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Mens Bathroom Massacre

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Looks like Kt had too much La Nopalera!
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PossiblyMakai (19 days ago)
Wtf honestly if girls think this is what happens in the men’s room they’re wrong...you girls will never piss like a man
Rebecca Taylor (22 days ago)
I love how girls act like boys when they use they use the urinal but there so wrong
gяαρє тєα. (4 months ago)
1:01 I love this part 😂
Mike Herman (4 months ago)
Probably should wear shoes or something in the men’s room. Barefoot is absolutely nasty.
Pineapple (4 months ago)
Is it ever awkward when you guys are using the urinal next to each other? Like how do you just stand there and go when someone is right there??
David Godfrey (7 months ago)
Abhishek Kumar (7 months ago)
Behaving like man .They are not woman
Kino&Araina (8 months ago)
I'm offended
XxXxConnorXcxcxX X (8 months ago)
We just don’t do that tho
Attached Alex (9 months ago)
I like how girls think this is what happenes in the boys bathroom but they are completley wrong.
Komedy ! (9 months ago)
This is kinda what happens in a males toilet! Except when they look over their urinal into yours they'd usually like scream out ether "wow that's so fucking small!" Or they'd just urbbbakc because they're intimidated! With me it's "wow that's so fucking small!"
Rebecca Doolan (10 months ago)
How long are they peeing
Rebecca Doolan (10 months ago)
How come they have no shoes
ChryslerVoyager1991 (1 year ago)
Michelle O (1 year ago)
do boys really pee in those things?
Kodak Grinds (2 months ago)
Michelle O yes
Lewis boy (1 year ago)
I shit like that for real me lol don't need pretend sound effects!
s4mtis (4 years ago)
You forger to step 3m back when u pissing!
Morph Verse (4 years ago)
They lack the knowledge of the male biology..
Vibhav J (4 years ago)
0:44 and 1:45 clothes on still shitting and peeing
Vibhav J (4 years ago)
Shitting with panties on? bad bitch and the blue peeing in panties?lol  fake fake 
alexisfaith1987 (5 years ago)
413 dislikers are "DICKHEAD"!!!
jesus jones (5 years ago)
weirdpants3 (5 years ago)
Do fuck
Lotus12 (5 years ago)
HA! Women are winning the war!
Henry Youtube (1 year ago)
So standing in the toilet doing nothing is winning the war, strange.... women are competitive, so competitive that they make themselves look so dumb.
The Fearless (1 year ago)
SilverSophia My fucking ass, only war your truly winning is being sexist.
handsomecat1 (5 years ago)
weirdpants3 (5 years ago)
Dick? Lol
handsomecat1 (5 years ago)
yea if women did have dicks we would be in trouble right? From the way most of us act with dicks? Yes I can see a vise versa
Lotus12 (5 years ago)
I am comfortable that they don't. I bet there is some universe where females have dicks. :3 Research the 'Multiple Universe Theory' if you don't understand what I'm talking about.
handsomecat1 (5 years ago)
Well  Im going to tell you... I wish woman did have dicks
Lotus12 (5 years ago)
Well, thinking about it, it could cause some problems reproductively. It could end up in a few divorces. Men wouldn't be the superior pee-wherever people anymore. It would cause chaos sexually. A lot of things could happen.
handsomecat1 (5 years ago)
yes I know that and no I'm  mad at all and no I' m not offended at all. Well we would be in trouble, in what way?
Lotus12 (5 years ago)
Yes. You would be in trouble. No offense.
Heru Herbanu (5 years ago)
hunter bowden (5 years ago)
why the fuck u put this stupid video
Muhammad Fahrul (5 years ago)
what the pack!!!
snermaniv (5 years ago)
nice legs
Al Pelo (5 years ago)
Barefoot on a public bathroom ? WTF CUNTS
Caleb Williams (5 years ago)
Dumb video stop!!
Nick (5 years ago)
i really have a thing for the female in the orange shirt
DigitalPraise7 (5 years ago)
Dudes do NOT talk like this while peeing.
walking reaper (5 years ago)
naaaaasty shit
pugggs (5 years ago)
Barefoot at a urinal?
Adzhar Nordin (5 years ago)
How could that blue girl pee without a zipper?
J HINTON (5 years ago)
shoboat98atgmail (5 years ago)
Troy Barnes (5 years ago)
ladies you will never pee like a man you don't have a penis
looie4000 (5 years ago)
Fuckin nasty where are their shoes at?
Tiffany Hunt (5 years ago)
The girl fartin didn't pull her shorts down
Dawn Hawbecker (5 years ago)
What is the 3 girls name
Vivian Zamora (5 years ago)
FTV Fuck This Video
Vivian Zamora (5 years ago)
shylildude (5 years ago)
I would wear shoes if I were you
Jacki Turner (5 years ago)
O my god that is hillarious!!! Lol
Joshua Bliffen (5 years ago)
C Cabral (5 years ago)
Anything after 0:07 would get a shotgun to the face
Mrdrsmoothyahoo (5 years ago)
oooo this was suppose to be funny... i didnt get that part....
Tala issam (6 years ago)
it's not true
lhy potter (6 years ago)
Idk why this made me laugh too much
Jonathan Fink (6 years ago)
The girl on the toilet has really nice calves, ankles, and feet.
Amanda (6 years ago)
This gay as shit don't post this shit no more
MrSlayer721 (6 years ago)
a guy would never barf
Zimba Zumba (6 years ago)
Bare feet around a urinal. Ouch.
Liam Ireland (6 years ago)
This is dumb as shit
Tyechia Norwood (1 year ago)
I know right
MrJdom24 (6 years ago)
if any of this was even remotely true..
nokos1444 (6 years ago)
It takes a group of women to think up a scenario which in my 25 years of pissing in a urinal has never happened, what the fuck is wrong with people. I hate it how women depict us a these disgusting pigs that just fart and shit. Funny video by the way.
MichaelSpectre (6 years ago)
A.) I'm in a bathroom, taking a piss. B.) I get the sudden urge to throw up. C.) I.... run outside!?
Peepzdude King (6 years ago)
this is fuck up on so many levels
Bobby Whitten (6 years ago)
a guy would not shake hands wile peeing
Jesse Kittrell (6 years ago)
I'd fuck em all
kevin paguio (6 years ago)
share !!
Dzilla64 (6 years ago)
u wish you could piss standing up
Dzilla64 (6 years ago)
man barefoot in a bathroom
TheLALA1933 (6 years ago)
White girls
Isaiah holguin (6 years ago)
J T (6 years ago)
and with no shoes on?? in a public bathroom??
Laolin521 (6 years ago)
u may wanna keep your shoes on in men's restroom
iin ahmad (6 years ago)
WTF !!
abroham lincoln (6 years ago)
freakin hippie who weres socks in a bathroom
helicopter1 (6 years ago)
Why are girls more disgusting than guys? Because they walk in to bathrooms barefoot. Come on! That's sick!
jortiz67 (6 years ago)
how the heck does she shit with her shorts on...and goes dont look at each others junk while pissing and rarely ever talk except for a sup after were are done.
YikuroGaming (6 years ago)
1:36 omg did you see that GUY! he had his toes panted what a homo.
Larry Meadows (3 months ago)
Nasty whores
YikuroGaming (6 years ago)
thats exactly what i was thinking
Gears God (6 years ago)
1. when all the stalls are taken, always join a guy, makes good convo 2.never walk into the guys room without shoes, you will regret it 3.if you hear a guy fart, ALWAYS make a pun about Mexican food
phantomwolf (6 years ago)
wanna fuck u bitches
awsometastic12 (6 years ago)
So where did all the homicide go?
TR REEDER (6 years ago)
there not peeing and there grils not men good greif
sickweirdo (6 years ago)
Oh ho ho, silly females.
finalefate (6 years ago)
she actually sat on the toilet in the public bathroom?
Beth Blazonis (6 years ago)
wow that was weird but dont eat the urnal cakes
nDjification (7 years ago)
Lol wearing socks in this place is even worse, you just pump and wipe the floor
WM1019 (7 years ago)
The video sucks, but these comments are pure comedy......First off, barefoot in a men's bathroom, they need to get vaccinated.......Secondly, shitting with pants on, not going to workout to well.......Nice
Louie Taher (7 years ago)
1:46 shitting with pants on???!!
Louie Taher (7 years ago)
they take forever to piss!!
Louie Taher (7 years ago)
dude rape them!
Colin Legge (7 years ago)
How the hell was this in recommended videos????
davidsotoproductions (7 years ago)
No one can piss for that long -_-
vikas jha (7 years ago)
@xXJR28Xx best comment....hahaha....can't stop laughing
Kwan Goddard Lee (7 years ago)
Rule number 1: Never go into a Mens' room without shoes! No matter what
Lyle I (7 years ago)
That shit is not real the girl in the stall has nothing to read.
gosucoaching (7 years ago)
2:32 OMG!! Don't you dare to wash the hands FFS!!!! :-O
Anthony Mauro (7 years ago)
That's nasty as fuck. And the first girls that are peeing, I wouldn't put it past them that they actually have penises.
TheSwitijs (7 years ago)
The girl in blue weight is in the like bar, but the red one is the dislike bar!
Life of Tristan (7 years ago)
I think that this is really funny.
ricard512 (7 years ago)
Stop nailing betches!
Ourgirl (7 years ago)
This is wat gay men do u fucking bitches
SixWingRythm (7 years ago)
lmao this was hilarious but why no shoes?

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