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Herman MO, noon siren test

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A noon siren test for those model 5 siren fans LIKE MEEEEE! Sorry the windup is cut off, the siren went of early:/ like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE! also.. a few months later, poehlman brothers filmed this same siren go off, his vid is a bit better so check it out and sub to him aswell... byeeeeeeee
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Federal Thunderbolt (3 years ago)
Never going to be the same.
Michael Pihera (4 years ago)
Hey just came out with siren pic compilation
Creaky C. (4 years ago)
+Michael TV hey guess what, i found a model 2 sitting on a pole next to the senior center!!! the other one is disconnected and its next to my school. I'm pretty sure that i can get it but i need to talk to the city of hermann MO. but its EXCITING that i discovered another siren!! it looks almost new, and its a very VERY pail color with just a little bit of rust!!! i bet its as healthy as a brand new siren
Michael Pihera (4 years ago)
Hey its the Michael TV but anyway the sirens in my town we have 1 Tbolt 1 2001-130 1 2001-DC 3 2001-SRN 2 2001-SRNB you can check it out on my YouTube with my siren ambience where I got the Tbolt before it was replaced I do still have pictures of it we could text each other I'll send some Tbolt pics I live in the amazing town of Batavia Illinois
Creaky C. (4 years ago)
+Michael TV i wish the bolt didn't get replaced, pretty soon, they will be history!!!!!!! i need to get one soon! i wish i could, but i don't know where to get them!!
Creaky C. (4 years ago)
u live in illinois? awesome! not too far... but I'm only 11 sooooooooo yea
Creaky C. (4 years ago)
Sorry the windup is cut off a bit, it went off six minutes early. I didn't expect it.

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