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“I Am Sam Kinison” Official Documentary Trailer

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Audacious. Charismatic. Fearless. Raw. Remember the immense talent that changed the face of comedy. I Am Sam Kinison premieres December 19th on Spike! #SpikeTV #IAmSamKinison Subscribe for more I Am Sam Kinison! https://goo.gl/kkFXCT Spike original documentary series "I Am" is an inside look at the lives of extraordinary individuals as told by their inner-circles. Follow SpikeTV! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spike/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/spike Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spiketv/ Tumblr: http://spike.tumblr.com/ More "I Am": http://www.spike.com/shows/i-am
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Text Comments (18)
Jose Ortiz (23 days ago)
spike is no longer posting videos since it is dead. Taken over by Paramount Network.
Jose Ortiz (23 days ago)
spike is no longer posting videos since it is dead. Taken over by Paramount Network.
Leosync - Leo Martin (1 month ago)
Season 2 The mist please Der Nebel Staffel 2 #themist #dernebel #netflix
Andrew Flood (7 months ago)
Adam Turner (8 months ago)
Kinison is god. Thats it! 👊
salvador de leon (10 months ago)
Fuck Ted Nugent
Tricia Aguilar (10 months ago)
WHY would anybody think sam kinisin is funny? even the ad for this show sucks.
Fraevo10 (5 months ago)
You had to have lived through the mid 80's and early 90's to get it
Kassidy Patille (9 months ago)
Tricia Aguilar He applies to an older audience, so if you're under the age of 18 it won't seem funny
Hales Entertainment (10 months ago)
Ted Nugent! Hell yeah!!
TWITCH W (10 months ago)
It figured that Howard stern didn't give credit to Sam kinison. Haters hate.... And He knows he will never be as big as sam.... NEVER!! OH OOOHH!!!
Ruby Penafiel (10 months ago)
kage rage (10 months ago)
pretty bummed out howard stern isnt involved as he was a major advocate of sam
Travis Beehler (5 months ago)
Stern has turned into something Sam would absolutely rip apart.
Cecie Hutchinson (10 months ago)
Hi 3
WYNOLLO TV (10 months ago)
Ew Ron Jeremy
Auto-Bahn Kenobi (10 months ago)
Ted Nugent, Jay Leno, and the DMT guy. They really brought out the big guns to pay tribute.
wintersnake (10 months ago)
Auto-Bahn Kenobi Don’t forget about Billy Freckle Face.

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