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Giveaway *Closed*

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GIVEAWAY ENDS January 5th 2016 Rules 1. Must live in Canada 2. Must be subscribed 3. Comment favourite thing about christmas
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Sarah Abou Ardat (3 years ago)
My Favourite thing about Christmas is eating all the delicious food, giving gifts, and seeing all the beautiful lights!!
haven sibley/odonnell (3 years ago)
I love all the holiday decorations and just the holiday spirit
Megan Sheridan (3 years ago)
Christmas Eve because it's so exiting
Dorothy sierra (3 years ago)
Buying gifts for other people and see there reaction when they open it❤️
Tori (3 years ago)
my favourite thing about christmas is giving gifts to my siblings and seeing their surprised faces!!!
Mikayla Tooke (3 years ago)
My favorite thing about Christmas break is SLEEPING and spending time with my friends and family
Macarena Cardenas (3 years ago)
My favourite part about Christmas is probably the lights and all the Christmas spirit and how much love people give around this time of year
Sabrina Grady (3 years ago)
my favourite part is giving gifts to the people I love!
Tory Baird (3 years ago)
my favorite part of Christmas is getting to see my family, and eating too much food. I also enjoy getting gifts from all of my family and friends:)
WuZzi * (3 years ago)
my favorite thing about Christmas is the candle light Christmas eve service it always has been it is just a lovely time and makes me filled with joy. 😊😊
Ava Naphin (3 years ago)
My favourite part of Christmas is eating great food with my family on Christmas Day because I get to see my cousins who come from Atlanta every year!
Kaitlyn Boyer (3 years ago)
My fav thing about Christmas is spending time with family and friends and watching your videos
Ella Birch (3 years ago)
Taking a break from school work and eating lots of food!
Tina Klipic (3 years ago)
Spending time with your family
Morgan Cushing (3 years ago)
Break from school
Morgan Cushing (3 years ago)
Morgan Cushing (3 years ago)
Morgan Cushing (3 years ago)
Morgan Cushing (3 years ago)
Morgan Cushing (3 years ago)

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