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Jet Ski Freeride - IFWA Jet Jump Extreme 2013 - Vendays Montalivet

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World Championship IFWA Jet Jump Extreme in Vendays Montalivet 2013. Featuring Zack Bright, Christian Young, Federico Bufacchi, Jake Montandon, Nick Barton, Yannick Pansard, Pierre Maixent, Gil Beurnier, Guillermo Casas, Cédric Tsétsé Lageat, Stephen Foot, Thomas 'ZouZou' Auzou, Lorris Monge, and Mick Anthony. Camera and Editing Christof Chlebek Visit us at http://www.unidentify.com Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UnidentifyStudios Thanks to Alex Federmeyer and Marc Sickerling for providing us with the aerial shots. Music by WE ARE FM. Support their awesome work and share their music! Visit them at http://www.wearefm.nl
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Text Comments (3)
Gustavo Reina (5 years ago)
muy bueno!!!!
John Tetenes (5 years ago)
awesome editing and great video
Michael Chlebek (5 years ago)
Thanks for this great movie, bro!

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