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5 TRICKS to STOP Being The “Nice Guy”

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Text Comments (1287)
Leefandawaiski (1 day ago)
Amazing look Jose!
Salty Supreme Boi (1 day ago)
U Have to Be nice but not a doll
AYAZ AHMAD (2 days ago)
Are the 2.9 million nice guys😂
Neesh (2 days ago)
how to stop being the nice guy? Download audible.
8KOBE BRYANT24 (2 days ago)
José you’re the best, you are my namesake lol
Wan Haiekal (2 days ago)
Oh man ty i try to be no Nice guy
hello flex (4 days ago)
Unsubscribing from that promo btw
Yan Yan (4 days ago)
I'm too generous and too nice, that's why people use me..a lot. Thank You for making this video. It's time to change. Bye-Bye to my old self.
Khaysar Ahmed (6 days ago)
2 minutes wasted plugging audible.....
the best bitchduck (6 days ago)
I be nice to people because being mean makes me feel bad
Will Millar (7 days ago)
I am a prick, how do I stop
Ilija Kirov (8 days ago)
The sixth trick is using Tiege Hanley 😂
enigmatic sinner (8 days ago)
Who's your girlfriend?
saucypillow (9 days ago)
But in anime......
Reivalryne (9 days ago)
Listens to *DEATH* *METAL*
NightData (13 days ago)
I got used back then
Mohammad Al Ezzi (16 days ago)
Whats wrong by bieng the "NICE GUY" every body loves me becose i am a nice guy be what you like guys 😕😕😊
marvin powell (16 days ago)
thanks for the motivation 👌
marvin powell (16 days ago)
😎now i can actually start kicking some ass instead of mine getting kicked 😏 or me being walked over 💪
Angad Singh (18 days ago)
Thank you for this advice it realy helped
CASH MOONWOLF (20 days ago)
Lol i been so agressive bad boi with a savage attitude fr lol.
jiji navales (20 days ago)
I've been watching this video many times and executing them everyday? Damn! I love the results! Though my circle is getting smaller but just like what they say "quality not quantity". Honestly, I love the person who I am becoming. Thanks jose! This is something I can finally look forward.
Jamal Mohamed (21 days ago)
I Kant make my hair long
Veljko Grujic (22 days ago)
My opinion: Nice guys love to be treated well (they do care about others opinions about themselves) So the easy way to stop being nice is to dont give a FUCKING fuck what other thinks of you and share your opinion ( not to be agreeable every god damn time if you are not to)
Ahmed Zaman (23 days ago)
You literally showed how big sucker I was during these years
Ahmed Zaman (23 days ago)
Even if you get rejected by being a badass,you'll still feel better and more confident Its better to get rejected as a badass rather than being rejected as a nice guy
SheeepySpielt (23 days ago)
You the man bro. I started getting up eeaarly today and developing my life, i guess reading should be a good choice too.
Jacob Radford (24 days ago)
Yo I’m not gonna lie he be catching me off guard with these sponsors
Xillent Killer (25 days ago)
OMG m also a nice guy😂😂😓😓😱😱😱😱😱 what should i do
Rich Lo (25 days ago)
If you finish last at least you finished...lol
Hazard (25 days ago)
Zuniga The type of Jose starta yelling at first sec on video
neutro remix (26 days ago)
Pinches gringos de mierda
Hettik (26 days ago)
Love your top thing.
Wolfgang Breitenseher (27 days ago)
Simple rule is, be helpful to your friends, be indifferent to others. A girl is never your friend.
endi coconut (27 days ago)
Jose the type of Zuniga thats not nice
Ricky Ticky Toe (27 days ago)
Anon Rahman (28 days ago)
I guess 543,412 people are nice in this world
Subham dave (29 days ago)
Sry jose but what do i think is nice guys are not those who always finishes at last they are whom who always wins at last
Talal Tariq (1 month ago)
No more nice guy 🔥
Who Knows (1 month ago)
What pants are u wearing to match that its on point tho ??
_BaniraAisu67 (1 month ago)
Nice guys: bby yuor so bootiful sow me tits plz Girls: nope :) Nice guys: hoe basically that's my summary from r/niceguys
Memphis Inspire (1 month ago)
subscribe to my channel, I am a very similar channel to teaching mesn fashion https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR1QdrvTajpsogqLBMZxZ7Q
Harshit Chauhan (1 month ago)
Jose, a business consultant in his late thirties, has spent the last five years in a relationship with a woman he considers needy and dependent. Jose began thinking about breaking up the day she first moved in. He is afraid that his girlfriend wouldn't be able to make it on her own if he left her. Although he has made several aborted attempts to break up, his girlfriend always becomes such an "emotional basket case" that he gets back together with her. Jose spends just about every waking moment trying to figure out how to get out of the relationship without hurting his girlfriend or looking like a jerk. ps- this is an extract from No More Mr. Nice Guy, basically an endorsement 😂
Roberto Tan (1 month ago)
Just wow! Thank you! Enough with this Mr Nice Guy! My mother was right, she is always right. Sometimes you just have to say no.
Barack Mungomba (1 month ago)
My brothers and sisters.do that to me now I'm the bad guy I talk back😎😎😎
Big Ol Internet Troll (1 month ago)
1. Stop trying to make other people happy 2. Learn to say "no" more often 3. Make your voice heard 4. YOU set boundaries (say what you are and are not comfortable with 5. Ask yourself what YOU want to do (your happiness matters)
Santosh C Pawara (1 month ago)
5:15 video ,, advertising is 5:00
Boss Panda.X (1 month ago)
Even tho I know I shouldn’t. I’m still the nice guy. I just can’t change that
Gustavo Gomes (1 month ago)
buy the book, step 4, buy the book, step 5 buy the book. read it
Evan Martinez (1 month ago)
Can someone explain to me more about number 3?
VORTEX (1 month ago)
But for some reason she still acts as though were dating because she doesnt like the thought of losing me and i told her if she wants me back to go and fix her problems because shes had those problems for a long time and i know its a dick move but seriously i wanted to talk to girls and befriend them and all which i did do even if she didnt want me to because i was missing that in my entire 17 years of being alive and now im happy. And she was a great person to be with in a relationship but the whole keeping me from talking to other people was annoying. I mean keeping me from talking to her ex best friend is understandable cuz i dated her too along with her other ex best friend 😂😂😂😂 Edit: i didnt date them all at the same time but i did date one and my last ex together back in 6th grade which was bad but it happened
VORTEX (1 month ago)
Yea the whole relationship part i agree with because my ex (i broke up with her a few days ago) she was used to me not really talking to girls or even caring to and always giving her attention when she wanted it and then when i was stopping all that she was bitching and moaning about it because she didnt get ALL of my time which i find really dumb cuz i dont wanna lose another 6 years of my life again but i told her to do something and fix it because im not gonna deal with it anymore and so i left her so that it just becomes easier for her. Yea i miss her and she was my everything even tho we sometimes argued a lot but i didnt wanna continue through more negativity. All im saying is that when we met my grades were shit and i always gave her my attention.... this junior year of highschool or well last year cuz im gonna be a senior in September i ended up having straight A’s the entire year. All im saying is that its weird how it happened
katracho Feliz (1 month ago)
Very helpful stuff, keep it up bro.
dan warren (1 month ago)
find that girls like me more if I weren't always Mr nice guy in past but I'm changing things
HaRrY VaLiEnTe (1 month ago)
Why are you so handsome
timothy crumel (1 month ago)
I know it work first hand ... girl said “hey Timothy could you help me d...” I interjected and said “ Hell no Whitcho lazy ass” she literally laughed the touched my are and said “I like you”🤔🤔🤔 ladies are weird 😂😂😂
Younz Scientist (1 month ago)
What the hell my crush one just ignore me now because I only I said no and no to her
Man stop promoting every thing. you give excellent tips but is exhausting
Gracy Paul (1 month ago)
Only nice guys dislike this video😂😂😂
s jermaine (1 month ago)
This is so Usufull... 👌🏾
Paul Boguo (1 month ago)
yo bro you touched a nerve wit this one.
Rajenthiran Vyeshnavan (1 month ago)
Badboys = girl attraction
I'm a bad boy bcoz i don't care being liked
HalimZeGamer (2 months ago)
Please talk about the sponsorship at the end of the video
MrCrippledBoi (2 months ago)
Jose's the type of Zuniga that compliments and uses his friend's girlfriend in his videos
AJ R. (2 months ago)
I like jose zuniga, but this video is a fucking ad
Saddam BLASTER (2 months ago)
I am fucking your wife and mother you youtuber
Saddam BLASTER (2 months ago)
teri maa ki choot bhosdi ke
GeloPlayz MC (2 months ago)
Im A Nice Guy😂😂😂
Bryan Terry (2 months ago)
Omg, I just noticed this is me! And I’ve been single for so long!!!! 😮
Ålmighty Døm (2 months ago)
Damn half of this video is a sponsor
Jati Jauhari (2 months ago)
Your too fast
M.Faisal Ghafoor (2 months ago)
Sir u are brillient
Jai Baron De Rothschild (2 months ago)
Your content is lit 🔥🔥 better than ALPHA M 😂
SUPERMINTER 121 (2 months ago)
I think saying NO would be very rude in my country
Explore More (2 months ago)
Seems to be audible add
azam khan (2 months ago)
Ohhh this means that i am not a nice guy..yayyy. 😁😁😁😎😎🙆🙆
Pro Gamer (2 months ago)
I can’t sub you the mobile don’t let me plz tell me what I do
Josah Millet (2 months ago)
Do they work on kids
Hans (2 months ago)
why I feel like he is trying to sell me something
Dz Riiper (2 months ago)
Emanuel Abraham (2 months ago)
Lol ive been seen as the freind to all girls not i need be that sexy guy who girls cry after
IMAN ZAKWAN BIN ZAIDI - (2 months ago)
Why in all of your vids,you literally put an advertisement that take too long
x I Wolfy x (2 months ago)
When I was younger I never used to be a nice guy but ever since my mom heard me seem disrespectful to people because I kept saying no, she told me I would have a bad life since I wasn't nice enough and nobody would like me. So I started being a nice guy and i need to get out of it because I know the error I made and it isn't fun. Help because I don't want to fight with my parents.
c b (2 months ago)
But ... ... but ... .. ... but... I like being the nice guy :D Like helping a woman is in need and at the same time telling her that her dress is not right for the occasion. 😂😂😂
Daft Vader (2 months ago)
When you get married, tell your wife to make a channel called teaching womens fashion (twf)
Daft Vader (2 months ago)
Keep on replaying the frist 2 seconds
sudip rizal (2 months ago)
Be nice guy infront of others . Be naughty with your girl. There is nothing wrong being nice guy.
GS11 CREATIONS (2 months ago)
Legends Are Always Single.....
Me'uTube (2 months ago)
Jose is the type of Zuniga that you don’t want your friend watch his videos because you want to be the only stylist guy among the crew more in your city.
Yari Bins (2 months ago)
Sorry not gonna stop making people happy. Ain't no way.
Jorge Gaytan (2 months ago)
Spot on bro..
Elijah Wilson (2 months ago)
Bro this is so helpful thanks bruh
Diego Belaunde (2 months ago)
Bro I like that shirt where’d you get it from?
Dave Dave (2 months ago)
I don't have to be bad just to get many girls . Besides , I already have one and i am contented with her.
Wadani dhab ah (2 months ago)
512 nice guys disliked the video
AGbaby235 (2 months ago)
I gotta say this. Jose you kinda look like the R&B singer Miguel. I don't know if you get that comparison all the time but I think there's some striking resemblance there. What do you think??
AGbaby235 (2 months ago)
Jason Ng He does right Lolz? Finally someone who agrees.
Jason Ng (2 months ago)
Agreed lmao
Hector Mendoza (2 months ago)
loved it....
Hector Mendoza (2 months ago)
loved it....
Hector Mendoza (2 months ago)
loved it

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