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So You Think You Can Dance - Jess with Lauren G - Hip Hop

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So You Think You Can Dance Sason 8 Top 8 Performance Dancer : Jess with Lauren G Choreographer:Tabitha & Napoleon Dumo Song:Take A Bow by Rihanna
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Rocio Cuyul (5 years ago)
juvy peodina (5 years ago)
is that you there ? nice !!
juvy peodina (5 years ago)
i leran this steps wow nice action :
wonka320 (5 years ago)
Why Lauren G is dancing hip hop? Not her style, absolutely
k fan (2 years ago)
wonka320 her style is actually contemp./hip hop
Alyssa Tillapaugh (5 years ago)
Jess should have stayed :( i was so pissed.
Lblu1181 (6 years ago)
I Love this routine with Jess!! Wanted to see more of him . . . . So talented!
beroo (6 years ago)
0:43 boa only one
Clare Vestela (6 years ago)
Am i the only one who thought of Dora when i watched this
bree hawkins (6 years ago)
me too! :) how old are you??
bree hawkins (6 years ago)
it was just a joke...lol!! why would i date him?? he's like 18, 19, or 20 and i'm only 15??? my little cousin told me to say it... she's 8 :) i'm so sorry if i hurt your feelings!!! <3
bree hawkins (6 years ago)
do you love him????
bree hawkins (6 years ago)
jess is awesome!!
bree hawkins (6 years ago)
you know i don't mean to hurt your feelings but i don't think he would marry you because he's dating me
melvin manuel (6 years ago)
Femke Hornikx (6 years ago)
i love him hese so good
Angela Streeter (6 years ago)
I know it's supposed to be about the top 20 but I do love that the all stars come back now. I love Lauren :-)
phatsince87 (7 years ago)
Jess was a favorite of mine all season - he is adorable and an outstanding dancer! he took on everything they threw at him and did a great job!
Imsexysryurnot (7 years ago)
wonderful story telling
Nguyen Hoang My Duyen (7 years ago)
Jess really performed very well in every kinds.So sad that he was out in the end of the competition
Hikari Showers (7 years ago)
@bakerhunter93 damm i just how to get on an for any1 out there you need to have ur I.D and birth certfiate and for those that are form and i quote Missisippe and Alabama you must be at least 18-30
Hikari Showers (7 years ago)
Can sum1 tell me how do i get on this show?
Shannon Soriano (7 years ago)
lauren is amazing!
poplockjock92 (7 years ago)
i am getting really sick of lyrical hip hop and these dances with a story plot to it. it was great when it first came out but now sytycd has just made the show about contemporary and ads a little bit of hip hop, but the hip hop they ad is all lyrical. i liked the first four seasons cause they had a balance of every style of dance. they also had a lot more HARD HITTING hip hop. please bring that back. stop with the story dances... sometimes people just want to watch dance, not a play
Kathy Tran (7 years ago)
I love napoleon and tabithas routiness.. they're great choreogrpaherssss
gjbearkneedough (7 years ago)
Great routine....
Lauren Ashley (7 years ago)
I love this performance, because it has so much emotion and energy. I love how they only use the rose to emphasize on the point. BUT, at some points, i didn't think the rose NEEDED to be there. But i loved it! GO JESS!!!!!!!!
kb1025 (7 years ago)
when jess first made it on the show, i thought he was really annoying, but he toned it down and improved SO much, that by the end I really liked him.
razberryz1 (7 years ago)
I was so mad when he got voted off :P
Mandy Keith (7 years ago)
cooL (:
zarbi10425 (7 years ago)
The choregraphy is so kitch
vikeeLOL411 (7 years ago)
wow, jess is amayzing, i cant believe that he wuz out, i wish i could tell him to his face to never give up, and his dreams are in his reach.
Courtney Hunter (7 years ago)
One of my favorite dancers and performances. Jess is Amazing!!!
MrMetthias (7 years ago)
Jess is very versatile. he always catches my attention especially in group routines..
widdat (7 years ago)
Jess was and still is my favorite of the entire season, beginning with his audition and straight through to the tap routine in the finale. He's going to have an awesome career in the future. Count on it. Good to see Lauren again. She's always so reliable as a partner.
coffeetea720 (7 years ago)
There were a lot of really amazing dancers on this season, but I think when it came to progress, Jess did the best. He went from being this tiny little Broadway kid to being a sexy, versatile dancer. He became a man in this dance, let's be honest. He really should have stayed longer than he did.
michhl97 (7 years ago)
u fucking kidding me... is jess out of STYYYYTYCD!? now I'm sad. he was my favorite:( this have not been showed in norway yet so I'm little bit late...
thenyouliedtome (7 years ago)
i think jess or jordan deserves to win. They have been the most versatile dancers this season
masterkayaki (7 years ago)
not teh biggest fan of jess but lauren gottlieb is my favorite girl ever
Batsheva Sladowsky (7 years ago)
this is awsome!!! sad jess got voted off :(!!!:( i <3 this routine!! and all of his hip hop routines!!!
aintnoparty7 (7 years ago)
jess was never one of my favorites but i think he did awesome in this routine. if i were to base the elimanation off of just this week i think it should have been ricky
vikeeLOL411 (7 years ago)
wow, Jess is an AMAYZING dancer, cant believe he's out!! :(
Kiana Quick (7 years ago)
throwing the rose was a great touch..
Fidge Fodge (7 years ago)
Simon is biased towards hiphop dancers because they "have no formal training" wonk wonk... It's rather unfortunate actually, because that's sort of a slap in the face to all those people who have learned and practiced and studied so hard at their craft. Also, Tadd's solos are not very good, it's always a lot of tricks with very little dancing, there are many many other hiphop dancers out there that are much more interesting and unique.
Esunthor (7 years ago)
Gotta say..Jess has a smooth style in these hiphoproutines. But anyways I think that Ricky should've been voted off..
Audumn Jackson (7 years ago)
Wth is wrong with america jess is awesome!
Jen Kline (7 years ago)
this was a great performance by him. very solid. better hip hop dancer then alot of the boys considering it is not at all his style. I really enjoyed it
elphatraGuin (7 years ago)
i am SO MAD that the judges voted jess off last night!! he is SO MUCH BETTER than tadd when it comes to this competition. tadd is good in his style of dance, but when it comes to the choreography and different genres of dance, he isn't that great. jess DEFINITELY should have made it through! he shouldn't have even been in the bottom 4!!!!!! are they CRAZY?!?!?!

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