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10 Unforgettable Moments Caught on Live TV! #11

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Text Comments (6055)
Bryan bse (1 day ago)
Love the ufo chicken house
Bryan bse (1 day ago)
Must of been good acid dude was on to see big foot lol
vishal kumar (2 days ago)
8:24 hot girl
fruits punch samurai (3 days ago)
What was number one even about? I don't get it. I only liked the first one.
Laterrius Jackson (3 days ago)
Did it have red hair?
Cindy C (3 days ago)
#8, nice of you to help her up.
J stubbs (3 days ago)
most idiotic race on the planet
franky areizaga (7 days ago)
Hawaii he sexual and molest can jail life
robby san (8 days ago)
Number 6 is lit 🤣 So its denial ? 🤣🤣
Miguel Joseph (8 days ago)
Look at that but
haads (10 days ago)
Wat a rascal 1:54.
Casey Ronson (10 days ago)
Thomas edwin (11 days ago)
The guy that saw big foot, I want what he's drinking.
Paul Lindley (11 days ago)
I want that guys job snipping hot chic's swim suits
Eddie Jacobus (11 days ago)
Clickbait Alert! Not worth watching. One, maybe two mildly (barely) amusing clips but nothing unforgettable. The “big” climax of the swimsuit that clickbaits you into the video is nothing at all. The guy cuts a couple of slits into the bathing suit. Nothing revealing, surprising or entertaining. Certainly not unforgettable. This came up in my feed, I’m not a subscriber. I didn’t block the channel yet, but this is definitely strike one. I should have noticed the 42% 👎 before watching. 10 minutes of my life wasted.
babykayla1991 (13 days ago)
Omg I’m from Houston and I remember watching that vodka on the news and dying lol
tbity tre (14 days ago)
Get away from hear get
Laquanna Manuel (14 days ago)
checkmatehackers,net got me $60,000
ilirjan Chicago (14 days ago)
05:17 maybe he was ufo or venussian
IRIOIMI Gaming (15 days ago)
How to breath
DJ SMITTY (16 days ago)
1:50 I thought it was just Bc 69 on her jersey
Ionut Nica (16 days ago)
Messyourself 2.0 (17 days ago)
8:48 she sexy lol 😘☺🤩
MarcellusTheGreen (17 days ago)
If the iguana moves the ball, does the golfer have to put it back where it was or take a penalty or even start over?   What is the golfer is afraid of the iguana and knocks it off the green with his golf club?  Does that count as a stroke?   Seriously, someone needs to standardize the rules for some of these sports.
Da Sh (18 days ago)
3. Something iscseriouslybwrong when a whitevgirl throws up the W. 6. He should have faced charges for a false report and wasting police resources.
Vermi Hax (20 days ago)
omg that proposal was so cringeworthy.
Maria Depina (21 days ago)
LMFAO.. she said look at them sharing water😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💀
David Amos (21 days ago)
Neill McNeill 😆
David Hill (22 days ago)
LMAO!!! guy goes full sprint on her ass, oh karma.
freank C (22 days ago)
The girl with the chicken UFO she looks like she operated her self
Sample Owner (24 days ago)
Most of these are old and have been shown a bunch of times.
Kengo 1974 (24 days ago)
The model at number 1 is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen, exactly my ideal of beauty.
Bobbie Moriarty (24 days ago)
That iguana is the most interesting part of that golf game...I wonder what kind of animal could make ping pong as interesting....nothing...ever!
september1683 (24 days ago)
Thumbnail at 7:11 :-)
rob jones (25 days ago)
and i told that sasquatch to GET!
rob jones (25 days ago)
awww number 6 is brutal
Frank Oshinski (25 days ago)
The Chicken coop . COOL !!
forthefool (25 days ago)
The six-fingered man! He killed Inigo's father!
sirenia (25 days ago)
3:19 its balsa wood.
Romain Batbit (25 days ago)
this shit
Ahmedjafar Hopson (26 days ago)
9:40 How much wood could a woodchuck Chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck wood...
Ahmedjafar Hopson (26 days ago)
9:40 is a certified Gopher..😂
Seek Truth (26 days ago)
Looks like he got laid with that model after he “ designed “ that bathing suit with scissors lol
Metro Pcs (26 days ago)
You can't do better than that. I set up here watch this waiting on something spectacular and this was some bullshit
Jim Waldo (27 days ago)
beautiful hair and a purdy mouth, and I swear it squealed like a pig......
Mario Caamano (27 days ago)
Alexa records all your biometrics and let them know who you are how you can be get.
kris helfferich (27 days ago)
Totally boring.
Davy Jones (1 month ago)
Gonna act like I'm gay now, "OMG honey I'm gay honey._
Jakub Phan (1 month ago)
i like reptiles
Daniel Franklin (1 month ago)
what do you "LIKE"
funny death momo (1 month ago)
Link Zeppeloyd (1 month ago)
Well, Vodka means water, so yeah... 😂
Vik Ing (1 month ago)
#2 is an “unforgettable moment” because Murica. People here lose their shit if you show ass cheeks on live tv.
Vik Ing (1 month ago)
2:00 That had to be a comedy skit, right? It is too intensely stupid to be real, right? ... Right?
Vik Ing (1 month ago)
Jerry Springer is like wrestling: fake as all fuck, but sometimes, just sometimes, quite entertaining.
Danny Ulbrich (1 month ago)
Fuckin' HOT ab 7:12!!! Wie heißt die Braut?!
tsayad yamar (1 month ago)
Alexa machine is the government watching people
chichimode (1 month ago)
2:37 what a cute darkhaired girl, really beautiful
valdelei oliveira (1 month ago)
Big foot live in Ma now😀
mike peine (1 month ago)
35 + MILLION PEOPLE have watched this and none of them know over 50 unconstitutional electors were allowed to vote for trump after the rnc and dnc picked the candidates charging $Billions . YOUR VOTE DOES NOT COUNT !
Tony Parks (1 month ago)
OneDayInCali (1 month ago)
Who is the girl from number 6. If you know her instagram let me know. 🙏
James Alex (1 month ago)
Who else coming for a click bite
QWKZ (1 month ago)
Thumb nail chick hot asss
Mr Spooks UK (1 month ago)
the "bigfoot sighting" was simon cowell #hairybastard
Angela Magic Salveson (1 month ago)
The iguana probably thought it was an egg, a nice lil snack lol.
Junior Júnior (1 month ago)
5:15 looked like Jesus with bad ass glasses lol
Dylan Miller (1 month ago)
Damn 3:10 is my local tv station😂
johny ubankta (1 month ago)
Wow that swimsuit model was so beautiful....love that girl!!!!!
Miguel Joseph (8 days ago)
Lol fresh ass
Miguel Joseph (8 days ago)
Such a freah ass.
tmastersat (1 month ago)
Zoe Drake (1 month ago)
I swear to god I live in western NC and we have people all the time saying they see it..... I don't believe it at all..
Zoe Drake (1 month ago)
Now im down 50 bucks and a pack of cigarettes he doesn't give a fuck about losing his bitch
Norah Saad (1 month ago)
Raecher3 3 (1 month ago)
7:20 Whats her @ tho?
djdjd dmn (1 month ago)
Dear Gaaawd! Id give both my kidneys for a while with the girl in the swimsuit.
iVlogBuzz (1 month ago)
Devices have been listening and recording us for almost a decade... people are only just realising this!
kate kannabis (1 month ago)
Why this woman got like 5 Alexa’s lmfaoooooo
Heru- deshet (1 month ago)
What bathing suit?
Fresh Boy (1 month ago)
check this one also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upoxkc9D2Kw&t=27s
Il Bxse lI (1 month ago)
The bonus clip is my news channel where I live lmao
Shravan Choudhary (1 month ago)
Bullshit video
Jason Manning (1 month ago)
That's 10 minutes of my life I won't get back
Terry N. Shoemaker (1 month ago)
Ethel, put your clothes back on!
Lexii Mariee (1 month ago)
The dude that mowed over the woman after catching the football was not funny. Poor lady. Hope she didn't get injured.
Mike Honcho (1 month ago)
It’s not a coincidence that Bezos developed Alexa after he signed that $600 million contract with the CIA.
Main account (1 month ago)
When I have a girlfriend I want that she gonna dress the same like this girl at 7:12 Let the fun begin!
Victor Torrez (1 month ago)
Where’s that girls @ 😂
JosLu 966 (1 month ago)
2:38 and that was the moment Jason found out these hoes just want dick in they mouth 😂😂😂
Jonny Allan (1 month ago)
Number 3 that guy was clearly smoking crack 😂😂
Thái Trí Luân (1 month ago)
The media ran out of things to talk about
abdo gamerYT (1 month ago)
7:12 thank me later
Youtube Sucks (1 month ago)
"I come out cheare and start ta ruff talk em"... lmao
Neill McNeill
觀察我的興趣是 (1 month ago)
The vodka one 😂
Derrick Hensley (1 month ago)
Just because I didn't shave for a couple of days doesn't mean that people got to start calling me bigfoot, besides I hardly ever make it down to Cleveland County anyway, if they keep doing it I'm going to put them on yelp, not the Internet but racket they'll be making when I chase their ass out of the woods.
Roisewell McCoy (1 month ago)
Alexa is a government device...ijs
Andrew Yoko (1 month ago)
he had beautiful hair
Tarek Makki (1 month ago)
so lame
venexez (1 month ago)
fett4life (1 month ago)
Sat dishes can be used in many ways. Even extruded ones can be used in sceptic conditions.

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