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Top 10 Creepiest Things Kids Have Said

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Sometimes children can say really disturbing and creepy things. So this right here is a list of the top 10 creepiest things that kids have ever said. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1IPtQdq CHECK OUT MY MAIN CHANNEL- http://bit.ly/1Q7kPWb FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA INSTAGRAM- http://instagram.com/landonproductions FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Landonproduction/268626033166262?ref=hl TWITTER- https://twitter.com/LandonYoutube VIDEO EDITED BY: Jessica Gilbert: http://instagram.com/jessicagilbs
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Text Comments (5186)
Jolie Devereux (5 days ago)
Where the hell did you find these stories? ZERO CREDIBILITY WITHOUT A SOURCE.
Jared Quinney (12 days ago)
This is really horrible
Andi XX (1 month ago)
I don’t get why ppl think imaginary friends aren’t creepy u mean IS IT NORMAL FOR A KID YO BE HANGING OUT WITH PEOPLE WE CANT SEE!?
Andi XX (1 month ago)
The creepiest thing I’ve ever heard was “you get detention”
The creepeiest thing i have even heard is that my brother said that he is in the logang
Tony Emerson (1 month ago)
This one was fkn creepy even i got chills from this one 😂 Damn Landon congrats bro u did it. U actually got my hairs ta stand up on this en lol i kno kids say some weird shyt because i got nieces n nephews and wats scary is they can see things we cant, but if a kid told me anything like on this list idk man i agree with u pretty much but id take em ta church and get em baptized IMMEDIATELY 🃏
Alice Willoughby (1 month ago)
I suppose this is obvious, but the "I was the mother and you were the daughter and tney came and chopped off all our heads" sounds like reincarnation. (Which I'm not at all sure I even believe in, but that's what it sounds like.)
Candice Perry (2 months ago)
Children can say these scary things sometimes
Dino (3 months ago)
My mom speaking english
Aelvir (3 months ago)
2:09 nope
kert kirsipuu (3 months ago)
Travis Devisser (3 months ago)
The only thing scary about this are the pictures
Arianna Leggitt (4 months ago)
On 4 the mom was in a fire and her skin was peeling off
😱 This is why I don't want children near any device until there older
GiNeRaFiC Zero (4 months ago)
2:31 gnar?
celi valike (4 months ago)
When my little brother was born I asked my mom if we could leave him at Grandma's now my little brother is my best friend
Mandy Hill (4 months ago)
Creepiest Thing? You Asking Me.
Lucy Finn (4 months ago)
My friends little brother told me "DIE LUCY"
Sydney Davis (5 months ago)
This reminds of the time I was babysitting a little girl who was five. She asked if I'd play a game with her when I said yes and asked what she wanted to play she said "the cutting game" very confused and slightly creeped out I asked " what's the cutting game?" She then told me "its where I cut you, and my brothers up in pieces because I'm like a doctor I like the cutting game it's messy and a fun game" after saying this she walked up to her baby brother , kissed his check and said "I love you baby it won't hurt" 😶😐. There was also a time I babysit a four year girl (not the same child) she managed to somehow get a butter knife as I came around the corner she jumped out at me and said very serious "I don't want to go to bed Ney if I go to bed we can't play". These are just some of the reasons I will never have children.
Kayla Connelly (5 months ago)
I try to kill my brother i was very jealous
WOLF pack (5 months ago)
chris toad (5 months ago)
Scary thing I have heard is my alarm clock
anime viewer (5 months ago)
the creepiest thing i've ever heard was from my sister that- "mom has watched your searched history"
Michael Vandermeer (5 months ago)
#3 looks like Me. Widemouth
A J (5 months ago)
Creepiest thing I've ever heard: There's no WiFi and I've used all my data
Night Raven (5 months ago)
My youngest nephew was trying to get a ball from their dog (He's four) and he couldn't get it after pulling the skin from around the dogs mouth so he looked at his mother (my sister in law) and asked in a completely normal tone of voice "Mom, how do you skin something?" Her eyes were wide with shock before she said "That's something a sociopath says." I chimed in and said "Not really. If you're fishing and you catch a catfish you want to eat then you ask "How do I skin this?" She looked slightly relieved but she was still concerned.
Michi Basirun (5 months ago)
The most creepiest thing i've ever heard is"just go down and you'll know what's your consequence going to be when you die......
Blair Lotus Ebony (5 months ago)
Mine would be my name being called out of nowhere
Cole Monteith (5 months ago)
Landon '' what's the creepiest thing... '' phone lags Me '' oh no aaaah!!!! ''
Kevin Sweeney (6 months ago)
7 days
Lany Aria (6 months ago)
Thomas Alarcon (6 months ago)
the creepyest thing i have heard was i will kil you in your sleep
GD Firebart3q (6 months ago)
Schools tomorow
ayesha naseer (6 months ago)
truly amazingly scary vid. thx
Kenridge_Koala (6 months ago)
I was a three-year-old boy when my baby sister was born!
Sandy Brophy (6 months ago)
the creepiest thing i herd a kid say is " i like jake paul " that haunts my dreams
Shariq Khan (6 months ago)
Creepiest thing I've ever heard :tmrw is my exam
Bonnie Jean Carroll (6 months ago)
I told my mom to take my baby brother back when I was about 18 months old. I then proceeded to knock over his bassinet. We grew up to be normal adults.
Rebecca Wick (6 months ago)
the creepiest thing someone has ever said to me was, "I will rape u". I looked at him and said no u wouldn't he touched me and he was my childhood friend
Faith Myrchak666 (6 months ago)
Daddy he is here!
Makayah Joseph (6 months ago)
C R E E P Y. C R E E P Y
leonis retarded (6 months ago)
If I was the parents of the kid who said we should bury it I would laugh
Amber Cimburek (6 months ago)
Sounds they all need a holy persons help
Nancy Perez (6 months ago)
Jessica Rivera (6 months ago)
one of my cousins said i like the friend behind you
xxTC-96xx (6 months ago)
so we have the terrible twos, then the creepy threesies I guess since that seems to be every kid's creepy phase
No..nah nah nope no no no no......nope nope....and this is so creepy noooooo...nooo....nope
pranav viswanathan (6 months ago)
Landon are you Indian
galaxy kitten 9862 (6 months ago)
chicken nugget caroline (6 months ago)
ima kid who is werd :3
lawyer morty (6 months ago)
Landon talks like a douchebag
Scarlet Witch Fanboy (6 months ago)
My invisible friends were Percy Jackson and harry potter characters
Aakash Itape (6 months ago)
It was so cool.. N creepy also.. Ughh..
Edgy white Kid (7 months ago)
***Is this real life right now!?***
Mary Lumeyer (7 months ago)
Can you make a part 2
They think they're annoying that's what
Yaaa I know I do
Icy Cream (7 months ago)
when my sister was little she told our mom she had to show the nice lady where the stairs to the light was but we were in her room and there was no lady o.o
Foxy Guy (7 months ago)
The scariest thing I said was Sewaside
Shook Eth (7 months ago)
That I getting a brother
Aya - Chan (7 months ago)
David Ahn (7 months ago)
I heard a kid sing happy birthday but he said death day
Lily Frias (7 months ago)
The slendr men ughh
stickbot girl (7 months ago)
Oh god
jfr films (7 months ago)
Lívia Rodrigues (8 months ago)
The creepiest thing I ever heard.........When my mom calls my FULL NAME (that means u gonna die)
CaramelCat Squad (8 months ago)
Magda Dziczek (8 months ago)
Two days ago my eight year old cousine told me that there was an invisible monster above my head and playing with my hair
Magda Dziczek (8 months ago)
I'm now afraid to sleep in the dark
XxlovepaigexX Blogs (8 months ago)
Corrupted_106 (8 months ago)
my 4 year old brother said this once ''there is a monster in the closet i saw him walk out my room'' the part that disturbs me is , he can't speak a whole phrase very well without stuttering , i forgot to mention that i mostly stay up all night and he walked into my room when it was about 2 in the morning
Theo Archie (8 months ago)
did anyone else hear banging throughout the video when wearing headphones
pro game kid gamer (8 months ago)
Creepiest thing I've ever heard is get up for school!
Twynisa Lewis (8 months ago)
I knew about number one
The weird ones 1 (8 months ago)
I was with my cousin one day and he said “ the man in the corner is scary”. No lie I have a corner in my room that’s really dark And I am happy we moved a few days later
The weird ones 1 (8 months ago)
I got a text that said “I hid the body” I was 8 and never said anything to my family
Deanna Breeding (8 months ago)
This is creepy this is creepy this is creepy
cherie's channel (8 months ago)
My brothers friends daughter's(ruby's) 'imagery friend' taught her ring a ring of roses and told her that when she was her age(3) she had to hide with good men who had beaks before her momma and poppa grew the grey bubbles on their skin... Its been 3 years since she told us 'Isabella' told her that but she can't remember it anymore
Annique Collins (8 months ago)
A possem in my roof
W. D. gaster (8 months ago)
This was scary as hell when I saw the guy with white eyes I was like nope I though I was scary but I was wrong
Isac lenov (8 months ago)
My scary story is: WiFi not worked,school and homework
Sophia Grassi (8 months ago)
I hate Landon tbh
Jade Phillips (8 months ago)
The creepiest thing I said when I was little was, "Look Mommy! I'm eating like a real human! Not like dat girl." And I pointed to nothing... I'm just confused about the "real human" part... what am I?
MollyTheMagicalPanda (8 months ago)
I once woke up to my husband laughing maniacally like some psychopath in his sleep.
solar flare 9000 (8 months ago)
i'm pennywise the dancing clown lol
Lili Butterfly Mares (8 months ago)
The scariest thing I hear was when I was up at 3 am and I heard a voice machine say hello. I CRAPPED MY PANTS
Cedar Franklin (8 months ago)
At the very start of the the video Landon made a FNAF3 referance! Like if you noticed that!
Da Cat Named Eve (8 months ago)
Part 2 pls
Da Cat Named Eve (8 months ago)
3-year-olds are very weird and creepy.😨
Shannon Green (8 months ago)
The most scary thing I heard is Apple
Cute kawaii girl (9 months ago)
The creepiest and saddist thing I've ever heard is.......... THE WIFI HAS BEEN TURNED OFF!!!!!!!
Javan Ng (9 months ago)
Uuuum im a child and thats offending if other children were watching this so dont ever post another video like this unless if you want 0 likes maybe more complains too
Mridula Basu (9 months ago)
Bloody mary taking away soul
The cringe master ._. (9 months ago)
The scariest thing a kid said to me is “I’m a Jake Pualer” lol 😂
Shawna Parga (9 months ago)
My 4th grade crush's name is Landon.
Debbie Tomlinson (9 months ago)
Can you do part 2
Yoru Himeragi (9 months ago)
The scariest thing I've ever been said is "your normal" I ain't close to that XD
Poo sama (9 months ago)
Ok im never having kids
Poo sama (9 months ago)
2:32 pikachu? And are these kids high
Derpy Gamer998 (9 months ago)
the creepiest thing I've heard is i was at my cousins and i was riding a bike by one of the houses and i heard this Your Time IS Up
Posionous Viper (9 months ago)
When I was little I saw a little boy playing in the leaves so I went out to play with him for two hours my mom was watching me the whole time and I still remember a female voice saying " having fun Chris" btw my name is Luna and so I said to my mom "my names not Chris" then she said she was just sitting there watching me play and didn't say anything from that day forward every autumn when I play in the leaves I see the little boy hugging his mom its scary but cute

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