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Sanne Vloet - Top Newcomer Spring/Summer 2015

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Sanne Vloet - The first face out at Ralph Lauren and Chloé spring/summer 2015. This dutch blonde beauty is really an eye-catcher.
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madu (2 months ago)
i watch sanne's youtube channel and damn never really paid attention on how her legs are like really long
Sea Newt (2 years ago)
She's epic in the In The Night Weeknd performance at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show
Wolfgang Neuhaus (3 years ago)
OMG, she is perfection, the most beautiful legs I've ever seen
bubba luv (4 years ago)
her legs are 3/4 of her body, wrap them around my ears twice
A FASHION (4 years ago)
Music:  Anna Lunoe - Satisfaction

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