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Why Scorpion Venom Is So Expensive | So Expensive

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The deathstalker is one of the most dangerous scorpions on the planet, and what makes it so dangerous also happens to be the most expensive liquid in the world. Why? Special thanks to Emran Alkhiyami. See more from Emran: https://www.instagram.com/ealkhiyami/ ------------------------------------------------------ #ScorpionVenom #Deathstalker Business Insider tells you all you need to know about business, finance, tech, retail, and more. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: https://read.bi/7XqUHI BI on Facebook: https://read.bi/2xOcEcj BI on Instagram: https://read.bi/2Q2D29T BI on Twitter: https://read.bi/2xCnzGF -------------------------------------------------- Why Scorpion Venom Is So Expensive | So Expensive
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Text Comments (1463)
Arman Shikasta (2 hours ago)
I have two black hair and they are also big if you want someone to contact me
Arman Shikasta (2 hours ago)
00923302151649 my what sap
Arman Shikasta (2 hours ago)
What is the hallmark of why the most expensive river in the world is so expensive?
What about the thousands of captured scorpions forced everyday 24/7 to milk venom
Mini3005 (8 hours ago)
Die armen Skorpione...
Silvio Manuel (19 hours ago)
Under capitalism, all prices are arbitrary and phony. Nothing actually has value. Humans should go ahead and destroy themselves, so we can get on to the next project.
ungandan 24 (1 day ago)
*watches video* *immidiatly goes outside to try and find one*
I have 11 black scorpion and 4 black window spider if any one want to buy kindly contact me 03333818484
chiidog lol (1 day ago)
Subs to PewDiePie
chiidog lol (1 day ago)
Why do you need it for? Answers blow
Gabriel Trejo (2 days ago)
Well they can always make a machine to have the scorpion sting so they could get more instead of the milking them
Igor Nieckarz (2 days ago)
What do u use with that liquid
YouTube User (3 days ago)
That’s why scorpion is the best album of the years 2018-2019
Wolf Clan Nation (3 days ago)
Ima milk these things 13 MILLION I’m pretty sure for a kg
Charlotte Stephenson (5 days ago)
this isnt vegan
Stupid Butt (6 days ago)
$39 million? Time to open a scorpion factory! I wouldn't do it just for the money but I'll be helping a lot of people doing this.
r Negoro (6 days ago)
Who buys the venom?
ItsNick (6 days ago)
I'm gonna go find me some scorpions and become rich! edit: I watched the end of the video. There goes my dreams
Nicewolf (6 days ago)
Guys I'm recruiting people for my "Imaginary Venom Company". The below positions are vacant if my company starts (However I will be the founder) 1. Scorpion hunters. (100 nos) 2. Venom extractors (50 nos) 3. Venom Sales Manager (50) 4. Venom Marketing Manager (50) 5. Legal Compliance Manager (20) 6. Lawyers (20) 7. CEO (1) 8. Investors (High networth individuals) no limit 9. Chief financial officer (1) 10. Chief operating officer 11. Health and Safety expert 12. Licensing specialist 13. IT Managers (5) 14. Venom Specialist Doctors (20) 15. Receptionists (5) 16. Managing director (1) 17. Scientists (many numbers)
Forfunckle Studios (6 days ago)
Why don't they just squeeze it harder
itsme itsme (6 days ago)
Well,I suppose its time to get bitten 2.64 million times if I want that new Lambo
Eric Maya (6 days ago)
Where would you sell it??
Umer The Clumsy Tube (6 days ago)
I want some of that scorpion venom, I need that dough for -cocaine- coke
Umer The Clumsy Tube (6 days ago)
I'm so unhealthy that I will die from a bite from myself
Mareen Shah (7 days ago)
i feel so bad for those scorpions
Stupid Butt (6 days ago)
Mareen Shah I also feel bad for those who have brain tumors that this venom can save lives
Boooi Boi (7 days ago)
Imma become a millionaire then buy sum of dat and but that in Justin Bieber’s drink then it would slowly watch him
KINGBROWÑ Vybe (7 days ago)
Gotta catch me some scorpion.
Barbara Stepien-foad (7 days ago)
Wtf does anyone want with venom? Leave the poor critters alone.
Gbsmfarms (7 days ago)
hm... poison?
Dear John (8 days ago)
This is what the filthy rich buy when they want to commit suicide.
Max Senecal (8 days ago)
I know what my new job is
Well i'm a scorpio ♏ so where's my money.......💸💸
fidel catsro (8 days ago)
thats it im dumping my cats and switching to scorpio pets
jake jenning (9 days ago)
Just milk 2.6 million scorpions
Meister Kaos (9 days ago)
Some 200 or so years later, scorpion venom will become a common commodity and sell for a handful of bottle caps per gland.
Adam Yuan (9 days ago)
Why don't the chemist just analysis what is inside the venom and remake it
Teletu Bi (9 days ago)
Make me rich
Gaxcha ShugarKitty (10 days ago)
Dont know if you have cancer??? Here, drink some venom!
Orifha Mbedzi (10 days ago)
What's Seth MacFarlane doing with Scorpions?
GimmeYour Cookies (10 days ago)
So they're just asking us to go and grab some scorpion's.
chucho 11 (11 days ago)
why would you want scorpion venom?
M arun (12 days ago)
Can any one say how to sell it
Dragon’s Breath63 (12 days ago)
Me:welp,time to go back to mexico to find some scorpions
Artificial Pelican (13 days ago)
Bro my foot is worth money because I got stung by one
MyNameIsBob! (13 days ago)
Might as well sell my scorpion horoscope star friend's pee and claim it to be scorpion venom. I am technically not lying...
Jalen Wheeler (13 days ago)
Time to start looking for some scorpions
Georgina Brown (13 days ago)
Hey want some gucci venom
Ernie the Keebler Elf (14 days ago)
1965: I bet there will be flying cars in the future. Present Day: Moroccans develop machine to mechanically milk scorpions.
Well but isn't that illegal? The scorpion didn't ask for it neither gets any money for it. I hope you talked to the scorpion about it.
Bartender: So what can I get ya? Me: I'll have a pint of scorpion milk, thanks Bartender: *visible confusion*
You don’t milk a scorpion You venom it :>
Skills4Rizq Institute (17 days ago)
I can get 1 gallon who need it
Creative LEMON (18 days ago)
I want some now.....
Karl Frost (18 days ago)
Nobody's talking about the possible implications of buying a gallon of scorpian venom to begin with
Lev Obzor (18 days ago)
Real talk, i have owned a scorpion. Not a deathstalker, just a run-of-the-mill emperor scorp. I really hope to become a pro scorpion handler and get one. Not for the money, barely any people buy it, just because i love scorpions.
Juan Olmos (18 days ago)
Time to uh move to Australia
Christocream (19 days ago)
A bee sting doesn't hurt. So it's x100 pain of 0? Does this mean scorpions don't hurt?
Christocream (18 days ago)
+Lev Obzor holy balls shit for the 3rd time I been stung by bees dozens of times and they dont hurt. All im asking if a scorpion sting is x100 times of a bee sting (0 x 100) that means scorpions dont hurt
Lev Obzor (18 days ago)
+Christocream If you have been stung by a scorpion, you probably wouldn't be here, writing this comment. I think, that you have either never been stung by a bee, mistook a harmless bee fly for one (which is what i think happened), or have been stung with a bee, double entity glitched with a harmless insect ( That was clearly a bad joke). Because a bee sting hurts, i know from my own experience. When i was 5, i kinda went bonkers from a bee sting, beating everyone and everything. You probably won't believe tho, but hey, 5 year olds are crazy! A bee sting resembles a white hot needle stabbing you: it has tiny surface area, but it does not feel like it. However, i am probably not the best judge, as i am allergic to about everything. Btw, my former pet scorpion had a sting, only 1 bee sting worth of pain. But it was very big, so i guess its size made up for it. This was very tedious to write, so please, reward me with a dislike!
Christocream (18 days ago)
+Lev Obzor exactly. Thats why im asking if a scorpion doesnt hurt
Lev Obzor (18 days ago)
Looks like you have never been stung by one.
ronch550 (19 days ago)
Can't we just put whole scorpions in a juice blender and use that?
- Jesus (20 days ago)
Hey, looks like my ex is doing good
Calico The Gutterball (20 days ago)
I though gas was expensive 😰
Jared The Gamer (20 days ago)
Why would I buy a venom?
Malec Scarborough (20 days ago)
You’ll now be seeing my ass outside in the woods for now on.
Maartje Moot (20 days ago)
"It's definitely gonna ruin your day" (while talking about getting stung by a scorpion) Well that has to be the understatement of the year.
Atomic Shark (21 days ago)
Would you let the rat species go extinct for 35 billion dollars
Scar Love (21 days ago)
God I hate humans. Now scorpions are going to go extinct
Cry Whit (23 days ago)
0:50 for 39M$? Challenge accepted...
Googlar (24 days ago)
Why wouldn't they be interested in buying at a discount? If someone has already gone through the trouble of collecting it, why not use it? Maybe a question of being concerned with it being contaminated, or just a regulatory/legal issue
MVP (24 days ago)
cant they just look what its made of and make artificial venom?
Kommentti Kommentti (24 days ago)
Why is it expensive if nobody wants to buy it?
Phantomus (26 days ago)
If i let a scorpion sting me, will i be expensive?
Mr. Myrino (26 days ago)
Why tho
BouRui Li (26 days ago)
Can i buy a scorpion and start milking it
Jim joe Kelly (26 days ago)
I’m selling a gallon of my seamen.. hit me up if interested
Trap Continental (27 days ago)
So who's up to be a billionaire
l67swap1 (27 days ago)
All of sudden i wanna start milking scorpions lol
Matthew C (27 days ago)
They cut the gallon and profit 100 Million
Brittany Paden (28 days ago)
Why not just mutate a few make them bigger. Am I dumb for that lol?
Liz M. (28 days ago)
Omg i hate our species
Ryan VanGelder (28 days ago)
Hey, I love scorpions much more than spiders, 🦂
Luis Flicks (29 days ago)
Wait, why not let ourselves be stung by scorpions, no?
R 168 (29 days ago)
I got tagged 3 times by a death stalker in Iraq. It sucked
Ermias (29 days ago)
Put 100,000 scorpions in a tank drop a sponge 🧽 in the tank squeeze the sponge over a cup and wah lah you’re welcome 😊
THIRTY Nine million bucks is WAY expensive for a gallon of anything. . .and that is why most Scientists only purchase Scorpion Venom by the half pint!
rajeev paltrow (29 days ago)
I have some for sale . $19m per gallon . Less than half the RRP! Any takers ?
Angeline Tolley (29 days ago)
I want me sum scorpion juice
Øli Macabre (30 days ago)
But who are you going to sell it to?
alban zeqiri (30 days ago)
Give the scorpion's steroids and they will produce double
Yaman Al Ali (30 days ago)
No idea how to extract scorpion venom, BUT I can get the scorpions and you extract the venom your selves!! Ill only take half price
bruce wayne (30 days ago)
I am buying 300 scorpion right now
santanas146 (1 month ago)
When I was 7 I went to mexico and got bitten by a scorpion twice. They first time was really bad, in thought I was going to die. But now that I'm an adult what does that mean. I'm not going to get cancer or tumors?
Waqas Shah (1 month ago)
They do all that for it buy WHY the question gets answered exactly half way through the video. lol unnessery suspence
Sslimey Slime (1 month ago)
Let’s get Scorpion together
Jalal Elmachouti (1 month ago)
We have tons in Marocco
Conway Conman (1 month ago)
Time to start a scorpion venom farm
No Soul (1 month ago)
39000000 dollars bear Grylls eat everyday xD
Egg -Miles Upher (1 month ago)
bless those scorpions🙏 for helping those ppl
AR15 (1 month ago)
I should have started doing this when I was 8. This could've set me for life.
J. F. (1 month ago)
Why don’t you just kill it and take all the venom inside? It’s a bug.
Guess I found my new job. Animal abuse shelter better start getting their ass ready for the next new wave of scorpions.
ANNii R (1 month ago)
Beautiful noble creatures from hell🥺💕🦂

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