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High-Speed Canyon Jet Ski - Lake Powell GoPro

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For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom Watch in HD 1080p ! Location: Lake Powell, July 2014 Camera: GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition, head mount Ski: Honda AquaTrax F-12X
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Text Comments (1513)
Edward Carnby (14 days ago)
I'm pretty sure that's the exact canyon that they filmed Planet of the Apes in. Specifically, the scenes where they're paddling away from the wreck and discussing which sun the planet might be orbiting.
Stephen Penney (1 month ago)
Pretty cool
Zoubeir's World (1 month ago)
Which canyon is this?
Frank MacArthur (2 months ago)
Where on the lake is this and how deep is the water?
jurriaan Adema (3 months ago)
Fish (3 months ago)
Wow! My life is so shit😔
kalimba de luna (3 months ago)
👎👎👎no respect nature
Keith Lee (4 months ago)
What happened? Dead end?
nigelcarren (4 months ago)
At 1:35 that is what a sesame-seed sees when it realises it's now stuck in your teeth! I am NOT going to stick around for the giant toothbrush! 😱
Theo James (4 months ago)
Byungkee Kim (4 months ago)
my eye painful.
No worries Mate (4 months ago)
Aitch (4 months ago)
That looks fun, unless you were coming the other way :/
Doodle Boy (4 months ago)
What if a MotoGP rider rides this jetskii in these canyons
Justin Stergar (4 months ago)
Legend has it he is still trying to find his way out of the canyons
Laviathen Latos (4 months ago)
Legend has it he's still trying to find his way out
THX-0381 (4 months ago)
Reminded me of the old Star Wars Pod Racer Game, I have been to Lake Powell many times, love this place.
Bocaine Bowboys (4 months ago)
He was just looking for a dope spot to park and smoke
Matt Leach (4 months ago)
The reflection on the water makes it look like he’s boutta fall down
FlyingMeta (4 months ago)
This is so sick!
Un known (4 months ago)
I can’t help but wonder how they got jet skis down there??
Cod mw2
Bob H (4 months ago)
Good times until someone is doing the the same thing, but in opposing direction and at the same time. Happened to me in FL in a mangrove maze. Ended up in the mangroves. Softer than rock face lol. Good times!
davenjon734 (4 months ago)
Wata lika mirra waaa
K P (4 months ago)
I say go left
Abrah Cadabrah (4 months ago)
I3east _ (4 months ago)
I thought you would fly
Alberto Acostandei (4 months ago)
When I'm drunk and I have to find my room! It seems to me the same.
X Xx (4 months ago)
Mw2 final mission
therockstar barber (4 months ago)
Imagine getting stuck...
k Kl (5 months ago)
jason vasquez (5 months ago)
Don’t watch while high
E Rivers (5 months ago)
WARREN WU (5 months ago)
Picture a crocodile surface out while he stop.
Kevin Aaron (5 months ago)
Wow my life sucks
thatallredheadude 1 (5 months ago)
what part of the lake is this?
JASON always (5 months ago)
Looks like your flying it's tripy
MajesticBoo Shan (5 months ago)
I wonder how deep the water is in the tight spots
RedWIRE (5 months ago)
More like the last mission of mw2
Yusuf Efendi TV (5 months ago)
Luther Blankenship (5 months ago)
Very trippy when it narrows it looks like nothing there. Just drop off
Daksh j98 (5 months ago)
Her: this is my first time
Aaron Fonseca (5 months ago)
“High Speed”
Nick (5 months ago)
Pulls out ziploc of pipe and weed at the end?
Isuzu Slider (5 months ago)
all fun and games untill a kid steps out, well done dickhead
Ray Shanksmith (5 months ago)
These the sorta rivers we needa jet ski down on the last mission of a game with a fleet of enemy's behind us and a small ass time limit lmao
Nophera (5 months ago)
open the dam and drain this gay ass lake
andrey Gl (5 months ago)
а если встречка?😆
TheblkSaturnannihilator (5 months ago)
I thought dude was actually going to rip through...not pussy foot.
gachi (5 months ago)
Looks like one of those Disney water rides lol
Paul Cleef (5 months ago)
thats a long swimm back when you run out of gass...
My Main Channel (5 months ago)
Dude's about to fall right through the map!
coldwaterslack (5 months ago)
What happened to Glen Canyon was an epic crime. Can you imagine the incredibly sweet slot canyon that was flooded so this idiot could jet ski a couple of hundred feet above where the creek flowed? Hiking this before the dam would have been epic. The Lake Foul Sewage Lagoon needs to be drained. It will all silt up soon anyway.
Marko Zabukovec (5 months ago)
kill shepard
Crispy (5 months ago)
Killer spot to blaze some bud
Dude 420 (5 months ago)
looks like a perfect spot to blaze a doobie
Edzel Mejia (5 months ago)
That water is so clear it looks like he's riding off a cliff. Awesome.
Matthew _ Ian _ (5 months ago)
Imagine swimming in that not knowing where or how to get out
knock knock fuckoff (5 months ago)
Such a beautiful location and along comes Johnny Utah to ruin it. fucking idiot.
Misujino 888 (5 months ago)
SeldonLien (5 months ago)
ericblackwell70 (5 months ago)
I wonder how deep that water was
A7X (5 months ago)
too slow
Ricky Spanish (5 months ago)
That was trippy.....
Mark Molter (5 months ago)
Damn I’ve been jet skiing at Lake Powell and I never saw this. Where is this.
Slex Magick (5 months ago)
turned his camera off to smoke a bowl
Ken Riches (5 months ago)
Add drone footage please
Gerhard Pretorius (5 months ago)
high speed ...ag please hahaha
Logan Stage (5 months ago)
Now THAT’S pod-racing!
Anthøny Salazαr (5 months ago)
Choose the right the right side
Micro Drop (5 months ago)
You went back there to smoke a blunt didn't you?
Youngbl33zy (5 months ago)
Idk what everyone els is seeing but I track street bikes and idk this dude was going slow I would’ve been ripping it. Looking death in the eye
Clint Gibson (5 months ago)
Runs out of gas
Clint Gibson (5 months ago)
I got scared at some parts
Devin Posey (5 months ago)
.........Modern Warfare 2 *COUGHING!! COUGH- ING!!!*
Sam Sommer (5 months ago)
I swear your riding on a mirror
Mr3344555 (5 months ago)
@1:30 I explore caves, and when you're turning back and you see this and you havent marked it or memorized it... IT WAS AT THIS MOMENT, HE REALIZED HE FUCKED UP.
Kirby Everyman (5 months ago)
I have very few reasons to move out west. This is one of those few reasons.
Mugwort (5 months ago)
Fake as hell
ItsNotTrue (5 months ago)
"Soap, don't let em get away!"
Max Witt III (5 months ago)
What part of lake Powell is that?
Jack is not in the box (5 months ago)
Doesn't count, you braked.
Oblivion (5 months ago)
All that way, to have a sandwich.
Ia Sa (5 months ago)
is this beggar's canyon?
Jason Costello (5 months ago)
Anyone know which canyon this is ?
Rootinest Toot (5 months ago)
“Lake Powell! 3! 2! 1! Go! Go! Go!” Hydro Thunder Hurricane!
Brandy Austin (5 months ago)
Lake Powell is awesome
CryPtic GaMing (5 months ago)
My ass was literally freaking out
money friend (5 months ago)
Amazing place! Where is it?
Fake Thumbnail (5 months ago)
The water doesn’t appear to even be there
Chris Michalkow (5 months ago)
WOW but how do you rescue an idiot from out of there!
Damnit Bobby (6 months ago)
You ever take it off any sweet jumps?
Tom T (6 months ago)
Ahh cool that looks fun. I probably would die but that looks fun!! Gave this video a thumbs up👍👍
Oleksii Ochkur (6 months ago)
все-равно на скорость и тд... красота вкруг!!!
johnneal cabalteja (6 months ago)
reverse gears get them
cheese chisel (6 months ago)
does anyone ever swim in there?
Glitches and Gameplay (6 months ago)
That illusion tho
Todd m (6 months ago)
What a beautiful shot man, thats honestly amazing n i hope u really do appreciate how lucky you are (i know prob "hard work" u still need luck to make it idc who u r).
Adrien Cash (6 months ago)
Accid trip 1014 @129
Farmer Wyatt (6 months ago)
Awesome, looks like a video game lol

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