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Room Tour | Andrea B.

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Finally! Here it is! My most requested video :) My very first room tour. I hope you enjoy! :D Oo nga pala, let me know in the comments below what type of challenge videos you'd like me to do. Your suggestions are very important to me and I am ready to take on the challenges! Thank you, Careline! Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! NEW VIDEOS EVERY THURSDAY! Follow me on: Twitter: @iamandrea_b Instagram: @andreabrillantes Musical.ly: @andreabrillantes12 xxx Electrodoodle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1200079 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (11341)
Mary Monique (4 hours ago)
I also don't like pink.omg
Mary Monique (4 hours ago)
Lavender ang fav natin.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
coline Allag (1 day ago)
same ate adventure time is my favorite caryoon
It is Elsa and Jack Frost
kawaii unicorn (2 days ago)
I have loom bands too number 1 fan
Samuel Santos (2 days ago)
ang ganda nyo po talaga
ITS ME VLOGS (2 days ago)
Walang kwentang Tao gago
alex hasa (3 days ago)
Ganda mo talaga Sana napansin mo nakoo kruxzz Kasi Kita e gusto lng Kita maka chat name;Lloyd berania hasa Sana napansin Mona😍
Ja Mes (3 days ago)
1:28 “He’s JackFrost”❤️
Emma Watson (3 days ago)
Fun with A C (3 days ago)
Hi ate andrea U are my super super idol since when im 5 yrs old. Im always watching your vlogs every day❤❤ i have also a collection of lipstics like you....... i hope to see you soon.
Princess 'Ces (3 days ago)
Plss house tour naman sunod
sheim jarin (3 days ago)
wow ang ganda po ng kwarto nyo sana po maka punta po ako dyan
Donne Eucogco (3 days ago)
Sa tv masama sha pero sa totoo bait bait niya
reda marquino (3 days ago)
Ernie Salvatierra (3 days ago)
I like your room po its so pretty like nyo kung nagagandahan kayo sa room ni ate andrea B.
Antony Kaibigan (4 days ago)
panoorin mo vidyo ko jamie
Monique Scofield (5 days ago)
Pls wag mong ganong saktan si Cassie
ka Alcantara (6 days ago)
Wow ganda 🏠🏠😍😍
Nicnick Patoc (6 days ago)
elsa and jack
Christine Aparece (6 days ago)
You so beautiful andrea..
rhean dhyl Bontuyan (7 days ago)
hi po ate ang ganda nyo po talaga and cute your my idol ate i love you so much💞💞
Juliazrac Mercado (7 days ago)
Elsa and Jack frost I really like the movie
Kyla Garcia (8 days ago)
Hi Lodi I ❤ U😘
eilen joy ayag (8 days ago)
marga is very very pretty than me she is very white. marga i am jealos of you coz your hair is brown
Cherie .C (8 days ago)
1:08 nung mas taas pa yung grade mo kaysa sa 1owner
nelia bautista (8 days ago)
hi maldita ikaw ang sama mo kay francine
LIGHT STUDIO (8 days ago)
Bobo Jack Frost
Shekinah Lois Sicat (8 days ago)
Ate magtagalog ka for one whole day with foriegners
sweet girl kalaw (9 days ago)
Ate andrea sunod mo namang gawin is house tour
D4RE_ G4MING (9 days ago)
Kung idol mo siya like this
bubu tenify (9 days ago)
Nakilala ko lang si andrea dahil sa kumalat na sex scandal niya before. Noon lang siya tumatak sa akin, imagine at a young age me ganun na.😟 Wala pa yata siya sa teenage years niya that time. Since then medyo off na tingin ko sakanya. Dumagdag pa tong kadenang ginto.😅
derpy face (10 days ago)
Here's my favorite hair tie! But it's pink :( 😂😂😂 Ahahaha gurllll we are da sameeeee
Linda De Leon (11 days ago)
Do you like to draw
Jeffrey Montesioso (11 days ago)
idol Kita😁😁
Jeffrey Montesioso (11 days ago)
Hi best
Ridhuhh M. (11 days ago)
1:20 that's Elsa and Jack Frost
Jay Sam Amatong (11 days ago)
may room is agly
Antonie Dy (11 days ago)
Blythe kailan ka pa mag uupload ng video😢😢💖
adrianne PH (12 days ago)
elsa and jack frost pa sub
Franzes Dianne David (12 days ago)
House tour pls
Ganda ng bahay mo te🤩🤩
Yassy Fahan223 (13 days ago)
Atleast she know herself more than all of you . All you can do is bash her . But . Andrea is doing anything just to make you happy even tho, that she's making herself like a fool but i know Andrea enjoy every laught of you kahit na mga basher lang kayo
KC Adion (14 days ago)
Ohhh so reach gurl.. and preettyy gurl
Hii ate andrea
Charity Lumantam (14 days ago)
ang ganda ni andrea
IT'S NARD (16 days ago)
Ohh its elsa and...Yeah you know yeah yeah 😂I love you ate andrea
aira jardenil (16 days ago)
Elsa and Jack Frost
Ito nga yung nakita ko sa video niya dati, yung sa ano
Ace25 (16 days ago)
I wish i was that bear😂😂😂
Franzea Camacho (16 days ago)
Can you do black pink dances boombayah
Chrisna Boyboy (16 days ago)
ate ang yaman nyo no
its noemitv (16 days ago)
Love u andrea b,god bless
voltaire fajardo (16 days ago)
Angelei Marithe Brin (17 days ago)
You can speak tagalog.
Licia M (17 days ago)
How did u get in the rolled of kadendang gito
Kate Bernadette Ty (17 days ago)
Bakit maraming nag hate kay andrea dahil sa kanyang accent, pero nung nag salita sya ng english sa kadenang ginto wala naman
Samantha Maraguinot (18 days ago)
C jack froze po yan
Ang ganda ng roomtour ang ganda rin ng artista😂😂😍
Gabrielle ryu de rama (18 days ago)
I know vince and kath
SKY THE WOLFUwU (18 days ago)
QwQ i am a filipino!
Saisai M (18 days ago)
ang ganda ng room u
Hey its Meggi (18 days ago)
Hahha si ate:Contaclence sollution *Get comb* owww! What halpend ate
Sakura-chan (18 days ago)
Shes similar to niana? Am i wrong or right?
reynaldo dy (18 days ago)
Elsa and jackfrost
Aramarie euclane Mon (19 days ago)
You are so beautiful and amazing room
Aramarie euclane Mon (19 days ago)
I love you
Elsa and Jack Frost ❄️❄️
Novie Jane Guzman (19 days ago)
Andrea young pangalan ng lalaki Na ni kiss ni elasa kasinsi jackfrost
Kirsten Buendia (20 days ago)
Hello po ate andrea
Arroliaa (20 days ago)
What do you mean you can't smell anything?? That still confuse me😵 But I still labyuuu❤️ labyuuu blythe😘😘😘
Milev 14 (20 days ago)
Hey I'm here, notice me sempai
yen park (21 days ago)
Hello can you do a make-up tutorial for teens too 😊😍 i would love to watch it👍 -new subcriber here.. I love your acting on Kadenang Ginto 😉
Xyril Rose Batillano (21 days ago)
Ako lang ba yung nakita ng instax nya 😭nasa stuff lang nya pangarap ko yun tapos na gagasgasan lang whahahahha
shirley siao (21 days ago)
Andrea: kylie kylie I love kylie My son: kyrie kyrie I love kyrie
JAMES TV (21 days ago)
Give away naman jan😂😂
killerbee29 TV (21 days ago)
Sub to sub tayo. Isubscribe ang channel ko at isusub kita agad agad. I'm permanent, wait ka lang pag medjo madelay. thanks
Stephanie corpuscorpuz (21 days ago)
Galing mo po umakting sa kadenang ginto
Shaina Mae Medecielo (21 days ago)
magandang bata to. kamukha nya si Andrea torres💕😍
Diya Rajesh Kithani (21 days ago)
My accent just changed lmao
Gymboi Channel (21 days ago)
Phei Hafwen (22 days ago)
KYLIE LIPSTICKS OH MY GAAADDD! Gusto kita maging bestfriend lol 😁😅
Marygrace Cañeda (22 days ago)
Andrea is Nice room in nice Channel
jennrick alap-ap (22 days ago)
Wow this room
Ka Bestfrend (22 days ago)
I love your cute purple cute bag
HI!! Nice room no offence you look like marga from kadenang ginto
김서윤 (22 days ago)
SchandieDA puppy /Vlogs Are you joking or what
froulain banag (23 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opDqCc7FsTk pa like naman ng Pages hehe salamat sayo kong makikita mo to
elsa and jackfrost
Melvin Manuel (23 days ago)
I want you Andrea🙂
Joy Cuevas (24 days ago)
Hi ate andrea pa request naman po yung home tour naman at pashout out NERI LOU C. MAYO followers nyo po talaga ako i love you po and God bless you
Pls do the Can't say no challenge
itsjust sittie (24 days ago)
its elsa and jackfrost
Julie Canda (24 days ago)
Ang ganda naman po ng rom
Isha Koroma (24 days ago)
I can die just to see you because I love you so so much
Annrey1976 Reloquia (24 days ago)
Ate drea Pwedeng pa shout out po sa mga Vlog mopo
Jael Pacheco (25 days ago)
Your so cute u still have toys i like her real attitude but at the kadenang ginto no way man
Cielo Guico (25 days ago)
Lynn curtis
Cielo Guico (25 days ago)
Jac trucks
Ha Rt (25 days ago)
Sana po gawin nyo yung scare box challenge/chubby bunny challenge😍

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