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Katsuni at 2012 AVN AWARDS Show Red Carpet Arrivals

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2012 AVN AWARDS VIDEOS http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL11F8425769D58046 Subscribe http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Katsuni at 29th Annual AVN AWARDS Show Red Carpet Arrivals at The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV January 21, 2012 ©Ricomix Productions
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Text Comments (38)
ian nick (3 months ago)
The best cowgirl ever.
Ronak Ghosh (6 months ago)
Katsuni you are so sexi girl. I miss you so much.
Steven C (2 years ago)
doing porn does not make you the greatest lover on the planet. it just says. you will have sex on camera for money and twisted fame. the earth holds 7+billion people on it. her puntang does not shoot flames out of it. once you had her. you'd move on to the next chick willing to give you some for your paycheck. she's pretty. but call it like it is. she's just another high dollar ho. turn off the lights and if she dont speak. you'd think the sex was ok. not the boom.
Mr. D (1 year ago)
Steven C you have issues
q fea es esa zorra d katsuni iuhhh...😡😡
gahan101 (5 years ago)
What's really astonishing is that...they wear clothes on!
Marko Simurina (5 years ago)
are you sure where you are going though? think twice
Smokeurmum (5 years ago)
You got a point......but not everyone could fuck the way they fuck.
jasoncolon96 (5 years ago)
Oh wow Katsumi....oy vey......I would eat the corn out of her shit word up..
zahid saleem (5 years ago)
tes516 (5 years ago)
tes516 (5 years ago)
Fake kiss. But anyway he dates all the pornstars. He one too Miguel
0poIE (5 years ago)
Manuel Farerra
buu Ho (5 years ago)
danieliguar (6 years ago)
Shit I wanna be a male prostitute!!!
Mrporkandbeaner (6 years ago)
I'd suck on her azz and tongue punch her azzhole all night long.
Hesham Alessily (4 months ago)
Mrporkandbeaner كب
Mr. D (6 months ago)
Mrporkandbeaner woahh
john livingstone (6 years ago)
he's nothing more than a greasy male prostitute and she is a raddled whore.....what have humans become ??? a billion dollar industry on just a human function...might aswell pay people for taking a shit or piss.....there both goin to hell
Glaciusful (6 years ago)
he's a porn-actor too....so how is possible that she loves him? your question is really stupid and sexist.
Eli Jackson (6 years ago)
andrx04 (6 years ago)
what kind of award can have a movie-whore ... how much money she gave to porn directors.. btw her pussy is ugly as hell //
jackiemulti (6 years ago)
did she had a nose job,her nose looks done
zeq fir (6 years ago)
e gostosa essa puta porno
heyheyhey0h (6 years ago)
hahaha I know he does look allot like them, Still I dont care who they look like I just want to be in his shoes to fuck Katsuni. Ah geez my heart says Chelsea but Barcelona havent lost at home at all this season and has scored 104 times and only conceded 16 goals!!! So yeah Barcelona but I want Chelsea to win.
heyheyhey0h (6 years ago)
well sorry mr I want to prove someone wrong on youtube
mekosilvar (6 years ago)
that dude fucks lots of bitches...
MatMadik (6 years ago)
HEY, get away from my Katsumi!!! lol!
heyheyhey0h (6 years ago)
the guy looks like Lionel Messi
Kaes (6 years ago)
@StonewallJackson26 are u kidding shes ugly as hell! with a very bad boob job too lol
jk4d (6 years ago)
@evinkayavarronay because shes hot as fuk?
louloutre (6 years ago)
I'm french too and I love them both! They are even hotter together. They seem to be SO IN LOVE, it's heartwarming. Aside from being hot, they both have the most amazing personalities. That lady is very smart, intellectual and witty... (she writes really good articles) . I knew they were in love by watching their scenes :o)
Dai Thomas (6 years ago)
@evinkayavarronay Perhaps he likes ladies with funny faces - simple as that.
turbobenx (6 years ago)
she is so HAWT!!
Kaes (6 years ago)
Manuel Ferrara could get any chick, out of all the girls he could get why the hell did he choose her??
King Charles (6 years ago)
Oh French, Didnt Know that, Thats Amazing, She likes to give head, what a lucky guy, id stuff her mouth all day, there be no time for red carpet
Alkaline Dasein (6 years ago)
@sukiebon they're both in the industry. they're both french. they are friends.
King Charles (6 years ago)
Thats his Chick? Or thats her man?? She sucked alot of Dick, She is in a lot of porn - she like to sucky sucky, Black, white Wangs

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