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Harald Harb, "How to Ski", Series 1, Lesson 1, Beginning Parallel Skiing

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ON LINE COACHING, with Harald Harb, from Harb Ski Systems, Direct link to detailed instruction to Parallel Skiing. http://harbskisystems.com/collections/change-your-skiing-with-pmts/products/eliminate-the-wedge-1-engage-evideo www,harbskisystems.com Also follow this series by going to Lesson 2. Harald demonstrates the huge differences between learning to ski, and what is required to become an expert parallel skier. Compared to how you learned to ski originally, skiing goes much further and deeper. These results and movements in this video are amazingly different from the Traditional Teaching Systems.
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Sara V (3 months ago)
Thank you so much😃
Timxx3868 (9 months ago)
When i first tried turning on skis, i couldnt and found a Swiss ski book which seemed excellent as it took it through snowplough, stem, parallel and advanced moguls up weighing, down weighing ect and it pressed constantly pressing always on the Downhill ski edges and the ski under you just turns with it and i was quickly turning on intermediate slopes with some speed but with usual rear skid instead of solid carving. This video says the opposite and i always wondered why not angle the ski directly under you where the weight is but opposite to the Swiss book? Now i see it is the "trick" and demonstrated smoothly right here and i will try it when i ski soon but practise the ankle roll on carpet to get a feel for the movements. I still have the "old" technique if all else fails!
Federer935 (1 year ago)
Where I instruct - lifting the inner ski is seen as a crime! I love doing it to prove it works and to annoy them! Great system - pmts rules! Any plans to come to England and demonstrate it on a plastic slope? Think of it as missionary work LOL! All the best Harald, hope all is going well!
Harald Harb (1 year ago)
The reason they don't want you to lift is that they want you to plateau, stay the same.
Grant Gleeson (1 year ago)
I went skiing for the first time last week and wished I'd watched this video first! Fantastic, simple explanation. I get it now..........Thank you for posting this and well done!
Andy H (2 years ago)
I have only had two ski lessons and watched loads of "How to ski" videos. Harald Harb is the only videos that have given me confidence to parallel ski from the start. Never mind all this "Wedge, Pizza nonscence. Haralds technique is simple and most of all intuative to how to make a turn. Many thanks.
George Huang (2 years ago)
Best ski in youtube, I finished the blue line and black line in one day after watching this video, I only ski for 4 time in my life.
KronoS Gaming (3 years ago)
My mom wants to learn skiing
Harald Harb (3 years ago)
All these videos have complete instruction versions with voice over explanations on our web page. Learning to ski has never been easier and more effective.
MrNakedLandscaper (3 years ago)
Thank you for posting this! Thumbs up from me!
Harald Harb (3 years ago)
This video shows the basic movement that links together the whole system. There are sessions of movement taught, before this one and many more advanced refinements to the highest levels of expert and skilled skiing. PMTS Direct Parallel is a complete system from beginner to expert. You will see many videos on You Tube to the right on the menu, with skiers in the "V" wedge position. PMTS doesn't use this "V" method, because it holds you back and keeps you at lower levels for along time.
Joan Gómez (3 years ago)
HI again! how long do you think is better to practice in the flat area to create the proper balance and ankle flexion that I think is capital for a good phantom move action? (according to your experience I mean) because to be honest, there's a problem with some beginners here in Spain about getting on the chairlift as quick as possible. I really try to stay in the flat zone as long as I can but I feel "forced" by this situation. I'm using PMTS and direct parallel to improve with non-begginers clients. I'm thinking about using it with a four-hours-a-day-week-group but I don't think my boss would love it hehe... But I can tell you I'm training some instructors using PMTS and your essentials and we all are getting so much better. We are familiar with counter acting and counter balancing in our certification but I really love to use tipping and flexing and bending instead of pushing or extending. Thank you so much! first thing to do if I ever go to Colorado is to get a boot fitting in your shop! Thanks again!
Joan Gómez (3 years ago)
Hi! I already bought the book direct parallel and Essentials of skiing as well! Remember to bring the road bike if you come to La Molina for a clinic here in Spain! I introduce the PMTS little by little to my skiers and rest of the  instructors. Thanks for your time Harald! BTW, do you think Henrik Kristoffersen is less counteracted than Hirscher?
Harald Harb (3 years ago)
+Joan Gómez Joan, I'd love to come to Spain to give your group a clinic, I have never been there. You are doing the right thing. We do have an instructor manual, for Direct parallel, which would really help. Check our web site, Harb Ski Systems.
Harald Harb (3 years ago)
This video is called "Beginner Skiing Parallel", not "How to Begin Skiing" So yes, we have many more steps before this in our PMTS system if you ate a total beginner.
FinestFrequency (4 months ago)
Harald Harb Thanks very much for this enlightening technique. Any videos for total beginners we can purchase? Can’t find it on your site. All the best.
Steve Gabriszeski (3 years ago)
Thank you.  Lesson 1 was so simple yet it's the exact opposite of what I had been doing.  Before, if I wanted to turn right, I'd plant the inside of my left foot, not the outside of my right foot.  I can't believe no one told me this before.
Andrew Brown (4 years ago)
dang I wish I was good at skiing I posted a video with my buddy of how bad we are, please tell us what we're doing wrong thanks!!! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=390574631121562&pnref=story
Zeyn1111 (4 years ago)
Glad I found your videos! I have a few friends asking about how to become an expert skier, I'm sharing your videos with them!
under88Me (4 years ago)
Thank you Harald, it was very useful, I could use the technique almost immediately, however my knees became tired quite fast. I will recommend your videos to my beginner friends.
Harald Harb (4 years ago)
Tipping your feet keeps your upper body in balance. pushing and extending puts you out of balance. As in my first book, "Anyone can be an Expert Skier', tipping to release a turn and tipping to engage your edges with your feet is "PMTS Direct Parallel", technique.
Harald Harb (4 years ago)
Complete lesson and downloadable videos of all this material is on my web site. www.harbski.com
claude pons (11 months ago)
Monsieur, j'aime votre façon de CARVER pourquoi vos vidéos ne pas traduite en français cela m'aiderai beaucoup pour mieux vous comprendre. Un admirateur. Claude
Amber Hancock (2 years ago)
Harald Harb
The spy girl Alice (4 years ago)
thx for sharing and info
Harald Harb (4 years ago)
More of this type of instruction can be seen on our web page www.harbskisystems.com eVideo downloads are also available.
John Green (4 years ago)
Wow now i understand!  Why all the other video on youtube dont talk about the key?  Its like they dont want you to unlock advance skiing.
Harald Harb (3 years ago)
+John Green This PMTS Direct Parallel Method, is an evolutionary and revolutionary way to ski, and learn. Traditional instructors are not trained to use these methods we developed at Harb Ski Systems. You can follow our video series on our web site for more of the same, all the way to making yourself an Expert Skier.
Harald Harb (4 years ago)
If you are having problems with this simple exercise, it's usually due to your leg and boot alignment. Not everyone has straight legs. If you boots are not adjusted properly for this, you will tip over or fall by leaning, every time you try to pick up a ski. After you get your boots aligned, which we do at every one of our ski camps, you can perform perfectly.
M. Maras (5 years ago)
Great lesson, thank you for sharing Herald .
Matthew SooHoo (5 years ago)
Hi Harald, nice video and well explained.  I'm still a beginner and only able to stem my turns with the outside ski on the greens.  Yesterday, I tried tilting my knees either left or right to advance my skill going parallel but would some how catch an edge and I would be completely out of balance.  Do you know what's causing this?  Thanks man.
Harald Harb (4 years ago)
Actually if you watch the video closely it says to lift and lighten the tipping ski. If you don't do this, you will catch an edge. Start from a straight run, make your first in one direction, then the other.
Mark25Wiley (4 years ago)
Weight needs to be in the tounge of the boot and slightly more forward (down the fall line)
downunderpar (5 years ago)
Harald Harb never ceases to amaze me with his grace and poise on skis. If I can get to be half as good as Harald, I will die happy! Just an extraordinary skier and teacher!!!!
Irwin Hamilton (5 years ago)
If I had been taught this way to ski when a beginner, I could have prevented 25 years of terminal intermediate skiing. I like that you only teach one thing per video.
Eugene Beiline (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot for this video!!! I'm a hockey player and skiing came naturally for me, my first day on skis I skied a black diamond. 3 years later I tried to teach my family how to ski, and tried to find instructional videos, but I had tons of trouble because those videos taught a technique completely opposite to the one I used, which is what you're explaining. trying to ski gain 3 years later I had trouble with green runs... Thanks a lot for reassuring me;)
Harald Harb (5 years ago)
 One of the keys to success and balance in skiing was thrown out by the ski teaching world 20 years ago and has handicapped skiers ever since. A wide stance is unproductive for learning and making short turns. A wide stance locks up your learning, and leans you toward the inside ski, a wide stance makes it difficult to transfer weight without extending. A wide stance makes it much harder to tip both skis equally, numerous disadvantages make a wide stance un-functional, not an advantage. Tradition Ski Teaching uses a wide stance because they teach a snow plow. The PMTS system, is Direct Parallel, it doesn't need a wide stance. Use a narrow stance to learn and become a balanced skier. If you want to be an elegant skier, use what gives you connecting movements generated by PMTS Direct Parallel.
Harald Harb (5 years ago)
  Skiing with grace, elegance and comfort is a special ability. It takes time, dedication and the right movements. So much information and belief of what is done to ski is misconstrued and misguided. Achieving great skiing isn't done by believing how it's done, it's getting it done with proven movements and excellent instruction, that creates success. If you have missed out on  those in your skiing, here's your chance to get them right.
Pat Ryan (5 years ago)
Harald and PMTS is the best of the best. After investigating most other ski teaching systems-I wish that I had started here first. Would have saved me a huge amount of time (and money!). PR
jm (5 years ago)
Respect. An a Happy New Year 2014 :)

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