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High-Speed Canyon Jet Ski - Lake Powell GoPro

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For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom Watch in HD 1080p ! Location: Lake Powell, July 2014 Camera: GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition, head mount Ski: Honda AquaTrax F-12X
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Text Comments (1408)
Hey I know you (6 hours ago)
The water doesn’t appear to even be there
Chris Michalkow (8 hours ago)
WOW but how do you rescue an idiot from out of there!
Motorcycle 90 (2 days ago)
It’s like a video game
Damnit Bobby (4 days ago)
You ever take it off any sweet jumps?
Tom Tucker (5 days ago)
Ahh cool that looks fun. I probably would die but that looks fun!! Gave this video a thumbs up👍👍
Oleksii Ochkur (6 days ago)
все-равно на скорость и тд... красота вкруг!!!
johnneal cabalteja (6 days ago)
reverse gears get them
cheese chisel (6 days ago)
does anyone ever swim in there?
Glitches and Gameplay (6 days ago)
That illusion tho
Todd m (7 days ago)
What a beautiful shot man, thats honestly amazing n i hope u really do appreciate how lucky you are (i know prob "hard work" u still need luck to make it idc who u r).
Adrien Cash (7 days ago)
Accid trip 1014 @129
XxPNF_GGxX Wyatt (7 days ago)
Awesome, looks like a video game lol
Zander (8 days ago)
Looked like he was gonna drop Off a cliff at one point, nice video
Dave Haskell (8 days ago)
Hope you die before you hit someone. Idiots like YOU ruin every good thing
Main (8 days ago)
this was so slow. you didnt even push it. pussy
Emeveila (8 days ago)
When the game doesn’t load the water
Mark Pasquinelli (8 days ago)
Lol pulls out lunch at the end
efbeenie (9 days ago)
Real life Nintendo 64 Wave race!!
john smith (10 days ago)
Turn around go back 😂
Jackson McClelland (11 days ago)
Looks like you can see underwater
mahdi Althurwi (12 days ago)
imagine if your jet ski broken there, you will need to be a super sayain to get out there.
josue4everyone (2 days ago)
Man, Anakin ain't got no skilllz compared to this jet skier!
JM G (12 days ago)
Do I go left or right ?? Get your map don’t get lost
You PTAs cunt Retard (13 days ago)
How deep is that water?
Scott Hayes (14 days ago)
Not high speed and not impressive. The Gopros xxx° lens makes it look fast. Plus the driver slowed for the tight sections. Eh, but it's getting more hits than my channel.
Bruce Wayne (15 days ago)
Watching this was making my eyes cross lol
FINN ROBY (15 days ago)
Going out on the lake tomorrow, where abouts is this?
IanInVan (15 days ago)
Crazy love for your ride ... crazier love for Mother Earth.
Angelo Ruiz (16 days ago)
Jack Clemson (16 days ago)
Reminds me of MW2 final mission
Albert Medina (16 days ago)
I would've wrecked for sure 😁
Mojo (16 days ago)
how deep is it?
huffn puff (17 days ago)
Very cool. Did you know any part of that route? It would have sucked to have to push your boat backwards for any kind of substance
Claudio Bacigalupi (17 days ago)
Instead of enjoing that place in the silence, you disturbe everything and everyone.....
camofrog (17 days ago)
Such a beautiful, peaceful place for all to enjoy. And then the freaking jet skis show up.
Derick Eckenberg (17 days ago)
Wow, if he was going any faster he would have broken the speed of sound. High speed my ass.
Nathan (18 days ago)
Not a place to runnout of gas.
Joe Black (18 days ago)
Michael Keppler (19 days ago)
Wow. Amazing
Kamran Khattak (20 days ago)
Next Video???
MeowGarlicster (20 days ago)
Which part of the lake is this? I'd love to explore this passage next summer!
Bob the truck driver (21 days ago)
oh yeah mine can go 0 mph
enos baltazar (21 days ago)
Wheres this at?
重富怜 (21 days ago)
Sergeitel A (21 days ago)
Tristen Brown (21 days ago)
MW2 Final Mission
Aleksandar Loncarevic (21 days ago)
This thing has brakes??
I wonder how deep the water was.
Rilind Tasholli (22 days ago)
I thought he was flying
MitsuFQ400 (22 days ago)
0:40 i thought that was a drop and this guy is crazy
Mr. Clout (22 days ago)
This gave me mw2 vibes
iEviLDoG (22 days ago)
Hydro Thunder!
I am Kareem (23 days ago)
Strykzz (23 days ago)
this is so fucking satisfying
V1 Gibby (23 days ago)
The reflection makes it look like your flying
kirby87 (23 days ago)
what if it broke down??
agafoorsyed (23 days ago)
Beautiful and tricky. Well done!
Still awesome. 😁
Kriš Jandāls (24 days ago)
resident evil 4... any one?
Chance (24 days ago)
This video contained exactly 0% high speed.
Lord Lew (25 days ago)
That looks so crazy!
Steffen Frost (25 days ago)
The whole time I was thinking I'd like to swim that... Just have to work out how to avoid someone like this at the same time. Paddle boarding another option. Any people here been there?
show o. (25 days ago)
Great Man (26 days ago)
Wow! It's like a video game where you can actually crash and die!
TheBabass276 (26 days ago)
Amazing a dream for we french ! Putain que j’aimerai le faire magnifique c’est où ? Au état unies ?Dans le moab ?
Tank Slapper (26 days ago)
Lake powell is a blast I stayed on the water for a week ans saw rainbow bridge or some shit.
Não passa de um maconheiro
ethan hellewell (26 days ago)
When your game doesn't load the whole map
Vegas Golden Knights (27 days ago)
Prosty Człowiek (28 days ago)
Left in peace this miracle water and place y've done nothing...
Kamil S. (29 days ago)
I envy you
DogWhistle Gaming (29 days ago)
where is this lake?
Cesar Vargas (1 month ago)
LaughTooHard (1 month ago)
With Lake Powell the other awesome thing about the back canyons is you never know how deep the water is.
Brandon J Wallace (1 month ago)
looks like he rolled a blunt @ the end lol love this guy 😎
Foxinnord 72 (1 month ago)
That’s awesome. The mirror effect is disorienting
the one (1 month ago)
Woow looks Amazing i am next
OneBiasedOpinion (1 month ago)
It's hard to tell where the air and water meet sometimes. I would have had trouble navigating it as well as you did. Awesome video man!
Sidakagru Sidakagru (1 month ago)
0:50 I was like wtf why is there a hole now
cwtv (1 month ago)
Reflection is awskme
pob000 (1 month ago)
Look where the water line used to be.
Taco (1 month ago)
He must have abs breaks lmao
Mighty Coasters (1 month ago)
He looked like he was flying at some points
music relaxing (1 month ago)
Jessie Ortiz (1 month ago)
Looks like your Gonna fall straight threw the water lol
Kyushka (1 month ago)
The walls look way closer than they are
DirtiestofDs 420 (1 month ago)
Turn off go pro smoke fatty day complete
Elhud (1 month ago)
woah look at the reflection in this place, nice video.
28M views (1 month ago)
It's cool that they named the lake after GoPro!
bizzieone (1 month ago)
Super cool
Everett Olenick (1 month ago)
Is this MW2
errorleakfortepicg (1 month ago)
I’ll pass.
bogder4 (1 month ago)
Good spot to blaze one.
Chris Sanchez (1 month ago)
That is too majestic to whiz by it like that.
J Royle (1 month ago)
Where's the high speed part?
182 Collector (1 month ago)
This is crazy! Just imagine when all those slot cannons didn't have an artificial lake in them.
Jerry Shi (1 month ago)
Is this legal
Dan Rod (1 month ago)
He went left

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