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How To Breakup Like A Man | Tips To Heal Your Heart

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Alpha M. Confidence Course: http://aaronmarino.com/confidence-course Subscribe To Alpha M. https://www.youtube.com/user/AlphaMconsulting?sub_confirmation=1 My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com My Services and Products: http://www.aaronmarino.com Alpha M. App: http://www.alphamapp.com/ My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com My Services: http://www.aaronmarino.com Free Hairstyle E-Book: http://http://www.iamalpham.com/ezine Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmAlphaM In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and relationship expert, Aaron Marino of http://www.iamalpham.com and http://www.aaronmarino.com, discusses how to breakup without breaking down. Breakups are a very difficult time but how you handle yourself post split will determine how long it takes you to heal and start feeling better. A break up is the end of a relationship, and they suck regardless of the position in the break up. If you've been invested and your heart is involved, break ups are terrible. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says how you handle post-split is the key to your recovery. Break Up without Breaking Down You may feel depressed, lost, and sad. You may have feelings of despair, spontaneous crying, anger, and lack of motivation. These feelings are all natural. It hurts. All of these feelings will subside. The key is TIME. If you start on a self destructive road, you will hurt longer than you need to. Drinking in excess, for example, will only bring you down more. Build yourself up and encourage feelings of self worth. Do not isolate yourself. Be around people who love you, support you,and bring you up. Do not start sleeping around as you will feel more shallow, hollow, and empty. You don't have to run from the pain. It will dwindle. You need to do things to facilitate the healing process. Start working on yourself- workout, build your wardrobe, get a new hobby. Take care of you, develop confidence, increase self-worth- and it's going to get better faster.
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Text Comments (4171)
Tukan777 (4 hours ago)
3 months ago. I'm still as sad and heartbroken as day one. Have tried everything - all the tips - nothing helps.
Godwin John Dela Cruz (9 hours ago)
Thank you. Your words inspired me.
Cory LaRose (12 hours ago)
I want to go and kill everyone she knows. Her friends should be killed and her boss. I want to be killed also. I dknt think this is ok. If we aren't all killed off I will have to kill all people who know us or her. I hate it. I didn't even want to be with her but now I'm going mad and I'm going to have to shoot everyone!!!
Mar S (39 minutes ago)
Cory LaRose I’m calling the police
Andreas MonteCristo (19 hours ago)
5 tips: 1: Gym 2:Eat 3:Gym 4:Gym 5: smash broads.
Crazy Ally (1 day ago)
I feel so sick
Hashtag Blogger (2 days ago)
thanks. though I know when I post in FB of me enjoying by myself, he will get annoyed that I'm not taking the break up seriously. Seriously, he said he knows me, but he doesn't.
Liam Reynolds (2 days ago)
I miss here so much
Fortnite Fun (2 days ago)
I got a girlfriend today Gotta preaper for that dark day
Im still not over it and i feel its gonna get worse so i drink.
Jon Tomsa (3 days ago)
I'm going through a period that is really painful. It's painful because I screwed up so bad, and I lost her trust. I thought that I am strong, but, looks like I am still weak with love. Have no friends, no girlfriend, feel like a failure and just want to dissapear from this world. I am so freaking lost.
Mar S (26 minutes ago)
Jon Tomsa it’s okay buddy, only direction to go now is forward.
President Evil (3 days ago)
Thanks, Alpha.
Jose Torres (4 days ago)
This guys such a BETA male. Last time I got hurt was when I was 18. Ever since then been playing hoes like fortnite!
comedic mettaton (4 days ago)
Just break up like a women
Paul Figgat (4 days ago)
Wow! no words............ Thank yo!!!
Kyle Draper (4 days ago)
Am glad you made this video am going through this with my girlfriend and it hurts but listening to you helps me feel better about myself
Zachary S (5 days ago)
I was in a 10 month relationship that ended due to my stupidity about 2 months ago. As far as time I know it’s nothing compared to most people here but I feel 100% responsible for it. Finding it hard to forgive myself.
john (5 days ago)
Thank you Alpha
Jalal Bin Falah (5 days ago)
I'm just going through a really bad and emotional breakup, kinda needed this video.
Dxniel TR (6 days ago)
Very good Video It helped me alot, thanks
booker dewitt (6 days ago)
You could always get high with friends and have fun. That helped me.
Jspecwerks (6 days ago)
Currently going through a divorce ( been together for 8 years ) I don’t have friends because I moved out of state where I don’t know many folks . Bought a bicycle and now I ride 50 miles a weekend and work like crazy and it’s true you’ll start feeling better as time goes by.
FlamingNinjaStar (6 days ago)
Guys I'm like crying so much. And I like wanted to get new hobbies but I work and work and pay bills. At the end of the day when I get back home I miss her so much. My friends are nothing compared to my relationship with her and I can't stop thinking about her. Last night she totally ignored me and I didn't know if she was safe so I started panicking. My heart over powers my mind and now I'm trying everything to get back with her. We broke up because I had feelings like maybe she isn't the one.. we were together 3 years and have a 2 year old. I just want the pain to stop I want the pit to be filled again 😭
FlamingNinjaStar (6 days ago)
She said she didn't love me because I may have said hurtful things to her. Well things she misunderstood. So I said okay that's fine I'll get over you. Then I fell in these crazy emotional breakdown and I texted her everything that was in my mind. Next thing you know she eventually text back.. she read everything and said that she didn't mean it that she was just pushing me away. She was having an emotional breakdown but I eventually called her. She is sleeping now but when she wakes up . She will see my text of me asking her to give me another chance
Super Saiyan Cisco (6 days ago)
Man, I did ALL these things when me and my ex broke up a few months ago. No wonder I am barely starting to feel better.
Moses Devadass (6 days ago)
If someone can fully read this it will make my day: So me and this girl have been talking for a while now and she’s in my class and she’s a year younger, I asked for her snap and in the first week she was the first one to say that she liked me a lot. We would have convos from morning to late at night, and always text. We even planned a whole future ahead of us, even fucking. I would write love paragraphs to her. I regret saying too much though, because I feel like she might come back to expose me one day for all the things I said. Anyways, things were perfectly fine. Until she started complaining about how I was too quiet. Now I’m not a quiet person, but the reason I didn’t talk more to her in person was bc she would always be with her friend and never stay after class, but would blame me for not talking. I even tried to explain to her, but she was like “whatever”. I don’t understand why she’s getting mad that I don’t really talk to her in person. Literally sent her sm messages the past 3 days and she told me to stop texting because “I don’t want nothing to do with you ever”.
kilowla (7 days ago)
I just want her to stop pesting me
liam hubrecht (7 days ago)
Hahaha the last thing i said after my girl broke up was that she has borderline i think.
Can you do a video on dating a narcissist?
zbynew (8 days ago)
Just what i needed to forget about this slut. Thanks !
Rudolph 7 (8 days ago)
It hurts losing someone that you were with for over 18 months.
Joseph Hamassian (9 days ago)
I'm in a different country and only have 1 or 2 friends that don't have much time to hang out, so my main problem is I'm all alone.
Tharindu Bandara (10 days ago)
Thanks Man. Helped me a lot <3
Star Can (10 days ago)
Why Am I crying while watching this?
Octavio Cabrera (11 days ago)
Yo do u think the subscribers r how many relationships were broken
CrazyA Playz (12 days ago)
I'm in primary and, i went with this girl i didn't really like her but i said yes, and she w had an argument with me and then she went with my best friend.. now i actually kniw what deppresion is
The Wild Wrangler (12 days ago)
How do I break up with a girl who is to attached
CruddyTurnip752 (12 days ago)
I’m going through a break up right now thanks I guess
uralsmol (12 days ago)
me and my girl had a mutual break up but it still sucked because i miss her and lonely, what’s even worse is that she went with another guy from her work and that just killed me completely, like wow ok fuck you then. i lowkey want to kill myself because i’m in a terrible place rn. i lost my job, lost my home, lost my girl after 5 years, i don’t know what’s left for me. i’m at my friends house and everyone is having fun playing videos games and stuff but i’m just on the couch not talking and feeling really crappy about myself, idk man.
roy martinez (13 days ago)
Just work on bettering yourself... Physically Finacially and mentally and even spiritually. Get thin, get cut/lean Stay clean cutt. Focus on kids and family... Holler at every pretty girl you notice... See how many say no. Fuck it who cares. Smile when they reject you and keep it pushin. Oh! And last but not least listen to alot of Suga Free!
Aran Sumani (13 days ago)
Anyone here lost their girlfriend because she started taking antidepressants? My girlfriend started taking them, changed drastically, and then left me suddenly after 4 years.
ninguno incógnito (14 days ago)
Me and my ex just broke up last night. Its ended on good terms, we still care about each other and we've become so used to always talking to each other and agreed on staying friends. It hurts like a bitch. Any tips??
Connor Richardson (14 days ago)
Thank you :/
Don Omondi (14 days ago)
How am I gonna get over this going through the worst moments of my life am crushed...
Malcolm Kirksey (14 days ago)
Going though it badly
Gokul Menon (14 days ago)
I want all of your help..... I broke up after a 3 year relationship, yesterday. She didn't tell me she had a relationship. One of her friends called me up to say that she is in a relationship. I thought she was just mocking me when we quarrel, as usual. But now when I got to know she is with someone else, it hurts soo bad.... I am tired of crying. I know that it won't help, but I cried a lot. I am 21 and currently is a bit low in making friends and having friends. I don't know how to handle the thght that she is going out and caring and loving someone else. I totally can't believe it. Why are women like this? Why won't they care for someone who loves them. Y is it that I can't still believe she is someone else's women. I even thought of a suicide but I cannot and won't do it. How do I get over with it.. I feel I am getting into a state of depression. Hope god helps me out with it....
Mr. Beep-Bop (14 days ago)
I just broke up with some girl at school today. We have been dating for like 4 weeks.
Warchief Zeke (15 days ago)
Why do they always get over it before we do?
Bigyan Poudel (15 days ago)
4 yrs of relationship end today coz she got a boy who lives in US she accpted his prupose I asked her why u leave me no reason only reason is that guy lives in US
vitaly style (15 days ago)
This was a really good advice video Life saving advice in my opinion I was at the bitter end And now i think i think there is a chance i might be able to survive this heart breaking terrible loss
Sanen Achet (15 days ago)
I broke up just a few mins back ...it hurts alot ...I decided to handle it by suicide but I had little hopes left in me so I watch this video n it definitely changes my perspective..thank you so much
Bj Fornash (15 days ago)
17 years for better, or worse, so she finally got her dream job, took the kids and left. Used the court to force me out, and looking at it all on the grand view, it's about time this was over.
Just Time (15 days ago)
My first love left me at three months pregnant and I feel a lot better it’s been three months since but I’m quitting smoking took my self of social media and just really trying to focus on me and for when my daughter is born
Harsh Tyagi (16 days ago)
happy single
Nick Papas (16 days ago)
Thanks alpha, been in a two year long relationship that I ended today. It’s 3:30 am and I’ve been staring at a wall for the last two hours. I don’t even know how to begin to heal.
K1NG MOZ (15 days ago)
Nick Papas just broke up with my girlfriend, was only together 6 months however we lost a baby and & have known her since high school. So for almost 7 years.
Zucker Berg (16 days ago)
Been with my girl for over a year, break up came outta no where, it’s been 2 weeks and I’m pretty sure she’s already talking to other guys and chilling with them which hurts, this sucks
Rep (16 days ago)
She ghosted me and moving on with life, 2 years long distance relationship :(
Jervin Fantone (17 days ago)
You earned my subscription sir, this year was the worst for me and my family, my dad died on may 29 2018, then my grandfather died too on October 7 2018 just after my birthday, literally 2 hours after my birthday my grandfather died, then after 5 days i found out that my girlfriend who is now my ex, has slept with another man, but we've been broken up for a year and still see each other and promised to be with each other after 1 year(we dont see each other anymore) because of my father's health that i have to attend to. and because sometimes label doesn't give meaning to what you really feel, in my personal belief. All these things happened in just a year. you may say something bad to me about me and my ex but that's how i felt guys. It cannot be "undone". my heart tells me what i want to do and what i feel, despite the things that happened to me before i knew about what she's doing. I feel soo down to the point that i dont want to move forward anymore, but my career helped me, as a pilot( i dont want to brag to you guys) this career helps me move forward, or any other thing that makes you busy. time. Time will heal a broken heart. And im still moving on as of this moment, i have my down times, but i keep myself busy so i could help myself heal. Time is there, the other thing that could make you heal faster is yourself. If you dont cooperate even just a bit, then time will be useless. Trust me, sometimes i cooperate, and i feel much better, but sometimes my heart tells me "no" and ill feel bad throughout the day. Breakups will never be easy. Especially when there were other things that happened before your breakup e.g. my story. Still i choose to move on, because I've realized that, life is beautiful in soo many ways. I hope i could see what ive written in this video after a few years, because as of today, i am kind of tipsy while writing this message. And i dont have any flights for tomorrow so im good 😊to anyone who is experiencing a bad break up right now, it'll be okay. Trust in your God or yourself and give yourself time to heal, and help yourself feel better. Goodluck, 👍
Will Sun (17 days ago)
Your really helpful
Michael Sia (17 days ago)
I know this is an old video, but almost exactly a year ago I stumbled across this and it gave me a ray of hope when I was at my lowest. Thank you so much alpha.m!
Joel Ee (18 days ago)
I just broke up today
JuniorSoccerPro38 TM (19 days ago)
I’m 12
JuniorSoccerPro38 TM (19 days ago)
It’s hard
Brandon Owen (19 days ago)
This is exactly what I needed, thank you alpha
Talex 7782 (19 days ago)
Needed that, thanks.
Rotha Tan (19 days ago)
Mar Zak (20 days ago)
Yeah I star smoking . I feel that we gonna break up . That why I star smoke
Mar Zak (20 days ago)
I just breakup . And am happy IDK hahahaha .
John Patrick (20 days ago)
Needed this months ago. My gf of 5 years cheated on me, and despite my best efforts( i was fully aware of what was happening) i tried to get her to tell me the truth. When i talked to guy she was cheating on me with, we did a three way phone called and i listened to them discuss every devil in every detail. So, i butted in mid conversation qnd was like "so its like that huh?" Anyways. A week goes by, im trying to keep my cool. Having a super shitty day at work and my work has me doing janitorial shit. Which doesnt help lol. My dumbass started thinking of ways to stoop to her level without reallyyy going there. I came up with this bullshit story on how i had a 3 some with some girl i slept with as a reaction to the break up. Ex reaches out to the girl, i get caught in my lie, i end up being the villain of the story despite rhe fact that i was the one who got fucked over the hardest. "Break up, but dont break down" Hard lessons dont come cheap i suppose
Dario Guevara (21 days ago)
You really like a big brother to all of your subscribers, thank you alpha!
Bryn K (21 days ago)
Everything has own destiny
Daniel Svalestad (21 days ago)
I thought this was about being the dumper, not the dumpee. You should do a video on that. Handling a wise break up decision, that you made, can also be tough. May be tougher for the one getting broken up with but it's still tough for both.
mattyman12341 (22 days ago)
Just what I needed man iv been on and off your channel for ages it’s like you have advice for anything I’m going through just when I need it, your awesome I like maybe a 2-3 months ago my GF broke up with me and I mean it was bad cause I know it was my fault she was ready me through all she is into the relationship it was just unfortunate it was the time I was going through both a deep depression with suicidal thoughts and actions sadly (failed duh) but I love you with all my heart and I’m sure she’ll always have a place there but fuck man everything you said I feel or felt but at least she made me feel one thing Determination I’m going to go back to college get my grades go to uni do my course and prove everyone wrong I’m not just some cunt I’m gonna make myself amazing and you know what I can be proud of myself which is all I want fuck everyone else as long as I’m not breaking laws and being happy I’m good so who needs that stress I love myself I’m not perfect but I like that it just means move to improve
Rade007 (22 days ago)
Thank you man. You are the only one who I found that he's giving a real and helpful advices.
Joshua Gaffeny (22 days ago)
This is really helpful, extremely thankful for this video 🙏🏻
Wm. Ward (22 days ago)
straight tearing up watching this....right before the holidays and my birthday, so fucking painful god does it hurt, I haven't felt this in a decade
IAM PAVELDEB (23 days ago)
Really thank u man
Nick Jonathan (23 days ago)
Dont start sleeping around...yeah im safe there buddy
D (23 days ago)
I had a gf for 3 years and she would break up with me every time there was an argument but we always worked things out I lived with her for 2 years and when she kicked me out she slept with someone that same week and I had sex with her the day before she kicked me out and it was the worst feeling during that week I didn’t know anything about it so I would always text her but she would never reply until like some days later she finally replied and tells me about it and I forgave her the worst decision I ever made because 3 months after she said she didn’t want to be with me no more because we argue too much and I swear my heart is so broken and the sad thing is that I have no one to support me no friends or family members I’m only 20 😞..
Eddie Spencer (23 days ago)
She wanted to go on a break from our 2.5 year relationship after I couldn’t commit to the idea of marrying her. (20 btw) after a month I realized that she probably was the one, be she was already dating someone else. Now it is 6 months later and I still feel like shit. Damn I miss her.
el_chino_778 (24 days ago)
Thank you Alpha
sharon 6 (24 days ago)
Don't know why I watch this video i don't have a girl even just to talk
Fetto Squad (24 days ago)
All girls are the same. What I'm feeling right now is absolutely horrible because I love this girl and we had a "thing" for a while. Then she started not liking me randomly. The only thing I think about is this girl and I wish she could still say the same. I am going through depression, I really am. This hurts do bad:(((
giggity_giggity (25 days ago)
this video was how to handle a break up, not how to actually break up with the bitch..
Pedro Tedro (25 days ago)
people who are broken are broken they got betrayed and have no longer the strenghed to build up with a another woman. im living a single life now so nobody can hurt me or dissapoint me in life who cares about these stupid woman who don't have dignity in life!.
Pedro Tedro (25 days ago)
god must return to earth and fix these woman to not let you down in life.
Nazeem Daud (26 days ago)
Thanks aplha, you are the best
cfjlkfsjf (26 days ago)
Looks like I will be fine, I am always by myself.
No User (26 days ago)
My hand hurts whenever my heart breaks
JDHED1 (26 days ago)
Fight Club for me
Serg M (27 days ago)
I am 16 and I got dumped, we started to love each other this was the first time I actually loved someone and now she dumped me I dont know what to do I want to turn to drugs, suicide thoughts are creeping up I am saying this as tears come out of my eyes and as my heart is racing, she broke my heart
Bob Broderick (27 days ago)
Just lost my lady due to constantly screwing up. But he it’s good
Aden Pearce (15 days ago)
Thank you man this really helped me a lot my brake up felt like my heart was riped from my chest this really help thank you man I was crying you made me really happy I’m also grateful for your advice your videos get me threw some really tuff times in my life
Ashraf Hosny (27 days ago)
I love you man
All Black (28 days ago)
Love is so fickle...
Emily Boulden (28 days ago)
Thanks Alpha needed this bro
John Suter (29 days ago)
So needed!  ty
SM (29 days ago)
Thanks for the video ...He left me after dating 2 years ..I truly loved him but he got someone else Moreover his allegations and abusive language ripped my heart apart...Which movie he mentioned ?
ELITE&ExclusiveGaming (29 days ago)
I broke up on accident. Lmao. I thought a break wasn't a break up. Before you break up, try to solve things. Argue if you have to. Argument makes a relationship lasts. I follow will smith advice when arguing. They are never to raise your voice or cuss.
Abraham Sanchez (29 days ago)
man... it’s been so long since i left her... i left her because i knew i fell in love with the wrong person... she left me, she fucked another dude then begged for me back... i fucking hate this feeling man... it’s not that i miss her it’s just... i hate her... i can’t seem to forgive her no matter how much i want to... i need help.. so i want to numb the pain with drugs...
Brandon McKay (1 month ago)
😭😭😭😭😭 I miss my girl
jeremy borg (1 month ago)
After 2 hear im back at it 😂

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