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5 Traits That Make You High Status (And Irresistible)

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Text Comments (772)
Stephen Hawkins (4 days ago)
You are very sexy but all over the place. Is English your first language?
Anthony Montajes (21 days ago)
5 traits that make you high status: 1.) airpods
Jason Betts (1 month ago)
Does Jones New York(a Men's Warehouse brand) count as a custom suit?
Jp Jp (1 month ago)
What is "body language"? How do you use this "body language". I do have a suit from indocino though. I need to get a high class car now.
Sunny Mazumdar (2 months ago)
U are awesome man
Michael (3 months ago)
If you listen to this little prick you are beyond help. FFS.
jas dhanjal (3 months ago)
4:13 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
azerty azerty (3 months ago)
your voice is annoying
robert khaw (4 months ago)
thank Jose
loki (4 months ago)
I rubbed tiege Hanley and now.people think I'm high status
Afzal Shish (5 months ago)
You should work in Hollywood!
Azar khokhar (5 months ago)
Literly Awesome!!
Gary Goodridge (5 months ago)
Hi! Where did you get the white shirt under your suit?
Onder Hassan (6 months ago)
With regards to the suit. Ive found in my experience, girls have given me less attention due to the idea that it looks too try hard. Normally, I find I get more attention when im not trying and is generally more attractive as Im confident regardless of how I look.
Aftab Shaikh (6 months ago)
Your looking awesome
David North (7 months ago)
Legendary Texasdredds (7 months ago)
Do a new hair tutorial vid. You suited a non beard face
Funko Kingdom (7 months ago)
Keep being an inspiration to many man keep up the tips
Biscuit Bar TV (8 months ago)
FYI: Currently, the ESNTLS website is sold out of everything.
The ideal Gent (8 months ago)
Damn man😍😍loved this video
aadil bissessar (8 months ago)
can anyone tell me what glasses those are at 2:30 and where i could get a pair??
Sophisticated Swanson (8 months ago)
Are you wearing an undershirt?
Cedric Samuels (8 months ago)
I love you bro! I'm working on myself day by day, alot of change in my life is credited to your great advice.
NIFTY (8 months ago)
Man I love your shape.
Emmanuel Constantino (8 months ago)
this is indeed very informative! thankyou jose
BK Forever (8 months ago)
when I girl stands me up I curl up and go to sleep to show I needed the sleep anyways because I'm high status lmao
Jose Reyna (8 months ago)
I get laid at least 4x a week thanks to Jose's advice. Thanks José.
Der Boss (8 months ago)
close your shirt. looks awkward
Manchester United (8 months ago)
A suit im 14 hahahahhaa
carlos garcia (8 months ago)
Where did you get that suit!
Kaushik Mhatre (8 months ago)
Nigga can u make a video for how to dress in college teens for guys below 5'6.
Kaki Love (8 months ago)
كتير حلووووو
Bellatrix Lestrange (8 months ago)
1:12 contradicts 1:23 Just saying cos it proper confused me
Classy Juanito (8 months ago)
I need to work on controlling my emotions. Constantly i express what i feel, its a double edge sword. Either it makes you or break you.
Miguel Vargas (8 months ago)
Suit without a belt? Destroys all your high status that wearing a suit might give you. Good psychological advice; the space advice is something I am currently working on. Keep it up Jose.
Product Human (8 months ago)
Oh look another commercial. So dominant.
Golden Roy (8 months ago)
Sincerely, great video
Phillip Brady (8 months ago)
This video has so much helpful information, I was wondering if you could do a video on addiction and how to deal with it, I know it’s a little outside your channels focus, but it does play into some of the things you talked about in this video, how do you be ambitious or not waste any of your energy when all you want to do is your addiction?
Fanoon e Ansi (8 months ago)
Your left shoulder needs some alterations
Kishan Singh (8 months ago)
Like always you are outstanding jose
Carlos C. (8 months ago)
Hi Jose, ive been a fan of TMF for the longest time and i hope you can do a video tips on a day to night outfit! I think it would be really really helpful for all the TMF fans out there. Keep doing what you are doing you are the best!
b1i2l336 (8 months ago)
Your high pitched, ranting tone and manner are a real turn off, as well as your hard sell; you seem like you're on drugs or have had too much caffeine, so I stopped watching after one minute. Get control of your body, your voice, and your presentation!
Junior Alvarez (8 months ago)
You earned another like my good man! Thank you for the vid!
Ayush suri (8 months ago)
Oye fudideya bahar aa
Harry Pilkington (8 months ago)
I'm 15 can you make a video on what I can do to buy well fitted clothing that can last someone growing a while. Usually even if I buy a size up it will only fit me for one season, so buying well fitting clothing can be difficult.
Durwin Cheung (8 months ago)
@TMF, i'm a tall guy like you and lots of the jackets are not long enough. I don't see indochino giving option to order longer ones. Think you mentioned in one of your videos customs suits are longer compared to suit you find at like zara. Looking at the photos at their website, the jackets are a little short. Any suggestions?
BBBHRISTO GANG (8 months ago)
4:20 You failed a test? Awesome!!😂
abdullah muttaqi (8 months ago)
Wear ESNTLS, watch and follow TMF and you will get high status
Rachit Maini (8 months ago)
East or west Jose is the best
Yo , I 'm 14yrs old ,what admissions should i have?
Hey Jose, I just want to thank you. Whole my life I have always been behind and always been low in the social status. But after I have found your channel, everything has changed. I started slowly working out and started to buy after your advice. I recently got a beautiful Gf and my social status has totally changed, i can see how the people around me now copy what I do. It's the weirdest feeling but its great. I could never be happier. thank you, Jose, for being an inspiration!
roy levis (8 months ago)
Nice suit
Jonas Ordeus (8 months ago)
Like this , keep it up
Luc Els (8 months ago)
Jose for president
He was on fire🔥
A (8 months ago)
Pop your collar...😂
faglet (8 months ago)
Yo Jose what brand trimmer do u have? The ceramic jawn not regular
Shin Chan Network (8 months ago)
plz make a video on tenn style jose..like for 14 or 15 year olds
Ayat Shuaibi (8 months ago)
Can you do fashen for kids
Phillip Brady (8 months ago)
#3 yessss this is how you succeed in life, that’s literally all you need
Robert MacArthur (8 months ago)
Can you do one for more of a dashing or rugged rogue style?
Piper Puppy (8 months ago)
Who here is part of the squad that watches these vids and knows good fashion but always just wears casual stuff?
every thing (8 months ago)
Make video with t shirts clothes Sommer
Levvi (8 months ago)
Hi, I’m Jose Zuniga and I’m here to tell you why basically everything you wear is bad and that my style is good. I always wear a button up that is buttoned down halfway down my chest. Or I wear a tight fitting t shirt to show off my body. But you don’t have to be hot like me, you can be ugly and fat and these style tips that only look good on my body will probably not work for you. Did I mention I am hot?
Kristofer Wijkström (8 months ago)
thanks man
Simon Joe (8 months ago)
I don't recommend the Indochino suits if you're looking for something high quality. You will get the lookdown but the quality is a bit obvious in person.
Akiel Dhien (8 months ago)
Ad from 2:02 - 3:48 You welcome
Abhijith S Nair (8 months ago)
This was way more motivational than expected!! Thanks Jose :D
Marcus Croucher (8 months ago)
Can you do a video on hairstyles that women like
Ingmar (8 months ago)
Could you make a video for underweight people I have been struggeling with gaining weight
MR EVIL (8 months ago)
I just love your videos bro...
Kamil Patel (8 months ago)
Make a video on how to act in a place where you dont know anyone.
YoshiPoPolsku (8 months ago)
Hey Bro! Could you do an episode how to combine colors? For example, if we have a green T-shirt, then what color should have pants and shoes. I think it's a good idea for the episode
isiddharth singh (8 months ago)
Make a video on what we can wear for interviews please
Chaunt4K (8 months ago)
Jose, can you please make a video about WHAT MEN NEED TO WEAR FOR JOB INTERVIEW AND ADDITIONAL TIPS FOR IT. Please like this for him to read this. Thanks
Rawad Abou Zahra (8 months ago)
Been a fan for over than 2 years, your videos definitely helped me with alot of things and made me look high status, thank you José. Much love from Lebanon 🇱🇧
Alejandro Ruiz (8 months ago)
I know you reside in Florida the ft Lauderdale area, did you ever know about or hear xxxtentacion’s music ?
Keps Hatake (8 months ago)
The suit is dope👌
Monebi Emmanuel (8 months ago)
am in support
Samuel Jadson (8 months ago)
Oh yes, last minute got me in the zone
Just another poor guy (8 months ago)
Hey jose, make a video on "HOW TO BE RUDE AT SCHOOL ? "
iFkNxLegend (8 months ago)
1. Buying from the sponsor
Clash Clan (8 months ago)
Looking SHARP 😎😎
Van Wilder (8 months ago)
my upstairs neighbor is emotional for a guy.He has anger issues.Low status beta for sure
sharjeel nadeem (8 months ago)
Jose the type of zuniga
Tayyab Jahangir Khan (8 months ago)
This is the best ever video Jose you made 😎🔥❤ keep it up .
Susan Adhikari (8 months ago)
Hey Jose can you tell me good hair products without any damage and which is affordable.
John Smith (8 months ago)
U r awasome bro😍😍
Andjelkovic Jasmin (8 months ago)
His name is Zuniga, Jose Zuniga...🤪
Mustafa Star Vlogs (8 months ago)
Can you make a video about jawzrsize plz ? :)
Carlos Diaz (8 months ago)
You make a good amount not to own a good fitting suit. Your shoulders are too tight.
Niloy D (8 months ago)
I needed this video,thanks
rektcom (8 months ago)
Sorry, but GOOD “Bespoke” suits will cost you up to 2000-3000€+
Zackray (8 months ago)
Is there a link to that suit, that thing looks dapper afk, and i have some dental school interviews coming up next year
Аlexander Petkov (8 months ago)
Do a video about top sunglasses this summer Jose. I’ll be very happy, because I’m struggling about them! Keep going 🔝
ParkourAYCE (8 months ago)
that snapscore isn't very high status
gimriel celis (8 months ago)
Jamshid Karimov (8 months ago)
Awesome video!!! Thanks a lot and btw your suit is stunning
Muhd Amann (8 months ago)
In other words, become a playboy?
Saiem (8 months ago)
Jose How to control myself while I'm angry.
XxDomno87xX (8 months ago)
But when can I wear a suit or just when is the right time??

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