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ASC E-Class EC4 Unexpected Test

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Here I go fan-girling again lmao I may have caused a bit of confusion in the video, so I am explaining here what happened. So, on Tuesday, January 24th, 2017, Hermann, MO put up yet another E-Class tornado siren. This one is by the Hermann Pool. It goes off every day at noon in Westminster Chime. After this test, it played westminster chimes, then it was tested again, but with the whole system in attack. I would have gotten it, but I was too late. That Model 2 (The one I was close to) sounds awesome in attack.
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Creaky C. (1 year ago)
They put up another siren and were testing it.
ricardio14 (7 days ago)
TheJakeman789 (1 day ago)
I bet they had Huge boners when it happened. XD
Cracked solar Panel (1 month ago)
Was it a test?
Tigers9596 (1 year ago)
Fire call?
Creaky C. (1 year ago)
Nope. Another E-Class was put up, and was set off.
cool 64 (1 year ago)

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