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Room Tour | Andrea B.

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Finally! Here it is! My most requested video :) My very first room tour. I hope you enjoy! :D Oo nga pala, let me know in the comments below what type of challenge videos you'd like me to do. Your suggestions are very important to me and I am ready to take on the challenges! Thank you, Careline! Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! NEW VIDEOS EVERY THURSDAY! Follow me on: Twitter: @iamandrea_b Instagram: @andreabrillantes Musical.ly: @andreabrillantes12 xxx Electrodoodle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1200079 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (11360)
Jackie hannieca Lorena (5 hours ago)
I love you Andrea B
zey feji (1 day ago)
Ganda po tlga ng room mo ate pero mas maganfa ka po
Mave Ann (2 days ago)
The BEATLES is so cool!!!
Mave Ann (2 days ago)
jimbhoy oliveros (3 days ago)
wow ganda i enjoy basta sayo we love u idol
Zentino Finn (3 days ago)
i know this might be too late but yeah it is really too late lol btw the boy with elsa... yeah his name is jack frost from the animated movie titles rising of the guardians. why his with elsa it is because they have the same ice power thingy which make them a good team if ever they gonna meet hahhaaha
jaxin del rosario (3 days ago)
hi ate andrea nagkita na tayo sa pagent ng sm nung august 16 2014
Joselito Custodio (4 days ago)
MattyBRaps MattyBRaps (4 days ago)
hi..... how r u?? GWAPA KA I LOVE YOU 😍😍😍😍😍
JuVe cordova (4 days ago)
You will be good You Tuber God bles you and your Family
Aliana masukat (5 days ago)
Hi ate andrea ❤
dan sanjose (6 days ago)
woow biutiful room masa maganda pa sayu haha
MiguelCastro TV (6 days ago)
SUB 2 SUB ? 🔥🔥
Marichel Aiko Briones (6 days ago)
OMG Andrea u have a very beautiful room
Andrea can you do a slime you just only need glue,color, and contact lens solution
Ang cute nung bag VIOLET😍 Sana magkaganyan din akong room NOT NOW BUT SOON☺❤ Ang cute noong lalagyan ng loom band HELLO KITTY😍
Kim Galicha (7 days ago)
Andrea brillantes vs ryzaa's roon panalo na si ryzaa
Ashley C. (7 days ago)
Elsa and Jackfrost!!!! I love them
Andrea i know you and your in kandenang Ginto
janelle Ciriaco (7 days ago)
hous tour
janelle Ciriaco (7 days ago)
hous tour
Ang ganda ng room mo
Feel Free To Subscribe (10 days ago)
I thought the Trident said Trojan 😂✌️
Ambon Hajiri (10 days ago)
i love your room
Ambon Hajiri (10 days ago)
Ken Swifing (10 days ago)
Ang ganda ng bahay mo ate Andrea
Julz Valenzuela (11 days ago)
I love you blythe. 😍❤
pasty1105 (11 days ago)
Elsa and Jack Frost
chrys. Brazil (12 days ago)
swan ken (12 days ago)
sayaw ka po ng switch it up
swan ken (12 days ago)
wow ang ganda po
Dom franklean Guico (12 days ago)
Go to Batangas city Philippines San Miguel and meet the people there . LOVE YOU😘😘😘😘😘
Francesca Tuason (12 days ago)
Andrea I also have peach princess
ARMYX BLINK (13 days ago)
I would love to have my own Cuddles. I also noticed you're a big fan of Kylie and Ariana. Your room looks spectacular (teka, Ang pagod mag English) dami mong clothes Blythe!! PS: I saw adventure Time toys and I love Marceline.
Jayar Raposas (13 days ago)
i love you andrea . sana pamansin moko . at sana makita na kita sa personal 💛
Lhes Crucido (13 days ago)
you mean elsa and jack frost
Samantha Ore (13 days ago)
I like your room
Fidje Gerona Tubod (14 days ago)
Naging oa na po sya kasi nagiging trying hard sya. Nagmukha tuloy syang tanga. Hindi ako basher pero yun ang totoo.
Fidje Gerona Tubod (13 days ago)
Hindi pagiging masamang salita yan. Magiging masamang salita yan kung minura ko sya. We should analyze. As I said, not being a basher but I'm just telling what I've noticed.
sofie Bernal (13 days ago)
+Fidje Gerona Tubod pero watch your words, you can tell the truth na wlang masasamang salita
Fidje Gerona Tubod (13 days ago)
sofie Bernal It's not being judgemental, dude. Hindi ako basher. I'm just telling the reality, hindi sa nagmamarunong ako. Iba kasi ang nanghuhusga sa nagsasabi ng totoo. Mag analyze rin tayo minsan.
sofie Bernal (13 days ago)
kung tanga sya, ikaw, wla kabang katangahan? (wag kasi mag judge)
Jewel Vlogs (14 days ago)
MY VLOGS (14 days ago)
No offense, and I'm a fan of Andrea, but she's not that good in speaking English.. I hope I'm not the only one who realizes it. And before you disagree with me, I know that she's doing her best to learn English, so that's perfectly fine. Sorry, if I sound like I'm judging her, but I'm not, I'm just saying that she should go attend a school that teaches you how to speak more accurately in English. Once again, I'm sorry for what I have said, and this is NOT a mean comment, it's just my opinion.
honeylove jengana (14 days ago)
hi Andrea ang ganda mo sa kadenang ginto
Pearl Terese_ Duque (14 days ago)
Pwede bang House Tour na naman
athena krish punzalan (14 days ago)
Ganda ni andrea
Laso Mana (14 days ago)
Your English in kadenginto is very nice
Jonas Casanare (14 days ago)
Hi andrea ikaw ang idol ko sa kadeng ginto ikaw si marga
Kurt Jeffrey Modesto (14 days ago)
MARC LUCA (14 days ago)
Tifah's Art (14 days ago)
Do a skincare routine
Aniqaaa Lustre-Reid (14 days ago)
Ako lng ba? Ako lang ba ang nakakita ng Jadine Scrapbook(d ko alam twag dun). Ahhh😂😍❤ 1:31
Pa shout out
gatcha studio topic (16 days ago)
Gandah ng room
Piano Glory YT (16 days ago)
Nice andrea
Aileen Ilano (16 days ago)
Ang ganda mo po ate Andrea
mix habibil (16 days ago)
super ganda mo idol
Cyril Delapaz (17 days ago)
Andrea b. Can't smell anything?😯
Sheena Dela Cruz (17 days ago)
Pa Link namn po salamat 😊 https://youtu.be/aNrBICIKzcQ
Mav ASMR (17 days ago)
haidem inso (17 days ago)
hi andrea i want you to be here in cebu cause i want to see you personally
BaleLeng Challenge (17 days ago)
mas maganda pah kay andrea
Haula Nawal (18 days ago)
Wow same tau ng favorite color lavender iloveu talaga
Haula Nawal (18 days ago)
Iloveu marga😍😍😘😘 Andrea 😂😁 I'm from Oman idol n idol kita
Merrycris Sales (18 days ago)
Ate Andrea ng lipstick
Greyciel Aguallo (18 days ago)
Andrea B. versus kyline alcantara comment
simply nice (18 days ago)
Sabi nia kase wala aircon bahay nila so napunta ako dito hahaha
Felhy Bancale (18 days ago)
Hi baby andrea challenge ko po mag pa pa can't say no kayu sa fans mo baby :) hehhehehe
leonah celespara (19 days ago)
Gawa kanaman po ng slime
Elesio Veloso (20 days ago)
Sino nanonood nito ng 2018
Mr. Blue (20 days ago)
Baka may apat ka na calcu sa room mo 😂😂
Teody Co (20 days ago)
Ginto kadena kadenang ginto papansin
Jizzle Riz Aguinaldo (20 days ago)
gorgeous mess (20 days ago)
bait ang ganda
Aliyah Alamag (20 days ago)
Andrea ang cute mo ka case
Ley-Ann Mangulabnan (21 days ago)
Hi girl i wach kadenang ginto all the time if im bored and i even loke your vid and i even subs to you:D😄😁
Audrey Cassandra Vivas (21 days ago)
You are my idol
Shane Piedad (21 days ago)
Why cant she smell anything?
Jhanrixe Gaganaocruz (21 days ago)
Hi Andrea 😍ang ganda mo talaga
Ycai Poster (21 days ago)
Jackfrost yung pangalan
Vannah Torre (21 days ago)
Elsa and jack frost
Chelsea Honor (22 days ago)
I just can't help but smile everytime she says 'kylie'. Cutie Andrea💕
lazel niones (23 days ago)
shes realy awesome baby .....
Jerlaine Jampas (23 days ago)
I knew your in Kadenang Ginto write
Kriam mae (23 days ago)
hi andreaaaa!! notice naman
Nikki Hermosa (23 days ago)
I like the movie Kadenang Ginto
Barbie Gore (23 days ago)
annoying child
lyn Bernard (23 days ago)
Ang cute mo talaga baby girl i love you 😘😘😘
Janine Joyce Eslava (23 days ago)
andrea have a cute room
Boa Honcock Scarlet (23 days ago)
Jack frost 😍
Pauleen Nicole Cerera (23 days ago)
Where did you buy the red hearted clip you wear in kadenang ginto ?
Macy Tenorio (24 days ago)
French girl
Macy Tenorio (24 days ago)
Hahaha so funny 1:08
Izzykisses Despi (24 days ago)
ganda nmn ng room mo ate andrea kainggit
marjun artezuela (24 days ago)
Andrea I love u so much idol n idol kita!
aeda kim (24 days ago)
House tour please
Vmin kook (24 days ago)
Ang cute mo po, pag nag sasabe ka ng Kyle 😍😍😍
kent gbriel (24 days ago)
Imelda David (24 days ago)
Marga is cheating cassie
Allan Terrado (24 days ago)
Wow sow butefull room
Irene Antonio (24 days ago)
You mean jack frost
Shiela Ebo (25 days ago)
hi ate Andrea ahmm..ganda ng case mo...akin nlng hahahaha
BTS jungkook Z520 (25 days ago)
mary jane vlogs (25 days ago)
I hate Marga from kadenang ginto bat I love Andrea I know Andrea and Marga is the same character

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