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I Dress Like The Most Popular Stereotypes For A Week ... Fiona Frills

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SUBSCRIBE TODAY! http://bit.ly/FionaFrillsSUB I dress like the most popular stereotypes for a week. Which one is your fave? I had a blast shopping and wearing each of these stereotypes. ster·e·o·type noun 1. a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. SHOP FRILLIANCE My makeup line designed specifically for teens and teen-prone skin. Naturally happy, beautifully bright, teen-prone skin. http://www.fionafrills.com FRILLLIANCE ALERTS: Text ‘fiona‘ to 408-617-9990 and you’ll get alerts directly to your phone. for restocks and more. You’ll get the details as it all happens! OR sign up for email alerts at http://www.fionafrills.com. If you want, you can follow on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/frilliance/ too! Follow my style faves on DOTE https://dote.app.link/KGITIpp6oK More Fashion By Fiona: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1iFYkPVCw6rXu5HOR8WjEb0gRSLAP4AS In today's video, I dress like the most popular stereotypes or cliches for a week. I take you along for the shopping experience to find these outfits. Then I wear them each day. I wanted to see how I looked in each outfit and how each of these popular styles make me feel. I am also traveling to LA for several meetings and I am taking right there with me into the studio and all. Come on over and say HI! SNAPCHAT @FionaFrills DOTE @fionafrills to shop my fave styles! Bonus! They also sell Frilliance https://dote.app.link/KGITIpp6oK INSTAGRAM http://www.instagram.com/FionaFrills TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/FionaFrills FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/fionafrills PINTEREST http://www.pinterest.com/thefionafrills YOUNOW http://www.younow.com/TheFionaFrills 8TV @fionafrills I’m in love with a new shopping app! 8TV. I make 45 sec videos of some of my favorite makeup product. Smile because you're beautiful! Love you guys so so much. Huggie Huggies, Fiona About Fashion by Fiona Every teen girl loves fashion and shopping, and Fiona Frills is no exception. Follow Fiona as she shares her favorites in fashion trends, highlights her cute outfits, tastes special candy hauls and creates the newest in style. Always up to date on the newest trends, Fiona loves to share her outfit ideas and lookbooks for every season - fall outfits, summer outfits and every occasion in between. Fiona will help you find inspiration for all of your best dressed moment, from Back to School clothing hauls to a yearly school supplies haul and everything in between, Fiona has your back. After a long day at the mall shopping at her favorite stores like Brandy Melville and Zara, Fiona is always excited to show you her haul! About Fiona Frills Join Fiona Frills for all the Fun! Let Fiona share her love of makeup and beauty through her makeup beauty tutorials. She will always make sure you have the freshest face with her amazing makeup tips and cosmetic tricks. Need inspiration for the perfect seasonal outfit? Well, Fiona loves her uniques style and wants to share her teen fashion tips with you. After every shopping trip to Zara, Forever 21 and every clothing store in between, Fiona is excited to showcase her shopping haul. She even organizes her often cheap clothes into stylish look books. But it’s not all fun and games for Fiona Frills. Watch as she grows up and experiences life’s firsts like getting her ears pierced for the first time or figuring out how to put in contacts. She’ll share what’s on her iphone, who her friends are, and everything in between - just for you! Check all of this and more out only by subscribing to FIONA FRILLS!
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Text Comments (3620)
Linnea Biondi (18 hours ago)
You are sooo pretty! love ya
Haila Payne (1 day ago)
These outfits are literally all fugly lmao
When she had to deside between small and extra small...... *cant relate*
Yahaira EscobarBarba (6 days ago)
She seems kinda spoiled.
Hanna Satler (7 days ago)
people are staring at you cause your underwear is out
Carrigan McCorrie (9 days ago)
loved this video- not caring what others said- I subscribed💛
Hannah Murphy (9 days ago)
I have a video idea for you!!!!!! dressing like "just dance characters". -Hannah x
julio bethelmy castro (9 days ago)
Beautifully shot new erotic movie "Picture of Beauty" starring Taylor Sands https://vimeo.com/ondemand/pictureofbeauty or DVD https://www.amazon.es/dp/B071PF37R8
HOME SKILLY (10 days ago)
Who else think Fiona looks so good in the second one, the camo pants one
LittleOtakuGirl Girl (11 days ago)
Bruh I feel so poor watching this, like the things she does on a daily basis I would have to spend years just saving up for😂
naomi (11 days ago)
she changed and it's bad lmao
Nanya ;_; (11 days ago)
12:59 Me when the teacher says something that is not funny but you have to laugh so he doesn't fail you.
fuck everyone else (12 days ago)
Nerdy a$$ tryina relate
Megan Brokish (15 days ago)
no matter what stereotype you are Fiona you always look AMAZING
Aly (16 days ago)
The clout chaser
niya&ashley vloggz (16 days ago)
I like the supreme one
Ashley Klein (16 days ago)
Chief called, the hat isn’t it.
lina kleinn (17 days ago)
How much was ur supreme jacket? and does anybody knows where to buy it on the internet maybe
The Princess (17 days ago)
This video is basically you making me feel bad coz I dont have money to spend on clothes 😐
Nikole (17 days ago)
imagine having this much money to be able to do something cool with your style and really make something you love and you just stick with basic and hypebeast trendy stuff lmao
Lialci (17 days ago)
I loved the video but I think you could have been more creative and not have copied the pictures
valerie gutierrez (18 days ago)
I actually really liked the first outfit
Kelsey Weise (18 days ago)
Take a shot every time she says brandy
Starr Widener (18 days ago)
You remind me of Nicole from Zoey 101
Anahi Garcia (18 days ago)
What did her mother mean at 9:11?
Anime Gamer (19 days ago)
Here’s a tip, wear short shorts under short dresses.
Is_MeAudrey ! (20 days ago)
Her: it kinda gives you Camel toe Me: same girl same
O.K GAM!NG (20 days ago)
It crushed me when she said rice and beans
MARIAH GONZALEZ (20 days ago)
The shirt was tan not black😂
ITS YA BOI CARDIN *_* (21 days ago)
Northern Cali gang??
Phantomgirl7877 AJ (21 days ago)
I don't speak rich srry.
Alub Manmos (21 days ago)
I can't believe she's got so many views. This kid is so generic and ignorant. She is literally the walking stereotype herself: rich shallow babe with no brain, no personality, no soul whatsoever. Funny and sad at the same time.
Jia-Li Sanchez (22 days ago)
ya'll need to stop hating because she earns that money, and if she wants to spend it she can, its her money.
Cody Ferguson (22 days ago)
Where did you order the black top with the rose you were trying to find for ages??
Zara and zainab Vlogs (23 days ago)
Eva Landa (23 days ago)
she should've gone to hot topic!!!
Lilly Polzin (23 days ago)
Is anybody else just looking at all the other comments against Fiona and giving them all a thumbs down?
Annalisa Eschoo (24 days ago)
No hate but why was she closing her eyes when she was taking pictures
Satinaki (24 days ago)
I like how she put the definition of 'stereotype' in the description when it isn't even a stereotype lmao
Oreo cookie cat Plays (24 days ago)
I kinda dress like the skate boarder stereotype thing. But my friend thinks I'm emo but I aint
araceli b (24 days ago)
bruhh I just think she makes these kind of videos just to buy more cloth
Jen P (25 days ago)
You are adorable!
_.JUDAYAH._ (25 days ago)
Styles and stereotypes are two totally different things bruv😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
i love how she’s not ashamed to film in public and i love it
Zoe D-F (26 days ago)
The second outfit would’ve been better w out the underpants showing
Heidi Biggs (26 days ago)
anyone know where she got her necklace!?!?
Ella Sanford (26 days ago)
Question how is this girl famous 😂 I’m just wondering
Veronica Rojek (26 days ago)
why do u act 20 I'm so lost
¡rebecca¡ !anahi! (27 days ago)
Since when do tomboys wear tube tops ?
bleh (27 days ago)
11:57 That guys face 😂
It’s me CC (27 days ago)
Is it just me or does she kinda look like lily chee.. 💗
Itzel O (27 days ago)
This is the type of girl that one bad thing happens and her day her whole week is ruined
Lily Vlogs (28 days ago)
Does any notice she had a hat in the bed.... she gonna get bad luck 12:48
Marissa C Bauder (28 days ago)
Does anyone else wanna just... slap her?
Silxntglxy (28 days ago)
I can already make those styles with stuff in my closet without buying more
Alyssa Castro (28 days ago)
Loookkkk if you don’t like her then don’t watch her videos period. Stop commenting rude things because when someone does it you’re really quick to get butt hurt. And stop saying shes rich and doesn’t know how to spend her money right because if you saw in her video she was busting her butt doing things so she could have money to spend. Plus she got your view so actually she’s winning even when you’re hating 😂
Savanah McKenna (28 days ago)
The camera oh man look like he was falling asleep while filming
Tessa Mcnay (28 days ago)
I literally have the EXACT same brandy outfit....lmao <3
Jody Jansa (28 days ago)
I literally cannot FATHOM spending $400 on a JACKET. I wouldn’t even spend $100 on a jacket. Literally $50 is where I’m like “okay do I REALLY NEED this jacket” and most of the time J decide I don’t. I just feel like there are much better things I could buy with my money than a brand, ya know? 🤷🏼‍♀️
Rose Augello (28 days ago)
Gosh. Girly girls don't always have to wear pink
Pele Polk (29 days ago)
she just wants an excuse to dress like a quirky “goth gf” these days lol
Alivia Scarpa (29 days ago)
I feel like ur that basic brat who is very spoiled and fake in ur vids....... sorry
Dakota Fortin (29 days ago)
Honey that's not what goth is..
I like potatoes Lol (29 days ago)
Not trying to be rude..JK but ur outfit choices for everyday is so stereotypical for a teen..I’m sry I had to
Alyssa lajambe (30 days ago)
When u said styles I kept thinking of Harry styles
natalia ruby antonio (30 days ago)
these are styles, not stereotypes.
Draw with Peyton (30 days ago)
I don't like tube tops on me because them give my armpit rolls
KawaiiAlex 9 (30 days ago)
Jerez y’all be hating on her... it’s just a video she’s just trying to make the outfits cute and something shes comfortable with wearing! Gosh she’s innocent!!!!
I_stan_jack_avery (30 days ago)
The skater girl outfit looked so bad on you(not trying to be rude but yeah) and i never saw someone wear that, exept danielle cohn😂
Caley Stennett (30 days ago)
if I bought clothes online my mother would kill me, especially stuff that expensive
Nalani Walker (1 month ago)
‘My outfit reflects my personality’ *wearing a black top* 🤣
Lily Vietti (1 month ago)
Black flower shirt from soaesthetic shop
Isabella Nadine Burt (1 month ago)
she doesnt seem to appreciate much and she just buys things no matter what the price is. must be nice.
Kailey Caldwell (1 month ago)
Literally the whole video she was wearing brandy🙄
Leah (1 month ago)
Where she be getting all that money
Just a fren (1 month ago)
I’m here for the comments
eek beek (1 month ago)
goths👏dont👏need👏to wear👏only👏black👏to be👏goth👏
val - (1 month ago)
this girl didn’t even actually try her makeup stayed the same, her hair stayed the same, her outfits were all normal. if you’re going to do different styles go all out... it’s not like you don’t have the funds... sis just wants to use these clothes for the future
Madeline Sosa (1 month ago)
The first outfit was super pretty with the jeans jacket around the waist
JordysCamera (1 month ago)
What camera do u you?
julia aundrea (1 month ago)
rich has entered the chat
She's 5'7"... im 5'11" and a half
+Cate Carnahan uh ofc duhhhh
Cate Carnahan (1 month ago)
Cool??? Do you want a prize or something??
tagnipez (1 month ago)
if you’re do this at least make the outfits look good. this video is a clear case of just cause you’re rich doesn’t mean you can dress well 💀
Lara Alaraifi c; (1 month ago)
Omfg that’s my pe teacher tffffff no joke ms lamis !!!!
Izzy And Landry (1 month ago)
Second outfit is so me😂 But the glasses I would change to something more thrifty (like emma chamberlain's glasses)
Geneva Hillrich (1 month ago)
How about the girl who only wears lululemon leggings
Lolo Lolo (1 month ago)
I kind of wish she wouldn't show the prices and make sure that you know how much she's spending because... well its pretty snotty. I like her videos but if she did that i would like them more.
kiwi 2007 (1 month ago)
You should dress like you tubers for a week
Ali Ziegler (1 month ago)
How tf do you afford all of that?🧐
Little Cutie (1 month ago)
How old are u?
Amber Kleynhans (1 month ago)
She’s just a basic white girl
-livvy- (1 month ago)
how do you keep a tube top up?
ZOE RIVERA (1 month ago)
Try the “dress like a boy challenge”
ZOE RIVERA (1 month ago)
Lily Broad (1 month ago)
Love how your idea of "goth" was literally not even goth style, like could of googled goth style
Melody Lawrence (1 month ago)
it wasn't really stereotypes but it was really fun watching different styles idk why people are hating cuz she's spending her OWN money y'all jealous and petty AF
Brandy Lotito (1 month ago)
my name is brandy, and she kept saying "brandy is very popular" " everyone thinks of brandy" " im a real brandy lover" i felt so loved and nice, lol
Sheena Lein Balanay (1 month ago)
cheesy mouse (1 month ago)
Pink Unicorn (1 month ago)
i bought today skechers for 70 bucks and i wanted them for such a long time and finally decided to got them, she bought a champion jacket for 400 bucks like it's a drink from starbucks for 4$, what's wrong with her?
Aubrey baldazo (1 month ago)
I’m i the only one that after a trip I just throw all my stuff in a bag not folded at all cuz it takes to much time lol

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