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Game Of Thrones Season 8: 8 Most Convincing Fan Theories

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In preparation for the final season, we dissect the biggest Game Of Thrones fan theories on the web. Who will come out on top and take the Iron Throne? Will the dead Starks be resurrected? Spoiler warning for Seasons 1-7. Subscribe to GameSpot Universe! http://youtube.com/GameSpotUniverse?sub_confirmation=1 Follow Us - http://twitter.com/GSUniverse Like Us - http://facebook.com/GameSpotUniverse http://www.gamespot.com
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Text Comments (1110)
King Ilker (1 month ago)
none of this has happened.. That's disappointing.
That "Arya Running" theory was awesome. Shame the writers didn't include it.
AM 24 (1 month ago)
All these theories are better than the actual shitty writing of season 8
Mrsear (1 month ago)
Little did they know...
lee bartlett (1 month ago)
Adithya Kumar (1 month ago)
So much for these theories 😂 , ssn8 was a bit too plain and simple 🙄
William Ballantyne (2 months ago)
The Waif could be wearing Arya's face. Why would the Waif kill the Freys? Well, because the faceless would have to honour the God of Death by taking the lives that were promised. Arya had a kill list that she recited every single day, the Many-Faced God expects those lives to be delivered. Does anyone else remember the Waif constantly asking questions about Arya's life? "Tell me more about your family, tell me more about Sansa, about Winterfell, the maester, your parents your brothers." and so the Waif went on and on asking so many questions. The Waif wants to be Arya, wants to be a Lady, maybe even the Queen. The Waif killed Arya and took her face.
Neouss YT (2 months ago)
These videos are so good now. If only they knew hehehehehe
Craig McCarthy (2 months ago)
lord Varys has been poisoning Denerys since he found out about john's real parents. This has turned her mad. The last episode shows this when one of the children came in and said she is not eating ( i.e not eatting the food that he has poisoned)
Cathartic Canuck (2 months ago)
#6 firm. Haven't veered off since i first heard it, over a year ago. My 2nd is Tyrion winning the throne.
Ria (2 months ago)
The theory about Jon Snow being Azor Ahai is possible after the latest episode of GoT. 🤔
MarryJanesBud (2 months ago)
When the fan's theories are better than the actual show...
Edwin Suijkerbuijk (2 months ago)
People will plan and plot to put John on the throne and will succeed. only for John to refuse to take the throne like Aemon did traveling north linking up with Ghost again. Like Tormon said John would be happier north of the wall.
Elysiumfire (2 months ago)
Sam is the narrator of the whole saga. I can imagine with great plausibility, at the last few scenes of the ending of season 8, the camera shows us a family scene of Sam telling the story to his children as he brings it to its end. If the series wants to end on a positive note, with all the individual character story threads coming together and wrapping up their fates nicely, it will all be predicated on who takes the Iron throne and unites the kingdoms of Westeros to herald a time of peace and rejuvenation. I can't see Danerys taking the Iron throne, nor Jon Snow, as both are Targaryen, and no Targaryen could ever unite the kingdoms of Westeros. Danerys and Jon Snow will not survive. Like the House of Mormont, I think the houses of Targaryen and of Lannister must end, with no surviving claimant to the Iron throne. I think Sansa Stark will ascend to the Iron throne, with Brienne of Tarth as her Hand. Of course, Cersei has to die, and for that to happen, the Golden Company and the Mountain have to be defeated. Once the Golden Company is gone, the Iron Bank will be on very thin ice indeed! The Iron Bank might well enter into negotiations with Sansa and support her right (in financial terms) as a Stark to the Iron throne? Alternatively, there is an argument whereby Sansa dies and Arya and Gendry take the Iron throne, uniting the houses of Stark and Baratheon and bringing the other remaining houses under their protectorate?
short tac (2 months ago)
My prediction I think there will be a new night King his name will be Jorah Mormont
Rohini Cullen (2 months ago)
Omg the crypt theory kinda came true.
bella rose (2 months ago)
the cast keeps saying the ending is bittersweet so either Jon or Dany are going to die. Maybe Dany will die giving birth to Jon's baby
Aether (2 months ago)
Kinda want Tyrion to kill Cersi so he will be known as the Queenslayer which'll align with his brother Jaime, the Kingslayer.
Truelove (2 months ago)
the iron swords on the doors of the dead buried in the crypt will keep the risen/undead Starks IN the crypts ........undead can not cross through iron
Wade Wilson (2 months ago)
Now I'm going to be honest this is all true believe it or not but David Benioff is a evil asshoe who is cheating on my mom so hope this gets him in trouble. Ramin Djawadi knows I was going to release a video of the evil little pecker sissy David Benioff telling Gemma Jackson last night at dinner at my house that keeping it secret how Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are both killed this season and believe it or not Arya and her new beau become the king and queen of Westeros. I almost tossed my cookies hearing this for the first time two weeks ago I had to smoke like 2 oz of Sour Diesel that week just not the tell everyone I ever known this outrageous turn of events at the end of Game of Thrones season 8. Well Ramin Djawadi a close family friend ensuring me I would most certainly lose my role on the show to which I am cast if I mention it well when I found out David have been sleeping with my mom and that's the real reason she left my dad I videotaped it last night at dinner him talking about with both Daenerys and Jon Snow dead that are you and her new boo boo makes perfect sense and the fans will never see it coming but keeping a lid on it has been the strenuous ordeal of his life during the production of Games of Throne. you can think I'm full of crap all you want but these are the facts my mother is an executive my father used to well I'm not going to get into who he is but David is evil man so I'm telling what I know about Games of Throne hoping he will get in trouble I would release the video but then go find out that it's me who's doing this boiler have proof of it because of the video and then I'll lose my spot on the role which I have just been cast last month but why not Arya is a stark her new honey honey is a Baratheon that's who intends intendedly was To Rule The Realm after the overthrow of the targaryens was a lot of Stark and Robert Baratheon will now it's just dark in a breath Ian both fan favorites and the fact that Daenerys and Jon Snow pass away shouldn't be of any shock to those of you who has been following are reading some of Kimberly's leaks that she post out so then he had to go back and put a faucet leaks every week because she was releasing the truth that they have a child because after The Long Winter the sun rises and sets in the opposite direction and that Mormont Gera that old Silver Fox pho is last seen traveling across the SS in a boat with a new Target and baby that has purple eyes because Jon and Daenerys are both passed away now I can't tell you how they pass away because honestly there is at least four different things they shot are they shot at least two for that was a screen test scripted so nobody could have the real script are the real conclusion but I do know because all of them have Aria and her new honey honey as a king and queen of the realm because John in the Nares are both dead it just the how they died I was unable to get this but if I get in trouble for posting this comment am I going to release the video and then you only got to know
Aestheticus Symmetricles (2 months ago)
glad to see i wasn't the only one to think of the theory that arya kills cersei while wearing jamies face. how about the theory that H'ghar is actually rhaegar targaryen? cant wait to see what happens.
Flopsie plopsie (2 months ago)
Denver Naicker (2 months ago)
@3:11 jamie will do that to cercie and cercie will be the new night queen
Erin Okay (2 months ago)
I don’t think a faceless man could be lottlefinger without killing him first
leighmossien2009 (2 months ago)
Cersei wont give birth ...i don't even think she is pregnant ........the witch told her that she would only have THREE children !!
NerdGirl72 (2 months ago)
Dany is going to die. Jon will not be King.. Not his style. Sansa will be Queen. Tyrion will betray Dany for Sansa. Gendry will kill Euron with his Bobby B like war hammer. Jaime will tell Brienne he loves her. Gilly is pregnant with Sams baby and YARA KICKING ASS in the Iron islands.
Alper DEMİREL (2 months ago)
Aaaand all the theories are gone.
kanishka solanki (2 months ago)
something that really bothers me still are caster's babies, i feel like the night king made them his ministers, the ones with long hair riding on horses behind him who are whites but then they seem to have a brain of their own and were waiting at the cliff when jon saw em, idk how to refer to them any other way, but if that's not the case, what actually happened to those babies?
AprilHannahLife (2 months ago)
The little finger one can't be true. You can't wear a face without killing the person. So him being alive is not possible.
Labeli Daser (2 months ago)
I think Arya is going to kill night king
Fenómeno (2 months ago)
8:23 the knife Arya used to kill the night king
Mukmin (2 months ago)
Nah, ya wrong
shane stone (2 months ago)
Blew that theory lmao
Joseph Stalin (2 months ago)
It’d be cool if the last one came true
Kaytana Zero (2 months ago)
Hi from London. I just watched S8 episode 3 and it’s was fantastic!! Only 3 left to go 😭 I believe Jamie is Azor Ahai and will kill Cersi- Can’t wait🤩
Linda Wagner (2 months ago)
I think Arya is going to take the face (life) of Cersi's Hand of the Queen to get to her and kill her. He's the closest person to her. Jamie is a traitor now and couldn't get close to Cersi.
Ashley Wood (2 months ago)
Hah the Night's King is dead now! Thanks to Arya!
Michael Man (2 months ago)
Well the knight king is dead now
supriya chodavarapu (2 months ago)
Danny will die
Hann Saraah (2 months ago)
Now we know from who Arya was running..
RuttRho (2 months ago)
Where is Bronn!!??
First La (2 months ago)
Jaime 3:05
V3bster (2 months ago)
Arya is not running from anyone. Everyone will run from Arya now.
C. R (2 months ago)
What if Azor Ahi is Jaime. This explains him killing his true love, and explain cerseis death... But im not quite satisifed until Arya kills him. And we all know Brienne is his true love.
Dea Isai (2 months ago)
Cata Bruck (2 months ago)
I love all these theories.. I've been saying there was a purpose to the faceless man training Aria.. So she will kill Cerci as Jamie..and stab her in the wound like Cerci kill Robs wifes baby. I always assumed Aria is running from the mountain and the hound saves her. But i think in order for Aria tho reach to that level of killing Cerci.. She must have done much more.think Cerci starts burning everything with wild fire. I still think Daneriuas is going to die giving birth.. But i think with all the power she has they should had AT LEAST shown her in flames one more time putting up a Big fight. Not just finish her role so easy as childbirth unless Malesandra brings her back.. But all the Targuerian women died in child birth.Jamie will die in the arms off the one he loves Breanne.i just thought of something..they say that John snow has to use the sword of fire to sacrifice and kill someone to take down the night king.. It'll be cool he does that with Danny and she coms s back to life since fire can't hurt her.. I can come up with100 endings.. But i REALLY would have never come up with little finger..being alive..Good one.thank you for your channel.😁 can't wait to see all the episodes when my HBO gets turn back on..
Michael Wayne Martin (2 months ago)
Could jamie be azor ahai? Pretty sure he's gonna kill cerci.
Ser Darby Coombs (2 months ago)
What if it turns out every one of these theories is real and when we've finished the show we'll all just be like "Fuck"
She is running from the hound. He is a white. The hound chasing the cat
Brandon Gatti (2 months ago)
Jorah Mormont is Azor Ahai and he's going to use the sword Sam gave him to kill Dany.
Katie Elizabeth (2 months ago)
Not what happened! Poor Jorah didn't make it protecting Dany 😭
Hana Cakal (2 months ago)
I actually believe that Azor Ahai (or however you spell it) is Jamie.
sugoinek0 (2 months ago)
My head explodes every time someone says JOHN
Kevin Leee (2 months ago)
holy sh*t. writers gave us a clue right from the beginning that Jon is a Targaryen with Ghosts white hair.
Maïté Tanguay (2 months ago)
Everybody dies and become white walkers. The end.
Jonathan Wilson (2 months ago)
The littlefinger theory makes no sense considering you have to kill someone to get there face to impersonate them. Dude is dead either way
Djordje Zivkovic (2 months ago)
nissa nissa is mellsidanra i tought it was settled
FortZax (2 months ago)
Steel + Dragon Glass = Valyrian Steel
Joe O’b (2 months ago)
I thought you had to be dead for the faceless men to take your face
doeb23 (2 months ago)
I think “Lady” refers more to the fact that Sansa became Lady of Winterfell
jd bobs (2 months ago)
oooo some good ones in this vid x
ken johnson (2 months ago)
The night king will fuck cersi,whilst everybody else eggs him on
vinukabest3 (2 months ago)
That Littlefinger theory is way too smart for the writers
C-BREAK فسحة (2 months ago)
3:17 euhh excuse me , Jon's true love is Ygritte not deny .
Amanda Beckwith (2 months ago)
They have to die for their face to be worn correct? If that’s the case little finger would be dead regardless.
Lolita Harney (2 months ago)
I don't think Arya is running from something. I think she's running toward something.
Raish PS (2 months ago)
Karma Jones (2 months ago)
For Arya or the faceless man to wear a face...THAT PERSON HAS TO BE DEAD!!! So they couldn't wear Little Fingers face unless he was dead!!!
Megan Anderson (2 months ago)
Doesnt the person have to be dead before the faceless men can take their face and use it? So little finger would still be dead
Hugs cure cancer (2 months ago)
The hound is Azor Ahai
YouTube Brutal (2 months ago)
Look at my game of thrones brutal scene
africantumblrprincess (2 months ago)
the burn them all theory is believable to me
MowPow (2 months ago)
Spoiler for S8 E2 When Tyrion sat down and talked with Bran in private they never told us what they talked about, my theory is that Bran knows the outcome already and told Tyrion, and when Tyrion was drinking he said "I dont think we will die, i really dont!" maybe bran knows who will win and who will die. Just a thought.
sadie stewart (2 months ago)
Any thoughts on why we did not see any screen time of the Spider in episode 2 of season 8?
Meinex (2 months ago)
Am I the only who heard Pizza Baelish at 6:09?
kamehameha30 (2 months ago)
I hate that it has never crossed my mind that Arya could use Jaime's face to kill Cersei. I am so upset with myself that I hadn't thought of that before 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂
Brian Bwori (2 months ago)
since Jon is a Targaryen, does this mean he can't get burnt? or do we have to wait for the red woman to do some voodoo on jon
doeb23 (2 months ago)
Brian Bwori He can get burnt, just cause you are a targaryen you are not a Dragon. Dany is a Dragon but her brother died of fire cause He was not one
Ali Hassan (2 months ago)
What about Rickons direwolf.Or does it not matter.
Fabian Cruz (2 months ago)
The night king isnt the villain, the rest of the world is. Who's been killing and slaughtering and fueled by greed, lust and power for the last 8,000 years? Not the night king; they've been at bay up until now. Why are they marching south? Judgment day baby! Think of him as the flood that will cleanse our sins and give humanity a chance to start over (after killing mostly everyone)
QueenShireen (2 months ago)
I absolutly LOVE the Arya as Jaime kills Cersei theory :D And I like the last one about Samwell being the one that wrote it
Ben Wright (2 months ago)
i wish arya would of hooked up with the hound :(
giugb1 (2 months ago)
Jorah loves Dany. Sam gives Jorah Heartsbane. Jorah pierces Dany’s heart with Heartsbane, and becomes Azor Ahai.
giugb1 (2 months ago)
Jennifer Marciniak Yea, I dont see how this is not possible. Everything Jorah has done for Dany has been out of true love. He has never seeked anything other than her love and be by her side fighting for her. He doesnt care about money or having a high title. He even convinces her to keep Tyrion as her hand. Because he has said many times that he loves her and he doesn’t care that she loves someone else. He still loves her regardless of anything.
Jennifer Marciniak (2 months ago)
I would love to see this come true.
lyazelias87 (2 months ago)
Plot twist what if Jamies true love is Brienne of Tarth and has to die the deed to forge light bringer and become Azor Ahai... and I’ve personally thought the mad king had a vision from somewhere that the dead where coming.. thought that for several seasons now.. but would make since if it were from bran or some 3 eyed to prepare wildfire. Or who knows Maybe the Ice King was the one that went in his head driven crazy to get rid of as much wildfire as he could to prevent it from burning all of his army or to kill as many people as possible who knows with GOT.
Lisandre Bujold-Dubuc (2 months ago)
I'd love it if Bran were the Night King
wootsy 1 (2 months ago)
I would LOVE to see Littlefinger back... As much as I hated him, I was surprised how much I was perturbed when he died in season 7. He was deliciously manipulative. It would give a whole new meaning to his tremendous "Chaos is a latter" speech.
Bri C (2 months ago)
What if Jaime forges lightbringer
Hunter Dale (2 months ago)
What if gendry kills the love of his life arya ? That would be a frickin plot twist
Elin Adolfsson (2 months ago)
The M (2 months ago)
I just don't understand Little Fingers theory, it is last season, even if he is alive, what difference does it make? apart from that he is just alive
Shane Michael (2 months ago)
Nymeria the warrior queen took 10,000 ships with women and children and fled when valyria conquered the rhoyne. Now nymeria the dire wolf is gonna show up with 10,000+ wolves and dire wolves to fight off the dead at winterfell. The crypts filled with stark men are going to rise up and fight the dead like uncle benjen was beyond the wall. It's in there blood....jon for example being resurrected. Arya is going to kill Cersei with little fingers face. The north will survive the crypts and weirwood tree are protected by spells.
Audriana Diamante (2 months ago)
Lord Baelish couldn't fake his death with a faceless man because they have to kill you to get your face first dont they?
Akesh Saha (2 months ago)
Some say Jamie is Azor Ahai. Some say Jon, some say Jorah. But deep down we all know that HOT PIE is Azor Ahai.
Steve Sinatra (2 months ago)
You heard it here first.  Cersei will die giving birth to Jaime's DWARF baby (like her mama).  The last thing she will see is her dwarf baby! BOOM!
Thomas Foster (2 months ago)
If little finger fled winterfell, how would the faceless man have his face? They have to physically cut off the face and wear it - they can’t just impersonate anyone they want.
Kate Reyes (2 months ago)
What is Gendry is the Azor Ahai and that's who Arya is running from in the trailer?
Hrishikesh Gp (2 months ago)
*I think the iron throne will be destroyed*
lolforever (1 month ago)
Hrishikesh Gp not Bad hahaha
Hrishikesh Gp (2 months ago)
*That Peter baelish theory is so convincing, I hope it comes true in the series . Baelish was cunning but he was such an awesome character*
laviedezee (2 months ago)
Rught? It seemed so strange and out of character, the way he died. I got the symbolism, that the story was transitioning away from petty scheming to linking up against a major threat, but I think that once the walkers are defeated, Westeros will go back to being the same ole Westeros lol
naszata (2 months ago)
I was always hoping for Danny to be eaten by her dragons. It's only seems fair.. Hoped for Arya and Gendry... no spoilers here Tormund and Brienne now my hope is dying slowly Jamie to redeem himself - still waiting John to know who he is... no spoilers Arya and Hound meeting - wasn't disappoint So we will see what they prepare now...
C Truth (2 months ago)
Bran can't be two places at once also he isn't 5000 years old. How silly. Direwolves will become ice direwolves. Arya's face is bloody the white walkers don't make you bleed. They make you icy. Jon & Dany aren't true love. Littlefinger wasn't as smart as he thought he was. He believed dragons & Aegon's throne being made of swords were just myths. He really didn't have all his bases covered. He got whacked by Arya & the Starks that is plausible. I just want to know what the Night King's army will look like.
Dean Denton (2 months ago)
Why would Bran try to inform the mad king of Wight Walkers? There weren't any Walker's to burn. Not for at least 25 years after the Mad Kings death. It would make more sense for Bran to try and time jump to Lord Commander Mormont at the Wall, and warn them. Or someone like his dad at Winterfell. And no, Bran is not the Night King. And Valencar doesn't mean younger brother, it means sibling. And sibling could be anyone's sibling. Jamie will never see Cersei again. Tyrion most likely won't either. Unless the Night King goes to Kingslanding, and wipes out the Golden Company, no one is going to try and get to Cersei. Except for maybe a faceless man. Someone who could appear as anyone, and walk right up to Cersei and cut her throat. The Hound and Arya will go to Kingslanding, we get Clegane Bowl, and Cersei death in the final episode. And Samwell Tarly telling the story could very well be the case. It would be awesome if George R. R. Martin played old Samwell closing the book as he finishes telling the story, so he could have that one Cameo that seals the deal. Now that would be AWESOME!!!!
lyazelias87 (2 months ago)
Dean Denton hence the building of dragon fire to prepare for when they come......
[Osirim] (2 months ago)
i thought the night king was the blonde guy who was tied to the weirwood tree

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