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How to Hold in Pee when You Can't Use the Toilet

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Please Subscribe! ▶ https://goo.gl/ksfh7M How to Hold in Pee when You Can't Use the Toilet: Having to hold in urine may be difficult and can be unpleasant. If you find yourself without acceptable facilities, privacy, time, or opportunity, there are some techniques you can try. The steps listed under “Holding in Urine” are techniques you can try when faced with having to hold in urine. These are only a set of suggestions and are not supported by scientific studies. Some, all, or none of them may work for you at different times 1.Visualize closing your urethra. Your urethra is the opening to the outside through which urine exits your body. Imagine squeezing muscles surrounding the urethra while allowing your other muscles to relax. These are the same muscle you would squeeze if you were trying to stop a stream of urine. Relax the pelvis and abdomen to avoid placing additional pressure on the bladder. 2.Reposition your body. You may have to do this several times while holding in urine. Different positions can relieve some of the pressure on your-bladder, making it easier to hold in urine.Don't press on the lower part of your abdomen. It will put more pressure on your bladder. . 3.Pass gas, if you have to. The buildup of gas in your intestines can place pressure on your bladder. Alleviating this pressure by passing gas may make you feel more comfortable and may allow you to hold in urine longer. 4.Stay-warm. Make yourself as warm as you can by covering up with blankets, turning up the heater, or curling your body closer together. There is a phenomenon called cold diuresis, wherein acute exposure to the cold causes an urge to urinate. 5.Avoid jarring or shaking your body. This can put pressure on your bladder and make you uncomfortable. • Stay sitting, if sitting. Too much movement can jar your bladder and make you uncomfortable. If you find yourself in a comfortable position, stay there until it becomes uncomfortable and you need to reposition-yourself. • Avoid changing positions too suddenly, and tense, abrupt, or sudden-movement. • Keep movements as fluid and graceful as possible when you walk or perform other activities. 6.Minimize drinking anything while you need to pee. Drink enough to maintain normal hydration, but avoid anything unnecessary. 7.Think of a distraction. Avoid any thoughts about urinating, water, or toilets. • Don't have an internal debate about urinating versus holding it in. • Do not think about using the restroom until you are actually there. • Do not think about urinating as soon as you reach the restroom. You may begin to urinate before you have time to remove your pants and underwear 8.Don't believe that letting a little bit of urine out will help. It won't. Letting a little bit of urine out is virtually impossible more often than not your bladder won't stop after just that little-bit, and you'll succeed in peeing your pants. 9.Don't laugh or think about anything funny. Laughing might cause you to contract muscles that put more pressure on your bladder. Avoid friends and situations that may cause you to laugh. NOTE: The materials and the information contained on Natural ways channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. None of the information on our videos is a substitute for a diagnosis and treatment by your health professional. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provide. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/herbalremediesandcures/ google plus: https://plus.google.com/b/113379601003474436812/113379601003474436812 Images licensed under Creative Commons: www.wikihow.com www.pixabay.com www.flickr.com www.publicdomainpictures.net
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Text Comments (544)
Dominic Modugno (8 hours ago)
Or you could just piss yourself (girls please do that while wearing leggings)
delilah suckling (10 days ago)
I peed watching this😫😫😫
Sparkle2 win (12 days ago)
I’m bursting for the toilet but to scared to go 4:51 am FUCKKKK
Logan Selvaggio (13 days ago)
I watch these to hold my pee
Ldij Kkkq (13 days ago)
Who elese is in a car or bus and is trying to hold it?
New Horizon (14 days ago)
Be a man
New Horizon (14 days ago)
Writing this comment was the only reason why I clicked on the video
pippy buppy (19 days ago)
my name is Jose, one time i pee
Emma Thompson (20 days ago)
Yeah but sometimes when I fart I pee
lobster 2569 (21 days ago)
I peed me pants just now
Amber Valencia (25 days ago)
I needed to pee WhileI was watching
Adventures with Priyal (25 days ago)
I need to go! I need to go! My brothers in the toilet! HOW LONG!????!!😖😖😖😖
Elise Holly Da Silva (25 days ago)
I am in my bed i cant be bothered to go to the rest room
foxxylove 101 (26 days ago)
I am able to forget that I hv to go and I don't hv to pee anymore afterwards 💁
gabriel peralta (1 month ago)
Who else is secretly home and cant use the bathroom cause ur mom would know
gabriel peralta (1 month ago)
Who else is secretly home and cant use the bathroom cause ur mom would know
ham sammich11573 (1 month ago)
I'm at physical therapy right now and I have electrodes stuck to my foot. I. Have. To. Fucking. Pee.
Rawan Alaani (1 month ago)
who else is scared to go? oh only me sure then
Nadine Cunningham (1 month ago)
Y'all are in your beds to lazy to get out but I am locked outside my house for 3 hours 😂🤦smh
Sara Alsulaiti (1 month ago)
My mom is sleeping right beside me but i want to go to the bathroom but I don’t want to wake her up
Bonnie Sayer (1 month ago)
I. Peed. In. My. Bra
Nåt -.- (1 month ago)
little miss (1 month ago)
Same....what's wrong with meh
Hypebeast Maniac (2 months ago)
I’m watching this cuz a mouse ran across my room and I’m scared
TiffanyPlayz (2 months ago)
Goddamit now I have to get out of meh warm bed to the toilet ;-;
TiffanyPlayz (2 months ago)
TiffanyPlayz (2 months ago)
It is 12 AM, I have school tomorrow, and here I am, watching YouTube videos under my pillow. **sigh**
tina smith (2 months ago)
GLENN COCO (2 months ago)
Kids Kuester (2 months ago)
Sal Vlogs (2 months ago)
blush ing (2 months ago)
i have my own bathroom lmao
I'm only here because my mom is asleep and I'm in my room while my door is jammed and if I open it it's gonna make a lot of damn noise and I will get whooped in the middle of 3 am
Eating food is wow (2 months ago)
how the heck did i get here
Mark Bates (2 months ago)
This is quiet wierd
Oakleaf700 (2 months ago)
How can farting ease the need to pee?..Cold nights and cold winds and rainy weather outdoors makes it much worse.
Oakleaf700 (2 months ago)
What I detested as a kid was staying overnight in a strange house and being unsure of where the bathroom was....Waking up in the cold [cold rooms made it worse] and pitch black with that jabbing- sensation in the bladder...trying to go back to sleep til morning with a twanging lower abdomen...not daring to roll over in case it made it worse...ugh...and dreaming of peeing...finding a loo, releasing going and going, but still not feeling relief....and then waking up really bursting and it is still dark... The fun of being a kid. I was never a bedwetter, but my brother was...he'd not wake up.
Just your Average girl (2 months ago)
I’m watching this o when I’m at school I don’t have to go
Autumn//sompthing e.e (2 months ago)
I did the opposite
Hayam ا. Bander (2 months ago)
it's bad to hold your pee guys don't do it
i watched the conjuring its nighttime its dark i cant go to bathroom
Nydias channel .VLOG. (3 months ago)
When I was in the car I bet lots of peaople thought that I was crazy bc I was jumping around but then I realized...YOU TUBE!!! SO then I went and I saw this vid and I clicked on it and I did the steps and now I dont need to anymore😂😂😂
4 0 (3 months ago)
I pee in Pampers . I am 16 years
Mia Henderson (3 months ago)
I have you pee and somebody is fixing the toilet😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
Betzaida Smith (3 months ago)
This video help me hold my pee if there are no bathrooms
Abbey with an E ! (3 months ago)
Lol I was on the toilet when watching this😂
VeD_DeV Fan (3 months ago)
Ros Noob (4 months ago)
*Think of sex*
It’s 12:30am so I’m watching this! I feel like some demon kid will kill me 😂😂
Allie XD (4 months ago)
The first one woooorks ya’ll
Kimberly Marie (4 months ago)
I did this and accidentally peed my pants
Yasmain 8 (4 months ago)
Sometimes I find buckets in my balcony and I really have to go and someone in the bathroom I Just pee in the bucket!
Laylaispotato 208 (4 months ago)
Is anyone else’s biggest fear peeing there pants? Just me..ok But seriously tho I’m super afraid of it that I keep getting panic attacks about having to go to school
Nåt -.- (1 month ago)
Been there done that
Astrid Brumbach (3 months ago)
Layla Kratz no problem.
Laylaispotato 208 (3 months ago)
Astrid Brumbach thx
Astrid Brumbach (3 months ago)
Well it will be embarrassing but looking back you won’t care. 😊
T (4 months ago)
I always need to pee after I go swimming
ifrnks (4 months ago)
I can’t use the bathroom. I have to use it badly but I can’t leave my room cause my door squeaks and I’ll wake my parents up.
Megan Mole (4 months ago)
I need to prepare now
I'm in my room, it's 4:17 am and I watched a horror film so like I'm dying XD
Ji Akira (4 months ago)
I cant use the bathroom when other hoes are in when I NEED TO GO. I can't pass gas, I'll pee a little.
Kylie McCleary (4 months ago)
I got so bored watching this that my determination to pee went away , 😂
Komal Mehta (5 months ago)
Nice video
Cousins For life (5 months ago)
My bathroom is taken and I really gotta pee
shivam kumar (5 months ago)
Clean. Your. Pee
Elise Konicov (5 months ago)
My friends taking an hour long shower in his bathroom which is the only one in his house and I really have to go for some time now. I'm too much of a little bitch to know... fuck yes he just came out!! Also my pee smells like dumplings and soy sauce
Lena loves to Party (5 months ago)
I’m in my bed because I have school but I don’t wanne sleep and I need a pee and if my dad finds out I’m still not asleep I’m dead😬😬😬
Erin Beniston (5 months ago)
3:11 is she pregnant and the baby kicked or something or like did she just pee her pants?
Duoc Huynh (5 months ago)
Dumb ass per in a Bush
Never mind I pissed my self while watching it
MaddoxTrollz (5 months ago)
Might be weird, but it actually works. When you need to pee but had to hold it, just think of sex and it’ll stop.. Really works
Skilled 101 (5 months ago)
Who else's washroom is nasty af
papindra kumar (5 months ago)
how werid
Cheetahboy3000 (5 months ago)
Why is this sexually oriented
marty vdm (5 months ago)
And u will succeed in peeing ur pants😂
Clueless Jamaa (6 months ago)
when i have to hold in my pee i just twerk my way there... yeaah even at school...
Josiah Powell (6 months ago)
I’m so grateful for this I almost pissed myself
Presley Halsten Jacobs (6 months ago)
Yara Bingham (6 months ago)
I'm currently trapped in my room and really have to use the restroom😂 pray for me
michelle zhang (6 months ago)
When I need to pee I hold my crotch
Amariah Freeman (3 months ago)
michelle zhang lol ssme
Itz Kay Duhh (6 months ago)
Welp I pissed myself
Leylah Moreno (6 months ago)
2:54 made that mistake one too many times :\
SadnessIsKey (6 months ago)
Scotty 1arm (6 months ago)
I’m on a road trip
mynipples kool (7 months ago)
Cryinq Gachatuber (7 months ago)
I was at school and I peed my pants I’m home now and thinking about how to die
Jlaad Libya (7 months ago)
the perfect solution is to wear diapers 😁
Sean Magner (5 months ago)
Jlaad Libya don’t fucking talk about my sister
Jlaad Libya (5 months ago)
Magner 22 i wanna cum on your sisters faces
Sean Magner (5 months ago)
Hey.hi.hello.byee lol sorry
Hey.hi.hello.byee (5 months ago)
Magner 22 ok, it's over now we haven't talked in like a week ( every body on here) it's getting annoying now
Sean Magner (5 months ago)
I wanna cum on your face
Poopy Boy (7 months ago)
I needed to pee while watching this
Tragic (16 days ago)
Poopy Boy sameeee
Nohely G Andrade (3 months ago)
Same i was in a bus
Serene Tan (3 months ago)
Poopy Boy lol
Amy Fun (3 months ago)
Poopy Boy SAME HERE ;-;
Amber Smith (7 months ago)
I. Pee. In my. Car for some kind of day to do it would be a real estate
Bonnie Mulgrew (8 months ago)
When there’s someone in your bathroom and you’re actually bursting 😫
handsome boi (8 months ago)
This really worked i farted and i dont have to use the bathroom anymore but i do need to change my boxers
Mum Davies Family (8 months ago)
What is jarring?😋😋😋
Nikki Kirk (8 months ago)
Here's a tip when you need to pee go pee
Eating food is wow (2 months ago)
pee in a bag and throw it away
Mariana __ (4 months ago)
Sijona G omg I’m in bed and I don’t wanna go because I seen one
Zroesien (5 months ago)
Nikki Kirk i literally cant because my BLIND GRANDPA is using the bathroom and he takes like 10 minutes
Sijona G (5 months ago)
Nikki Kirk but there is a centipede
poppin potatoes37 (8 months ago)
Me: trying to fart 💨 *Pees myself* 😯🤕😑😬😤
Jessica_yt (8 months ago)
I’ve been holding my wee in for 3 days
Jessica_yt (8 months ago)
Elina Nik using these techniques
Just a Person (8 months ago)
MissJessieBoo122 Youtube what the heck how ?
Blue (8 months ago)
I need to peeeee
anon acc (8 months ago)
Alan Lockett (8 months ago)
Like if this is weird
Natsq Roblox (8 months ago)
Ashley Sagastume (9 months ago)
Never ever hold ur pee it’s very bad what I do is itch behind my leg and it works simple don’t hold ur pee risk that
Erin Beniston (9 months ago)
Who else is watching this in bed and can’t go to the toilet because you’ll wake up your parents
Ava Johnson (9 months ago)
This worked tysm
GamingwithAva 030 (9 months ago)
OML those old annoying times.. I once went out for recess, had to pee bad so I just... was too embarrased but told a teacher anyway and they seamed mad. WELL GET FACTS STRAIGHT DUDE I DRANG 2 WATER BATTLES
jaidun dennis (9 months ago)
i didn't pee myself

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