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Jet Ski Double Stack Dolly

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Custom made this awhile back thought i would show how it works. I need to get a better winch it would make the operation alot smoother.
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Jeff Powell (8 months ago)
I would just leave skis on double trailer and wench that to ceiling.
BG M (8 months ago)
That's slick Greg! What did you use for the pivot points and casters? I'm definitely going to copy your idea and fab something up... any tips or things you'd change?
Greg Hall (8 months ago)
Thanks im really happy with it, i need to shot a new video. I have a really nice winch now that rolls on an I beam.
prepro (1 year ago)
blah (2 years ago)
that's pretty sweet
Skiworx (2 years ago)
All Ultra 150's!!
Greg Hall (1 year ago)
Best ski ever made, top one is a stage one ski worx's
Travel Guy (2 years ago)
Looks a bit dangerous - like it could tip over!

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