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Top 5 FUNNIEST Student Pranks On Teachers!

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Text Comments (3753)
Xoxo For life (12 hours ago)
I was listening to music in class and my headphones came off and curse words just blasted out and i got 5 days iss
Logan Resendez (2 days ago)
Hey guys guess what.....YYOOLLOO!!!
velichka nikolova (2 days ago)
7:30 You mad bro ?
Parker Leavitt (3 days ago)
The last one was so amazing and funny
Ella Biersbach (3 days ago)
Saul Pop (3 days ago)
Today in class my teacher said what rhymes with shore and my classmate said hore
nick schrowe (3 days ago)
the last one I cracked up
imsippinteainyohood (3 days ago)
Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Life
IsaacwalshRemixs18 (3 days ago)
Probably whipped me with his lever belt
Tan Guan poh (3 days ago)
Widecooldra Playz (4 days ago)
I I L I Lo I Lov I Love I Love YOU THOUGHT
Jojo585 (4 days ago)
One of the Best Pranks
red pooper (4 days ago)
My teacher wil kick me out OF every scool and that wil be THE best
RayJayRoblox (5 days ago)
On the last day of school this year I’m going to bring in glitter, put it in my hands, clench my fists and throw it at people while saying “Hey, wants so BADAZLE!!!” I’ll tell you how it goes!
Cyclo Gaming (5 days ago)
hI iM BiLl HeRe WiTh FlEx TaPe
Joshua Torres (5 days ago)
Science Social Crap In Extended Not Careing to Existence
DeShane Barker (5 days ago)
Win i was at college my and same of my friends put the math teachers car in his class room and how we got it in their we stayed up all night and tock his car apart and it weat in to the office
Lil Nigga (5 days ago)
2:43 *People Screaming In The Backround*
Ashton Rigsby (5 days ago)
She would have expelled me
maria ortiz (5 days ago)
for prank number 4 my teacher would of sent me to the main office to get suspended but in the in it was really funny like you had said
Liel Alive (5 days ago)
I died at the end
Julia587 (5 days ago)
3:58 u mm look on your left
Bill Cipher (5 days ago)
1:23 XDdDD
Tygang4l Tygang4l (5 days ago)
Six Cruel Hours Of Our Life
Kyler Roberts (6 days ago)
On number three there was a pair of eyes with a nose could’ve that also been one i’am just wondering.
Lee Stevenson (6 days ago)
Six Crap Hours Of Our Lives
Marie x RJ cute Bendy (6 days ago)
Everleaner Giles (6 days ago)
Stop talking
Theskyishome_ (6 days ago)
4:53 he didn’t ‘time it’ he put the air horn under the chair....
John Smith (7 days ago)
2:43 I would of been put in Inclusion or excluded I'm in Southend and I have a lifeless school who don't know what humour is
Christopher Whitaker (7 days ago)
That kid screaming YOLO should be chemically castrated.
Darryan and Gage (7 days ago)
If I did that prank on my teacher I wouldn't have any privileges or recess plus to my teacher wrote in the board "If the Sub writes your name down for being bad you don't have recess till 2019 and plus it's 12/7/18 and I would have recess till 1/3/18
ANUPAMA HALDAR (7 days ago)
Prank a bad teacher not a good one.The real fun takes place when the bad teachers are made to learn the lesson.
Asd Asd (8 days ago)
We don't have ditanshen we just get beaten with a stick
Eduardo Garcia (8 days ago)
4th one was savage
LUCCA SALINAS (8 days ago)
Can we get to 1 subscriber with no videos
Gavin Anderson (8 days ago)
The last clip that teacher was cussing😂🤣😂🤣
Edgars Lacis-S (8 days ago)
Some if my teachers would kill me for this but some would get a great laugh!
Kimberly Lara Acosta (8 days ago)
I speak spanish by the way
TheCandyCat Gaming (8 days ago)
Once i dared my 4th grade english teacher to wear my hello kitty hat and walk to the teachers room and back XD she even let me record it XDDDDD
the Pros (11 days ago)
Ms Ms m Ms mo Ms moo Ms moon
TheSwERacer (11 days ago)
0:08 nah BS
mamax2006able (11 days ago)
Danm he cussed my teacher would to
Wezba Satayawong (12 days ago)
Cam Mannello (12 days ago)
U think the teacher wouldn’t say the F word in front of the whole class
Bahram Maddah (12 days ago)
you just talk so so much man im not fool i can see that you can put all of them in the 5:00 video
trey king (13 days ago)
That teachers cursing
Brooke Davis (13 days ago)
ha im ganna try that stuff
Thakery lol (13 days ago)
I’ve been watching YouTube for 83 hours straight sooo please pin this if you love ur fans
lorena Velazquez (14 days ago)
I wanna prank
Ajay Judge (14 days ago)
Yolo more like get the hell off my lawn
Naomi Bishop (15 days ago)
Thzis is rude, your teachers work day and night to teach you, barely get time with their own familes, and you go and do that? THATS MESSED UP
Berry blossom :3 (15 days ago)
Well I know it’s funny but it’s not really nice u have to think about peoples feelings not just yours
xXWolvesXx (15 days ago)
Six Crappy Hours Of Our Lives Mental Abuse To Humans
Yungz (16 days ago)
I I d I do I don I don’t Syke like if ur a savage
stupid noob (16 days ago)
The best prank wasnt on the vid Read more
Alexander Phan (16 days ago)
First was too hilarious
Hanna The kitty lover (16 days ago)
The first and last videos made me laugh so freakin hard 😂😂
Ashley in den Bosch (16 days ago)
I have a Guy from 6th grade that danced on his desk
Mary Gaona (17 days ago)
Rhinominer (18 days ago)
Killed me
Beaniecat 53 (19 days ago)
3:33 Yo looooooo ahhhhhlgfhgkcdvvjccdcvhhjxfbb... Later that day he went to the hospital cause he suffered a stroke
Mark Willette (20 days ago)
Don't press read more You now have bad luck for a week
Summer Smith (20 days ago)
Teacher said FU*K
Richard And_Riky_Li (20 days ago)
I think she going to kill me
War Wings Gameplay (20 days ago)
So guess what Read More
bram verwaard (20 days ago)
kill me
gamoep01 (20 days ago)
James Games (21 days ago)
I used a wireless mouse with a usb plug in the back of the teachers computer, the teacher sent me to the office for it but it was worth it.
USA !!!! (21 days ago)
I would probably get high school detention till I finish college
Zara Imran (21 days ago)
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Thought it was going to be that prank
XD Germihert (21 days ago)
Number 1 tho
ArtShiper _01 (22 days ago)
Ненене:>в рашке можно хуиту и поинтересней узреть:>
FrootLooppss (22 days ago)
8:41 I would love that teacher while I am still in high school XD
Cybervlogy Yt (22 days ago)
My friend whent to the teacher car 🚙 and super glue the door
SpicyBoi (22 days ago)
Times my friend Hezekiah wrote the middle finger on the back of his paper in class the teacher walked by and she said go to hell back to the principal and show her
Madison McIntyre (23 days ago)
That last teacher was just so sweet and confused! I loved it so much!
Meme’s :3 (23 days ago)
OMG.... The private thing came up....
Warren Strong (23 days ago)
What is this
Epic Deku (23 days ago)
How come girls never write inappropriate body parts of their's,girls are lucky
Ana The Gacha Queen (23 days ago)
Ana The Gacha Queen (23 days ago)
My teacher would hmmmm...shes super duper nice sooo idk......uhhhh I know!She would make us ALL go to the principals office
- drago - (24 days ago)
If you think the teachers were trolled... *Read more*
The Golden Agent (24 days ago)
S=School C=Cruel H=Hours O=Of O=Our L=Lives And that's what school stands for
Roblox Lover (24 days ago)
I will touCh yOu
Gloria Torres (24 days ago)
I did a prank on my techer
Brianna Valdez (24 days ago)
That one dumb kid. "YOLO YOLO YOLO!!!"
fasolada pro gamer (24 days ago)
9:35 unlike lol
GinFizz Events (25 days ago)
Youarethemostirritatingnarratorontheplanet. There is no need to speak so fast there is no division between the words. Had to turn it off.
boiii34 Stahl (26 days ago)
xSamify (26 days ago)
What's the intro music?
SneakyFruitBat (27 days ago)
Why do almost 4 million people like to watch videos, but want someone to spoil the entire thing right before they watch it so that you don’t even have a reaction, because someone just told you what happened before you get to watch it. Also by the way, to people who are incredibly stupid, when I said almost 4 million subscribers.
Antoinette Alexander (27 days ago)
Lol I can't stop laughing😂
Fearlesslord (28 days ago)
always dragging the end of every speeeeeech
TheBoochachos (25 days ago)
Fearlesslord I never finish my spe
VINES & GAMES (28 days ago)
I love this video bro keep it up
Bullet (28 days ago)
My old teacher wouldn't kill me for this prank, getting me in Trouble, I don't know I had a good teacher, I got a good teacher but I miss the old teacher.
huggy91 gaming (29 days ago)
They would kIss my ass 😄😄😄
dude nicholas (29 days ago)
Told you
Joshua pierce (29 days ago)
Wire one- my parents would be told to come in school and have a meeting with my head of year and ill be put in isolation or escluison
elmainer sim (1 month ago)
You realy talk to much

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