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Text Comments (12868)
moonsyngi (3 hours ago)
Dom: because you have a boyfriend. Erin: no i have a *fiance*
Rachel Danielson (6 hours ago)
3:08 yeah here in the car yeah sure let's jump in the back 😂😆😆😶🤨 when he said that I fucking died
Luz Alvarez (7 hours ago)
Hands down Jeff’s reaction is the best
hAiLeY EgErToN (14 hours ago)
i actually love dom with all my heart😂💞
Genesis Martinez (14 hours ago)
Jason’s laugh sounds like a car that won’t start
Cameron Seymour (18 hours ago)
jeff is the most uncomfortable person ever but it's so cute
its cali (2 days ago)
"Ah, you're kinda funny." Nah, Jason made that bit funny.
Jessica Redmond (3 days ago)
Everyone commenting about Lele but can we please talk about how Erin has freakin BALLS pulling off that bit? I could never keep a straight face
Maz Wx (3 days ago)
Why are they in a library tho? 🤔
Tara Dolan (4 days ago)
What I want to know is why r they in a library 😂
Lilah Walker (5 days ago)
Lele pons isn’t fucking funny
Jessie Dowlah (5 days ago)
When dom is the one that actually holds back lmao
Silixia (5 days ago)
*You don't have a girlfriend, loser.* I FREAKING LOVE ALEX
Everlin Becerra (6 days ago)
i look at the date and i say "oh why does it look so familiar?" then i realize its my fucking birthday
Destiny Ellis (6 days ago)
Carly is gorgous
Miguel Ramírez (6 days ago)
She should have tatted her foot first on the left it should have said how are you and on the right I’m all RIGHT thanks
helpmedotexe (6 days ago)
Erin, the true prankster of YouTube
Sh0wcasesF0rY0u (7 days ago)
The best part about this vlog is that Alex is in it at 4:15
DM94JAK (7 days ago)
Omg lele n the other one jst showed all the haters that they actually ARE funny, fake falling, and feet having conversations...... theyre out here inspiring millions of retarded talentless unfunny girls every day
MONO._. (7 days ago)
Ok but Dom’s giggle after Erin corrected him and said she had a fiancé was adorable.
Mr.beast (7 days ago)
Does anyone notice that almost every of David's videos has his face for the thumbnail
Taylor Palas (7 days ago)
Josh is also a great actor though like his face and timing of his response were completely smooth LOLLLLLLLLL I died
StutteringCrisTop10 (7 days ago)
I appreciate the foot part.
Alexia Stevens (7 days ago)
Jeff's awkward laugh XD
Clara Butler (8 days ago)
I love when Dom doesn’t know he’s on camera and he’s so chill and real and idk soft spoken 😂💕
Libby McLaughlin (9 days ago)
I unliked just to save Natalie
Potato_Gangster22 (9 days ago)
Thank you for liking John Oats
Martin Sus (9 days ago)
It’s weird that I know he was on *xvideos* 😅
Melannye Aguilar (9 days ago)
dom looks so nice ❤️
Ellie Parker (10 days ago)
I remember when that drink first came out in the UK and everyone thought is was fucking hilarious, so dumb 😂
Abigail Majors (10 days ago)
3:34 he is gourgous
God of All Daniel’s (10 days ago)
I can tell David did a fake laugh when Lele pons try to be funny
Ava Bryant (10 days ago)
"Because you have a boyfriend" Good job buddyyy
Emily Casillas (11 days ago)
Dom is actually not attractive when he’s not yk👉🏽👌🏽
sade sade (11 days ago)
What David said at the end took me tf out😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. So true
Kylie King (12 days ago)
Please don’t start putting Lela and Hannah in your vlogs (not trying to be mean) actually no DONT
Jose Mercado (12 days ago)
Hoolly Doolly (12 days ago)
3:46 first time ive seen dom looking fine. 😁😁
Samthetrashcant (13 days ago)
Ok but Dom's face when he laughs is precious
Kaitlyn Haider (13 days ago)
"...forgive me im gonna be 5 years old for the next minute of my vlog." Disregarding every vlog ever.
Master Sear (13 days ago)
Holyshit 1:20 I thought that guy is spiderman
Shitty Channel (13 days ago)
David: "please forgive for being 5 years in old in the next minute" BOI YOU 5 YEARS OLD WITH SHIT TON OF MONEY. MAN I STAN.
ebzz2004 (14 days ago)
Jeff's reaction is everything 😍
wonu (14 days ago)
3:42 his lil chill and mellow voice actually has my heart doing something UHHH like i know dom plays a part for the vlogs but sometimes it throws me off to see him being serious
chicken nugget (14 days ago)
1:55 Jason was the only part funny
Col 44 (14 days ago)
I love how uncomfortable the guys get
Nyxx (14 days ago)
I feel like theres at least 100 people here confused why lele was skipped by everyone else.
some thing (14 days ago)
Lele doesn't care about her followers she only cares about how famous she is and she acts like she is "Latina" when she isn't
Ally Evans (14 days ago)
Excuse me are we all missing Alex was in this vlog? Even if it was for .5 seconds
cheys corner (15 days ago)
this proofs that Dom is actually a softie at heart
3run. official (15 days ago)
3run. official (15 days ago)
MarcoDoes Everything (15 days ago)
I love how Dom said “no cause u have a boyfriend”....I guess he learned after getting punched for kissing another guys girl!😂😂
Potato Salad (16 days ago)
Holy fuckin shit Dom said no I didn't see that coming
Xaesome Gaming (16 days ago)
Im beyond proud for Dom😂😂😂😂
Eddie the gamer (16 days ago)
Why are all his vlogs only 4:21 mins long
I saw Lele and vomited. Please remove her from any future sketches you have planned. I can see myself unsubscribing if she ever pops up again.
laurentiu iliescu (17 days ago)
i woulda say no ty ur ugly bitch XD
Brianna Patrie (17 days ago)
Your vlogs are everything!
McKenna Allen (17 days ago)
This is again why I absolutely love Dirty Dom😂
You get pussy in the uk
Patricia de Leon (18 days ago)
I'm pretty sure Dom just acts extra slutty for the vlogs, but deep down he's a solid guy who wouldn't do his friends dirty like that. Props to him 👊
YoUtUbE bElIeVeR (18 days ago)
Teamo1713 (18 days ago)
Gregory Karaffa (18 days ago)
Dude thats casey neistat
Calvin (18 days ago)
Casey is so ugly
Lilly Montgomery (18 days ago)
Awww, Dom has come so far.
100_idiots (18 days ago)
Dom you ok???? You said no
BatmansButtCheek (18 days ago)
Biggest plot twist of the vlogs in 2019 is that Dom said no to pussy.
Caitlin xo (18 days ago)
Your my assistant you *have to* 🤦‍♀️😂
Jordanian 77 (18 days ago)
I know it was a joke but it still caught me WAAAAYYY off guard😂😂😂
brooke cox (18 days ago)
When I seen Lele I turned off the vlog
some one someone (19 days ago)
He's got guts and balls of steel
drinkthedevilstears (19 days ago)
Yas casey!!!!
The Crusher (20 days ago)
Lmao I love how everyone was like I was uncomfortable 😂😂
Arlynn em (20 days ago)
Dom is pure gold
Amiah Kelly (20 days ago)
Doms gay
afiqah norza (20 days ago)
why didnt everyone mention abt Alex? i miss Alex so much!!
Bo Family (21 days ago)
How was Dom the only one to say no?
Mimi the Gymnast (21 days ago)
Brooke W. (21 days ago)
does anyone else think dirty looked cute while in the car with erin??? bahahahah
Jeff Esmele (21 days ago)
3:42 Dom actually looks and sounds human
elusive prodigy (21 days ago)
David is like Lele Pons or Hannah Stocking...but actually funny
george a63 (22 days ago)
Juat for get about the porn, why were you in a library
Jasmin Mendez (22 days ago)
Why was Dom the only one who actually said no
Cezar Florescu (22 days ago)
Dom's a cool guy... he said NO
Harman Madhok (23 days ago)
SO no one is gonna point out the fact that she literally said EAT my pussy to Jeff lmaoooooo
XxGodClanBlairxX (23 days ago)
Who dislikes these videos? Like what the hell
Molly G (23 days ago)
I've seen the same guy at that branch of the library before.
MrBluestreak70 (23 days ago)
Of ALL the people to say no, it was fucking Dom 😂
Jason R (23 days ago)
thats funny
It's Lily (24 days ago)
please show lele and hannah the door.
lil. meow_meow278 (24 days ago)
OMFG, dom saying "no.... Cause you have a boyfriend" omfg that was some cute shit
TrygveBlackTiger Media (24 days ago)
Okay i heard good stuff about you David. But really its good to see content like this you and your friends goofing around and having fun.
Ashlyn Lauchman (24 days ago)
Josh had like such a dad answer! It was so funny
Jedi Cookies (24 days ago)
Surprised dom was respectful about it. 🤣
Dru stur (24 days ago)
David, You need to take the VlogSquad and turn all that material into a Marvel SuperHero Motion Picture and Video Games! think of were that could go! Hollywood needs new material this year. you guys are Amazing! Get everyone together and make it happen!!
Kyle Thompson (24 days ago)
Oh tf was dom the least awkward

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