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6 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life

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Check out Tiege Hanley here to get glowing skin: http://www.tiege.com/tmfhabits20 Use Code “tmfhabits20” for 20% off of first box Check out the WORLD'S BEST T-shirts: https://www.esntls.co/ Pick one up and let me know what you think! Subscribe to our 2nd channel: http://bit.ly/2aOthqV Thank you to Tiger Hanley for sponsoring this video! FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Website: http://teachingmensfashion.com/ Snapchat: Joseczuniga Instagram: http://bit.ly/2ejnsFf Email: [email protected] Facebook: http://bit.ly/2hiqMS4 Twitter: http://bit.ly/2hirC19 Our Address is: 10380 SW Village Center Dr., 240 Port St. Lucie, FL 34987 Music by: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired & https://soundcloud.com/dyallas
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Text Comments (734)
Daniel Selvan (1 month ago)
Can’t disagree
mazhar Haque (1 month ago)
Shit your good at sponsors
justin8771 (2 months ago)
I’ve been watching teaching men’s fashion every day I love it
thesassyvids gamer (2 months ago)
U may change my life always I never do anything
Reece Clark (2 months ago)
“The third healthy tip is to turn off screens 30 minutes prior to bedtime.” *Me “................shit.”
Shenal Wickremasinghe (3 months ago)
Accually u doing huge service to the world. Hats off 😘❤❤💪👀
Samuel Cazares (4 months ago)
I'm 14 And My Parents Don't Let Me Touch The Stove
Foofluin12 (4 months ago)
The thing is Jose not all people live in America even though we order it we are still afraid that it would be a scam and if you live in Asia like me.People will start bullying you and says that I'm not manly and they would call me girly it's just hard! And now I realize so much Asian Guys are fat,skinny and just creepy looking cuz they don't take care of their body by saying that it is manly to not take care of the body......I just want to live some where else....😞
Yan Dzivinskiy (4 months ago)
Hahaha he popped out with the tiege Hanley and I was like whoa Alpha m grew taller
Jonas Rebel (4 months ago)
Half video you talk about fucking product..
When your a girl here .....
pradnyesh gunjegaonkar (5 months ago)
bro i live in india and i cannot afford tiege hanlay right now what alternatives do i have ....
Bander Asd (5 months ago)
I usually leave coffee and save $ 5 from Starbucks
Alexander Smets (5 months ago)
do people actually think Chipotle is healthy?
Rundelhaus Code (5 months ago)
I'm 12 and I don't have enough money so I will do only the simple one.
Ricardo Carrillo (5 months ago)
Hey Jose what long sleeve are you wearing?
Brian Soto (6 months ago)
You are a Life changing and Inspirational Guru!
Y V GOVINDA RAJU (6 months ago)
Bro is it available in India
Achraf Leo (6 months ago)
Thanks to TmF you have upgraded my style and my life
Jonathan Blandon (6 months ago)
If it was so easy everyone would do it
AaronJohnsonART (6 months ago)
he's washing wayyyyyyyyyy too much lol
Pablo M (6 months ago)
Traduce este vídeo pls :^)
CR7 Juve (6 months ago)
So you don’t use make up?
(6 months ago)
who the hell thinks that Chipotle and Chick-fil-A is healthy? no wonder America has an obesity epidemic.
Shaan Ali (6 months ago)
Did u change ur hair colour🤔
YAMAAN MERCHANT (6 months ago)
Make an updated morning and night time routine
wodzefag (6 months ago)
how he is absolutely not ashamed to advertise this shitty products hahahahaha
Ferron Tulic (6 months ago)
That AP is so stylish bro
Saurabh Gandhi (6 months ago)
4:14 jose didn’t update to the latest version of iOS.....
ZYL2R2 (6 months ago)
#7 watch TMF there is a big benefit
Kia (6 months ago)
An app not a app
Derick Robles (6 months ago)
Jose with that IOS 10
CDragonGamer (6 months ago)
I have Eczema and sensitive skin will this make my face break out or burn?
Brendan Koilpillai (6 months ago)
Could you make a video on how to wear khakis and how they should fit. Thanks!
jbmoore88 (6 months ago)
2 minute task broooo genius
Lee Trevis (6 months ago)
I think Jose’s videos have gave me telepathy! I can predict when, how many and what ads will be in a video
Hamouda IA (6 months ago)
That moment when u think of a comment to get likes then you scroll down to type it and you find someone already did it and it has so many likes. The feels
Supreme (6 months ago)
What’s your watch?
Classy Juanito (6 months ago)
i definitely need to stop checking my phone right before bed, as soon as i hear it vibrate i wake up!
pimpmyride (6 months ago)
I'm sure you've heard this a million times, but you look like the artist Miguel. I actually thought the thumbnail was him.
Lupe Rojas (6 months ago)
Brandon Mosier (6 months ago)
Did I just see Jose in basketball shorts?!?
UchihaDestiny09 (6 months ago)
Number 4 Is Very Interesting :D ^_^
Justin Parker (6 months ago)
Can you do a recipes episode?
Abhishek Das (6 months ago)
its not that good bro.. a bit messy
Haider 7 (6 months ago)
Make a video of a weekend
ADITYA KUMAR SINGH (6 months ago)
Hello sir, plz upload any video in Hindi language please
Alex Schaefer (6 months ago)
Abin Shakya (6 months ago)
*it's...it's...it's...it's...crazy how*
Aman Singh Rathore Vlogs (6 months ago)
Jose what is your SPF?
Konstantin A (6 months ago)
The video is 5 min, and the advertisement is 90 sec
Abhin AS (6 months ago)
I cant enable Captions 😑
Aleem Khan (6 months ago)
That's why Rayquaza can beat Arceus and mewtwo
Goyard Dony (6 months ago)
Bro ap video asap
Scott Foltz (6 months ago)
Pomodoro Technique
Noobster (6 months ago)
Thank you very much Jose, your videos changed my life. I was never a stylish guy but now I am the best dressed guy at school and get compliments every day about my looks. Now this really cute girl started talking to me (she used to be my crush) and now I feel like she likes me
Mitch Monnet (6 months ago)
#7 Drink Water
Angry Anivia (6 months ago)
Some sort of physical activity *wink* *wink*
Sponge BOZZ (6 months ago)
What do u guys think about the new mahileather backpack?
Karol Kowalski (6 months ago)
7# Wearing Esntls can change your life
Andrew Esquivel (6 months ago)
So is this guy copying alpha or is alpha copying this guy?
Ayo Agar (6 months ago)
Wasn't your hair curly
Road2Laughter (6 months ago)
please make a video on premature greying of hairs
iamsteven.g (6 months ago)
Fizz Fuzz (6 months ago)
Victor Hernandez (6 months ago)
"The discount that they offer me" didn't sound too good, Jose. You should try sticking to "the discount they're offering us"
The Ferret (6 months ago)
2:56 to skip past the advertising. the adverts these days are almost half the vid!
Esporma Chua (6 months ago)
Why alpha dont use essntls?
Abhishek Heer (6 months ago)
When Tiece hanlet is coming to india?
shaurya singh (6 months ago)
Bro Plz write the points in the description.
Sahvendra K (6 months ago)
Samsung has a great blue light fiiler too
Smiggles Miggles (6 months ago)
Where is that blue Long sleeve tee from Jose?
Itachi Uchiha (6 months ago)
Brother I agree with you take out is horrible for your health even though kfc tastes great you feel like trash after you eat it
Rico Neri (6 months ago)
Hey Jose can you make a video on home work outs? Great video btw 👌🏽
Jac (6 months ago)
iOS 9 ????
MSJ 14. (6 months ago)
Esntls, priority. ☝🏻🙌🏻
Mat Swagger (6 months ago)
you have the best clothes, I'm still 11 so I can't buy whatever I want, I have barely any matching clothes. Fashion is hard for me
Aashish Khatri (6 months ago)
The Alpha Male (6 months ago)
Jose, I need help finding a new hairstyle for spring/summer. Do u have any ideas ?? Thx, ur the best bro.
Averell Neely (6 months ago)
If you don't ( Like ) , the video !? ... Just close the video and move on !!! , Don't ( dislike ) it 👌✌
B3A5T 125 (6 months ago)
7. Watch TMF
Beautiful Conversation (6 months ago)
Good video
Bball930 (6 months ago)
About time Aaron send you Tiege!!!hahaha
Sky Bloom (6 months ago)
I’m watching this at 10:40
Golden Gaming (6 months ago)
Talk about does masterbation affect your gains
Just do it 234 (6 months ago)
He Jose your are my favorite YouTuber. I’m in middle school you should do a video on how to get a girlfriend in middle school, or how to be cool in middle school. Just an idea. Keep doing what you are doing
RobQuan (6 months ago)
Just ordered Tiege Hanley Level 2 ! Thanks for the discount Jose ! :D
Jacob Butler (6 months ago)
Gave it a thumbs up before it even started. 😎😎
Derick Robles (6 months ago)
I’m in Florida right now for Disney World and I’m literally just excited about being in the same state as you
Ramiro gomez (6 months ago)
Fucking nigga stop speaking english, you are not american! And you never will.
Raul Castro (6 months ago)
3:40 watching this video at 12 am
Luis Santiago (6 months ago)
Lol and I'm watching this before going to sleep
Luis Santiago (6 months ago)
Lol and I'm watching this before going to sleep
steps2survival (6 months ago)
What's with the Hillary Clinton thumbnail?
Anshil Shah (6 months ago)
Tiege Hanley cause me to get breakouts
brayden kamstra (6 months ago)
Jose the type of dude to use 6-ply toilet paper
Mike Smith (6 months ago)
Who also skips the part when he talks about the sponsor
unknown person (6 months ago)
I should the spin brush every time I use a face wash
Anthony Nwokedi (6 months ago)
You should do a prom video
Luke cunningham (6 months ago)
Try it at least one month or 30 days?? 2:00

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