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American Horror Story: Freak Show LA Premiere Arrivals

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Subscribe! http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, Melanie Martinez, Rose Siggins, Frances Conroy, Lea Thompson, Nick Simmons, Edward Gelhaus, Sophie Simmons, Wes Bentley, Jamie Brewer, Jane Lynch, Gabourey Sidibe, Finn Wittrock, Jyoti Amge, Naomi Grossman, Erika Ervin, Fiona Gubelmann, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Emily Osment, Shelby Siggins, Evan Peters, Amanda Peet, Sarah Paulson, Chord Overstreet, Becca Tobin, Kevin McHale, Jimmy Deshler, Kether Donohue, Jacob Artist, Artem Chigvintsev, Michael Chiklis, Darren Criss, Devine Randolph, Ryan Muprhy, Brad Falchuk at Red Carpet Premiere Screening of FX's "American Horror Story: Freak Show" Arrivals at TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, Ca USA October 5, 2014 ©Ricomix Productions
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Text Comments (186)
Ugh melanieee 😍😍😍😍
Ashly Rodriguez (2 months ago)
2:56 Melanie Martinez ❤❤❤
Niddin Dinnid (4 months ago)
Ms. Jessica Lange is the best....
SpookyScaryS (4 months ago)
Who Is The Sixth Person The Cute Boy After Evan Peters
RickAndMortyGoals 123 (4 months ago)
Tiphaine 05 (5 months ago)
Lara McCormack (6 months ago)
These premier things look so scary and overwhelming, if I was one of them I’d panic so much 🙃😂😂
Natalia (9 months ago)
Wait .. why Melanie Martinez was there ? Never saw her in AHS O.O
Beyza Yalcin (8 months ago)
Karuta cuz she wrote and sing a song for the show
Snow White (1 year ago)
Tom (1 year ago)
The woman in leas one who goes "UGGHHHH I NEED THIS" when she walks away
Feeling-good - (1 year ago)
Schmebulox (1 year ago)
Who is this girl with two hair colors 2:53
Logan Ruelle (2 months ago)
Schmebulox Melanie Martinez
Priscilla Silvah (1 year ago)
love melanie martinez
Dramatic Pisces (1 year ago)
I love how so many people are commenting about how amazing every one is. And I'm over here raging at 2:14 "What's her name?" ERIKA FUCKING ERVIN. THE EVE OF THE AMAZON YOU DUMBFUCK. IF YOU'RE GOING TO TAKE PICTURES OF PEOPLE FROM FREAK SHOW KNOW THE NAMES DUMBASS.
Laura (1 year ago)
my gorgeous Mel 😍
Peter Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Melanie martinez..😍😍❤❤😨
Alexia Oki (1 year ago)
does Melanie write the carousel song for ahs freak show?? my mind is blow right now
Itati Merlin (1 year ago)
Iam crazy or Emma Roberts looks like Avril Lavigne?
Eloise Mae (1 year ago)
Mel 😍
yuri :3 (1 year ago)
que carajos hace Melanie Martinez ??😱😍😍❤❤💖🌸👏😚
밀러소피아 (1 year ago)
dady evan
Carrietta Bellisario (1 year ago)
2:49 7u7
Rosie Mitchell (1 year ago)
Yasss Amazon Eve!!!!
Danytza Vargas (1 year ago)
quienes son los demás? y Melanie Martine q hace ahí?
Tayna Donato (1 year ago)
MDS como eu amooo
Sari Cardozo (1 year ago)
_ Arquin (1 year ago)
Yo solo vine a ver al Melanie Martinez :v hermosa
Kelly897 Booo (1 year ago)
who is she ? 1:56
Princess Of Darkness (2 months ago)
Kelly897 Booo Jyoti Amge.
It’s Cold In Here (1 year ago)
It's_not_ the_Moon (1 year ago)
Evan Peters was just like "Oh, okay" I really admire that. A lot of them were trying to be professional and he was just blinking and done with it.
Icemanx989 (1 year ago)
I did not recognize half these dumb bitches and stupid fuck's , were they even in the show ? and where the fuck was john carroll lynch?!
Daniel Farias (1 year ago)
Beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 i love you
Janissa Valles (2 years ago)
Who was the guy at 1:00 ? After Evan? He...has a nice face..
Mariana (2 years ago)
I think his name is jimmy deshler
Mariana (2 years ago)
I was asking the same question
Marcos Estrada (2 years ago)
mira pepers quien la viera.....
Paloma idk (2 years ago)
who 1:02?
seren ersin (2 years ago)
1:24 definition of perfection
Nahomy Velasquez (2 months ago)
rosï basïc (1 year ago)
seren ersin ♡.♡
SofiCa Ramos (2 years ago)
eban 😗😗😗😗😗😘😘😘😘💖💖😊😊😊😊😊👍
eisha Nadeem (2 years ago)
melanie looked soo pretty there
Kamrynsnotsokay (2 years ago)
evan peters
Doriana Sippelli (2 years ago)
Prerona Das (2 years ago)
Wes Bentley is so gorgeous 😍
Woop Woop (2 years ago)
Ilyas Dr (2 years ago)
even is so serious!
Alisso nunes (2 years ago)
Brasil aki
Dania Salvador (2 years ago)
Simmer Doode (2 years ago)
3:02 😂😂😂
Sloopyla (2 years ago)
Wes Bentley *droooooooooooooolll*
Andre Brito (2 years ago)
Melanie ❤
Dat Prankster (2 years ago)
melanie is so cute ❤
XxShipperHeartxX (2 years ago)
Being on the red carpet would be awful :( people are just screaming at them
taika ketelimäki (2 years ago)
they are all so ficking gorgeous
emersxn c (2 years ago)
Evan looked so awkward
carlos monter (2 years ago)
Lea Michele is so sexy <3
卌卌Pandapvp123 (3 years ago)
Am I the only one who loves Evan Peters and wants to murder emma
mikey way (1 year ago)
卌Pandapvp123 卌 yes you kiddo
Manuel D' Lovegood (3 years ago)
Melanie 7u7
Manuel D' Lovegood (3 years ago)
Manuel D' Lovegood (3 years ago)
Melanie *-*
Manuel D' Lovegood (3 years ago)
Melanie *-*
Mariana De Luna (3 years ago)
1210Emy (3 years ago)
Lea is an ugly bitch
CharliesAnAlien (3 years ago)
What a beautiful cast :)
Valentina. (3 years ago)
evan is beautiful
Silje Tiger (3 years ago)
TWISTY?! You always forget him
Abbie Marsh (3 years ago)
did I just see the girl who sings dollhouse
Logan Ruelle (2 months ago)
Abbie Marsh yes
Veronika J (3 years ago)
Melanie is so beautiful like wtf
nideklena (3 years ago)
1:18 Gabourey .. like "srsly bitch"
hbktminc (3 years ago)
RIP Meep
tiffany carpenter (3 years ago)
Jessica Lange was a total bitch witch but i love her
Nathan Souvannaseng (3 years ago)
So it looks like some of the glee members were such big freaks in high school that they joined a freakshow😂
Robert ReyesR (3 years ago)
I totally loooveeeeed erika ervin seriously jaja am I the only one that thinks being tall it's awesome?
Laura S (3 years ago)
lea getting rejected by jessica lange LOL 3:11
Jordan's Corner (3 years ago)
Damn FINN! 
RAVEN'S REVENGE (3 years ago)
Jyoti Amge looks ADORABLE and Sarah Paulson is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
Alicia Coburg (3 years ago)
I'm straight but I would totally date Sarah Paulson
RickAndMortyGoals 123 (4 months ago)
Alicia Coburg same lol
lambyiii (3 years ago)
+Alicia Coburg i'm gay and Sarah Paulson could totally turn me straight lol.
Melinda Neal (3 years ago)
Love this amazing show....Great footage of the Stars!
Henry Gray (3 years ago)
I really recognise the woman at 4:41 someone please tell me who she is!!
Elmer Rodriguez (3 years ago)
what is that dude name in the white 1:00
loegaray272 (3 years ago)
I hate that attention whore jew of Lea Michele... 
Tina Tally (3 years ago)
DAMN! Angela Bassett looks great. How old is this lady again? LOL, she gets better and better with age.
Joyce Gibbs (2 years ago)
+Tina Tally Classy lady & fantastic actress.
Melinda Neal (3 years ago)
Yes Tina she does!
Annie Rines (3 years ago)
Sarah is absolutely gorgeous...
Danielle Brieno (3 years ago)
That girl was trying to hard 4:34
Mark Jones (3 years ago)
who's the douche at 1:00? Is he even in ahs?
Christian Merq (3 years ago)
Jimmy Deshler :)
Erica Wallbank (3 years ago)
One of the photographers didn't know one of the persons names, she was like Mike what's her name?! 😂✊
SLAMMINnJAMMIN (3 years ago)
Damn I didn't know Pepper and The Amazon Woman had it like that! They both can get the D.
Sarai Rivera (3 years ago)
Who's that girl (the last one)? hahaha no one liked her hahahahahahaahahaha who is she?!!!!!!!
86am (3 years ago)
+--Raked-- who would like you?
Nimasus (3 years ago)
well she's fat ugly and black who would like her
GoldenBear Games (3 years ago)
Emily osment who play Hannah Montana beat friend on Disney and now have her own show called young and hungry. They was just saying oh because of who she posed with.
OrbitalAngel Nebula (3 years ago)
I love Kathy Bates so much, Mrs Angela is a Diva gorgeous!!
Megan Rose (3 years ago)
wow Lea is just working the press haha holy fuck
Abbie Louise (3 years ago)
Wes Bentley yes please
Howyaduing (3 years ago)
Who's the girl in red and the one with the Mickey Mouse hair?
Chelsea Benoit (3 years ago)
Melanie Martinez. she sings the song "carousel" on the trailer for Freakshow
Jeremiah (3 years ago)
LMAO @2:17 "what's her name"
wenah quingua (3 years ago)
They all look gorgeous:-)
Nathalie Aldana (3 years ago)
Can somebody tell me the name of the boy that is after Evan Peters please I want to know his name please
Emily (3 years ago)
He's Jimmy Deshler
cutie velvets (3 years ago)
Is it me or is it just mad annoying how they call there names out all the time
Roomaline C (3 years ago)
The guy who plays dandy oh my god 😍
random10012 (3 years ago)
@ 3:38 who the fuck are they? im lost with most of these celebrities here lol i just know the basic ones
GoldenBear Games (3 years ago)
Most is from glee. The creator of AHS created glee also.
Chelsea Benoit (3 years ago)
Oh and where is Jessica Lange??? She is like the main star of AHS, and what was up with all the randoms? Surely they all cant have cameos
Caitlin Kimball (3 years ago)
Totally agree!
Chelsea Benoit (3 years ago)
+Caitlin Kimball I absolutley loved, Life on Mars, Criminal, Gods and monsters,and Come as you are ,they help tell the characters stories a little better, and it fits in with the thirst everyone has for show business. I think they lighten the mood in a otherwise quite depressing show.
Caitlin Kimball (3 years ago)
A lot of people have been complaining about all the songs. I personally loved the whole Gods and Monsters rendition by Elsa. Especially when Edward Mordrake walked in and made it all eerie
Chelsea Benoit (3 years ago)
+Caitlin Kimball Ooooooooh, well that would explain all of the musical numbers lol. Still a great show though! I definatley have caught AHSitis!!
Caitlin Kimball (3 years ago)
Because the creators of Glee are also the creators of AHS. The Glee cast are like the adopted children of Brad Falchuk, so they kind of follow him everywhere. LOL And I heard something about Lea possibly making a cameo later in the season...I hope that is not true, but if it is, I hope she dies haha
Chelsea Benoit (3 years ago)
That looks awful, its like a very awkward photoshoot with flashing lights everywhere and people yelling at you, no thanks!
Tassia Sokol (3 years ago)
who's the guy who comes after evan peters at 1:00?
Christian Merq (3 years ago)
Jimmy Deshler :)
Moni (3 years ago)
I'm just on season one so far, so I'm sorry if this question is dumb: but why is half of the glee cast there? like Lea Michelle :)
xÆternity (3 years ago)
+Montgomery witch mm i never knew that they would invite another cast on to this show on the RC
Moni (3 years ago)
+Montgomery witch ah okay thanks :)
Chanel Oberlin (3 years ago)
Cause Ryan Murphy (the creator of AHS) has also created TV Show Glee.
Qblue W (3 years ago)
people are so loud

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