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Flyboard Flips a Jet Skis - X Dubai Flyboard World Cup

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Don't forget to watch in HD! - Subscribe, Comment, Thumbs up, and Share! :) When a Flyboard flips a Jet Ski at the X Dubai Flyboard World Cup the current rule is an automatic disqualification. This compilation of Jet Ski flips is to help flyers learn more about hose management and how to avoid a DQ.
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Text Comments (4)
Croyden Benny (9 months ago)
Why thay keep fliping the jet ski over
H2RO Magazine (9 months ago)
This is a video from 2014 and now there are equipment improvements that help reduce this issue and also athletes who fly at a high level have much better hose management and know how to manage the ski very well. Thanks for your comment.
Quenten Philip (2 years ago)
Allmighty Snail (4 years ago)
I can totally make a sealed pivitol cupling or whatever youd call it. to put on the hose where the ski is.

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