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How To Wear Fashion Trends For Young Girls

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Have you ever wanted to get good at fashion create your style, middle school, latest fashion trends. Well look no further than this advice video on How To Wear Fashion Trends For Young Girls . Follow Videojug's experts as they help you through this informative video. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=videojugbeauty Check Out Our Channel Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/videojugbeauty Like Us On Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/videojug Follow Us On Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/videojugBeauty Watch This and Other Related films here: http://www.videojug.com/film/great-fashion-trends-for-school
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Text Comments (96)
Tecumseh Sherman (1 month ago)
Holikins 16 (4 months ago)
Omg trends back then... Now its crop tops😔
johanna (6 months ago)
Oh heeeeeell no
sophie k (6 months ago)
go to forever 21 and BOOM! Your trendy
Kylee Sperry (10 months ago)
paige elizabeth (11 months ago)
That purse tho
rick delbosque (1 year ago)
Just wear a crop top and some skinny jeans that are ripped and light
Kimberly Combs (1 year ago)
This thread has become so horrible. You need to STOP now. You are all being bratty awful children!!!!! I am Ashlee's mom, (the woman with her in this video) This was a modeling job. She was paid to model these damn crappy clothes and we didn't like them either, but in the fashion world when you are hired, you wear whatever the hell they pick for you and shut up!!!! They stylist chose her hair, makeup and clothes for this job....it was all scripted......we had no idea what the job entailed until we arrived. Please please please stop with your terrible comments about my daugher. This video was filmed way back in 2008. Ashlee is now 20 years old and has never worn Hannah Montana clothing. She shops at all the trendy cute shops. She has an adorable baby boy and DOES NOT DO DRUGS, or wear shitty clothes. Stop being so judgemental, you wouldn't want someone to do this to you......Most of you have hurt my feelings so badly.....I hurt more for your angry hearts and Hope you could just feel more love and less hate.....STOP NOW!!!!! This is memories of my daughters childhood and the only reason I came here in the first place was to grab the video to share with a friend so she could see Ashlee when she was little. Stop harrassing me and my daughter and worry about your own lives. https://www.facebook.com/ashleeanndavis?ref=br_rs
mei lin hoo (1 year ago)
unstable teenager (1 year ago)
Shirt with two lines on the sleeves, nice black or blue jeans with Adidas or good tennis shoes is what I would wear 👍
Tifany Walker (1 year ago)
you people should be ashamed of your self it is her life and her style
Kimberly Combs (1 year ago)
Actually, the stylist picked them. This was just a modeling job. We were broke!!!!
Wawa Boyd (1 year ago)
how old is this?
Kimberly Combs (1 year ago)
We did this back in 2008
Andrew Eger (2 years ago)
Andrew Eger (2 years ago)
Kaitlyn Walker (2 years ago)
everyone stop hating as long as she`s happy it's fine
Freya Sykes (1 year ago)
Kimberly Davis get over it a 50 year old woman doesn't follow slime accounts I was not born yesterday
Kimberly Combs (1 year ago)
And you are clearly to ignorant to see I am the woman in the video with her......
Freya Sykes (1 year ago)
Kimberly Davis NO IT IS NOT
Kimberly Combs (1 year ago)
Idiots!!!! That is my daughter
munchie cookie (2 years ago)
wtf I dress better than u why u wearing that shit
lowkeyirrelivant (1 year ago)
Serena Archer lol chill this was made in 2011.
Vlogs by Gabs (2 years ago)
Vlogs by Gabs (2 years ago)
I hate this video
Phu Hin (2 years ago)
Second oufit i would wear a short skirt, high heels, and a shirt not long or short with a black jacket outside.
Phu Hin (2 years ago)
I would wear like kind a see through shirt tucked in with skinny jeans and high heels and do my hair curly.
Annie Le (3 years ago)
EWWW HOWs that CUTE LOOKS LIke garbage chute picked it for her
Kalenakookieswirl Hi (4 years ago)
AAAALLLLLLthe clothes she picked out are just disgusting
Freya Sykes (1 year ago)
Kimberly Davis well you can't say it's not beautiful even then it looked horrible!
Kimberly Combs (1 year ago)
She didn't pick them, the stylist did....this is my daughter!!!!
Sama Ali (4 years ago)
Old way old ukh the garbage man dressed like that sure enough!
Meela (4 years ago)
Meela (4 years ago)
Ew the outfit is so ugly and old! Ugh, who dressed her? The garbage man?
Kimberly Combs (1 year ago)
I'm not following anything, I pulled this video up to show a friend. Stop trolling...its not nice.
Freya Sykes (1 year ago)
Kimberly Combs (1 year ago)
The stylist had the clothes already picked out when we got there. This is a modeling job and was scripted.....
Kimberly Combs (1 year ago)
Excuse me.....that is my daugher!!!!!
Karen Bielma (2 years ago)
don't Say that the garage men has better clothes then her
Eugene Lai (4 years ago)
I thk de old one is better
Abby Jaquier (4 years ago)
ewwww! lucky girl
RACHEL (4 years ago)
wear a skater skirt and a crop top that is trendy now 
isabella apolonio (4 years ago)
Cute clothes!!
Dani Strider (4 years ago)
Guys Don't be Mean Because When Everyone love Hannah they had wear the outfits is not for you it for her and her choose ok gosh people can choose what they like and they don't like but that is not fair ok if they is ugly you are be rude is her choose and own style and if don't like it then why did you commented it ok I like it but don't be mean
MIRANDA HICKS (4 years ago)
im 10 and I never get anything like that. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
zebra 12325 (2 months ago)
Same but I'm 12 I prefer K-pop styles but I'm not old enough to wear short shorts or skirts or crops sadly when I'm older but I do like over size stuff also alot of people say I act and look older than I actually am 😅
RACHEL (4 years ago)
Morgan Webb (4 years ago)
Those are ugly
Rainbow Girl (5 years ago)
I feel very happy for her :)
Annie (5 years ago)
AWWW sweet
Avery Koehler (5 years ago)
She shouldnt be wearing clothes like that in 5th grade she looks stupid with a hannah montana t shirt and a black leather jacket, I just cant......
Kimberly Combs (1 year ago)
It was filmed in 2008....this is my daughter and this was a modeling job. The stylist chose the clothes!!!! Enough already!
Jaida Autry (4 years ago)
It was in 2011 get over it
Roblox Hollywood (5 years ago)
its 2013 but so cool!
Jimena Velazquez (5 years ago)
We'll duh this is from 2011 people
Mismatchers (5 years ago)
This video isn't in style at all, Hannah Montana seriously!?!
kitkat lps (5 years ago)
Sorry I meant isint dead
kitkat lps (5 years ago)
Um guys Miley using dead
Jenni Soto (5 years ago)
R.I.P my miley shes not who she used to be
Charlie Darling (5 years ago)
Precious..loved it! Your beautiful Miss Ashley!
JAY DREAM (5 years ago)
hannah montana R.I.P
Sonya Kahlon (5 years ago)
I liked her style before better
Amelia (5 years ago)
No one fucking cares what youn think shut the fuck and keep your opinions to yourself she like 8 she's so cute so stop
Aubrie Gadra (5 years ago)
Leave her alone its her style
Amarachi Aladi (5 years ago)
Leather nor
Amarachi Aladi (5 years ago)
Ewe no plaid and letters
Kaylynne Keller (5 years ago)
It does not matter what people think or what they wear who cares what they look like, smell like, or what they like.
Soyahra Gayle (5 years ago)
it doesnt matter what you doo-doos think she liked the clothes she got them not you
daisy morenos (5 years ago)
so stupid
rose fitz (5 years ago)
Michele Mele (5 years ago)
My future children will not wear any tshirt that has a lame singer/band on it.
purple pat (6 years ago)
this is stupid
tara anjam (6 years ago)
no young girls follo the real fashion trends not fake
victoria valdez (6 years ago)
THAT SO FUNNY she such a nice mom my mom say no you have to do this and this
Kimberly Combs (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Krista (6 years ago)
thats ugly outfit no style
Tatiana E. (6 years ago)
She must be stupid Hanna Montanan is a drug girl maybe she wants to be one too
Kimberly Combs (1 year ago)
Not cool.....this was a modeling job...the clothes were chosen for her, and no my daughter is not on drugs.
Micaiah Ann (6 years ago)
Lame!!! She probably already knew it, lookin all surprised Shakin my head!
layah ivey (6 years ago)
im in middle school 2 ......it really dosnt help..srry
madison schiliro (6 years ago)
why would a 5th grader wear hannah montana???
Kimberly Combs (1 year ago)
Because the stylist told us she had to wear them for the job.....this is modeling
Sarang Kpomine (6 years ago)
I don't wear sparkles. I only have like 3 or 4 shirts with small spots of glitter on them but I mainly like black :P
Sarang Kpomine (6 years ago)
God I need this cause my family has money problems and I basically wear the same 4 pairs of jeans everyday -^-
Abigail Lee (6 years ago)
Agreed. I just hate they way people think that all the girls wear sparkles and justice and target clothes and.... JCpenny.....
Abigail Lee (6 years ago)
yeah me too. I'm 10 in fifth grade but.... I haven't remembered any girl who would wear Hannah montana clothes.... kind of... crappy
Malibu Barbie Maggie (6 years ago)
sooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky your hair is sooooooooooooooooo cute but i dont like hanna montana
Sally Lee (6 years ago)
how come that's a hot trend lol. let the girl shop in h&m or some stores like that
Kimberly Combs (1 year ago)
She does
MJ Neumann (6 years ago)
stop the hate. if the little girl likes it then she does!! don't judge! if u have nothing nice to say, shut up!! k? it's her wordobe no yours!
lolo28jjbesties4life (6 years ago)
Ewwww!!! Omfg I hate her new hair and old hair!!!! GET RID OF THOSE BANGS THAT SIT IN UR FACE!!!
Kimberly Combs (1 year ago)
it was a modeling job, she had to have her hair done the way they wanted it....OMG this thread is awful
ilce (6 years ago)
Who hates jCpenny and are losers and stuped.
ilce (6 years ago)
how hates jcpenny are losers and are not stilis .
zerox505 (6 years ago)
just wait till she wears tighter clothing like every teenage whore in america.
Kendra Favors (6 years ago)
xxKRISTINEGARCIAxx (7 years ago)

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