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Balloon Shop Blooper Reel (Part: One)

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UrLocalPoolman (7 days ago)
If you wanna feel old this footage was a decade old a year ago
Nick Haddad (27 days ago)
11 years and 2 days and I’m still waiting for Part Two...
Matt Richardson (1 month ago)
hate that we never got a part two... :"(
Harper C. Thomas (3 months ago)
EVERYONE! Let’s bring BalloonShop up to 1m Subsz!!
Anthony Werner (5 months ago)
Still waiting on part two
Jaxon Burn (5 months ago)
I know it’s been 6 million years but any chance of a part 2?
Austin Cross (9 months ago)
It's been ten years and we have still yet to see a part two.
Sworn Dungeons (10 months ago)
Olan Looks so baked in the first scebe
TheVoiceOfTruth (11 months ago)
I wish there was a part 2
cosette onisuu (1 year ago)
Their laughter is so contagious XD
Danielle Harding (1 year ago)
these videos still make my heart feel like its going to explode with joy
Zero Fate (1 year ago)
There's something about seeing slightly chubby men with little beards and short hair laughing that's contagious...
awesomesaucewin (1 year ago)
why isn't this called the Ballooper reel?
Guillermo Nunez (1 year ago)
2017 this is STILL to much.
lil squigga (2 years ago)
olans laugh is contagious
Beetle Juice (2 years ago)
i love Olan's laugh. Its so cute.
Harpoon (2 years ago)
"eEUHghguHUGHUHGUHHAAHAHHHHHAAAA" it's feckin' brilliant
Jason37 (2 years ago)
STEVEN!!! .......EEEEEEEHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! lmfao
Jeff Saville Creative (24 days ago)
The best part 😂
Good lord Hino (2 years ago)
delegate zero (2 years ago)
No, that's stupid!
Shelby The Potate (2 years ago)
Watching these over again brings warmth to my heart :')
Harpoon (2 years ago)
+Shelby The Potate i didn't intend the discussion to go this far.
Shelby The Potate (2 years ago)
Well of course the information you bring along with your statement is incredibly accurate. But you fail to include exactly why, your most intimate of human parts, is being warmed by watching Olan cry tears of uncontrolled laughter. But then again you did go on to describe that the main reason why it is warmed, is because of the two meaty thighs which act as two pieces of(i beg your pardon), white bread.
Harpoon (2 years ago)
edit: like the other parts of the body that don't have much blood flowing through them, that specific area likes to cool down a lot in temperature relative to the other parts of the body with many arteries and capillaries, such as the forearm. mainly, the only reason why it's warm is because it's sandwiched between two other parts of the body. 98.6 degree internal temperature causes it to warm up quite a bit
Harpoon (2 years ago)
Shelby The Potate jeez what went wrong with the above reply, will edit when i get to my computer, lel
Shelby The Potate (2 years ago)
Was it cold before? I'm sorry :/ I'm glad you're feeling better!
Pablo Rodriguez (2 years ago)
8 years waiting...
Dustin Clark (3 years ago)
How do you guys get through your videos? Lol
Neb Nalyd Games (3 years ago)
1:48 = Amazing!
Cutman3030 (3 years ago)
It's so weird seeing Thomas legitimately laugh
Porny821 (3 years ago)
really wish there was a part two :( ballon shop is truly a landmark of YouTube
Dawson (2 years ago)
There was
jackstorm777 (3 years ago)
That's like......asking a manatee if......
LegitGrantham20 (2 years ago)
I don't even know...
RedTV8888 (3 years ago)
*In old english man's voice* It's been seven years....
Off Da Senzubean (3 years ago)
All these good times they had it makes me sad how these guys had to separate and stop making videos
Samuel Diaz (4 years ago)
I miss these guys
elilovestrains (4 years ago)
Dustin Stewart (4 years ago)
Love these guys. This video made me laugh with them XD
Christian Bell (4 years ago)
McKenzie Sumsion (4 years ago)
Their laughs! Man! From like 2:15-2:34 It's the best
William Piccolo (4 years ago)
Increase the speed to 2 and see how funny it really is.
Atma505 (3 years ago)
3 minutes straight of the Balloon Shop crew cracking up... Nothing makes me happier. Also, I feel like I wouldn't have been able to make it through the Brahan's Books episode an infinite number of takes without laughing.
johnnysniper5127 (5 years ago)
This was literally the first time I heard Olan's laugh, from then on I knew I would love him forever
Adriana Gonzalez (5 years ago)
Part 2!!
Rollacosta27 (5 years ago)
Olan's laugh is the only contagious laugh for me. I feel like I could laugh with him forever. XD
Rollacosta27 (2 years ago)
I'm a dude. 
Kenzi Renee (2 years ago)
+Grant Antoline oh shit my bad haha
Grant Antoline (5 years ago)
+Kenzi Renee  I was referring to the gender of Rollacosta27  but thanks 
Kenzi Renee (5 years ago)
+Grant Antoline Olan is a HE. 
Grant Antoline (5 years ago)
...and ever and ever and ever  while s/he wears your face as a lampshade.  
Mateo Balaban (5 years ago)
Looks like a jolly good time!
Austin Herrick (5 years ago)
And Im just sitting here waiting for part 2
Studio Zero (5 years ago)
Alexandria Thomasson (5 years ago)
They all seam so high
CynicalSpheres (5 years ago)
Jess Mann (5 years ago)
I just love Olan's laugh!!!! It makes me laugh!
Meg Lynch (5 years ago)
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Joshua's laugh, though.
Courtney Woodall (5 years ago)
Olan's laugh is so wonderful
burnigcold23 (5 years ago)
SodapopSays (5 years ago)
go get a snack. i'm sure it'll come out soon.
They don't make videos anymore... |:(
Heather Hughes (5 years ago)
I literaly spent 20 mins cracking up at this video! lol I love olans laugh!
thekrisann01 (5 years ago)
yay i found bloopers
Rachel Dunn (5 years ago)
i wish these guys would come back. :c
Righteous Triceratops (5 years ago)
Olans laugh, great. Olans laugh with Thomas and Josh, magical.
Heather Hughes (5 years ago)
I cannot stop laughing, whenever I stop, olan laughs again and so I start laughing again, lol
Colostomy Bag (5 years ago)
You guys need to post the actual literary magazine commercial, I remember seeing that in school one morning and was laughing thinking about it all day. Also where is that killer-sweet hat video? I remember watching it years ago and laughing my ass off.
Wesley Miller (5 years ago)
Olan's laugh is like rainbows after storms. It's beautiful. :'D
Elaine Daubney (5 years ago)
impossible not to laugh haha
Trenisha Burnett (5 years ago)
Thomas ralston (5 years ago)
yeah youre probobly dead. i will take up your roll, i will now wait for a part 2, refreshing the page every 5 minutes... hoping
Thomas ralston (5 years ago)
make that 5
Tom Spin (5 years ago)
I will wait forever for you, part two.
Aellius (5 years ago)
2:12 to 2:35
SlipperTroll (6 years ago)
whatever happened to that literary magazine video?
cubeydoo (6 years ago)
/watch?v=k5Qg-piSGiI Link to the first set of bloopers. Ad done for Houston High in germantown
Subwoofer Dildo (6 years ago)
What's up Applejack
mitch logsdon (6 years ago)
GauntletsofRai (6 years ago)
Olan's laugh is the manliest giggle I have ever heard.
LegendOfKara (6 years ago)
It's like asking a manitee if it...
rockplz (6 years ago)
The first bit is from "The Houston High School Commercial". Im not sure why its not on their channel, but you will find it if you search for it in youtube.
TheFlapjackrelay (6 years ago)
They'vw always lived in Tennessee. They used to live in Collierville, like 25 minutes away from Memphis. Olan moved to Nashville, which is like 3 hours away
Madi And Jessee (6 years ago)
2:14 the one time they can use the bloopers for the video
winston506 (6 years ago)
bro im still waitin for a new vid...forget the part 2...juss a vid would be nice lol
Caroline Cotner (6 years ago)
press 8
MarksyFartsy (6 years ago)
Olan is nothing like Dane Cook... you see... Olan Rogers is funny.
Gilberto (6 years ago)
hot pepper! priceless! haah
kentucky nightmare (6 years ago)
which video is the first set of bloopers?
ballsacklvr123 (6 years ago)
If i ever get cancer and get a wish from the make a wish foundation, i would want baloonshop to make videos again.
msid95 (6 years ago)
LMAO I feel privileged by being able to witness Thomas laughing...
thebullfrogfarm (6 years ago)
He's been in Tennessee, just a different town.
Gabeses (6 years ago)
No that's stu-ped!
G1itcher (6 years ago)
Olan's laugh is the most infectious laugh I've ever heard.
StarsetMessenger (6 years ago)
Yeah, Olan moved to Tennessee.
MasterJedi04 (6 years ago)
I was able to get it to youtube. Its on my channel now with all the appropriate credits and tags.
Rumski_STG (6 years ago)
Nowhere. These guys don't do videos together anymore. It's sad, really. :(
Rustled Jimmys (6 years ago)
Oh my bad. I meant the one at the beginning. When Thomas says "That's like asking a manatee-"
Brian Jones (6 years ago)
open fly?
Alon Katz (6 years ago)
Kill me if its not making you laugh!!!! 02:12
illume ARTS (6 years ago)
Rustled Jimmys (6 years ago)
Whats the original video called with Olan cracking up? XD
blurzog (6 years ago)
It's great to see them having so much fun XD hilarious
leslie (6 years ago)
Josh's laugh is just beautiful.
Drake Thorn (6 years ago)
Nah, more like an idea summoner. Just for fun, you know?
Jack (6 years ago)
Haha weed? I really don't see these guys as potheads.. Olan seems far too industrious for that. lol
Drake Thorn (6 years ago)
So much weed. :)
smith jon (6 years ago)
holy shit, i thought that was just olan's acting laugh lmao
Mystery Man (6 years ago)
I see now why he was so sweaty in brahan's books they had to do so many takes hahah
Jack (6 years ago)
So much hair...
methodairmoshpit (6 years ago)
High as fuck.
Squeesher (6 years ago)
Honestly I'd say hearing it a single time is enough to make anyone immortal. I come back to this now and then just to be sure :P I think the rate of laughter infection from the "Open Fly" vid could instantly immunize a small/mid-sized city against all forms of Depression, Anxiety or Stress-related illness at the very least :)
SuneTheMairn (6 years ago)
Damn I miss BalloonShop... :-/
Max Martin (6 years ago)
Every time Olan laughs, we're one step closer to curing cancer.

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