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Top 10 Dumbest Tweets - Part 13

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If you thought we were out of dumb tweets then think again. Danny has only just begun to scratch the surface of the dumbest tweets out there. This is the top 10 dumbest tweets part 13. SUBSCRIBE TO MOSTAMAZINGTOP10- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBINYCmwE29fBXCpUI8DgTA CHECK OUT MY MAIN CHANNEL- http://bit.ly/1Q7kPWb Subscribe To My Vlog Channel: http://bit.ly/1NOjFwE Want To See All The Dumb Tweets Check Out The Playlist: http://bit.ly/1TA0xRT Top 10 Famous Prisons - http://bit.ly/1VT4O9j Top 10 Facts About India - http://bit.ly/23HCshv NEW MERCHANDISE: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/LandonProduction?noCache=true FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA INSTAGRAM- https://www.instagram.com/_burkishdelight_/ TWITTER- https://twitter.com/lurkeyburke VIDEO EDITED BY: Tamara Comas
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Text Comments (4247)
Elle Wernke (15 days ago)
Ohh my, I die a little with every dumb twitter video I see. I love Danny’s quips. I feel the frustration and astonishment that people really post them.
Shikari Fox (28 days ago)
If Dumb Twitter was a country, would it be acceptable to nuke it? Yes.
TuberJay Gaming (2 months ago)
Guys, i’m moving to Moscow, Texas, Canada!
MsMookalate (2 months ago)
We have the dumb President now
Adam Cooper (2 months ago)
I wonder how these people have lived so long if they are this dumb
Ansis Stikans (3 months ago)
And I am in 3rd grade😂😂 and I also spell everything right
Plush Dominator (3 months ago)
On the recess yard, I play soccer and sometimes the goalkeeper does do that at 3:30 when they are raging that they're losing and to be funny at the same time
Sketchy Skies (3 months ago)
I feel smarterer every time I watch these
Supermudkip Gaming (3 months ago)
1:59 offended
izzardfan (4 months ago)
Breanna Hidalgo (4 months ago)
The dumb tweet Bermuda triangle
Zero -Chan (4 months ago)
I just....I give up. My sanity is gone. We're all going mad, guys.
Silvermist1072 (4 months ago)
I was once playing a game of football against these boys who thought they were amazing they were winning 12-0 so I picked up the ball ran down the pitch and threw it in the goal twenty times and declared I had won they were mad and I just smiled which made them more angry!
Isaiah Dahler (4 months ago)
So this is the episode where he becomes insane and keeps going until part 50
Queen B (4 months ago)
I had actually thought if the soccer thing... when I was 5. I googled the rules of soccer, instead of tweeting it to the world. When I was 5.
TinaMarie Smith (5 months ago)
3th?? Anything like 4rd?
Fandy 133 (5 months ago)
Danny's sarcasm for dumb tweets is life.
Wolf Lover (5 months ago)
Shock Mazta (5 months ago)
Toronto is in the best state in the US - Canada.
Maryam Hussain (7 months ago)
Bailee Jean (7 months ago)
its so funny rewatching these cuz he thinks 13 is a lot of parts to the series and now theres 48
There's 50.
Sarcastic Biohazard (7 months ago)
I was a goalkeeper when I played soccer. If I could run across the field with the ball in my hands, TRUST ME. I would have. XD But for real though, hon- learn the rules of the game- XD
Mel B (7 months ago)
Some of these were funny some I didn’t understand.
Alice Willoughby (7 months ago)
Danny, do you have to track these people down and get their permission to use their tweets, or does the fact that they tweeted them out to the world put them in the Public Domain?
Thomas Pastor (7 months ago)
Of course when Obama goes on vacations, he's automatically a traitor, but when T***p goes on more vacations than any other President, he's a patriot.
Proto Kirby (7 months ago)
the confederate flag is racist
robert clark (7 months ago)
If the goalkeeper puts his hands on the ball outside his own penalty area the opposing team will be awarded a free kick from where the offense took place . The 'keepers name will go into the referees notebook and he will shown a yellow card as a warning if the offense is repeated the 'keeper will be shown a red card and will be sent off the field if that happens his coach will send on a substitute 'keeper and take an outfield player off.
Where my Texans at?
Flare Kitty (8 months ago)
learning dumb twitter ( DEGREESE = THE GREASE IN DUMB TWITTER
NinjaVlog s (8 months ago)
This is making me mad
Mike 1958 (8 months ago)
How is your mental health holding up? I've seriously felt brain cells die while watching these. I started make a comment about I. Q. points but some things are better left unsaid.
Stan Torren (8 months ago)
For the final one she has to play Football or soccer whatever you call it and actually do that then you know what will happen
Just Monika (8 months ago)
I'm in 3rd grade and I know I'm in 3rd grade not *3th*
Meta Lucario Knight (8 months ago)
That moment when you realise tbh means "To Be Honest".
Seamus MacHooligan (9 months ago)
@ #3 I would pronounce that “threeth”
The Survivor (9 months ago)
Yes! That guy needs to go back to the tirth grade 😂
The Survivor (9 months ago)
Number 2 is so rude,very,very rude
Sky Lar (9 months ago)
I don’t remember Toronto being here HMM
Flare Kitty (9 months ago)
part 13 we all die of stupidity
Just Monika (9 months ago)
We will never stop
Josie Huff (10 months ago)
Watching these tweets make me feel like I’m back in the 3th grade
Kymberlea Carlyon (10 months ago)
╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗ ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ 0 0 ║┏┓║┏━╣┗╣┗╣╰╯║ ╚┛┗╩━━╩━╩━╩━━╝
Kelly Ann Clark (10 months ago)
Actually I think Danny would make a better president of dumb Twitter.
Eli Fulop (10 months ago)
Dumb twitter is a country run by blonde people
Prashi Dash (11 months ago)
Canadia states
Syster Yster (11 months ago)
lol... yes, the global warming might have been able to save the Titanic by melting all the ice... but it would kill millions of other people and animals with the floods, the heat records, the fires, the storms, droughts... yeah. XD
Rozena Moorsaleen (11 months ago)
tyson skaggs (11 months ago)
I bet the people who dislike these videos have probably been on of the idiots behind these tweets! 😂😂
Jungkook Alone1 (10 months ago)
tyson skaggs XD true
icetwo (11 months ago)
Toronto is in the State of Ontario
robert clark (7 months ago)
Canada has territories and provinces so Toronto is in the province of Ontario
Captain Connor James (11 months ago)
Beiber running over people. Not a surprise. That’s why it’s not on CNN. Everyday occurrence people.
Joe liseo (11 months ago)
Is Brussels where Brussels sprouts come from?
Ken Lompart (11 months ago)
To be fair there is a Toronto in Ohio.
Matilda Shadow (11 months ago)
I have a friend in 5th grade who put firstly, secondly, thirdly and fourthly in instructions as time openers!
Toronto is in Texas..... I thought Missouri?😂😂😂
June Goble (1 year ago)
I wonder how the back of a bus doesn't look like it is ip in the air whhen going over large hills, though. The bus can't bend.
robert clark (7 months ago)
A few years ago we had buses that bent in the middle , so that they could turn corners more easily , in London but they were decommissioned when some of them actually snapped in half injuring and sometimes seriously injuring many passengers.
Aleksey Ferguson (1 year ago)
Insert Darth Vader scream: nooooooooo
Jeremy fritz Uddin (1 year ago)
What state is America in?
somebody on earth (11 months ago)
America is a country 😂🤣😅😐
Kay Rae (1 year ago)
Fiona Tsytkin (1 year ago)
I live in rotonto dumb joke right
Emerald General (1 year ago)
Ummm... Danny... 30.3402° N, 103.7507° W. That's the coordinates of the city Toronto in Texas...
Kevlar Wolf (1 year ago)
Lol he's built an immune system to dumb tweets
Sugar Leaf (1 year ago)
I'm in fourth grade and I'm smarter
Sugar Leaf (1 year ago)
T - T
What country is Spain in? I need to know
Brian - (1 year ago)
Colin Haanpaa (1 year ago)
*Confederate Naval Jack (Sorry, I'm a little paranoid about my historical facts.)
Cat Loving Trio (1 year ago)
"What state is Toronto in????" Is not a dumb question. Canada has states, too!!!! Every country in North America is big enough to have states, because they all do!!!!!
Alice Willoughby (7 months ago)
Cat Loving Trio, I though Canada had provences, not states?
Rose Smith (1 year ago)
Danny , sorry to tell you but apparently you're still doing this at #21😂 .Doing a marathon P.S. but they are quite hilarious or just sad.
Bob Creeko (1 year ago)
Torontonian here we are not Texas at all I hope
Medieaval Beabe (1 year ago)
Haha, number 6 - how thick can you get?
DailyEthanGamerTv 2 (1 year ago)
Where do they sell 590 bottles of bleach
Caleb Pinkerton (1 year ago)
1:58 never said anything about an American State Toronto is in Ontario
Patrick McPherson (1 year ago)
Tila Tequila really is an idiot!
Minnesota Girls Life (1 year ago)
Toronto is pretty. Just saying. I want to go there someday. That would be fun.
Ethan Bogner (1 year ago)
Also I live in Canada
Ethan Bogner (1 year ago)
A girl in my class which is grade 7 asked how many states are in Canada and who’s the king of each one
Christian Renz Pueyo (1 year ago)
some are obvious joke
Kylie Blickenstaff (1 year ago)
ganiniii (1 year ago)
Tila Tequila rocks! She wasted all her brain cells on cocaine and turned to Jesus after that making her one of the funniest dumbfucks ever. Also, I love her for posting everyday.
Ian Brannan (1 year ago)
Just want to give a shout out...awesome video's....but there is at least 1 Toronto in the United States....Toronto, Ohio.
Musical arts (1 year ago)
what is 2+2/2 i think 2 lol its not the answer check your calculator guys
ldreiss (1 year ago)
Number 5 the answer is Ohio
Derp official (1 year ago)
Tom Castonguay (1 year ago)
My brain hurts eeeeeeeek!!!!! Peace love & jello TomCat
Laurel Branch (1 year ago)
I think they were talking about Toronto California 😂
A_Choodles (1 year ago)
3:32 even if you were able to do that, it would still be extremely risky. They can pass the ball straight to somebody else while the goalie is scrambling on their feet.
cece meek (1 year ago)
Having a dumb twitter marathon...feel like I'm going insane. Is it possible to speak dumbish? Anyone else got these feels😂❤🔫
J K (1 year ago)
Ava (1 year ago)
Don’t worry there is not a dead, skinned dog in a sink in this video
deadkitty 13 (1 year ago)
u r ok right? im worried if all the idoits on tweeter might make u into a dioit cuz just....wow..... i dont not understand why the idoits keep going to titanic... just wow....
Tharein Potuhera (1 year ago)
Earth is flat.
somebody on earth (11 months ago)
The Earth is round
Yao Likers (1 year ago)
Where did part 12 went 😂?
saurabh mhatre (1 year ago)
No.5 might not be dumb. The person did not ask in what American state the city of Toronto is, she asked what state..
Ollieraptor (1 year ago)
😡I'm American am I not an American because I'm a Texen.#texas is part of America
DanH (1 year ago)
archery dragon (1 year ago)
yeah Toronto is in Texas not definitely not Canada
Luna -Chan_Demon (1 year ago)
I'm reawatching all of these XD
Big Egg (1 year ago)
Hmm... I think Toronto is in Hawaii
TripleA7 (1 year ago)
Yhowbyjytub310 (1 year ago)
Toronto can't be in Texas cause Texas is a country.

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