the prices are awesome. I recommend!
Isaac Silberberg (4 years ago)
+Teachingmensfashion how has the suit held up? I'm worried that they won't hold up very nicely, and that they will be lower quality materials, leading to me overheating in the suit.
Teachingmensfashion (4 years ago)
Yup I'm satisfied so far! Let's see how they hold up

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