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So You Think You Can Dance - Jordan and Ade - Jazz

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So You Think You Can Dance Sason 8 Top 8 Performance Dancer : Jordan and Ade Choreographer:Tyce Diorio Song:Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner
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Joanne Ward (6 years ago)
miss jordan..her leg extensions are so powerful...you should of stayed on longer than catelynn
a123sophie123a (7 years ago)
she's like a pretzal im sad she left
Reed Liu (7 years ago)
@RRThrower haha...i I knew that I misspell....
sinnistar99 (7 years ago)
0:38 is insane! Thought Ade was going to rip her leg off and take it home.
JustineLawrencee (7 years ago)
I love Jordan shes my favorite!!!
sandra fields (7 years ago)
Jordan is so Fuckin Awesome!!!!! I loved her since her first audition. She dances so damn SEXY!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL !!!!!!

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