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Text Comments (12864)
Makaylee Lyn (1 hour ago)
4:17 everyone needs to pay attention. Nobody's mentioning it...
who decided to involve lele pons? now shes going to think she is actually funny.
cora grieve (4 hours ago)
what happened to Dom why is he a reasonable human being and said no to erin
Alana Lewis (5 hours ago)
Why are all the vlogs 4:20 or 4:21?
kristine (6 hours ago)
I miss Alex :c
Yanicel Esquivel (12 hours ago)
Never heard of such a thing
Anita Mlem (13 hours ago)
does anyone else agree that Natalie should do one of thoes makeovers where she tries to look as identical to Kendal Jenner as possible. And since she looks like her I'd just be easier . Just get her " security " and extra stuff and boom💯💯
Jackson animates (15 hours ago)
Lele pons is fucking unfunny
Chloe Laliberte (17 hours ago)
Can't believe dirty dom was the only one to say no to her 😂
Celeste Zodiac (18 hours ago)
Lelepons.... 🤢
stefi hofauer (20 hours ago)
Dom's and Josh's reactions were my favourite😂
aylastutorials (1 day ago)
u don't have a girlfriend, loser
Nancy Hanttula (1 day ago)
I love Josh he’s so quirky is so cute 2:32
annyeong cleopatra (1 day ago)
when alex said "u don't have a girlfriend loser" i felt that,,,
Rylee Riddle (1 day ago)
i love david... when he was like “that’s how girls feel when...” i was like woooooow you tell em david
Savannah Trader (1 day ago)
damn it david, love your videos. 😂
Griffin740 (1 day ago)
What’s making me sad is dom is slowly turning into not dom
why were yall, of all people, in a library?
Layla Henderson (2 days ago)
Who is he @ 3:31
Taz Boone (2 days ago)
Did you guys notice that she asked everyone else if they wanted to just "taste" her pussy... but she straight-up asked Jeff if he wanted to eat it. Like, jesus lol.
Gabriel Lowe (2 days ago)
Dom why do you have sex with all kind of different girls that what you call a man hor
Gabriel Lowe (2 days ago)
Stephania Ramos (2 days ago)
i literally stopped laughing when lele came on
suprised dom said no
Mervin Doc (2 days ago)
Please do another Collab with Lele <3
DamientVlog (2 days ago)
hey guys order your favorite food with DOORDASH and get $7 off your first order; order here: https://drd.sh/3ZEDbc/
Ary Cat (2 days ago)
Dom tho, omfg
Jada Ginwright (3 days ago)
charmpale (3 days ago)
Theres alsoa guy at our library who watches porn every day...
Poetic Jonnie (3 days ago)
loka loka (3 days ago)
omg I've never seen dom taht cute hahahahaha
Lexi Rosko (3 days ago)
Ive never cringed and laughed so hard. Like the “Pussy” soda was everything 😂
Sarah Evans (3 days ago)
Yeah let’s not vlog with Lele anymore
Ananya Chadha (3 days ago)
am i the only one that thought emma chamberlain was in the thumbnail?
NotNick (3 days ago)
Hey, did you know that Lele is LaTinA!!!!!!!!!
Prod. TWhy (3 days ago)
Melissa L Squishys (3 days ago)
all of his vlogs are 4:20 😂😂
Connor Kent (4 days ago)
Dom said no holy shit .. respect
Shami Purnell (4 days ago)
Can we talk ab how proud everyone should be that dom said no
JT Block (4 days ago)
at least dom isn't a homewrecker
Cookie Monster (4 days ago)
BIunt Man (4 days ago)
you can watch porn there?
BIunt Man (4 days ago)
ive been to this library wth
the big gey (4 days ago)
yall got me fucked up 2:30
jorge ramirez (4 days ago)
I just watch mean creek so this is kinda weird seeing josh no cap
Aubrie Kummerow (4 days ago)
2:54 is he best part lmao
Alexandra Mohr (4 days ago)
doms reaction was not expected tbh
NaTaLiE343 (4 days ago)
I'm sorry but how could Liza break up with David, he's just about perfect
Grace Kelly (4 days ago)
Aw when Dom was wholesome for like 15 seconds😍
Janelle Garcia (4 days ago)
I can’t get over the fact that Casey actually agreed to taste Erin’s pussy.
Sofiya Issam (4 days ago)
Ok but Dom is respectful 💀
Mando (4 days ago)
I love your videos so much 😂😂😂
TheTanMan (4 days ago)
how are that mans teeth so fucking perfect
3:43 aww Dom, he actually cares <3
Johana Dayz (4 days ago)
4:00 😂😂😂😂
Alena M (4 days ago)
I screamed when I saw alex
Klaudia Siedlik (4 days ago)
I loved the last part 😄
Kajza Palmkvizt (4 days ago)
Nichole Jimenez (4 days ago)
Queen Erin is everything in this vlog, here rewatching her for the 10th time
Anna Friel (5 days ago)
disappointed that he’s friends with lele
CheshTheCat (5 days ago)
"Yup, that's Hannah's body" xD fucking gold
yah yeet (5 days ago)
everyone said yes... apart from dom??
Ray Shoemaker (5 days ago)
1:53 and comedy stopped
Kimily Hagerty (5 days ago)
😂😂 I gotta get that drink...😲
foca foxxi (5 days ago)
3:24 he's the most innocent 😂
Jonathan_1173 (5 days ago)
Butttt did you know that she’s Latina
Star Mie (5 days ago)
Omg this is my fave vlog of 2019😂
Khushi Sharma (5 days ago)
4:01 love you David😂😂😂❤❤
Lulu. Toluao (5 days ago)
Dom said no?
Marina Crabtree (5 days ago)
I feel like Kylies going through that phase where she broke up with her man so she's wilding out & making a million new friends... But she didn't break up with a man just Jordyn.
Matt Medrano (5 days ago)
Anyone else caught that she only said eat my pussy to Jeff like she’s been waiting to ask him that for a while....... lmao
Xlcat Gamer (5 days ago)
Hey I live near handcock stret
lost boy (5 days ago)
Kalissa Fisher (5 days ago)
I love that dom was the one who said no and ever one else was like sure yeah
hannah riley (5 days ago)
can we talk about how Dom was the only one to blatantly say no
Life With Becky (5 days ago)
David : “yea so now you know how girls feel when you go HEY SUCK MY BIG DICK”
Audrey Valenzuela (6 days ago)
I was enjoying this vlog till I saw lele pons
nebrown23 (6 days ago)
Irma Ramos (6 days ago)
Dom is hallarious 😂
QueenieBrian (6 days ago)
Casey’s fucking reaction to Erin has me dead 😂
Allison W (6 days ago)
ahmed hisham (6 days ago)
Col 44 (6 days ago)
Casey hahahahaha stfu they are alll so freaked out I love it Hahahahah assholes The minute a girl says pussy they all lose their shit
Col 44 (6 days ago)
Hahaha fucking Natalie
Col 44 (6 days ago)
Dude that’s the type of guy who hurts people
Princess A (6 days ago)
I saw that drink in the shops the other day lol.
Jada Majors (7 days ago)
Lmaooo I just realized Dom was literally wearing a sweatshirt that says "orgasm donor" 😂😂 the irony
sanam bhuiya (7 days ago)
this made me actually like Dom
Steph Hayes (7 days ago)
I kinda like Dom and Natalie together😂🖤
Charlie Deleon (7 days ago)
xDevilsEye (7 days ago)
3:10 hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaa
Ella's Everything (7 days ago)
Dom was so sweet
Malik Perry-Fulford (7 days ago)
He really tried it though, I’m dying 😭
Cassy Sida (7 days ago)
3:45 woahhhh wait his voice be low and it be hot
Josh Emery (7 days ago)
Hannah stocking has some sexy feet
Nevaeh Henderson (7 days ago)
It seems like dom is actually a good person and I love it
Heather Smith (7 days ago)
mad respect for dom
Emily Twisp (7 days ago)
Why was Dom the sweetest one? And those dimples? WTF is wrong with me.
Josmeyri Rosario (7 days ago)
Lele pons isn’t funny
so pigmented (7 days ago)
Oh no David
Anna marie Kartushyn (7 days ago)
The chick that was offering pussy literally looks like Jeffrey star

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