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Top 10 GradeAUnderA Interesting Facts

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Grade A Under A is one of the most popular Youtubers out there in the YouTube community. So here is a list of the Top 10 Grade A Under A Interesting Facts. SUBSCRIBE TO MOSTAMAZINGTOP10- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBINYCmwE29fBXCpUI8DgTA CHECK OUT MY MAIN CHANNEL- http://bit.ly/1Q7kPWb Subscribe To My Vlog Channel: http://bit.ly/1NOjFwE NEW MERCHANDISE: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/LandonProduction?noCache=true FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA INSTAGRAM- https://www.instagram.com/_burkishdelight_/ TWITTER- https://twitter.com/lurkeyburke VIDEO EDITED BY: Ryan Wazonek
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Text Comments (1340)
Theodor Hansen (14 days ago)
The blur looks like Darth Vader
Simon Yang (25 days ago)
Math is not teachin us as gud
Stitch Commenting (1 month ago)
H2O Delirious is the real Batman of YouTube😂🤫
Chainsaw [ESK] (1 month ago)
Grade is such a good youtuber
Amelie Rischmuller (2 months ago)
I love grade A under A
Shadow Lugia (2 months ago)
This video exists? Wow
He did a face reveal before this video
HoneyMSM (3 months ago)
Julie Anne Tolentino (3 months ago)
I bet that GradeAUnderA will be gone for long
Big Chungus (4 months ago)
I love Grade A. He's a literal god
Imperial Mapping (5 months ago)
Gradeaundera would hate this type of video
my life as beth (4 months ago)
Not much. Someone commented I betcha £5 that Danny won't reply to this. And grade replied, since I replied can I have the £5?
Imperial Mapping (4 months ago)
my life as beth what did he say
my life as beth (4 months ago)
He watched it
Ogag Gameplay (5 months ago)
So sad that this guy is gone!
Story (5 months ago)
The king is back!
Drinking Outta Cups (5 months ago)
He’s coming back
Jack Butler (6 months ago)
U did not mention some of the best facts one is that he made up a mathematical formula
milliemc__ (6 months ago)
I wish grade was my teacher.
mifx (6 months ago)
Steven on The Water (6 months ago)
Grade is the avatar of youtube. When we needed him the most he disappeared. Still love em thou. Dude is legendary
Lukas Zigon (6 months ago)
Honestly I’m surprised he didn’t comment on this
BOL BHAI (7 months ago)
LilyPlayz (7 months ago)
He did a face reveal once
dear god why (7 months ago)
The lower Case guy (7 months ago)
Grade a is like my favourite you tuber
majikboy boy (8 months ago)
I love grade he's sooo funny
Artter Aceula (8 months ago)
Grade ginde of looked like Darth Vader.
Paul Bouchard (8 months ago)
I know a fact about GradeAUnderA.... He isn't making youtube videos and he will block us if we plead for him to come back
DogDog (9 months ago)
Omfg I thought it was made by grade a under a 😂😂😂😂 I like grade a under a
elina red rose (10 months ago)
major texas (10 months ago)
Wtf happen to grade
Snuggle Babe (10 months ago)
Why Danny? *I miss the man*
Brinda and Friends (1 year ago)
He's also a gay supporter
Brinda and Friends (1 year ago)
Aka a person who supports Gay
Jack Watson (1 year ago)
Harry Juniper (1 year ago)
This guy doesn’t know that gradeaundera haven’t been active on YouTube since 8 mouths ago
T V (1 year ago)
he is wrong at 5 in one video he reveals his face
Hayam Deek (1 year ago)
GradeAUnderA should watch this, comment, and get pinned.
Connor Clarke (1 year ago)
I miss Grade
Noah EB4311 (1 year ago)
WOOO Metallica
Suicide Hooman (1 year ago)
Oh I clicked on this because I thought this was GradeAUnderA but whatever I'll still watch this
Rorusumaki (1 year ago)
bonaboy is da real mvp
I'm. not. Famous. (1 year ago)
I'm late ._. But still,I think you should ask the Original Creator before Posting this. Some people would find this as Offensive due to Drama On YouTube and they may come to a Conclusion that this Video is technically about Their Weaknesses. So,New comment on a Old Video,But still needs to be read.
You and grade would probably be grate friends
Nee (1 year ago)
Grade a gave out his phone number on one of his videos
Ken Kaneki (1 year ago)
The people that got his phone number probs watch the GradeAUnderA Vs GradeAUnderA vid on his channel
R F (1 year ago)
Do we know if Grade A is ok?
Random Ish (1 year ago)
The other dude had a name changed his name is ajmal now
Bunny2086 (1 year ago)
Where's number 8?
Crasher BG (1 year ago)
Grade was one of the best yts and mby still is...
TheChangeMaker (1 year ago)
If you miss grade, Go to my channel, my content is similar.
Jonar Freim (1 year ago)
It’s Rammstein not Rammsteen just saying but I don’t mind it is so funny to hear how you says it
dragon slayer 59 (1 year ago)
Would love to be taught by grade specially maths as it is a difficult subject
Sulphu (1 year ago)
At number 10 im a gamer too except I only play Wii and ps4
Lilly Daggy (1 year ago)
The end tho
Rachel G (1 year ago)
Pegasus 101 (1 year ago)
Hello everyone
Rebel Greninja (1 year ago)
burk is probably scared
Punisher Lee (1 year ago)
To debunk your #2 fact, the other guy's name isn't "Under", it's "Ajmal"
Mr Donno (1 year ago)
Grade a is funny as shit
Tide Pods (1 year ago)
Grade A Under A Fact 11: he dead
Well Danny is my fav
I love danny
Gacha Indi (1 year ago)
11 facts about grade A. 11th place, he’s dead.
Michael McCaughley (5 months ago)
No no no
destiny- powerhouse (1 year ago)
gradeA has a masters in maths?!!!
Jordan Cambridge (1 year ago)
He also has a n tv a sega earth sega sun saga moon and a few weird ones that competed against Atari nice collection and I know where his money went.
RadSeaLion (1 year ago)
Well Grade hasn't updated and I like his msp drawings.
ChadwykDoesStuff (1 year ago)
Vlek (1 year ago)
GradeBunderB i CCCCCCCCCC what you did there lmao got it!
Husky lover MAD GUY (1 year ago)
Husky lover MAD GUY (1 year ago)
Tasty Planet: Back For Seconds
Emma :D (1 year ago)
Metallica is great music!!!
hey man (1 year ago)
i hope mostamazingtop10 is not turning into watchmojo
Mc Duck luck (1 year ago)
i think the other channel is for the charecter under
clellie lindsey (1 year ago)
the hell did you make this o I know you want money so you use other YouTubers fame for money
Luis Apostol (1 year ago)
Pretty obvious he likes rap, it's always the background music when he roasting youtubers
Cousin Dickhead (1 year ago)
Yarright Fanny
EmmyDoesStuff (2 years ago)
#GradeAUnderA Is Epic
Mico Von (2 years ago)
Scared to get destroyed by Grade lol!
Oran (2 years ago)
fak u
Zoron (2 years ago)
secret? pretty sure that Ram Kavandra thing is pretty accurate.
Darkness Blossoms (2 years ago)
8:03 that impression was so cringe
May Wong (2 years ago)
It was because grade give his phone number
His name is Ram
Red Megaman (2 years ago)
GortimerGo da person (2 years ago)
he actually let out his phone number
CurlyHead Kevin (2 years ago)
Heheh...he got 6 consoles and I got 9...actually got 10 the other day but returned it because it was shit. And I'm only 11! :0 and I have 9 consoles and he's in his 20's and he has 6! WOOT WOOT for me!
CurlyHead Kevin (2 years ago)
Patrick Riche No #%[email protected]
Patrick Riche (2 years ago)
Retro Kid lmao...you have parents
Unorthodoxic (2 years ago)
That hat does not fit your head. I like it.
Daniel Braga (2 years ago)
But listen right.
ImcHoKing (2 years ago)
6:02 i feel offended but that persons face
Cole Nystrom (2 years ago)
Em and dre are ew but METALLICA HELL YEAHHHH KILL EM ALL!!!!! Grade A is the man
Mr.Mr. & More Mr. (2 years ago)
RandomTV 55 (2 years ago)
Actually,GradeBUnderB is for if a copyright strike comes on his channel.
Karissa GOMEZ (2 years ago)
I LOVE grade a under a
Eduardo Flores (2 years ago)
I think grade should never show his face becase its part of the mystiry of who he is
Timothy Harris (2 years ago)
The British have such soothing accents.😁😉😁
Jack the lad (2 years ago)
Timothy Harris thanks but you should hear the Welsh anyone who speaks proper English can't understand them all too well not even us northern English
APGames (2 years ago)
I think he is not mad
The Jerzenu1 (2 years ago)
grade says that his gradeB channel is for when something goes wrong for his original channel.
SAMSONWALLS (2 years ago)
He created grade b under b as a backup channel just in case his channel got taken down
IDontBelieveInPenises (2 years ago)
It's 1 word: GradeAUnderA
Bonnie the bunny (2 years ago)
You should make a Top 10 things about Five nights at Freddy's
Bonnie the bunny (2 years ago)
I like Grade A Under A.

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