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I Spent the Night in my Girlfriends House & She had No Idea... (24 Hour Challenge)

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Text Comments (71932)
Morgz (2 months ago)
Bianca's Amazing world (1 month ago)
Totally scripted
Rub Rub (1 month ago)
You got a sub
Logan Draper (2 months ago)
ok on it
Leah Kelley (2 months ago)
Morgz ok
Krysten Ferrais (2 months ago)
Morgz is the best
Jayden Barnett (3 hours ago)
Jesse Bell (6 hours ago)
What have been a lot better if it was actually real
Saurabh (4 hours ago)
pamarthi manaswini (7 hours ago)
Why do you shout
USAxARMYSTRONG (8 hours ago)
"Kiera will be home any minute now!" *GIVES ENTIRE HOUSE TOUR AND SHOWS HIDING SPOTS* "Kiera will be home any sec now!" *BOOM SHE IS HOME*🤔
Eva Brand (9 hours ago)
I HOpE yOU enJoY tHE REsT Of yOur Nig- *Kiera moves* *Tries to think what's going on* *realises he has to sneakily and quietly get out her room* INSTEAD HE *Runs as fast and loudest as he can outta the room* *Then Runs down the stairs in the most weirdest way* *Stops looks at the camera* *3* *2* *1* *DDDDDAAAABBBBBSSSS* *Runs*
Eva Brand (9 hours ago)
*Moaning noises* *Tries to whisper* I dON't THinK sHE's gONNa bE awAkE fOR muCH LonGEr!.!.!!.. My brain: After you saying that I think she is....
Brody Tatman (11 hours ago)
No Name (11 hours ago)
ya know what...... Maybe he should go to a therapist
Barzan Mohammed (12 hours ago)
Golden_FreddyXDD _ (12 hours ago)
Vim pelo Goularte.
calum hood enthusiast (13 hours ago)
why are all the comments so recent? 😂
Wagwan Piffting (10 hours ago)
ikr its kimda weird
Fortnite central (13 hours ago)
Acts likes hes not a virgin yet he is 😴😎😎
Wagwan Piffting (10 hours ago)
+Barzan Mohammed no I'm the one whos supposed to say thanks
Barzan Mohammed (11 hours ago)
Ace Hitman (14 hours ago)
Morgan snuck into your house and slept down the side of your bed and he did the poo.
Sayaf Khan (15 hours ago)
Wow. Loved it
Emir Cisic (17 hours ago)
is a pig
John Klein boll (18 hours ago)
Haruka Shoji (19 hours ago)
U looked like dantdm
pro gamer (21 hours ago)
i saw a nerf gun in the bathroom
leonardo lago (1 day ago)
😁 PLS Your safe 🙏 👖 👢
When you got through the window. SURVIVAL👉🏾😐
Toby Blackburn (1 day ago)
Snif my bum
Tori Koon (1 day ago)
22:14 was this moaning?!!
Tori Koon (15 hours ago)
+QwZx SK lmao
QwZx SK (19 hours ago)
Masturbate? Lmao
Darker Jam (1 day ago)
I wish you got the treatment Druv got.
Arnella Harris (1 day ago)
I cant belive the police did not see you wth
Shadow202 (1 day ago)
He spent the night at your house
London Prahl (1 day ago)
this is the clickbaitiest channel ever
London Prahl (15 hours ago)
but this one takes the 10 feet high cake
snowball 2013 (15 hours ago)
I agree most youtube channels are tho
kaniz fathama (1 day ago)
Not agreed stupid ha 😝
Dtingg YT (1 day ago)
Paul McNamara (1 day ago)
What what what the the the the hell hell hell hell hell
Nerf Guy (1 day ago)
hi morgz
Nina L (1 day ago)
19:50 OmG wHaT!? ShE iS BrUsHiNg hEr tEeTh??
Nina L (1 day ago)
12:17 Omg that's rediculous. He cannot eat real food and is only used to snacks like reeses. Sorry but it's just pathetic.
ZARA Plays (1 day ago)
No agents BUT You are worried Sorry
Gamer Techno (1 day ago)
You need a "WD-40 " for that doors.!
Riyof Riyof (1 day ago)
Ok I don’t believe this this is lying
Joey Fernando (2 days ago)
Nagy Csaba (2 days ago)
Menny a faszomba te csicska akkor forditod el a kamerat amikor veszi le a ruhajat hogy verjem a szadba
BertPlays Games (2 days ago)
So u saw her almost half naked
Kendall Keith (1 day ago)
He got a little to happy in that closet haha
quenton chapman (2 days ago)
Stop screaming and ill sub.
ΓυcλΣ (2 days ago)
I saw her in pornhub, she looks fapworthy.
Tankvsworld (2 days ago)
Talking way too loud for this to be real
Tadeo Varela (2 days ago)
Her bed was wet in the cirnor
Crimple Rojas (2 days ago)
2 months =6milyon sub's. Wut
Mirta Martinez (2 days ago)
Mengfei Tang (2 days ago)
Melly Muffin (2 days ago)
kirstie cooper (2 days ago)
Like this video morgz
Lynsey ROBERTSON (2 days ago)
🤡 👕 👖 👢🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️🕴️
Alessa Anderson (2 days ago)
👑 🤡 👙🤜🎈 👠
Elizabeth TARVER (2 days ago)
You should do it more often
Elizabeth TARVER (2 days ago)
I love it
Darker Jam (1 day ago)
Vibhore Upreti (2 days ago)
Dumbest video watched so far
Michelle Stone (2 days ago)
Cucumbers RULE!!!!!
LucaLagFC Gledhill (3 days ago)
I really LOVE LOVE LOVE CUCUMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michelle Bardsley (3 days ago)
Radha Rakhra (2 days ago)
Gfg I'm yrtrretnyrnrjtyrj4et4tej4teh4teh45heh55rh56r6rjy5jryh5ry5jr6tu5yrjthrhtrnyfthyttjrthrtyfhrtfgdrgrgtrhdgxddddfgdfrxdxrfgddfbxdfgxfb hello how are you
Radha Rakhra (2 days ago)
You are cucumber hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Naazia Gulnar (3 days ago)
Why the heck you so loud bruh
CW Loh (3 days ago)
wow,he got 6 million in just two months .not bad ,and congrats for you morgan.
James Brown (3 days ago)
I like that video 😎😎😎
Xxxedenj27 (3 days ago)
I love your videos do more of these
Smartalex alex (3 days ago)
Too Be Honest Keria is actually Sexy
Mikitity Gaming (3 days ago)
Smart alex wt f***
Dopey BG (3 days ago)
this is some awful acting right here and go damn bro the camera is 2 feet away from you why the f**k you shouting
II Roze II (2 days ago)
Dopey BG I have to agree. Their channel is filled of 7 year old kids who don’t understand how stupid his videos are.
sanjiv singh (3 days ago)
Isaiah Bowler (3 days ago)
YOUR Boyfriend was spending a night in your house That why You seen water
Dwight Vincoy (3 days ago)
Dwight Vincoy (3 days ago)
+Shem Garcia bogo man mag acting tago tago kilids bed mayg gamay na iya cam nga perti ra ba juyng dakoa nga murag di makota gago kung nag go pro sya murag mas masabtan pang di makita sya
Mave's suga Kookies (3 days ago)
Na unsa ka?
Shem Garcia (3 days ago)
Ayaw ingon og bad words
Em Bell (3 days ago)
She’s changing OH MY GOD
cool cop (3 days ago)
you r so bad
Jonathan Eeoinoza (3 days ago)
Thay was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
thang GM (15 hours ago)
What the frack bro
So sexy
Leifstream (3 days ago)
22:14 that sound
Jaliba Kamasoh (3 days ago)
That not how you do the floss
mozzy Morales (2 days ago)
Jaliba Kamasoh (3 days ago)
The sound is yatchty
Ruby Philbert (3 days ago)
Get an acting class! Especially your mum
Ruby Philbert (3 days ago)
It's funny how in every 'staying in your house without knowing' there's getting changed or something like that in the thumbnail PLEASE DO SOMETHING REAL
Red Katana (3 days ago)
I bet she knew all along
I was never here (3 days ago)
ikr he was talking so loud.
DK memez (3 days ago)
Red Katana She did
Gracie maldonado (3 days ago)
Or reses
Medical lifez (3 days ago)
I think ur ghost 😀😀😀
Liam Breslin (3 days ago)
Ur to loud 😑😑
shaaima shaai (3 days ago)
he talks way too much
Kassandra Althea (4 days ago)
Why does kieara calles her mom tracie not "mom"
shaaima shaai (3 days ago)
rajkumar Lonka (4 days ago)
Hey Kira he saw u while u changing clothes
Joanne McNair (4 days ago)
I love your merch
Cive Gaming (4 days ago)
When he put that cukumber in his mouth he should have replaced that with a d
Victoria Blakley (4 days ago)
Why is he so loud?!?! But this video was funny also at 17:09 maybe she can't hear you but she could still see you
Milk Nughet (4 days ago)
His videos are so dramatic and loud 😂
Mochi ChimChim (4 days ago)
He's so loud
EVIL Cheese (4 days ago)
U spit out the cucumber boi😐😐
wild chickens (4 days ago)
wild chickens (4 days ago)
it's not like u ever couch the toilet anyway. sorry but I have experience about this topic. I have brothers
Kylie Groyon (4 days ago)
Morgz u know u R DISGUSTING
wild chickens (4 days ago)
I like morgz he is my fav youtuber lolol
Chris Presnell (4 days ago)
Why can't anyone in these comments spell?
Antonina Krolik (2 days ago)
Chris Presnell 🤣🤣IKR
nazir dixon (4 days ago)
Soo scripted fakeeeeeeeeedd
nazir dixon (4 days ago)
U had time to sit and play fortnite How?
Chris Presnell (4 days ago)
katie walker (4 days ago)
Stop yelling
Matthew Sanchez (4 days ago)
Nice *laughs*😅😅😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤫😀😃🤧😏🖕
Charles Lucas (4 days ago)
You are crazy
Kara Roberts (4 days ago)
You are crazy morgz
Gracie maldonado (4 days ago)
He said "we have to be sefly"
Elcsi (2 days ago)
Nicole Albanese (4 days ago)
He snuck in you room and house
subodh tiwari (4 days ago)
Fart everyone fart! Peace
subodh tiwari (4 days ago)
What D?
Tyler's vlogs (4 days ago)
Brianna Issa (4 days ago)
Tony Mendez (4 days ago)
Y this lil boy make that face😂😂u goofy
kyle yamuta (4 days ago)
Gecko man (4 days ago)
*Lets face it, she knew he was there*
Naazia Gulnar (3 days ago)
Kylie Groyon (4 days ago)
Roger Franklyn (4 days ago)
Morgan // to now
Roger Franklyn (4 days ago)
To now

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